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Thread: Matching tables & chairs

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    Matching tables & chairs

    Can anyone tell me if there is an existing list for matching tables and chairs?!
    Some matches are quite obvious but others are not. I have found myself asking several times here on BS & also RS about matching tables and chairs. Most of them are from goals before I started playing. The others are from memory issues... hahaha
    If there is a link please share... if not someone should make a list. It would be extremely helpful.
    Currently I am looking for the matching chairs for the Melted Chocolate Tables.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    TIA for any info.

    * And also the matching chairs for the Tea Time Tables.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I think that the teacup chair goes with the Tea Time Tables. It's sold for gems.

    I do not know if anyone has compiled a list.

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    There's not a list that's been posted but if you give me a bit I can whip one up. I've already got the inventory lists it'll just be a matter of compiling them and tweaking for this use.

    Until then, The Melted Chocolate Table goes with the Toasted Marshmallow Stool and the Tea Time Table matches the 2g Teacup Chair (the one that looks like a cup spilling tea).

    If you want more info beforehand, the Update List would be a good place to scan through. VanaCatu listed each update and what was released, it's a surefire way to find the details you're looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    There's not a list that's been posted but if you give me a bit I can whip one up. I've already got the inventory lists it'll just be a matter of compiling them and tweaking for this use.

    Until then, The Melted Chocolate Table goes with the Toasted Marshmallow Stool and the Tea Time Table matches the 2g Teacup Chair (the one that looks like a cup spilling tea).

    If you want more info beforehand, the Update List would be a good place to scan through. VanaCatu listed each update and what was released, it's a surefire way to find the details you're looking for.
    Thanks so much for your help.
    I actually have the marshmallow stools not the toasted marshmallow stools for the melted chocolate tables. So I was close... will replace with the toasted ones. I always try to match my chairs and tables together. It's an OCD thing for me. I find it hard to just be random when decorating and/or remodeling.
    Again thanks for all your help... you are certainly underappreciated.
    ~ Sara

    Here's a before pic of what I had...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    And an after pic with the correct stools...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    SBDOVER72: I've copied out all of the table/chair info from my inventory and compiled it for you. I triple checked this before I finally hit post but it's a LOT of info so there very well may be a few typos or mistakes I missed though I really hope there's not, lol.

    Feel free to do what you like with the info but I'd suggest copying it down somewhere like your PC or a tablet so you can keep adding to it as new items are released.
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    Bakery Story: Matching Table & Chair Sets

    Last Updated: 2022 Mar. 17

    - I copied the names exactly as they appear in my game because there are lots of names that are similar but not exactly the same. Like the Fall Leaves and the Fall Leaf tables are close enough that it could get confusing if I did anything other than straight copy the names.
    - For those few tables or chairs that do have an exactly duplicated name, I've added an A or B at the end of the names along with a one word description in parentheses to help differentiate them.
    - The oldest items that were in the original release (or released soon after) were a bit harder to be 100% sure on. In the end, I just paired those tables with the chairs that physically matched it best.
    - Of those early items, there are a few tables that don't have definite matches (like the Checkered tables) but there are several chairs that could match them. Instead of listing every chair that could match, I just left them out and will add a separate section at the end.
    - I'll also add the few single chairs in that section as well. For some reason, a few years ago they gave us several updates with chairs only and all these years later, we've yet to see a matching table for them.

    * List organized alphabetically according to Table name*
    * Sets are paired according to release date*

    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    9 to 5 Table City Seat
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Adirondack Table Adirondack
    Ai Table Ai Chair
    Alebrijes Table Alebrijes Chair
    Americana Table Americana
    Amethyst Petals Amethyst Petals
    Apple Table Apple Chair
    Arabian Nights Palace Pillows
    Athletics Table Athletics
    Autumn Barn Table Autumn Barn Chair
    Autumn Table Autumn Stool
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Bakery Bench Simple Seat
    Balloon Table Cloud Puff
    Ballpark Table Dugout Chair
    Banner Table July Chair
    Barrel Table Barrel
    Bass Drum Table Drum Throne
    Beach Table Beach
    Best Brunch Spot Best Brunch Seat
    Bistro Table Bistro Chair
    Black and White Table Stripe Chair
    Black Dragon Table Black Dragon Chair
    Black Licorice Table Black Licorice
    Blooming Table Blooming Seat
    Blossom Table Blossom Chair
    Blue Tile Table Blue Tile
    Boney Table Boney Chair
    Book Book Stool
    Book Nook Table Book Nook Seat
    Bounty's Plaid Setting Bounty's Grateful Seat
    Bowling Bowling
    Bread Table Bread Chair
    Brisk Table Shiver Seat
    Brown Table A (round) Orange
    Brown Table B (square) Brown
    Bubble Fun Table Bubble Fun Seat
    Bubbly Table Bubbly
    Buck Table Buck
    Bucolic Table Bucolic Chair
    Budding Table Budding
    Bunny Table Bunny Ear Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Cafe Table Cafe
    Cake Table Party Seat
    Campy Table Campy Seat
    Candy Cane Table Candy Cane
    Candy Table A (red/white) Candy Chair A (red/white)
    Candy Table B (multi color) Candy Chair B (multi color)
    Card Table Card Chair
    Chandelier Table Princess Throne
    Charming Marble Table Charming Iron Chair
    Cheesecake Table Whipped Cream Chair
    Chocolate Box Truffle
    Christmas Table Christmas Chair
    Chromatic Table Prismatic Chair
    Citrine Table Citrine Stool
    Citrus Table Citrus
    Classy Table Fancy Chair
    Clover Table Clover
    Cobweb Table Webwire Seat
    Coffee Smoke Table Cafe Cup Chair
    Colombian Cafe Table Colombian Cafe Chair
    Colonial Table Colonial Lounge
    Competition Table Divisive Seat
    Connection Table Date Chair
    Constitution Table Constitution
    Coven Table Coven Chair
    Cranberry Party Table Cranberry Party Chair
    Cupcake Table Cupcake
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Daffodil Table Tulip Chair
    Dainty Table Dainty
    Daisy Table White Lattice Stool
    Dark Berry Table Dark Berry Chair
    Deco Table Deco Chair
    Deep Sea Table Deep Sea Chair
    Delicate Table Compact Cushion
    Diamond Print Table Diamond Print
    Doily Table Doily
    Donut Table Donut
    Dragon Table Dragon Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Easter Egg Easter Egg
    Elegant Table Elegant
    Engine Table Sedan Seat
    Executive Table Executive
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Fairy Table Fairy
    Fall Leaf Table Fall Leaf
    Fall Leaves Table Fall Chair
    Fancy Tea Table Fancy Tea Chair
    Farmer's Table Farmer's Chair
    Festival Table Festival Chair
    Film Reel Table Movie Theater Seat
    Fine Table Refined Chair
    Flan Table Flan Stool
    Floral Pattern Table Flourishing Chair
    Flower Table Flower
    Forest Table Forest
    Forrester Table Forrester Seat
    Four Leaf Table Four Leaf Seat
    Fresh Snow Table Fresh Snow Chair
    Fresh Table Cool Chair
    Frost Table Frost Chair
    Frosted Bench Table Winter Frost Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Galaxy Table Darkened Seat
    Gathering Table Thankful Seating
    Gift Wrap Table Gift Wrap
    Gingerbread Table Gingerbread A (chair)
    Gold Coin Lucky Clover
    Graffiti Table Street Art Chair
    Grapefruit Table Grapefruit Chair
    Grave Table Ghost Chair
    Graveyard Table Graveyard Chair
    Green Table Green A (stool)
    Gumdrop Table Gumdrop
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Hallowed Goth Table Whimsical Chair
    Hallowedding Table Hallowedding Chair
    Hanging Table Charinament
    Hard Hat Table Traffic Cone Chair
    Harvest Table Harvest Chair
    Haunted Table Spooky Chair
    Hay Bale Table Pumpkin Chair
    Heart Table Heart
    Heartcake Heart Stool
    Hi-Hat Table Floor Tom Stool
    Hockey Puck Hockey Stick
    Holiday Table Holiday
    Holly Table Holly
    Honey Comb Table Honey Pot Stool
    Honey Table Honey Chair
    Hula Hula
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Ice Crystal Table Ice Crystal
    Ice Table Ice Chair
    Icicle Icicle
    Iron Bistro Table Iron Bistro Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Jack-O-Table Candy Stool
    Jolly Roger Table Jolly Roger
    Juicy Table Juicy Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Kingpin Table Kingpin Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Lacey Table Lacey Chair
    Lady's Luncheon Fantaseat
    Leaf Table Leaf
    Light Festival Table Light Festival Chair
    Light Table Wreath Chair
    Lil Italy Table Lil Italy
    Lodge Table Lodge Chair
    Log Table Log
    Lovely Table Lovely Chair
    Loves Me Table Loves Me Chair
    LP Table Rock
    Lucky Table Lucky Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Magician's Magic Hat
    Maple Leaf Table Maple Seat
    Maple Table Maple Chair
    Marble Table Green B (chair)
    Marble Trend Table Marble Trend Chair
    Matched Table School Stool
    Melted Chocolate Table Toasted Marshmallow Stool
    Melted Table Melted Chair
    Moroccan Table Moroccan Chair
    Mosaic Sun Table Mosaic Sun Chair
    Mosaic Table Beachside Seat
    Mummy Head Rising Hand
    Mummy Table Mummy
    Music Stand Table Music Stand
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Namastable Floor Pillow
    Natural Table Nifty Seat
    Nero's Table Caesars Chair
    Nighty Table Slumber Chair
    Nova Table Satellite Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Onyx Table Onyx Stool
    Outdoor Table Outdoor Chair
    Overgrowth Table Vine Seat
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Pancake Table Pancake
    Parade Table Parade Chair
    Parisian Picnic Parisian Picnic
    Party Table Party Chair
    Pastable Pastel Weave
    Patio Table Patio
    Peach Table Peach
    Peachy Table Peach Seat
    Peridot Table Peridot Chair
    Petal Petal Stool
    Photo Table Photo Chair
    Picnic Table Picnic Bench
    Pie Table Pie Stool
    Pineapple Table Pineapple
    Pink City Table Pink City Chair
    Pink Sash Table Pink Sash
    Polka Dot Table Polka Dot Chair
    Popcorn Popcorn
    Porcelain Porcelain
    Pretty Pastel Table Easter Seat
    Pretty Petal Table Jungle Flower Seat
    Pretzel Twist Black Forest
    Propeller Bomber
    Puebla Table Puebla
    Pumpkin Runner Patch Seat
    Pumpkin Table Pumpkin Stool
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Quaint Table Quaint Chair
    Quill and Scroll Inkpot Stool
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Rainbow Pot O' Gold
    Red Rose Red Rose
    Reel Table Studio Chair
    Refractive Table Refractive Chair
    Ring Table Moon Chair
    Rockin' Diner Rockin' Diner
    Rockin' Table Roller Chair
    Roman Table Roman Stool
    Rose Gold Table Rose Gold Chairs
    Rose Table Rose
    Round Ribbon Wrapped Recliner
    Rush Table Resort Seat
    Rustic Runner Comfy Cushion
    Rustic Table Rustic Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    S'more Table Marshmallow Stool
    Santa Coat Table Santa Hat Chair
    Santa's Shop Table Santa's Shop Chair
    Seashell Table Clamshell
    Seaworthy Table Seaside Seat
    SF Table SF Chair
    Shamrock Table Shamrock
    Shield Table Medieval Chair
    Shimmery Silver Table Shimmery Silver Chair
    Shining Table Bright Seat
    Shiny Table Elegant Seat
    Ship Wheel Table Ship Wheel
    Shoji Table Shoji Chair
    Sidewalk Table Sidewalk Chair
    Silver and Gold Table Silver and Gold Chair
    Simple Table Simple Seat
    Single Scoop Waffle Cone
    Skeleton Table Skeleton Chair
    Sleigh Table Sleigh
    Snow Globe Table Snow Globe Stool
    Snowball Table Snowball Stool
    Snowflake Table A (blue) Snowflake
    Snowflake Table B (white) Snowflake Chair
    Snowman Table Gingerbread B (stool)
    Snowy Table Snowy
    Soccer Ball Soccer Ball Stool
    Special Petal Table Special Petal Seat
    Spectrum Table Spectrum Seat
    Spider Table Spider
    Spooky Table Web
    Spooky Tree Cobweb Chair
    Spring Petals Garden Rocker
    Spring Table A (brown) Spring Stool
    Spring Table B (green) Spring Chair
    St. Patable Seat Patrick
    Stained Glass Table Rainbow
    Stained Table Stained Glass Chair
    Star Spangled Table Star Spangled Seat
    Starry Table Starry
    Steampunk Table Steampunk Stool
    Storybook Table Storybook Chair
    Striped Picnic Table Freedom Seat
    Sugar Blue Sugar Pink
    Summer Table Summer
    Sunny Table Bright Chair
    Sunrise Table Sunrise Seat
    Sweet Blue Sweet Pink
    SweetCo Table SweetCo
    Sweetheart Table Sweetheart Chair
    Swirl Table Swirl Seat
    Swiss Table Swiss Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Table for Two Date Seat
    Table of Hearts Lovely Seat
    Table Suit Ace of Chairs
    Table-Go-Round Fairground Stool
    Tail Feather Table Tail Feather Chair
    Tartan Table Tartan Stool
    Taxi Table Taxi Stool
    Tea Time Table Teacup Chair
    Teacup Table Sugar Cube
    Thankful Table Thankful Chair
    Thanksgiving Table Thanksgiving
    Tiki Table Tiki
    Time Table Time Stool
    Tinsel Table Shiny Seat
    Toffee Table Mint Chocolate Chair
    Tortoise Shell Table Ship Barrel
    Track Table Coaster Chair
    Trampoline Table Trampoline Stool
    Treats Table Spooky Seat
    Trendy Table Leafy Seat
    Tri-Leaf Table Duo-Leaf Chair
    Tropic Table Tropic Chair
    Tropical Table Tropical Chair
    Tulip Table Flying V
    Turkish Table Turkish Chair
    Turn Table End Seat
    Turquoise Table Turquoise Chair
    Tuscan Table Tuscan Stool
    Twisted Tree Table Cemetery Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    U-Table Branded Stool
    Umbrella Table Taffy Stool
    Uncle Sam Table Uncle Sam
    Union Jack Table Union Shield
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Valentine Table Valentine
    Vampire Table Vampire
    Victorian Table Victorian Chair
    Vintage Fall Table Vintage Fall
    Vintage Table Cozy Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Waffle Waffle
    Wagonwheel Hip Stool
    Water Table Water
    Water Trough Table Saddle Stool
    White Table White
    White Wicker White Wicker
    White Wooden Table White Wooden
    Whitewashed Table Tea Cup Chair
    Winter Wedding Winter Wedding
    Witch's Web Table Witch's Chair
    Witches Table Witches
    Wooden Apple Table Wooden Apple Chair
    Wooden Table Mahogany
    Woodland Table Woodland Chair
    World Table World Stool
    Wrapped Table Wrapped Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Xmas Lights Ornament Stool
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Yellow Bistro Yellow Bistro
    Yellow Table Yellow
    Yogurt Table Yogurt Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Zodiac Table Dipper Chair
    Spoiler: show
    *Items with no known or definitive matches*
    Cash Register
    Checkered Table A (blue)
    Checkered Table B (pink)
    Digital Register
    Floral Table
    Pink Table
    Sunflower Table
    Diamond Chair
    Royal Throne
    Strawberry Chair
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    This is great!! I have added it to the Game Guide.

    Matching tables & chairs - new chapter

    (Pm me if you are keen on updating the list whenever new tables and chairs are released. We'll take it offline.)

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    You mods are AMAZING!!! Thank you for your service!

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