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Thread: BS Info Thread: CookBook & Recipe Guide (Updated)

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    BS Info Thread: CookBook & Recipe Guide (Updated)

    Bakery Story: CookBook & Recipe Guide - UPDATED!
    *Info Last Updated: 2024 May 15*
    *Images Last Updated: 2024 May 08*

    Appliance Links:

    Basic Oven
    Basic Drink Mixer
    Recipe List
    #, A-An
    Spoiler: show
    *3 Bears Oven
    *After Xmas Sale Oven
    *After Xmas Sale Stove
    *Alice's Oven
    *Ambrosia Chiller
    *American Oven
    *Amethyst Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Arepa Oven
    *Around the World Oven
    *Arrangement Station
    *Artisan Bread Oven
    *Artsy Icebox
    *Autumn Drink Machine
    *Autumn Elegance Oven
    *Autumn Leaf Cider Machine
    *Autumn Oven
    *Autumn Pie Oven
    *Autumn Turquoise Oven
    *Autumn Turquoise Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Bake Sale Oven
    *Bakesgiving Oven
    *Baking Oven
    *Ballpark Fountain
    *Banner Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Barbecue Oven
    *Barn Oven
    *Barnyard Oven
    *Barnyard Stove
    *Barrel Stove
    *Basket Oven
    *Bavarian Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Beach Baker
    *Beach Oven
    *Beehive Oven
    *Belle Oven
    *Big Apple Oven
    *Big City Baker
    Spoiler: show
    *Blue Bun Oven
    *Blue Gift Stove
    *Blue Team Baker
    *Blues Oven
    *Bountiful Oven
    *Bountiful Stove
    *Bow Fountain
    Spoiler: show
    *Bread Machine
    *Breakfast Oven
    *Brick Oven
    *Bright Prep Table
    *Bubble Tea Maker
    *Bunny Drink Machine
    *Bunny Ears Oven
    *Bunny Oven
    *Bussing Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Cabin Stove
    *Cackling Drink Maker
    *Cackling Oven
    *Caffe La Macchina
    *Calaveras Fountain
    *Calaveras Oven
    *Caliente Oven
    *Camping Drink Mixer
    *Campy Cute Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Canape Oven
    *Candy Cane Maker
    *Candy Cauldron
    *Candy Cooker
    *Candy Corn Oven
    *Candy Hatchery
    *Candy Oven
    *Cassette Deck
    *Castle Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Celestial Oven
    *Cereal Oven
    *Char-Cutie-Rie Station
    *Cheesecake Chiller
    *Cherry Blossom Oven
    *Cherry Blossom Stove
    *Cherry Oven
    *Chilly Oven
    *Chocolate Raspberry
    *Choco-egg Oven
    *Choco-egg Stove
    *Choco-Love Stove
    *Chroma Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Cider Press
    *City Cooker
    *Classic Bread Oven
    *Clay Oven
    *Clover Oven
    *Coaster Oven
    *Cocoa Maker
    *Coffee Machine
    *Coffin Drink Machine
    Spoiler: show
    *Cold Brew Machine
    *Cold Treat Machine
    *Colombian Coffee Machine
    *Colonial Oven
    *Color Oven
    *Commercial Oven
    *Confetti Oven
    *Cookie Dough Maker
    *Cool Bubble Oven
    *Cornucopia Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Cottage Oven
    *Cottage Stove
    *Cotton Tail Stove
    *Creature Cauldron
    *Cursed Oven
    *Cursed Stove
    *Cute Camp Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Deep Fryer
    *Deep Sea Oven
    *Dim Sum Station
    *Disco Stove
    *Disposable Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Donut Fryer
    *Drizzled Oven
    *Drum Kit Oven
    *DSLR Oven
    *Dublin Dessert Oven
    *Duckling Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Electric Kettle
    *Elegant Oven
    *Emerald Isle Oven
    *Emerald Oven
    *Engine Block Stove
    *Equestrian Oven
    *Espresso Machine
    *Experiment Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Fairy Tale Oven
    *Fall Drink Maker
    *Fall Fountain
    *Fall Oven
    *Fancy Drink Machine
    *Fantasy Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Fire Pit
    *Firework Oven
    *Flag Stove
    *Floral Cider Machine
    *Floral Fountain
    *Floral Oven
    *Floral Stove
    *Flower Bloom Oven
    *Fluffy Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Fondue Fountain
    *Forno di Pasticcino
    *Four Leaf Oven
    *Frappe Fountain
    *French Coffee Press
    *French Cookie Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Frosty Freezer
    *Frozen Banana Stand
    *Frozen Drink Machine
    *Frozen Gift Machine
    *Frozen Gift Oven
    *Frozen Stove
    *Fruit Chocolate Dip
    *Fruit Juicer
    *Fudge Station
    Spoiler: show
    *Galaxy Oven
    *Garden Cottage Oven
    *Garden Fountain
    *Garden Grove Stove
    *Garden Oven
    *Gelato Cart
    *Glazed Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Gold Gilded Oven
    *Golden Bird Oven
    *Gothic Home Oven
    *Gourd Oven
    *Gourmet Soda Machine
    Spoiler: show
    *Grand Slam Oven
    *Grape Oven
    *Grape Stove
    *Grapefruit Cooker
    *Greco Oven
    *Green Shop Stove
    *Guitar Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Harvest Candy Maker
    *Harvest Fair Oven
    *Harvest Fair Stove
    *Harvest Oven
    *Harvest Stove
    *Haunted Drink Machine
    *Haunted Home Stove
    *Haute Stove
    *Hawaiian Oven
    *Hay Bale Fountain
    Spoiler: show
    *Headstone Oven
    *Healthy Oven
    *Healthy Sweets Machine
    *Heart Baker's Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Hi-Fi Player
    *HOHOHOliday Oven
    *HOHOHOliday Stove
    *Holiday Drink Mixer
    *Holiday Night Oven
    *Holiday Oven
    *Homey Stove
    *Honey Maker
    *Honey Mixer
    *Honeycomb Oven
    *Horseshoe Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Ice Box
    *Ice Cream Maker
    *Import Ice Creamery
    *Inspired Oven
    *Intergalactic Stove
    *Interstellar Fountain
    *Iron Oven
    *Italian Oven
    *Italian Soda Fountain
    *Ivy Grown Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Jam Maker
    *Jazz Oven
    *Kettle Oven
    *Kingpin Oven
    *Kingpin Treat Machine
    *Kitchen Stove
    *Kitschy Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Ladoo Cooker
    *Lamp Oven
    *Laughter Oven
    *Leprechaun Luck Oven
    *Loaf Oven
    *London Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Loretta's Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Lounge Stove
    *Love Letter Oven
    *Lucky Gold Oven
    *Lucky Oven
    *Lunar Oven
    *Lunar New Year Drink Maker
    *Lunar New Year Oven
    *Luxury Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Mad Lab Machine
    *Mardi Gras Oven
    *Marzipan Oven
    *Masquerade Stove
    *Mayflower Maker
    Spoiler: show
    *Mediterranean Stove
    *Melon Chiller
    *Melon Oven
    *Micro Door Oven
    *Mini Heater Stove
    *Monster Oven
    *Moon Festival Fountain
    *Moon Festival Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Morning Mixer
    *Morning Oven
    *Mother Goose Stove
    *Motherly Oven
    *Movie Night Oven
    *Museum Oven
    *Musical Drink Machine
    *My Cupcake Oven
    *Mystical Oven
    *Mystical Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *New Dawn Dispenser
    *New Dawn Oven
    *Nona Oven
    *North Polar Oven
    *Northeastern Dispencer
    *Northeastern Oven
    *Nuptial Oven
    *Nursery Rhyme Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Ocean Oven
    *Old Brick Oven
    *Ominous Oven
    *Opalescent Machine
    *Orchid Oven
    *Orchid Swirler
    *Outdoor Spring Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Packaged Stove
    *Palace Stove
    *Paleta Chiller
    *Pampered Oven
    *Pampered Range
    *Pancake Griddle
    *Pansy Oven
    *Parade Cotton Candy Maker
    *Parade Fountain
    *Paradise Oven
    *Parfait Potion Stand
    Spoiler: show
    *Pastel Dispenser
    *Pastel Holiday Fountain
    *Pastel Holiday Oven
    *Pastel Oven
    *Pastry Cart
    *Patisserie Oven
    *Patriotic Oven
    *Patriotic Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Peachy Mixers
    *Peachy Oven
    *Pearlescent Baker
    *Pearlescent Mixer
    *Peppermint Stove
    *Persistent Glass Stove
    *Petal Oven
    *Petal Pastry Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Phone Box Stove
    *Picnic Basket
    *Pie Oven
    *Pillow Oven
    *Pillow Stove
    *Pioneer Oven
    *Pirate Oven
    *Plant Based Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Popcorn Maker
    *Powdered Oven
    *Powdered Stove
    *Prankster Oven
    *Princess Oven
    *Prismatic Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Puebla Drink Maker
    *Puebla Oven
    *Puff Oven
    *Pumpkin Patch Dispenser
    *Pumpkin Patch Oven
    *Pumpkin Producer
    *Pumpkin Stove
    Q, Ra-Re
    Spoiler: show
    *Quaint Cooker
    *Quaint Stove
    *Radiant Oven
    *Rainbow Cloud Oven
    *Rainbow Oven
    *Red Bird Oven
    *Red Gift Stove
    *Red Shop Oven
    *Red Team Oven
    *Reds Oven
    *Relaxed Oven
    *Resolute Drinks
    *Retro Heart Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Rocket Oven
    *Rocky Oven
    *Roller Malt Maker
    *Roller Oven
    *Rollercoaster Soda Fountain
    *Roman Hearth
    *Romantic Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Rose Gold Oven
    *Rose Gold Stove
    *Rose Oven
    *Rosey Reservoir
    *Royal Oven
    *Ruby Oven
    *Rustic Gingerbread Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Sandy Oven
    *Santa's Oven
    *Santa's Shop Fountain
    *Santa's Shop Oven
    *Sapphire Oven
    *Savory Cafe Oven
    *Scandinavian Stove
    *Schmear Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Shamrock Oven
    *Shamrock Stove
    *Shaved Ice Maker
    *Shimmering Stove
    *Shine Stove
    *Shore Wood Oven
    *Shoreline Oven
    *Shoreline Stove
    *Shortbread Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Sicilian Oven
    *Silver Studded Stove
    *Snack Cooler
    *Snowman Fountain
    *Snowman Stove
    *Snowy Cabin Stove
    *Softy Machine
    *Southwest Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Space Stove
    *Spangled Stove
    *Special Petal Stove
    *Spectral Oven
    *Spooky Cauldron
    *Spooky Oven
    *Spooky Soda Machine
    *Spooky Stove
    *Spring Kettle
    *Spring Tea Kettle
    Spoiler: show
    *Staggered Stove
    *Stainless Steel Oven
    *Starry Stove
    *Starship Stove
    *Steam Oven
    *Stylish Heart Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Succulent Fountain
    *Succulent Oven
    *Sugar Coater
    *Sugar Heart Stove
    *Sultan Fountain
    *Summer Icebox
    *Sun Oven
    *Sunny Oven
    *Sunrise Potting Platform
    *Sunset Boulevard Stove
    *Sunset Seeding Station
    *Susurrous Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Sweet Bagel Oven
    *Sweet Cafe Stove
    *Sweet Dream Stove
    *Sweet Drink Mixer
    *Sweet N Spice
    *SweetCo Station
    *Swiss Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Tartan Mixer
    *Tartan Oven
    *Tea Cup Stove
    *Tea Infuser
    *Tea Party Prepper
    *Tea Shop Brewer
    *Tea Shop Oven
    *Tea Time Kettle
    *Tea Time Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Teddy Oven
    *Tempering Marble
    *Terracotta Pot Oven
    *Texas Fryer
    *Texas Oven
    *Thankful Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *Tidal Prep Grill
    *Tinsel Cooler
    *Tinsel Oven
    *Toaster Oven
    *Too Pink Oven
    *Topsy Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Traditional Oven
    *Treasure Oven
    *Treat Dispenser
    *Tricky Butler
    *Tropic Juice Maker
    *Tropic Oven
    *Tropical Oven
    *Truffle Maker
    *Turkey Oven
    *Turning Glass Oven
    *Turvey Stove
    Spoiler: show
    *United Nations Oven
    *Valentine Drink Machine
    *Victorian Oven
    *Victorian Stove
    *Vintage Mixer
    *Vocal Range
    Spoiler: show
    *Warm Bubble Oven
    *Water Infuser
    *Wave Crash Oven
    *Whip Fountain
    *White Aster Oven
    *Wicked Oven
    *Wild West Stove
    *Windmill Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Winter Cider Maker
    *Winter Frost Fountain
    *Winter Frost Oven
    *Winter Oven
    *Winter Wedding Oven
    *Winter Wonder Oven
    *Winterful Drink Maker
    *Winterful Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *Wisteria Stove
    *Witches Cauldron
    *Witchy Oven
    *Witchy Treats
    *Wonderous Oven
    *Woodland Oven
    *World Games Oven
    *Wrapped Oven
    Spoiler: show
    *X-O Oven
    *Yacht Stove
    *Ye Olde Oven
    *Ye Olde Stove
    *Yoga Stove
    *Yogurt Chiller
    *Yuletide Candy Maker
    *Yuletide Oven

    *This thread is so players have an updated, inventoried list/images of all recipes. It is not a thread to discuss them.
    *Please keep discussion in this thread geared toward feedback on the info itself such as any missing info, typos, etc. to keep the thread easy to read/navigate
    *Discussions on specific recipes/appliances should be posted in the relevant threads

    Info in BLACK = Item is Standard Market Purchase
    Info in RED = Item Removed from Market
    Info in BLUE = Item Available via Limited Time Goal
    Info in GREEN = Item Released on Android via Limited Seasonal/Holiday Edition of App
    Info in PURPLE = Item Unreleased
    Info with Italics & Underlining = In-game typo
    Info in BOLD & UNDERLINED = Linked forum page

    Recipe chart abbreviations:

    • Hrs = Cook Time = time it takes for a recipe to be ready to serve
    • Cost = Coins deducted each time recipe is baked
    • Pts/Srv = Plates per serving = number of individual plates in one 'Serving'
    • Serving = Amount produced when making one recipe, on one appliance, at one time
    • Income = Coins earned when one entire serving is sold
    • XP = Total experience points gained by baking and serving a recipe once
    • Inc/Pt = Income per plate = Coins earned each time a single plate of recipe is sold

    *I've used Vana's original CookBook Guide as a starting point for the setup I used to minimize confusion
    *Recipe images are hidden behind spoiler tag
    *Links will take you to item's original release thread unless otherwise indicated
    *For info/images of appliance parts, please see BS Info Thread: Updated Parts Guide
    *For info on special/seasonal Android Editions and their content, please see Vana's Android Version List
    *Page best viewed in "Full Site" mode (option found at bottom of any forum page)
    *If certain words are written with extra spaces, it is to avoid censoring, the word will appear normally in game
    *Echo appliance info/images are listed with their original namesakes in info charts

    *Some goal appliances are available for purchase outside of goal
    *These menus will contain both unlocked and locked recipes
    *Locked recipes will remain as such indefinitely unless specifically relisted in future goals

    *Most goal appliances are only available during the limited time said goal is active
    *These appliances are now impossible to unlock unless specifically relisted in future sales/goals

    *For appliances with multiple releases, chart colors will alternate to represent separate releases
    *All recipes included in one color block were released at the same time
    *The example oven was listed two separate times
    Recipes from 1st release are shown below in gray boxes
    Recipes from 2nd release are shown in pink boxes
    *This pattern will continue repeating for each release
    Colors alternate between grey and pink blocks for each release
    Example Oven
    Recipe 1
    Recipe 2
    Recipe 3
    Recipe 4
    Recipe 5
    Recipe 6

    * Echo Appliances:
    *Introduced on 2022 Jan. 14
    *Echo appliances are appliances that were originally released as locked goal appliances but are relisted with the label of "Echo" so those who missed the original release can access them
    *They are unique and separate items from their original namesakes as are the recipes they house
    *The mastery of recipes will not translate between Echo appliances and their original namesakes
    *If you purchase an Echo version, the recipes should not be mastered even if you mastered the recipe on the original version of the appliance (if they are, it's a bug and should be reported to the team)
    *Only available for purchase during limited time sales
    *Usually offered for 25 Gems each but come fully built/require no parts
    *After sale, purchased Echos will remain in your inventory but the ability to obtain more will be removed
    *If purchased, you will get one Echo appliance and three goal recipes will be unlocked - no other goal content will be unlocked with purchase of appliance
    *Echo appliances will have the same recipes as their original namesakes.
    *If appliance was listed multiple times, the Echo version will only house THREE recipes
    *To know which three recipes are included in the Echo, the thread linked will have the details

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    BS CookBook Guide: ABC list of Recipes
    A simple list of every recipe in the game and which appliance houses them.

    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Abstract Chocolate Tempering Marble
    Acai Berry Tea Electric Kettle
    Acai Truffles Yoga Stove
    Aces Cake Reds Oven
    Acorn Bites Golden Bird Oven
    Adorabrownies Treat Dispenser
    Affectionate Arrangement Arrangement Station
    Agua de Jamaica Calaveras Fountain
    Agua Fresca Puebla Drink Maker
    Aguapanela Coffee Colombian Coffee Machine
    Alfajores Basic Oven
    Almond Biscuit Lunar Oven
    Almond Blondies Cottage Oven
    Almond Sugar Cookies Sugar Coater
    Almond Sunshine New Dawn Oven
    Almond Tuiles Floral Stove
    Aloe Water Succulent Fountain
    Alpine Strudel Cabin Stove
    Ambrosia Twists Greco Oven
    America Themed Cake American Oven
    Amethyst Forever Amethyst Oven
    Amethyst Petals Amethyst Oven
    Amethyst Promise Amethyst Oven
    Angel Food Cake Basic Oven
    Animal Bao Dim Sum Station
    Anise Cookies Nona Oven
    Ants on a Log Picnic Basket
    Apple Aster Cider Floral Cider Machine
    Apple Butter and Bread Jam Maker
    Apple Candy Canes Candy Cane Maker
    Apple Chips Dehydrator
    Apple Cinnamon Tacos Barrel Stove
    Apple Coffee Cake Horseshoe Stove
    Apple Crumb Pie Golden Bird Oven
    Apple Cupcake Basic Oven
    Apple Danish Tea Cup Stove
    Apple Dumplings Turkey Oven
    Apple Fizz Fall Fountain
    Apple Juice Fruit Juicer
    Apple Mug Crisp Blue Bun Oven
    Apple Nut Pops Turkey Oven
    Apple Oat Horseshoe Barnyard Stove
    Apple Pancake Bavarian Oven
    Apple Pie Basic Oven
    Apple Pie Rolls Harvest Fair Oven
    Apple Pie Taquitos Southwest Oven
    Apple Puffs Pioneer Oven
    Apple Spice Truffle Harvest Candy Maker
    Apple Tea Basic Drink Mixer
    Apply Ever After Wonderous Oven
    Apricot Almond Tea Tea Infuser
    Apricot and Gorgonzola Canape Canape Oven
    Apricot Jam Cookies 3 Bears Oven
    Apricot Sorbet New Dawn Dispenser
    Apricot Succulent Sunrise Potting Platform
    Apritart New Dawn Oven
    Aquaricake Starry Stove
    Archetectual Chocolate Tempering Marble
    Arepas Con Queso Arepa Oven
    Arepas Dulces Arepa Oven
    Aries Puffs Starry Stove
    Arroz Con Leche Basic Oven
    Aster Cake White Aster Oven
    Aster Cookies White Aster Oven
    Aster Cupcakes White Aster Oven
    Aster Tiered Cake Loretta's Oven
    Astronaut Cookies Galaxy Oven
    Atole Calaveras Fountain
    Autumn Americano Hay Bale Fountain
    Autumn Cake Basic Oven
    Autumn Cookies Basic Oven
    Autumn Flowers Cupcakes Autumn Oven
    Autumn Layer Cake Autumn Elegance Oven
    Autumn Punch Too Pink Oven
    Autumn Roll Barn Oven
    Autumn Turquoise Cake Autumn Turquoise Stove
    Avocado Toast Savory Cafe Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Bacon Donuts Texas Fryer
    Bacon Waffles Griddle
    Bagel and Lox Schmear Stove
    Bagel Egg & Cheese Savory Cafe Oven
    Baked Alaska Motherly Oven
    Baked Brie Board Char-Cutie-Rie Station
    Baked Egg Potatoes Morning Mixer
    Baked Honey Brie Beehive Oven
    Baker's Specialty Brick Oven
    Bakewell Tart Phone Box Stove
    Baklawa Around the World Oven
    Balanced Breakfast Muffin Transporstove
    Balboa Bar Frosty Freezer
    Ball Gown Cupcakes Royal Oven
    Balloon Float Parade Fountain
    Banana Bread Basic Oven
    Banana Pancakes Pancake Griddle
    Banana Pie Rocket Oven
    Banana Powder Puffs Sugar Coater
    Banana Pudding Old Brick Oven
    Banana Roll Lunar Oven
    Banana Split Circles Shaved Ice Maker
    Banana Split Sundae Ice Cream Maker
    Banana Tart Lunar Oven
    Bananas Foster Jazz Oven
    Band Float Parade Fountain
    Baozi Dim Sum Station
    Barbecue Cookies Barbecue Oven
    Barn Door Bon Bon Barnyard Stove
    Barnyard Chocolate Tart Barrel Stove
    Baseball Cakes Grand Slam Oven
    Basic Bagel Baking Oven
    Basic Flan Basic Oven
    Bat Cookie Headstone Oven
    Bat Cupcakes Headstone Oven
    Bat Pie Headstone Oven
    Bat Velvet Cookie Witches Cauldron
    Battenberg Cake Phone Box Stove
    Beach Bucket Cake Sandy Oven
    Beach Cobbler Shoreline Oven
    Beach Cookies Deep Sea Oven
    Beach Cupcake Basic Oven
    Beach Parfait Treasure Oven
    Beach Pie Sugar Coater
    Bear Claw 3 Bears Oven
    Bear Crepe Ice Cream Maker
    Bear Cupcake Picnic Basket
    Bear Cupcakes Love Letter Oven
    Bear Gingerbread Rustic Gingerbread Oven
    Bear Latte French Coffee Press
    Bear Shaped Macarons 3 Bears Oven
    Beignets Jazz Oven
    Berliners Around the World Oven
    Berry Ambrosia Ambrosia Chiller
    Berry Beignets Deep Fryer
    Berry Best Cheese Cake Shaved Ice Maker
    Berry Blue Yogurt Chiller
    Berry Cage Relaxed Oven
    Berry Cheesecake Cup Pampered Range
    Berry Flan Basic Oven
    Berry Mousse Pie Summer Icebox
    Berry Mug Cobbler Blue Bun Oven
    Berry Pavlova World Games Oven
    Berry Purple Yogurt Chiller
    Berry Red Yogurt Chiller
    Berry Rhubarb Pie Basic Oven
    Berry Sweet Sweet Drink Mixer
    Berry Sweet Pie Pie Oven
    Bewitching Cocktail Cackling Drink Maker
    Bewitching Cupcakes Cackling Oven
    Bibingka United Nations Oven
    Big Bunny Bundt Bunny Oven
    Birthday Surprise Confetti Oven
    Biscotti Basic Oven
    Biscuits and Jam 3 Bears Oven
    Black & White Cookies Basic Oven
    Black Currant Tea Tea Infuser
    Black Forest Cake Basic Oven
    Black Pearl Tea Tidal Prep Grill
    Black Rose Cupcake Turvey Stove
    Blackberry Cobbler Basic Oven *Unreleased*
    Blackberry Lemonade Garden Fountain
    Blarney Stone Bars Emerald Oven
    Blizzard Cake Chilly Oven
    Blood Orangcicle Witches Cauldron
    Bloomcakes Rosey Reservoir
    Blooming Cake Flower Bloom Oven
    Blooming Mousse A Warm Bubble Oven
    Blooming Mousse B Relaxed Oven
    Blossoming Flower Cake Loretta's Oven
    Blue Agate Cakes Emerald Oven
    Blue Berry Bites Blue Team Baker
    Blue Bite Berries Patriotic Oven
    Blue Cotton Candy Parade Cotton Candy Maker
    Blue Cream Muffin Blue Bun Oven
    Blue Flame Punch Mystical Stove
    Blue Lemon Pudding Blue Team Baker
    Blue Peekaboo Cake Blue and Pink Stove
    Blue Raspberry Ice Shaved Ice Maker
    Blue Sky Jelly Petal Oven
    Blue Strawberries Frozen Stove
    Blue Velvet Cake Blue Bun Oven
    Blueberry Bars Pioneer Oven
    Blueberry Buckle Basic Oven
    Blueberry Cheesecake Bakesgiving Oven
    Blueberry Chiffon Basic Oven
    Blueberry Cinnamon Roll Pioneer Oven
    Blueberry Crumb Cake Tea Cup Stove
    Blueberry Hand Pies Big Apple Oven
    Blueberry Jack Pies Pumpkistove
    Blueberry Lavender Pie Autumn Oven
    Blueberry Marble Cake Museum Oven
    Blueberry Muffins Basic Oven
    Blueberry Orange Muffins Engine Block Stove
    Blueberry Pumpkin Pie Autumn Turquoise Oven
    Blueberry Scone Basic Oven
    Blueberry Soda Gourmet Soda Machine
    Blueberry Toaster Tart Toaster Oven
    Blush Hot Cocoa Cocoa Maker
    Bo Lay Tea Dim Sum Station
    Boat Parfaits Yacht Stove
    Boatnana Split Beach Baker
    Bombolini Pastry Cart
    Bon Bus Bussing Oven
    Bonfire Cupcake Cute Camp Oven
    Boo Berries Candy Corn Oven
    Boo Brownies Cursed Stove
    Boo-sy Delight Cackling Drink Maker
    Boondi Ke Ladoo Ladoo Cooker
    Boston Cream Pie American Oven
    Bottle o' Bubbly Cake Princess Oven
    Bougainvillea Cake Wisteria Stove
    Bounty Crisp Bountiful Oven
    Bounty's Beverage Bountiful Stove
    Bowtie Cake Stainless Steel Oven
    Boxty Emerald Isle Oven
    Boyish Pops Blue Bun Oven
    Braid Donut Donut Fryer
    Brandy Snaps London Oven
    Brawny Muffin Basic Oven
    Bread Pudding Old Brick Oven
    Breakfast Casserole Breakfast Oven
    Breakfast Panini Griddle
    Breakfast Quiche Breakfast Oven
    Brimstone Brownie Ominous Oven
    Brioche Artisan Bread Oven
    Broken Heart Cake Too Pink Oven
    Bronze Cookies World Games Oven
    Brooklyn Bagels Big City Baker
    Brooklyn Espresso Espresso Machine
    Brownie Dough Cookie Dough Maker
    Brownie Royale Bavarian Oven
    Brownie S k i l l e t Winterful Oven
    Brownies Basic Oven
    Brunch Waffle Sammie Pancake Griddle
    Bubble Cheesecake Shimmering Stove
    Bubble Gum Candy Cooker
    Bubble Pop Cool Bubble Oven
    Bubblegum Paleta Paleta Chiller
    Bubbling Potion Mad Lab Machine
    Bubbly Mint Cooler Stainless Steel Oven
    Bubbly Peach Rose Drink Floral Cider Machine
    Budding Tea Rosey Reservoir
    Bumble Cup Petal Oven
    Bun Buns Bunny Ears Oven
    Bundt Nog Chocolate Raspberry
    Bunuelos World Games Oven
    Bunny Bait Cotton Tail Stove
    Bunny Bao Dim Sum Station
    Bunny Beignets Deep Fryer
    Bunny Chow Truffle Maker
    Bunny Cupcakes Motherly Oven
    Bunny Face Cookies Sweet N Spice
    Bursting Cake Firework Oven
    Butter Applescotch Cookies Persistent Glass Stove
    Butter Brew Pumpkin Patch Dispenser
    Butter Mochi Paradise Oven
    Butterfly Cookie Rose Oven
    Butterfly Daisy Cake Wisteria Stove
    Butterfly Pea Cheesecake Plant Based Stove
    Butterfly Pea Gelato Petal Oven
    Butterfly Pea Tea Spring Kettle
    Buttermilk Biscuit A Pancake Griddle
    Buttermilk Biscuit B Kitchen Stove
    Buttermilk Pancakes Tea Cup Stove
    Buttermilk Pie Blue Bun Oven
    Butterscotch Blondie Motherly Oven
    Buzz Pops Honeycomb Oven
    Buzzing Cookies Honeycomb Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Cactus Cake Wild West Stove
    Cactus Smoothie Succulent Fountain
    Caffe d'Orzo Caffe La Macchina
    Cake Blues Blue Team Baker
    Cake Cone Harvest Fair Stove
    Cakecopia Bountiful Oven
    Calaveras Calaveras Oven
    Camera Cupcakes DSLR Oven
    Camera Lens Coffee Disposable Stove
    Campe Waffle Cake Cute Camp Oven
    Campfire Cone Cute Camp Oven
    Candied Flowers Motherly Oven
    Candied Lotus Root Dehydrator
    Candied Rose Petals Floral Oven
    Candle Donuts Confetti Oven
    Candy Apple Bites Traditional Oven
    Candy Apple Cupcake Barrel Stove
    Candy Apples Basic Oven
    Candy Bark Candy Cauldron
    Candy Brownies Octob-Oven
    Candy Cackle Wicked Oven
    Candy Cake Candy Oven
    Candy Cane Cake Candy Cane Maker
    Candy Cane Cookies North Polar Oven
    Candy Cane Cupcake Red Gift Stove
    Candy Canes Candy Cane Maker
    Candy Cappuccino Snowman Fountain
    Candy Choco S k i l l e t Winterful Oven
    Candy Cookie Candy Oven
    Candy Corn Tricky Butler
    Candy Corn Coffee Basic Drink Mixer
    Candy Corn Cooler Spooky Stove
    Candy Corn Fudge Candy Cauldron
    Candy Corn Ghosts Witchy Oven
    Candy Corn Macaroons Basic Oven
    Candy Corn Muffin Candy Oven
    Candy Corn Parfait Parfait Potion Stand
    Candy Corncake Candy Corn Oven
    Candy Cornucopia Fall Oven
    Candy Pie Octob-Oven
    Candy Rosebud Shine Stove
    Candy Sleds Candy Cane Maker
    Candy Torte Octob-Oven
    Candy Treats Candy Cauldron
    Candy-Coat Cake X-O Oven
    Cannoli Basic Oven
    Cannoli Cups Pastry Cart
    Cantaloupe Cheesecake Melon Oven
    Cappuccino Basic Drink Mixer
    Caramel Apple Cake Harvest Stove
    Caramel Apple Cider Equestrian Oven
    Caramel Apples Basic Oven
    Caramel Bowl Cake Radiant Oven
    Caramel Chocodome Bakesgiving Oven
    Caramel Cocoa Winter Frost Fountain
    Caramel Coffee Roll Cottage Oven
    Caramel Coffeecotta Haute Stove
    Caramel Frappe Frappe Fountain
    Caramel Pie Banner Oven
    Caramel Shake Ballpark Fountain
    Caramel Supremo SweetCo Station
    Cardamom Rose Donut Donut Fryer
    Cardcake Blues Oven
    Caribbean Nimbus Steam Oven
    Carob Matcha Cakes Plant Based Stove
    Caroling Cake Pops Vocal Range
    Carrot Cake Basic Oven
    Carrot Cake Truffle Bunny Oven
    Carrot Confection Petal Oven
    Carrot Halwa Sweet N Spice
    Carrot Shake Resolute Drinks
    Cascade Heart Cake Too Pink Oven
    Cassata Siciliana Loretta's Oven
    Cast Iron Cobbler Iron Oven
    Castella Basic Oven
    Castle Cake Ye Olde Oven
    Cat Latte French Coffee Press
    Cauldron Cakes Pumpkin Stove
    Cauldron Cupcakes Witches Cauldron
    Cavalry Cake Barnyard Oven
    Caviar Baked Potatoes Sunset Boulevard Stove
    Celebration Cupcake Basic Oven
    Celebration Trifle Basic Oven
    Celestial Sipper Interstellar Fountain
    Celtic Cookies Shamrock Oven
    Cereal Bar Cereal Oven
    Cereal Cakes Transporstove
    Cereal Donut Deep Fryer
    Cereal French Toast Cereal Oven
    Cereal Ice Cream Sandwiches Cereal Oven
    Chai Cookies Sweet N Spice
    Chai Latte Vintage Mixer
    Chai Peach Latte Peachy Mixers
    Chai Tea Basic Drink Mixer
    Chainlift Gears Coaster Oven
    Challah Blue Gift Stove
    Chamomile Tea Basic Drink Mixer
    Champurrado Calaveras Fountain
    Chapati Artisan Bread Oven
    Char Siu Pastries Dim Sum Station
    Charming Cocoa Pastel Dispenser
    Cheddar Bagel Schmear Stove
    Cheddar Biscuit Blue Bun Oven
    Cheddar Bungeoppang Blue Bun Oven
    Cheddar Chive Scone Pancake Griddle
    Cheese Cake Prankster Oven
    Cheese Scones Steam Oven
    Cheese Stuffed Pretzels Grand Slam Oven
    Cheesecake Canape Canape Oven
    Cherry Blossom Raindrop Amethyst Oven
    Cherry Blossoms Sunset Seeding Station
    Cherry Chip Cupcakes Red Team Oven
    Cherry Chocolate Reindeer Green Shop Stove
    Cherry Cupcake Stylish Heart Stove
    Cherry Empanadas Big Apple Oven
    Cherry Mountain Cake Cabin Stove
    Cherry Muffin Basic Oven
    Cherry Pie Basic Oven
    Cherub Cookies Rose Oven
    Cheshire Cookie Alice's Oven
    Chi Chi Dango Tropical Oven
    Chicago Popcorn Popcorn Maker
    Chick Cupcakes Motherly Oven
    Chicken Cupcake Fluffy Oven
    Chicken Curry Pasty Emerald Isle Oven
    Chicken Waffle Sammie Pancake Griddle
    Chicory Coffee Musical Drink Machine
    Chilaquiles Morning Oven
    Chili Bowl Clay Oven
    Chilled Cherry Soup Chocolate Raspberry
    Chilled Donuts Frozen Stove
    Choco-Coffee Cup Choco-Love Stove
    Choco-Mint Balls Packaged Stove
    Choco-Sundae Bowl Choco-Love Stove
    Choco-tini Glass Choco-Love Stove
    Choco-Waffle Sticks Sweet Cafe Stove
    Choco Bread Chocolate Raspberry
    Choco Chip Cookie Dough Cookie Dough Maker
    Choco Chip S k i l l e t Winterful Oven
    Choco Rounds Pioneer Oven
    Chococherry Macarons Retro Heart Oven
    Chocoday Cupcake Glazed Stove
    Chocolate Art Coffee Coffee Machine
    Chocolate Awards Sunset Boulevard Stove
    Chocolate Banana Fondue Fountain
    Chocolate Bunny Milk Bunny Drink Machine
    Chocolate Bunnies Candy Hatchery
    Chocolate Cache Tricky Butler
    Chocolate Cake Basic Oven
    Chocolate Cake Pop Candy Oven
    Chocolate Charcuterie Loretta's Oven
    Chocolate Cherry Cannoli Sicilian Oven
    Chocolate Cherry Trifle Basic Oven
    Chocolate Chip Blondie Motherly Oven
    Chocolate Chip Cup Cocoa Maker
    Chocolate Chip Pancakes Pancake Griddle
    Chocolate Circles Shaved Ice Maker
    Chocolate Cloud Bread Too Pink Oven
    Chocolate Cookies Basic Oven
    Chocolate Crabsants Beach Baker
    Chocolate Cube Croissant Basic Oven
    Chocolate Dip Cookies Red Shop Oven
    Chocolate Dipped S'mores Fire Pit
    Chocolate Donut Deep Fryer
    Chocolate Eggnog Santa's Shop Fountain
    Chocolate Eggs Candy Hatchery
    Chocolate Flan Basic Oven
    Chocolate Fruit Bouquet Fruit Chocolate Dip
    Chocolate Fudge Fudge Station
    Chocolate Gelato Gelato Cart
    Chocolate Golden Box Fruit Chocolate Dip
    Chocolate Gujiya Chroma Stove
    Chocolate Haupia Paradise Oven
    Chocolate Heart Box Fruit Chocolate Dip
    Chocolate Honeycombs Gold Gilded Oven
    Chocolate Jelly Pudding Wave Crash Oven
    Chocolate Loukoumades Mediterroven
    Chocolate Malt Roller Malt Maker
    Chocolate Marble Cake Museum Oven
    Chocolate Mexicano Puebla Drink Maker
    Chocolate Milkshake Basic Drink Mixer
    Chocolate Nest Duckling Stove
    Chocolate Patch Cake Pumpkin Patch Oven
    Chocolate Pineapple Fruit Chocolate Dip
    Chocolate Pinecone Cabin Stove
    Chocolate Pudding Old Brick Oven
    Chocolate Raisins Movie Night Oven
    Chocolate Roll Cake Rose Oven
    Chocolate Roses Loven
    Chocolate Scoop Ice Cream Maker
    Chocolate Shamrock Emerald Oven
    Chocolate Souffle Patisserie Oven
    Chocolate Soup Chocolate Raspberry
    Chocolate Soy Shake Treat Dispenser
    Chocolate Stitch Cookies Topsy Oven
    Chocolate Strawberries Fruit Chocolate Dip
    Chocolate Strawberry Box Drizzled Oven
    Chocolate Swirl Soft Serve Softy Machine
    Chocolate Tart Basic Oven
    Chocolate Tres Leches Caliente Oven
    Chocoleaf Tart Northeastern Oven
    Chocomond Croissant Brick Oven
    Chocricots New Dawn Dispenser
    Chowder Bowl Clay Oven
    Christmas Cake Santa's Shop Oven
    Christmas Tree Cookie Stack Santa's Oven
    Chromadomes Amethyst Oven
    Churro Cheesecake Bars Southwest Oven
    Churro Cream Bowl Shaved Ice Maker
    Churros and Coffee Morning Oven
    Cinna-Roll Sweet Cafe Stove
    Cinna Cookies Sweet N Spice
    Cinnamon Bagel Sweet Bagel Stove
    Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Winterful Drink Maker
    Cinnamon Pretzel Movie Night Oven
    Cinnamon Rolls Basic Oven
    Cinnamon Shore Pie Greco Oven
    Cinnamon Streusel Scone Blue Bun Oven
    Cinnamon Sugar Twist Clay Oven
    Cinnamon Tacos Texas Oven
    Citrine Cake Basic Oven
    Citrine Cupcakes Basic Oven
    Citrine Juice Basic Drink Mixer
    Citrine Tea Basic Drink Mixer
    Citrus Ambrosia Ambrosia Chiller
    Citrus Berry Biscotti Thankful Stove
    Citrus Brulee Treat Dispenser
    Citrus Cracklers Packaged Stove
    Citrus Meringue Pie Sunny Oven
    Citrus Water Water Infuser
    Classic Croissant Baking Oven
    Classic Heart Cake Loretta's Oven
    Classic Lemon Tart Motherly Oven
    Classic Yellow Cake Homey Stove
    Claus Cupcake Santa's Oven
    Cloud Bread Too Pink Oven
    Clover Cookies Lucky Oven
    Clover Tier Cake Loretta's Oven
    Coaster Cake Coaster Oven
    Coastline Custard Yacht Stove
    Coco Cream Muffins Basic Oven
    Cocoa Cookies Haute Stove
    Cocoa Marshmallow Fondue Fountain
    Cocoheart Cheesecake Too Pink Oven
    Coconut Banana Frozen Banana Stand
    Coconut Bibingka Shore Wood Oven
    Coconut Bunnycake Bunny Oven
    Coconut Cream Pie Basic Oven
    Coconut Donuts Texas Fryer
    Coconut Drink Fruit Juicer
    Coconut Gujiya Chroma Stove
    Coconut Key Lime Pie Grapefruit Cooker
    Coconut Ladoo Sweet N Spice
    Coconut Layer Cake Motherly Oven
    Coconut Parfait Summer Icebox
    Coffee Basic Drink Mixer
    Coffee Cake Tea Cup Stove
    Coffee Cream Cake Loretta's Oven
    Coffee Crumbler Tea Cup Stove
    Cola Soda Bow Fountain
    Cola Soda Can Ballpark Fountain
    Cold Brew Coffee Cold Brew Machine
    Colombian Coffee Colombian Coffee Machine
    Colorful Pretzels Grand Slam Oven
    Conchas Caliente Oven
    Conchnnoli Beach Baker
    Confetti Berries Confetti Oven
    Confetti Cake Loretta's Oven
    Confetti Cookies Glazed Stove
    Confetti Float Parade Fountain
    Connecticut Cider Northeastern Dispencer
    Constellation Cake Space Stove
    Constellation Tarts Starship Stove
    Constructed Chocolate Tempering Marble
    Cookie Monster Cake Coffin Drink Machine
    Cookie Sandwich Frosty Freezer
    Cookies and Cream Cup Cocoa Maker
    Cool Cake Amethyst Oven
    Cool Lemon Pie Summer Icebox
    Cool Mint Tea Tea Shop Brewer
    Coral Cake Beach Oven
    Corn Bread Clay Oven
    Corn Muffins Colonial Oven
    Cornucopia Cake Autumn Turquoise Oven
    Cotton Candy Sparkler Fancy Drink Machine
    Cotton Tail Cookies Cotton Tail Stove
    Cow Cake Loretta's Oven
    Cowboy Cupcakes Wild West Stove
    Crabby Cupcakes Celestial Oven
    Cranachan Tartan Mixer
    Cranberry Apple Squares Pioneer Oven
    Cranberry Bundt Autumn Oven
    Cranberry Cake Holiday Oven
    Cranberry Cheesecake Bakesgiving Oven
    Cranberry Cider Basic Drink Mixer
    Cranberry Cobbler Roller Oven
    Cranberry Cream Pie Turkey Oven
    Cranberry Crisp Sunny Oven
    Cranberry Crusts Traditional Oven
    Cranberry Fizz Fall Fountain
    Cranberry Flummery Autumn Oven
    Cranberry Frangipane Autumn Oven
    Cranberry Fudge Holiday Oven
    Cranberry Hot Chocolate Holiday Drink Mixer
    Cranberry Juice Fruit Juicer
    Cranberry Punch Holiday Drink Mixer
    Cranberry Tarts Holiday Oven
    Cranberry Walnut Brie Bakesgiving Oven
    Crawfish Boil Cookies Mardi Gras Oven
    Cream Buns Tartan Oven
    Cream Cheese Danish Blue Bun Oven
    Cream Cookie Rolled Ice Cream Anti-Griddle
    Cream Dogs Grand Slam Oven
    Cream Horns Bavarian Oven
    Cream Puffer Fish Deep Sea Oven
    Cream Soda Ballpark Fountain
    Cream Soda Float Ballpark Fountain
    Cream Tea Scones Tea Shop Oven
    Cream Whip Whip Fountain
    Creature Cone Creature Cauldron
    Creepy Looking Cake Headstone Oven
    Creepy Pops Hallo-Oven
    Creme Brulee Patisserie Oven
    Creme Donut Deep Fryer
    Crimson Candy Apple Red Team Oven
    Croissant Basic Oven
    Cronut Basic Oven
    Crow Pie Basic Oven
    Crown Cupcake Ye Olde Oven
    Crumble Tower Candy Oven
    Crumbly Cookie Cheesecake Cheesecake Chiller
    Cube Croissant Basic Oven
    Cucumber Lime Water Water Infuser
    Cuernitos Basic Oven
    Cup of Tea Cakes Alice's Oven
    Cupcake Bouquet Love Letter Oven
    Cupcake Castle Princess Oven
    Cupcake Ghouls Hallo-Oven
    Cupid Float Valentine Drink Machine
    Cupid Truffles Romantic Stove
    Curds and Whey Mother Goose Stove
    Currant Cake Victorian Stove
    Currant Roulade Disco Stove
    Custard Tart Lunar Oven
    Cute Bear Pop Cold Treat Machine
    Cute Mushroom Cake Harvest Stove
    Crystal Cupcakes Mystical Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Dainty Pecan Cupcake Red Bird Oven
    Daisy Cake Basic Oven
    Dalgona Coffee Cold Brew Machine
    Dandelion Bread Pudding Floral Oven
    Dango Basic Oven
    Danish Butter Cookies Holiday Night Oven
    Darjeeling Tea Tea Time Kettle
    Dark Berry Brownie Chocolate Raspberry
    Dark Berry Cake Chocolate Raspberry
    Dark Berry Cupcake Chocolate Raspberry
    Dark Dusted Truffles Truffle Maker
    Date Drop Scone Tea Time Oven
    Dead Velvet Cake Spooky Oven
    Decadence Pop X-O Oven
    Decadent Chocolate Pie Pampered Range
    Deco Cookies Luxury Oven
    Decorated Heart Cookies Rose Oven
    Deep Sea Dip Yacht Stove
    Delightfully Dark Cake Turvey Stove
    Demon Drops Headstone Oven
    Dentist's Goodies Witchy Treats
    Dessert Charcuterie Char-Cutie-Rie Station
    Dessert Waffle Sammie Pancake Griddle
    Dipped Strawberry Fondue Fountain
    Dirt Cups Garden Oven
    Dirt Shake Coffin Drink Machine
    Disco Mocha Musical Drink Machine
    Doberge Cake Masquerade Stove
    Dondurma Import Ice Creamery
    Donut Crabs Shoreline Stove
    Donut Frosty Basic Drink Mixer
    Donut Holes Deep Fryer
    Donut Surprise Deep Fryer
    Downtown Doughnut Big City Baker
    Dragon Cake Loretta's Oven
    Dragonfruit Drink Fruit Juicer
    Dragonfruit Pie Wicked Oven
    Dragonscale Cake Fantasy Stove
    Dreamcatcher Cookies Southwest Oven
    Dreamland Cookies Teddy Oven
    Driedel Cookies Holiday Night Oven
    Drizzle Strawberry Box Drizzled Oven
    Drum Cake Guitar Oven
    Dual Danish Staggered Stove
    Dump Cake Homey Stove
    Dyed Egg Macarons 3 Bears Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Earl Grey Tart Tea Shop Oven
    Earl Grey Tea Basic Drink Mixer
    Earth Cake Petal Oven
    Easter Basket Cake Loretta's Oven
    Easter Basket Cupcakes Motherly Oven
    Easter Bread Mediterroven
    Easter Bunny Cake Pop Choco-egg Oven
    Easter Bunny Ice Cream Cone Choco-egg Stove
    Easter Egg Bites Duckling Stove
    Easter Egg Cake Pop Choco-egg Oven
    Easter Eggnog Bunny Drink Machine
    Easter Faultline Cake Basket Oven
    Easter Fudge Truffle Maker
    Easter Ice Cream Sammie Choco-egg Stove
    Easter Pretzel Truffle Maker
    Eat Me Cookie Tea Party Prepper
    Ebelskivers Scandinavian Stove
    Eclairs Basic Oven
    Egg And Cheese Tart Toaster Oven
    Egg Nog Basic Drink Mixer
    Egg Tart Dim Sum Station
    Egg Tarts Basic Oven
    Egg Waffle Ice Cream Import Ice Creamery
    Eggnog Brulee Tinsel Cooler
    Eggy Croissant Savory Cafe Oven
    Eire Soda Bread Shamrock Stove
    Elderflower Rosewater Garden Fountain
    Electrolyte Drink Morning Mixer
    Elegant Column Cake Loretta's Oven
    Elf Donut North Polar Oven
    Emerald Punch Lucky Oven
    Emoji Swirl Ice Box
    Empire Espresso Espresso Machine
    Empire State Cookies Big Apple Oven
    Enchanted Candy Apples Fairy Tale Oven
    English Muffin Kitchen Stove
    English Trifle Tea Time Oven
    Epi Commercial Oven
    Esponjado de Cafe Colombian Coffee Machine
    Espresso Basic Drink Mixer
    Evergreen Cakes Silver Studded Stove
    Everlasting Rose Castle Oven
    Everything Bagel Pocket Big Apple Oven
    Eviclair Wicked Oven
    Eye-Scream Sundae Witches Cauldron
    Eyeball Cookies Witches Cauldron
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Fa-la-la-la Fudge Vocal Range
    Fairy Cake Ye Olde Oven
    Fairy Floss Pudding Too Pink Oven
    Fairy Toast Too Pink Oven
    Familiar Float Witches Cauldron
    Fancy Semifreddo Disco Stove
    Faux Burger Laughter Oven
    Festival Funnel Cake Harvest Fair Stove
    Festive Fizz HOHOHOliday Stove
    Festive Fruit Cake Wrapped Oven
    Festive Guava Cake Tropic Oven
    Festive Refresher Frozen Gift Machine
    Fig Tart Lunar Oven
    Film Cakes DSLR Oven
    Finger Sandwiches Tea Time Oven
    Firecracker Fizz Lunar New Year Drink Maker
    Firecracker Snack Mix Starship Stove
    Firework Cookies Firework Oven
    Fireworks Cake Starship Stove
    Flag Pie Flag Stove
    Flamingo Cake Pops Mardi Gras Oven
    Flash Cookies Disposable Stove
    Flora Hand Pie Flower Bloom Oven
    Floral Crostini Petal Oven
    Floral Delight Orchid Swirler
    Floral Fruit Sando Outdoor Spring Oven
    Floral Lemon Tarts Special Petal Stove
    Florist's Cookies Special Petal Stove
    Flower Cake Petal Oven
    Flower Cupcake Petal Oven
    Flower Lollipops Motherly Oven
    Flower Pot Pop Garden Cottage Oven
    Flower Pudding Jelly Outdoor Spring Oven
    Flower Tower Orchid Oven
    Flower Truffles Motherly Oven
    Flowering Hibiscus Tea Spring Tea Kettle
    Flowering Osmanthus Tea Spring Tea Kettle
    Flowering Purple Pea Tea Spring Tea Kettle
    Flowery Cake Pop Garden Cottage Oven
    Fluffalanche SweetCo Station
    Foam Art Coffee Coffee Machine
    Focaccia Artisan Bread Oven
    Focaccia Bread Italian Oven
    Fortune Cookies Basic Oven
    Fortunice Tea Reds Oven
    Framboisier Cake Cottage Stove
    Frankenstein Cookie Experiment Oven
    Frankenstein Pop Experiment Oven
    Frankenstein Pudding Experiment Oven
    French Bread Classic Bread Oven
    French Press Vintage Mixer
    French Silk Pie Banner Oven
    Fresh Candy Apples Sunrise Potting Platform
    Fresh Cream Cupcake Sunny Oven
    Fried Gujiya Chroma Stove
    Fright Bites Spooky Oven
    Frilly Pumpkin Pie Red Bird Oven
    Frost Cookies Winter Oven
    Frosted Banana Frozen Banana Stand
    Frosted Cake Pops Movie Night Oven
    Frosted Spice Cookies Turning Glass Oven
    Frosty Coffee Basic Drink Mixer
    Frozen Cider Cider Press
    Frozen Cocoa Cheesecake Snack Cooler
    Frozen Fruit Pops Drum Kit Oven
    Frozen Lemonade Frosty Freezer
    Frozen Prism Prismatic Oven
    Fruit Board Char-Cutie-Rie Station
    Fruit Cake Basic Oven
    Fruit Christmas Tree Santa's Oven
    Fruit Cube Croissant Basic Oven
    Fruit Leather Dehydrator
    Fruit Schmear Bagel Sweet Bagel Stove
    Fruit Tart Basic Oven
    Fruit Trail Mix Dehydrator
    Fruitcake Basic Oven
    Fruitcake Wreath Santa's Oven
    Fruity Yogurt Parfait Treat Dispenser
    Funky Tacos Texas Oven
    Funnel Cake Fries Prankster Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Galactic Cupcake Intergalactic Stove
    Galaxy Cookies Galaxy Oven
    Galaxy Fudge Sweet Dream Stove
    Galaxy Grape Shake Frozen Drink Machine
    Galaxy Mirror Cake Loretta's Oven
    Ganache Cake Windmill Oven
    Garden Cupcakes Garden Oven
    Garlic Bread Italian Oven
    Gator Cookies Mardi Gras Oven
    Gelt Cookies Blue Gift Stove
    Geode Cookies Petal Oven
    Geode Gateau Emerald Oven
    Gemini Gelato Celestial Oven
    Ghost Berries Pumpkin Stove
    Ghost Brownies Haunted Home Stove
    Ghost Cookies Headstone Oven
    Ghost Cupcakes Headstone Oven
    Ghost Meringue Monster Oven
    Ghost Pops Headstone Oven
    Ghostly Fro-nana Witches Cauldron
    Ghostly Wedding Cake Witches Cauldron
    Ghoulcake Headstone Oven
    Ghoulkin Cake Topsy Oven
    Giant Bagel Cake Loretta's Oven
    Giant Pretzel Ye Olde Stove
    Giant Sundae Ice Cream Maker
    Gift-Wrapped Fudge Yuletide Candy Maker
    Ginataang Bilo-Bilo Chocolate Raspberry
    Ginger Cookies Sweet N Spice
    Ginger Root Tea Victorian Stove
    Ginger Snap Blue Bun Oven
    Gingerbread Brittle North Polar Oven
    Gingerbread Cake Basic Oven
    Gingerbread Cannolis Silver Studded Stove
    Gingerbread Cookies Basic Oven
    Gingerbread Eggnog Santa's Shop Fountain
    Gingerbread House Red Gift Stove
    Gingerbread Latte Snowman Fountain
    Gingerbread Man Cocoa Pastel Holiday Fountain
    Gingerfriend Cake Wrapped Oven
    Gingerfrost Cupcake Elegant Oven
    Gingerstar Cake Elegant Oven
    Glazed Donut Deep Fryer
    Glazed Pecan Fudge Fudge Station
    Glitterheart Bites Sugar Heart Stove
    Glowing Potion Mad Lab Machine
    Glowing Soda Spooky Soda Machine
    Gobblers Bountiful Oven
    Goblin Bites Creature Cauldron
    Gold Coin Cake Loretta's Oven
    Gold Cookies World Games Oven
    Gold Leaf Donut Belle Oven
    Golden Bunnies Candy Hatchery
    Gothic Cake Monster Oven
    Gourmet Apples Candy Cauldron
    Grand Slam Cake Grand Slam Oven
    Grape Barrier Reef Deep Sea Oven
    Grape Boba Spring Kettle
    Grape Cake Grape Oven
    Grape Candy Canes Candy Cane Maker
    Grape Mochi Grape Stove
    Grape Mousse Cake Grape Stove
    Grape Panna Cotta Grape Stove
    Grape Prosciutto Crostini Grape Oven
    Grape Tart Grapefruit Cooker
    Grapefruit Panna Cotta Grapefruit Cooker
    Grapefruit Pie Grapefruit Cooker
    Grapefruit Seltzer Fruit Juicer
    Grapefruit Smoothie Grapefruit Cooker
    Grapefruit Sorbet Grapefruit Cooker
    Grapevine Cake Loretta's Oven
    Grasshopper Pie Artsy Icebox
    Grave Slush Spooky Cauldron
    Gravestone Brownies Basic Oven
    Graveyard Cake Gothic Home Oven
    Greek Donuts Mediterroven
    Greek Sunset Cake Mediterroven
    Green Apple Fritter Persistent Glass Stove
    Green Glow Too Pink Oven
    Green Grump Punch Frozen Gift Machine
    Green Juice Basic Drink Mixer
    Green Tea Tea Shop Brewer
    Green Tea Gelato Gelato Cart
    Green Tea Scoop Ice Cream Maker
    Grilled Peach Crumble Iron Oven
    Grimoire Cake Mystical Oven
    Guava Chiffon Tropical Oven
    Guiding Star Cookies Inspired Oven
    Guk Fa Tea Dim Sum Station
    Gulab Jamun Lamp Oven
    Gummy Worm Punch Haunted Drink Machine
    Gutterball Donut Holes Kingpin Treat Machine
    Gymnastic Cake Basic Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Halloswirl Brownies Witches Cauldron
    Hallowedding Cake Cursed Oven
    Halloween Conchas Headstone Oven
    Hand Sized Pie Micro Door Oven
    Happy Bark Healthy Oven
    Hard Tack Pirate Oven
    Harvest Hot Cocoa Hay Bale Fountain
    Harvest Tier Cake Harvest Stove
    Hat and Boot Cookies Wild West Stove
    Hatcake Barnyard Oven
    Haunted Fudge Spooky Stove
    Haunted House Cake Loretta's Oven
    Haunted Macarons Haunted Home Stove
    Haunted Parfait Parfait Potion Stand
    Hawaiian Sunset Cake Tropical Oven
    Hazelmousse Mediterroven
    Hazelnut Bungeoppang Blue Bun Oven
    Hazelnut Eggnog Santa's Shop Fountain
    Hazelnut Mille Feuille Mediterroven
    Hazelnut Roses Nuptial Oven
    Hazespresso Bars Mediterroven
    Healthy Apples Witchy Treats
    Heart Baker Cupcake My Cupcake Oven
    Heart Buns Dim Sum Station
    Heart Coffee Basic Drink Mixer
    Heart Punch Sweet Drink Mixer
    Heart Strawberries Retro Heart Oven
    Heart Tart Cookies Rose Oven
    Heart Toast Basic Oven
    Heart Waffles Retro Heart Oven
    Heartberry Danish Sugar Heart Stove
    Hearty Cinnaroll Stylish Heart Stove
    Hearty Muffins Healthy Oven
    Hedgehog Bao Dim Sum Station
    Hibiscus Iced Tea Floral Fountain
    High Society Cake Lounge Stove
    Hive Cakes Honeycomb Oven
    Hojicha Tea Infuser
    Holiday Churros Peppermint Stove
    Holiday Cookies Santa's Oven
    Holiday Cupcake Basic Oven
    Holiday Donut Basic Oven
    Holiday Pie Board HOHOHOliday Oven
    Holiday Puff Pas-Tree HOHOHOliday Oven
    Holiday Punch HOHOHOliday Stove
    Holiday Puppy Chow HOHOHOliday Oven
    Holiday Waffles Basic Oven
    Holly Bites Stainless Steel Oven
    Holly Hot Cocoa Snowman Fountain
    Hollywood Glittercorn Popcorn Maker
    Holographic Ice Cream Opalescent Machine
    Homestyle Brownie Platter Bake Sale Oven
    Homestyle Cookie Platter Bake Sale Oven
    Homestyle Cupcake Platter Bake Sale Oven
    Honey Baklava Honey Maker
    Honey Bee Cookie Rose Oven
    Honey Cake A Pirate Oven
    Honey Cake B Tea Cup Stove
    Honey Cider Honey Mixer
    Honey Gelato Gelato Cart
    Honey Lavender Macarons Pancake Griddle
    Honey Lavender Perfection Pampered Oven
    Honey Lime Soda Gourmet Soda Machine
    Honey Pear Beehive Oven
    Honey Pistachio Stack Mediterranean Stove
    Honey Puff Pear Belle Oven
    Honey Smoothie Honey Mixer
    Honey Sun Tea Honey Maker
    Honey Tea Honey Mixer
    Honey Yeast Roll Honey Maker
    Honey-Chrys Gelato Petal Oven
    Honeybear Tea Honey Mixer
    Honeycomb Cake Roman Hearth
    Honeycomb Milkshake Honey Mixer
    Honeydew Pan Melon Oven
    Honeyhive Cupcakes Shaved Ice Maker
    Hoot Cakes Cursed Stove
    Horchata Puebla Drink Maker
    Horse Cakepops Equestrian Oven
    Horseshoe Cake Horseshoe Stove
    Horseshoe Cookies Equestrian Oven
    Hot Apple Cider Basic Drink Mixer
    Hot Buttered Cider Fall Drink Maker
    Hot Chocolate Basic Drink Mixer
    Hot Cocoa Cookie Cups Santa's Oven
    Hot Cross Buns Classic Bread Oven
    Hot Dog and Hamburger Cookies Barbecue Oven
    Huckleberry Pie Iron Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Ice Cream Burrito Ice Box
    Ice Cream Cookie Spangled Stove
    Ice Cream in Egg Cone Choco-egg Stove
    Iced Berry Pops Drum Kit Oven
    Iced Chamomile Tea Basic Drink Mixer
    Iced Cider Autumn Leaf Cider Machine
    Iced Patch Cooler Pumpkin Patch Dispenser
    Icicle Pops Frozen Stove
    Icy Blue Cocoa Cocoa Maker
    Impressionist Macaron Ivy Grown Stove
    Indulgent Skewer Treat Dispenser
    Instant Cookies DSLR Oven
    Instant Pudding Basic Oven
    Interplanetary Donuts Intergalactic Stove
    Irish Apple Cake Emerald Isle Oven
    Irish Apple Tart Dublin Dessert Oven
    Irish Bread Pudding Horseshoe Stove
    Irish Breakfast Tea Tea Time Kettle
    Irish Coffee Cake Emerald Isle Oven
    Irish Lemon Pudding Tart Emerald Isle Oven
    Irish Mince Pie Dublin Dessert Oven
    Island Macaroons Hawaiian Oven
    Italian Cola Italian Soda Fountain
    Italian Cream Soda Italian Soda Fountain
    Italian Fruit Soda Italian Soda Fountain
    Italian Ice Import Ice Creamery
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Jack'O'Cupcake Spectral Oven
    Jade Pastry Moon Festival Oven
    Jade Tea Moon Festival Fountain
    Jalapeno Cheddar Commercial Oven
    Jam and Cheese Plate Jam Maker
    Jam and Cream Scones Jam Maker
    Jam Cookies A Basic Oven
    Jam Cookies B Powdered Stove
    Jam Layer Cake 3 Bears Oven
    James' Giant Tart Peachy Oven
    Japanese Holiday Cake Peppermint Stove
    Japanese Maple Leaf Cookies Harvest Oven
    Jasmine Tea Basic Drink Mixer
    Jelly Bites Patriotic Stove
    Jelly Donut Deep Fryer
    Jelly Shortbread Cookies Floral Stove
    Jelly Squares Picnic Basket
    Jian Dui United Nations Oven
    Jingle Bites Gold Gilded Oven
    Jungle Tea Orchid Swirler
    Just Right 3 Bears Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Kaju Katli Lamp Oven
    Kawaii Egg Tarts Lunar Oven
    Key Lime Cake Grapefruit Cooker
    Key Lime Cupcakes Grapefruit Cooker
    Key Lime Mousse Pampered Range
    Key Lime Picicle Harvest Fair Oven
    Key Lime Pie Basic Oven
    Khachapuri Morning Oven
    King Cake Loretta's Oven
    King Cocoa Blues Oven
    King Croissant Lounge Stove
    King Sweet SweetCo Station
    Kingpin Cake Kingpin Treat Machine
    Kingpin Cookies Kingpin Oven
    Kingpin Cupcakes Kingpin Oven
    Kingpin Pop Kingpin Oven
    Kitty Bao Dim Sum Station
    Kiwi Cheesecake Basic Oven
    Kiwi Pavlova World Games Oven
    Knickerbocker Glory London Oven
    Korean Tea Cookie Lunar Oven
    Kransekake Scandinavian Stove
    Kunafeh Pastry Palace Stove
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    L'amour Special Classic Bread Oven
    Ladybug Cookie Rose Oven
    Lamb Cake Loretta's Oven
    Latke Funnel Cake Pancake Griddle
    Latte Basic Drink Mixer
    Lattice Leaf Pie Mayflower Maker
    Laurel Wreath Cookies Princess Oven
    Lavender Blueberry Parfait Healthy Sweets Machine
    Lavender Eclair Basic Oven
    Lavender Lemonade Floral Fountain
    Lavender Tea Tea Time Kettle
    Lavender Toasties Pancake Griddle
    Layered Eggnog Cake Winter Wonder Oven
    Layered Latte French Coffee Press
    Layered Penguin Cake Winter Wonder Oven
    Layered Winter Cake Winter Wonder Oven
    Layman Loaf Baking Oven
    Leaf Cookies Woodland Oven
    Leaf Cupcake Autumn Oven
    Leafy Smoothie Treat Dispenser
    Leche Flan Wave Crash Oven
    Leftover Candy Cane Coffee After Xmas Sale Stove
    Leftover Cran-sauce Muffin After Xmas Sale Oven
    Leftover Eggnog Pancake After Xmas Sale Stove
    Leftover Gingerbread Cinna-Rolls After Xmas Sale Oven
    Leftover Stuffing Waffles After Xmas Sale Stove
    Leftover Turkey Crescent Rings After Xmas Sale Oven
    Leftover Turkey Pot Pie Loretta's Oven
    Lemon Berry Popcorn Shoreline Stove
    Lemon Berry Smoothie Frozen Drink Machine
    Lemon Brownies Grapefruit Cooker
    Lemon Cherry Parfait Healthy Sweets Machine
    Lemon Chess Pie Rocket Oven
    Lemon Curd Tart Floral Stove
    Lemon Loaf Loaf Oven
    Lemon Madeleines French Cookie Oven
    Lemon Meringue Pie Basic Oven
    Lemon Muffin Basic Oven
    Lemon Seltzer Fruit Juicer
    Lemon Soda Can Ballpark Fountain
    Lemon Yogurt Bar Greco Oven
    Lemonade Basic Drink Mixer
    Lemonade Cookies Barbecue Oven
    Lemonder Snaps Pancake Griddle
    Lemonlove Cream Cake Petal Pastry Oven
    Leprechaun Hat Cake Leprechaun Luck Oven
    Leprechaun Shake Emerald Isle Oven
    Leprechaun Trap Cake Leprechaun Luck Oven
    Leprechip Cookies Emerald Oven
    Lexington Lox Big City Baker
    Liberty Cookies Big Apple Oven
    Liberty Espresso Espresso Machine
    Light Honey Cake Beehive Oven
    Lil' Devil SweetCo Station
    Lime Sherbet Sultan Fountain
    Limeade Garden Fountain
    Limoncello Gelato Ice Cream Maker
    Limoncello Tiramisu Sicilian Oven
    Liquid S'mores Camping Drink Mixer
    Lively Lemon Puff Belle Oven
    Lobster Puffs Ocean Oven
    London Fog Tea Shop Brewer
    Lost Cane Cake Frozen Gift Oven
    Love at First Bite Heart Baker's Oven
    Love Letter Cupcakes Love Letter Oven
    Love Magic Bubble Tea Sweet Drink Mixer
    Love Muffins Basic Oven
    Love Potion Basic Drink Mixer
    Loves Me My Cupcake Oven
    Loves Me Not My Cupcake Oven
    Loveshape Cookies Nuptial Oven
    Luck Cakes Four Leaf Oven
    Lucky Cakes Lucky Oven
    Lucky Cupcakes Shamrock Oven
    Lucky Koi Jelly Lunar Oven
    Lucky Pick Reds Oven
    Lumet il Adi Puffs Palace Stove
    Lunar Cake A Lunar Oven
    Lunar Cake B Starship Stove
    Lunar New Year Cake Lunar New Year Oven
    Lunar New Year Cupcakes Lunar New Year Oven
    Lunar New Year Sugar Cookies Lunar New Year Oven
    Luxurious Cupcake Luxury Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Ma'amoul Cookies Palace Stove
    Mac and Cheese Bowl Clay Oven
    Macaron Tray 3 Bears Oven
    Macchiato Vintage Mixer
    Madeleine Cookies Basic Oven
    Magic Fruit Wands Fairy Tale Oven
    Magic Trick Cupcakes Basic Oven
    Magnificent Mousse Staggered Stove
    Magnolia Muffin 3 Bears Oven
    Majestic Mousse Bavarian Oven
    Malai Kulfi Color Oven
    Malasadas Paradise Oven
    Mallow Cup Candy Hatchery
    Malpuas Color Oven
    Mango Cheesecake Big Apple Oven
    Mango Juice Tropic Juice Maker
    Mango Lime Ice Cream Healthy Sweets Machine
    Mango Mochi Fluffy Oven
    Mango Pudding Tropic Oven
    Manhattan Macarons City Cooker
    Manteconchas World Games Oven
    Maple and Acorn Pie Autumn Pie Oven
    Maple and Meyer Lemonade Autumn Drink Machine
    Maple Bagel Stack Staggered Stove
    Maple Cider Autumn Drink Machine
    Maple Fudge Fudge Station
    Maple Mixed Berry Pie Autumn Pie Oven
    Maple Pear Cupcake Grapefruit Cooker
    Maple Syrup Pie Autumn Pie Oven
    Maracas Cake Pops Drum Kit Oven
    Marble Loaf Loaf Oven
    Mardi Gras Macarons Princess Oven
    Marigold Lemonade Garden Fountain
    Marocchino Caffe la Macchina
    Marranitos Puebla Oven
    Marshmallow Chick Drink Bunny Drink Machine
    Marshmallow Chicks Basic Oven
    Marshmallow Pops Lucky Oven
    Marshmallow Rabbits Cotton Tail Stove
    Marshmallow Sheep Candy Hatchery
    Marzipan Marzipan Oven
    Marzipan Martians Starship Stove
    Mask Cookies Princess Oven
    Mason Jar Cider Autumn Leaf Cider Machine
    Masquerade Cake Masquerade Stove
    Matcha Basic Mixer
    Matcha Biscotti Tea Shop Oven
    Matcha Crepe Ice Cream Maker
    Matcha Crepe Cake Emerald Isle Oven
    Matcha Cupcake Sweet N Spice
    Matcha Eclair Basic Oven
    Matcha Mooncake Dim Sum Station
    Matzoh Crack Pancake Griddle
    Matzoh Fridge Cake Snack Cooler
    Mayflower Mousse Mayflower Maker
    Mealtime Mix Bountiful Stove
    Meat Pie Pirate Oven
    Medialuna Basic Oven
    Meiser Mint Brownie Green Shop Stove
    Melon Bubble Tea Bubble Tea Maker
    Melon Bingsu Melon Chiller
    Melon Salad Melon Chiller
    Melon Sundae Melon Chiller
    Melting Popsicle Cake Loretta's Oven
    Meringue and Preserves Victorian Oven
    Meringue Toadstools Tea Party Prepper
    Mermaid Tail Cupcakes Ocean Oven
    Message In a Bottle Cake Loretta's Oven
    Micro Mousse Mini Heater Stove
    Midnight Milkshake Haunted Drink Machine
    Milk and Cereal Cake Loretta's Oven
    Milk Bubble Tea Bubble Tea Maker
    Milk Cake Lamp Oven
    Milk Pudding Victorian Stove
    Milky Way Cake Intergalactic Stove
    Mince Pie Basic Oven
    Mincy Pear Cobbler Turkey Oven
    Mini Berry Strudels Micro Door Oven
    Mini Cakes Quaint Cooker
    Mini Cheesecake Quaint Stove
    Mini Chocolate Cake 3 Bears Oven
    Mini Colorful Cake 3 Bears Oven
    Mini Cranberry Cheesecake Turkey Oven
    Mini Cupcakes Sweet N Spice
    Mini Doughnuts Quaint Stove
    Mini Lemon Tarts Quaint Stove
    Mini Macaroons Quaint Cooker
    Mini Mint Cake Mini Heater Stove
    Mini Pies Quaint Cooker
    Mini Pumpkin Pies Autumn Elegance Oven
    Mini Rose Cakes Pansy Oven
    Mini Strawberry Shortcake 3 Bears Oven
    Mini Upside Down Cakes Kitschy Oven
    Mint Cake Pop Candy Oven
    Mint Chocolate Truffles Lounge Stove
    Mint Marble Cake Museum Oven
    Mint Tea Electric Kettle
    Minty Emerald Emerald Oven
    Mistletoe Muffin Vocal Range
    Mocha Basic Mixer
    Mocha Frappe Frappe Fountain
    Mocha Puff Puff Oven
    Mochi Donuts Donut Fryer
    Mochi Ice Cream Basic Oven
    Molasses Bites Colonial Oven
    Molasses Cookies Sweet N Spice
    Molasses Gear Cookies Engine Block Stove
    Molten Lava Cake Basic Oven
    Mom's Blueberry Cake Motherly Oven
    Monkey Bread 3 Bears Oven
    Monster Cake Loretta's Oven
    Monster Fudge Candy Cauldron
    Monster Mud Cup Witches Cauldron
    Monster Sheet Cake Gothic Home Oven
    Monstrous Cupcake Spectral Oven
    Moon Cake A Moon Festival Oven
    Moon Cake B Loretta's Oven
    Moon Flower Tea Moon Festival Fountain
    Moon Spell Cookies Mystical Oven
    Morning Shake Resolute Drinks
    Mosaiko Mediterroven
    Mountain Treats Cottage Oven
    Movie Popcorn Popcorn Maker
    Muddy Soda Spooky Soda Machine
    Mulled Cider A Winter Cider Maker
    Mulled Cider B Fall Drink Maker
    Mulled Cider C Cider Press
    Mulled Mead Ye Olde Stove
    Mum Cupcakes Pansy Oven
    Mummy Cookie Witchy Oven
    Mummy Cupcake Basic Oven
    Muscat Sandwich Grapefruit Cooker
    Mushroom Cake Pops Rocky Oven
    Music Frappe Musical Drink Machine
    Mystery Meringues Ominous Oven
    Mystical Tea Mystical Stove
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Nacho Cupcakes Laughter Oven
    Nariyal Ladoo Ladoo Cooker
    Nebulous Star-Glo Interstellar Fountain
    Nectarade Peachy Mixers
    Nectroissant Peachy Oven
    Neigh Cups Barnyard Stove
    Nestling Nest Castle Oven
    New Year Cake Lunar Oven
    New Year Layer Cake Lunar Oven
    Nice Pumpkin Latte Northeastern Dispencer
    Night Sky Cake Sweet Dream Stove
    Nightfrost Punch Grapefruit Cooker
    Nightmare Cake Headstone Oven
    Nitro Cold Brew Cold Brew Machine
    North Pole Cupcakes Santa's Shop Oven
    Note Cupcakes Guitar Oven
    NY Bagel Basic Oven
    NYE Cake Stainless Steel Oven
    NYE Cupcake Stainless Steel Oven
    NYE Popcorn Stainless Steel Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Oat Bran Muffins Yoga Stove
    Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Kitchen Stove
    Obi Non Bread Machine
    Ocean Blast Frozen Drink Machine
    Old Fashioned Trifle Princess Oven
    Old Pal Too Pink Oven
    Ombre Heart Cake Too Pink Oven
    Oolong Green Tea Basic Drink Mixer
    Opal Ice Cream Opalescent Machine
    Orange Banana Ice Cream Healthy Sweet Machine
    Orange Blossom Fizz Lunar New Year Drink Maker
    Orange Blossom Tea Basic Drink Mixer
    Orange Eclair Basic Oven
    Orange Guava Juice Tropic Juice Maker
    Orange Juice Fruit Juicer
    Orange Leaf Cookies Autumn Oven
    Orange Mochi Fluffy Oven
    Orange Sherbet Sultan Fountain
    Orange Spiced Cider Tea Cider Press
    Orchidai Swirl Orchid Swirler
    Origami On Ice Fancy Drink Machine
    Ornament Bon Bons Holiday Night Oven
    Otter Top Cake Beach Oven
    Over the Moon Pie Nursery Rhyme Oven
    Overloaded Rolled Ice Cream Anti-Griddle
    Owl Cookies Cornucopia Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Paddy Hat Emerald Isle Oven
    Paddy Parfait Clover Oven
    Paddy's Pastry Four Leaf Oven
    Pain Perdu Jazz Oven
    Painted Glass Artsy Icebox
    Painted Rose Pop Tea Party Prepper
    Palmier Bunny Ears Bunny Ears Oven
    Palmier Cookies French Cookie Oven
    Pan de Muerto Calaveras Oven
    Pan Dulce Puebla Oven
    Pancake Smile Griddle
    Pane di Pasta Italian Oven
    Panettone Forno di Pasticcino
    Panna Cotta Tart Sicilian Oven
    Pansy Refresher Garden Fountain
    Pansy Shortbread Pansy Oven
    Parade Cotton Candy Parade Cotton Candy Maker
    Passion Fruit Mille Crepe Windmill Oven
    Passion Fruit Tea Spring Kettle
    Pastel Bread Engine Block Stove
    Pastel Bunny Cake Basket Oven
    Pastel Eggs Candy Hatchery
    Pastel Gingerbread House Loretta's Oven
    Pastel Snowflake Cookies Pastel Holiday Oven
    Pastel Stocking Cookies Pastel Holiday Oven
    Pastel Swirl Shine Stove
    Pastel Tier Cake Loretta's Oven
    Pastel Tree Cookies Pastel Holiday Oven
    Pastelicious Drink Pastel Dispenser
    Pastelipop Pastel Dispenser
    Patrick's Parfait Emerald Oven
    Patriotic Pretzels Patriotic Oven
    Pavlova Too Pink Oven
    PB Chocolate Cake Basic Oven
    Peach Candle Cake Princess Oven
    Peach Cobbler Basic Oven
    Peach Cobbler Beignets Deep Fryer
    Peach Cobbler Squares Pioneer Oven
    Peach Melba London Oven
    Peach Passion Cake Pampered Oven
    Peach Pie Banner Oven
    Peachie Smoothie Peachy Mixers
    Peanut Butter Cheesecake A Cheesecake Chiller
    Peanut Butter Cheesecake B Bakesgiving Oven
    Peanut Butter Cookies Basic Oven
    Peanut Butter Cup Candy Hatchery
    Peanut Butter Pie Pie Oven
    Peanut Butter Planetary Shake Frozen Drink Machine
    Peanut Butter Truffles Pioneer Oven
    Peanut Pie Rocket Oven
    Peanutbutter Lumber Roll Campy Cute Stove
    Pear and Feta Canape Canape Oven
    Pear Cider Cider Press
    Pear Spice Cobbler Persistent Glass Stove
    Pear Tartlet Cornucopia Oven
    Pearl Nectar Pearlescent Mixer
    Pearl Shells Pearlescent Baker
    Pearl Silk Cake Pearlescent Baker
    Pearl Tea Pearlescent Mixer
    Pearlescent Pastries Pearlescent Baker
    Pearlescent Smoothie Pearlescent Mixer
    Pecan Bites Chocolate Raspberry
    Pecan Blondie Motherly Oven
    Pecan Brittle North Polar Oven
    Pecan Dream Pie Pioneer Oven
    Pecan Pie Basic Oven
    Pecan Pie Brownie Susurrous Oven
    Pecan Pralines Harvest Candy Maker
    Pecan Turtles Candy Oven
    Pecantastic Pies Thankful Stove
    Peking Dust Basic Oven
    Peppercream Cake Gold Gilded Oven
    Peppermint Bark Yuletide Candy Maker
    Peppermint Bark Brownies Candy Cane Maker
    Peppermint Bark Cake Candy Cane Maker
    Peppermint Bark Cheesecake Candy Cane Maker
    Peppermint Brittle North Polar Oven
    Peppermint Fluff Red Shop Oven
    Peppermint Graham Tinsel Oven
    Peppermint Hot Chocolate Winterful Drink Maker
    Peppermint Mocha Basic Drink Mixer
    Peppermint Nougat Red Gift Stove
    Peppermint Stick Cake Red Shop Oven
    Perfect Match Cookies Loven
    Perfect Posset Candy Oven
    Peridot Cupcakes Basic Oven
    Persimmon Cake World Games Oven
    Persimmon Loaf World Games Oven
    Persimmon Pie World Games Oven
    Petal Cake Garden Grove Stove
    Petal Cake Pop Garden Cottage Oven
    Petalcup Cake Petal Pastry Oven
    Petite Cake Mini Heater Stove
    Pfeffernusse Sweet N Spice
    Pi Pop Bussing Oven
    Pickled Pepper Bread Mother Goose Stove
    Pie Cake Basic Oven
    Pie O Lantern Pumpkistove
    Pig Cupcake Fluffy Oven
    Pignulata Forno di Pasticcino
    Pigs in a Blanket Pillow Oven
    Pilgrim Parfait Bountiful Stove
    Pilgrim Pastries Mayflower Maker
    Pilgrim Pops Fall Oven
    Pillow Cake Fluffy Oven
    Pillow Moon Cake Loretta's Oven
    Pin Up Cake Cherry Oven
    Pina Colada Cupcake Hawaiian Oven
    Pineapple Berry Smoothie Frozen Drink Machine
    Pineapple Dream Artsy Icebox
    Pineapple Drink Fruit Juicer
    Pineapple Juice Tropic Juice Maker
    Pineapple Paradise Frozen Drink Machine
    Pineapple Soft Serve Softy Machine
    Pineapple Tart Moon Festival Oven
    Pineapple Upside Down Cake Motherly Oven
    Pink and Blue Cake Pops Blue and Pink Stove
    Pink and Blue Cookies Pink and Blue Oven
    Pink and Blue Cupcakes Pink and Blue Oven
    Pink and Blue Macarons Pink and Blue Oven
    Pink Champagne Cake Loretta's Oven
    Pink Cookies Too Pink Oven
    Pink Cotton Candy Parade Cotton Candy Maker
    Pink Croquembouche Cottage Stove
    Pink Cupcakes Too Pink Oven
    Pink Fairy Popcorn Too Pink Oven
    Pink Gilded Cake Too Pink Oven
    Pink Gold Cupcakes Too Pink Oven
    Pink Gold Lace Cake Too Pink Oven
    Pink Layer Cake Too Pink Oven
    Pink Lemonade Garden Fountain
    Pink Lemonade Cupcake Sweet N Spice
    Pink Mousse Kitschy Oven
    Pink Peekaboo Cake Blue and Pink Stove
    Pink Rose Cupcakes Rose Oven
    Pink Strawberry Box Drizzled Oven
    Pirate Peach Pie Treasure Oven
    Pisces Biscuits Starry Stove
    Pistachio Baklava Mediterroven
    Pistachio Cream Cookies Clover Oven
    Pistachio Fudge Sweet N Spice
    Pistachio Pomegranate Roll Pioneer Oven
    Pistachio Pudding Candy Oven
    Pitaya Punch Succulent Fountain
    Pizza Bagel Pillow Oven
    Pizzelles Nona Oven
    Planetary Cookies Galaxy Oven
    Planetary Parfait Starship Stove
    Plant Cake Loretta's Oven
    Plasma Coffin Drink Machine
    Pleasant Peach Pie Peachy Oven
    Plum Bungeoppang Blue Bun Oven
    Plymouth Rocky Road Mayflower Maker
    Podium Cake Basic Oven
    Polar Bear Pops North Polar Oven
    Polka Dot Cupcakes Cherry Oven
    POM and Berry Ice Cream Healthy Sweets Machine
    Pomegranate Cake Too Pink Oven
    Pomegranate Cupcake Too Pink Oven
    Pomegranate Pudding Too Pink Oven
    Pompeii Bread Roman Hearth
    Pool Pie Basic Oven
    Pop-Candy Cone Pastel Oven
    Popcorn Hot Cocoa Pillow Stove
    Popcorn Snowballs Stainless Steel Oven
    Popping Boba Spring Kettle
    Popping Cake Pops Firework Oven
    Porcelain Cake Tea Cup Stove
    Porridge, Please Mother Goose Stove
    Portugese Holiday Cake Peppermint Stove
    Pot O' Gold Cake Shamrock Oven
    Pot O' Golded Cake Lucky Gold Oven
    Pot of Gold Cupcakes Lucky Oven
    Potion Bottle Flight Mad Lab Machine
    Pound Cake Colonial Oven
    Powdered Snow Balls Powdered Stove
    Powdered Wings Powdered Oven
    Praztels Pastel Oven
    Pressed Flower Shortbread Petal Oven
    Pretty Pops Princess Oven
    Pretty Profiteroles Brick Oven
    Pretzel Berry Bar Pioneer Oven
    Pretzel Bunnies Grand Slam Oven
    Pretzel Coaster Coaster Oven
    Pretzel Sandwich Pillow Oven
    Pretzels Bavarian Oven
    Princely Pistachio Truffles Bavarian Oven
    Princess Cake n/a *Unreleased*
    Prism Pops Prismatic Oven
    Prismatic Sherbet Opalescent Machine
    Profiterole Patisserie Oven
    Prosperity Cake Lunar Oven
    Puerquito Rosa Caliente Oven
    Pulsar Punch Interstellar Fountain
    Pumpcakes Cackling Oven
    Pumpkin Cake Loretta's Oven
    Pumpkin Cake Pops Pumpkin Stove
    Pumpkin Cheese Bread Gourd Oven
    Pumpkin Cheesecake Bakesgiving Oven
    Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites n/a *Unreleased*
    Pumpkin Cider Cider Press
    Pumpkin Cider Mug Autumn Leaf Cider Machine
    Pumpkin Cookies Basic Oven
    Pumpkin Crisp Pumpkin Patch Oven
    Pumpkin Crust Pie Mayflower Maker
    Pumpkin Flambe Pumpkin Producer
    Pumpkin Gelato Pumpkin Patch Dispenser
    Pumpkin Hot Chocolate Pumpkin Producer
    Pumpkin Ice Cream Ice Cream Maker
    Pumpkin Juice Pumpkin Producer
    Pumpkin Loaf A Loaf Oven
    Pumpkin Loaf B Gourd Oven
    Pumpkin Loaves n/a *Unreleased*
    Pumpkin Parfait Parfait Potion Stand
    Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler Traditional Oven
    Pumpkin Pecan Perfection Turning Glass Oven
    Pumpkin Pie Basic Oven
    Pumpkin Pie Bowl Barn Oven
    Pumpkin Pie Latte HOHOHOliday Stove
    Pumpkin Praline Pie Pumpkin Patch Oven
    Pumpkin Pudding Gourd Oven
    Pumpkin Shake Pumpkin Producer
    Pumpkin Soda Spooky Soda Machine
    Pumpkin Sorbet Pumpkin Producer
    Pumpkin Spice Cupcake Susurrous Oven
    Pumpkin Spice Donut Northeastern Oven
    Pumpkin Spice Fizz Fall Fountain
    Pumpkin Spice Latte Pumpkin Producer
    Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Susurrous Oven
    Pumpkin Truffles Candy Corn Oven
    Pumpkin Yogurt Pretzel Headstone Oven
    Puppy Chow Homey Stove
    Purple Potato Latkes Pancake Griddle
    Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake Dim Sum Station
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Quiche Lorraine Windmill Oven
    Quillcakes Basic Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Rabbit Macarons Bunny Ears Oven
    Rabbit Rice Ball Lunar Oven
    Ragi Ladoo Ladoo Cooker
    Rainbonnoli Amethyst Oven
    Rainbow Bagel City Cooker
    Rainbow Cake Rainbow Oven
    Rainbow Cake Pop Candy Oven
    Rainbow Cheese Cake Warm Bubble Oven
    Rainbow Cheesecake Cheesecake Chiller
    Rainbow Circles Shaved Ice Maker
    Rainbow Cloud Bread Too Pink Oven
    Rainbow Cloud Cake Rainbow Cloud Oven
    Rainbow Cloud Cupcake Rainbow Cloud Oven
    Rainbow Cloud Tier Cake Rainbow Cloud Oven
    Rainbow Cookies Shine Stove
    Rainbow Cupcake Emerald Oven
    Rainbow Dips Rainbow Oven
    Rainbow Doughnut Shamrock Stove
    Rainbow Floss Cool Bubble Oven
    Rainbow Ice Shaved Ice Maker
    Rainbow Macarons Cool Bubble Oven
    Rainbow Paleta Paleta Chiller
    Rainbow Party Pops Glazed Stove
    Rainbow Refreshment Lucky Gold Oven
    Rainbow Soft Serve Softy Machine
    Rainbow Sundae Ice Cream Maker
    Rainbow Tiger Cake Loretta's Oven
    Raindrop Cake Amethyst Oven
    Rally Cap Fizz Ballpark Fountain
    Rapunzel Puffs Wonderous Oven
    Ras-Heart Tart Sugar Heart Stove
    Rasbrownie X-O Oven
    Rasp-pear-stachio Tart Grapefruit Cooker
    Raspberry Bubbling Cider Fancy Drink Machine
    Raspberry Cup Candy Hatchery
    Raspberry Eclair Flower Bloom Oven
    Raspberry Hive Tart Grapefruit Cooker
    Raspberry Macaron Cake Loretta's Oven
    Raspberry Macarons Basic Oven
    Raspberry Moussecake Disco Stove
    Raspberry Panna Cotta Rose Oven
    Raspberry Rose Matcha Bite Ivy Grown Stove
    Raspberry Rosewater Cheesecake Big Apple Oven
    Raspberry Spice Cider Winter Cider Maker
    Raspberry Thumbs Wrapped Oven
    Raspberry Twist Clay Oven
    Raspberry Whoopie Pie Bakesgiving Oven
    Red Berry Delight Basic Oven
    Red Cinnavelvet Roll Romantic Stove
    Red Juice Basic Drink Mixer
    Red Lava Cake Red Team Oven
    Red Leaf Cookies Autumn Oven
    Red Ring Cookie Stylish Heart Stove
    Red Rose Cake Rose Oven
    Red Velvet Cake Basic Oven
    Red Velvet Cinnamon Roll Pioneer Oven
    Red Velvet Cocoa Winter Frost Fountain
    Red Velvet Cookies Basic Oven
    Red Velvet Pancakes Pancake Griddle
    Red Velvet Peppermint Cake Loretta's Oven
    Refractive Jelly Prismatic Oven
    Refresher Roll Candy Oven
    Reindeer Bath Frozen Gift Machine
    Reindeer Cake Santa's Oven
    Reindeer Cranberry Fizz Holiday Drink Mixer
    Reindeer Cupcakes Yuletide Oven
    Reindeer Gingerbread Rustic Gingerbread Oven
    Reindeer Pops Snowman Stove
    Remembrance Roll Patriotic Oven
    Reveal Cake Blue Bun Oven
    Rhubarb Galette Autumn Oven
    Roasted Grape Tart Grape Oven
    Rock Candy Pendant Royal Oven
    Rocket Launch Cake Space Stove
    Rocky Road Cookies Rocky Oven
    Roller Cookies Roller Oven
    Roller Derby Pie Roller Oven
    Roman Nut Tart Roman Hearth
    Romantic Arrangement Arrangement Station
    Romantic Cake Heart Baker's Oven
    Romantic Forest Cup Relaxed Oven
    Romantic Rose Cake Heart Baker's Oven
    Rooibos Electric Kettle
    Root Beer Ballpark Fountain
    Root Beer Candy Canes Candy Cane Maker
    Root Fear Float Spooky Oven
    Rose Apple Pie Autumn Oven
    Rose Boba Spring Kettle
    Rose Cookies Rose Oven
    Rose Gelato A
    Rose Gelato B Petal Oven
    Rose Glass Cake Radiant Oven
    Rose Gold Cupcakes Rose Gold Stove
    Rose Gold Donuts Rose Gold Oven
    Rose Gold Flan Rose Gold Oven
    Rose Gold Macarons Rose Gold Oven
    Rose Gold Slush Rose Gold Stove
    Rose Petal Soda Floral Fountain
    Rose Pudding Rose Oven
    Rose Sandkage Scandinavian Stove
    Rose Shortbread Cookies Outdoor Spring Oven
    Rose Tea Spring Kettle
    Roseberry Cake Petal Pastry Oven
    Rosemary Pear Cookies Grapefruit Cooker
    Rosy Angel Food Petal Oven
    Royal Palace Cake Royal Oven
    Ruby Forever Ruby Oven
    Ruby Petals Ruby Oven
    Ruby Promise Ruby Oven
    Rudolph Donut North Polar Oven
    Rugelach Blue Gift Stove
    Rustic Holiday Tier Cake Loretta's Oven
    RWB Macaroons Flag Stove
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    S'more Cup Campy Cute Stove
    S'more Hot Cocoa Camping Drink Mixer
    S'more Pie Fire Pit
    S'more Sundae Camping Drink Mixer
    S'mores Fire Pit
    S'mores Hot Cocoa Pillow Stove
    S&W Eclairs Motherly Oven
    Sable Cookies French Cookie Oven
    Saffron Cookies Sweet N Spice
    Sakura Anpan Cherry Blossom Oven
    Sakura Crepe Ice Cream Maker
    Sakura Lantern Cake Loretta's Oven
    Sakura Lychee Fizz Lunar New Year Drink Maker
    Sakura Macaron Cherry Blossom Oven
    Sakura Onigiri Cherry Blossom Stove
    Sakura Panna Cotta Cherry Blossom Stove
    Sakura Roll Cake Rose Oven
    Sakura Shaved Ice Cherry Blossom Stove
    Sakura Taiyaki Cherry Blossom Oven
    Salt Water Taffy Tidal Prep Grill
    Salted Caramel Pudding Snack Cooler
    Samhain Brew Mystical Stove
    Sand Castle Cake Sandy Oven
    Sand Dollar Cookies Tidal Prep Grill
    Sandy Apple Crumb Cake Shoreline Oven
    Sandy Donut Middle Sugar Coater
    Santa Donut North Polar Oven
    Santa Hat Brownies Santa's Shop Oven
    Santa Strawberries North Polar Oven
    Sapphire Forever Sapphire Oven
    Sapphire Petals Sapphire Oven
    Sapphire Promise Sapphire Oven
    Sassafrasparilla Ballpark Fountain
    Savory Meal Roll Golden Bird Oven
    Scotch Eggs Ye Olde Stove
    Scottish Pancakes Tartan Oven
    Scottish Shortbread Tartan Oven
    Scottish Tablet Tartan Mixer
    Scottish Toffee Tartan Mixer
    Scrumptious Stump Campy Cute Stove
    Sea Sponge Cake Deep Sea Oven
    Seahorse Cookie Deep Sea Oven
    Seashell Cupcakes Basic Oven
    Seashell Macarons Ocean Oven
    Secret Shake 3 Bears Oven
    Seers Sundae Cackling Drink Maker
    Sesame Tapioca Bread Basic Oven
    Sfogliatella Around the World Oven
    Shakerato Caffe la Macchina
    Shamrock Brownies Shamrock Stove
    Shamrock Cookies Emerald Oven
    Shamrock Cupcake Lucky Oven
    Shamrock Matcha Drink Basic Drink Mixer
    Shamrock Roll Cake Leprechaun Luck Oven
    Shamrock Soda Bread Lucky Gold Oven
    Sharp Cake Luxury Oven
    Sharpened Pencilcake Transporstove
    Sheep Cookies Sweet N Spice
    Sheep Cupcake Fluffy Oven
    Sheepish Cupcakes Candy Hatchery
    Sheet Pan Breakfast Breakfast Oven
    Shepherd's Pie Emerald Isle Oven
    Shell Wedding Cake Loretta's Oven
    Shimmery Cake Pops Stainless Steel Oven
    Shore Cake Sandy Oven
    Shoreline Pears Mediterranean Stove
    Shortbread Bears Shortbread Oven
    Shortbread Snowflakes Shortbread Oven
    Shoumei Tea Dim Sum Station
    Shuffle Sandwich Blues Oven
    Silhouette Cake Monster Oven
    Silver Cookies World Games Oven
    Simple Muffin Sweet Cafe Stove
    Sinless Sweet Resolute Drinks
    Skeleton Milk Spooky Cauldron
    Sky Whip Whip Fountain
    Skyline Cake City Cooker
    Sleepy Cookies Fluffy Oven
    Slime Fudge Candy Cauldron
    Slime Slushie Haunted Drink Machine
    Sloissants Orchid Oven
    Slumber Grahams Fluffy Oven
    Smores Cupcake Cornucopia Oven
    Smores Jacuzzi Teddy Oven
    Snail Snack Garden Oven
    Snow Brownies Winter Wonder Oven
    Snow Capped Mountains Powdered Oven
    Snow Cookies Winter Wonder Oven
    Snowball Cookies Candy Cane Maker
    Snowflake Cake Winter Wonder Oven
    Snowflake Choco Pops Candy Cane Maker
    Snowflake Cocoa Pastel Holiday Fountain
    Snowflake Gingerbread Rustic Gingerbread Oven
    Snowglobe Cake Candy Cane Maker
    Snowman Cake Pops Yuletide Oven
    Snowman Cocoa Pastel Holiday Fountain
    Snowman Cookies Candy Cane Maker
    Snowman Cupcakes Stainless Steel Oven
    Snowman Sandies Snowman Stove
    Snowman Truffles Candy Cane Maker
    Snowy Forest Cake Snowy Cabin Stove
    Snowy Gingerbread Cabin Snowy Cabin Stove
    Snowy Gingersnaps Powdered Stove
    Snowy Rosettes Powdered Oven
    Snowy Yule Log Snowy Cabin Stove
    Soccer Cake Pops Basic Oven
    Soda Bread A Dublin Dessert Oven
    Soda Bread B Bread Machine
    Soda Float Bow Fountain
    Solar Cake Bright Prep Table
    Solar Cookies Sun Oven
    Sourdough Boule Commercial Oven
    Space Cupcakes Space Stove
    Space Jamwiches Starship Stove
    Spanakopita Pancake Griddle
    Spangled Cake Flag Stove
    Sparkle Cheesecake Chilly Oven
    Sparkler Cupcakes Starship Stove
    Sparkling Cake Nuptial Oven
    Sparkling Cherry Drink Valentine Drink Machine
    Sparkling Cider Basic Drink Mixer
    Sparkling Clover Drink Basic Drink Mixer
    Special Sugar Flower Special Petal Stove
    Speckled Egg Cake Basket Oven
    Specter Berries Cursed Oven
    Spectral Cupcake Spectral Oven
    Spellbound Cake Pops Fairy Tale Oven
    Spice Art Coffee Coffee Machine
    Spiced Coffee Cake Barn Oven
    Spiced Latte Cake Turning Glass Oven
    Spicy Tomato Juice Morning Mixer
    Spider Brownie Basic Oven
    Spider Cupcakes Haunted Home Stove
    Spiderweb Bunuelos Headstone Oven
    Spooky Sipper Spooky Cauldron
    Spring Branches Cake Garden Grove Stove
    Spring Cake Garden Grove Stove
    Spring Chick Cake Pop Choco-egg Oven
    Spring Cocoa Rosey Reservoir
    Spring Forest Cake Loretta's Oven
    Spring Petal Tea Spring Kettle
    Spring Popper Warm Bubble Oven
    Spring Tart Ivy Grown Stove
    Spring Tea Spring Kettle
    Sprinkle Berries Rainbow Oven
    Sprinkle Chocolate Pop Cold Treat Machine
    Sprinkle Donut Deep Fryer
    Sprinkled Banana Frozen Banana Stand
    Sprinkled Cake Inspired Oven
    Spumoni A Ice Cream Maker
    Spumoni Gelato Ice Cream Maker
    St Patty's Rainbow Shake Basic Drink Mixer
    St. Patrifle Four Leaf Oven
    Stained Glass Cookies Radiant Oven
    Star Cookies Starship Stove
    Star Heart Cookies Spangled Stove
    Starfish Biscuits Basic Oven
    Starfish Cookies Deep Sea Oven
    Starry Crostinis Sunset Boulevard Stove
    Starry Light Cookies Shimmering Stove
    Steak Cake Laughter Oven
    Steamed Lemon Pudding Steam Oven
    Steamed Sponge Cake Lunar Oven
    Stellar Donuts Sweet Dream Stove
    Sticky Cake Basic Oven
    Stone Ground Miche Classic Bread Oven
    Storybook Cookies Fantasy Stove
    Strawberry Bagel Sweet Bagel Stove
    Strawberry Baked Alaska American Oven
    Strawberry Balsamic Sundae Ice Cream Maker
    Strawberry Buns Dim Sum Station
    Strawberry Cake Basic Oven
    Strawberry Charlotte Cottage Stove
    Strawberry Cheesecake Basic Oven
    Strawberry Chiffon Cake Bakesgiving Oven
    Strawberry Coffee Cake Basic Oven
    Strawberry Coffee Cake Donut Deep Fryer
    Strawberry Crunch Cake Masquerade Stove
    Strawberry Do-Cake Harvest Fair Oven
    Strawberry Donuts Texas Fryer
    Strawberry Frappe Frappe Fountain
    Strawberry Ice Shaved Ice Machine
    Strawberry Lemonade Valentine Drink Machine
    Strawberry Malt Roller Malt Maker
    Strawberry Matcha Smoothie Frozen Drink Machine
    Strawberry Mochi Fluffy Oven
    Strawberry Napoleon Haute Stove
    Strawberry Parfait Rose Oven
    Strawberry Puff Puff Oven
    Strawberry Raindrop Amethyst Oven
    Strawberry Rhubarb Pudding Basic Oven *Unreleased*
    Strawberry Roll Cake Rose Oven
    Strawberry Santas Santa's Oven
    Strawberry Scoop Ice Cream Maker
    Strawberry Sherbet Sultan Fountain
    Strawberry Shortbread Cookies Shortbread Oven
    Strawberry Shortcake Pop Cold Treat Machine
    Strawberry Smoothie Basic Drink Mixer
    Strawberry Soda Can Ballpark Fountain
    Strawberry Space Shake Frozen Drink Machine
    Strawberry Splash Frozen Drink Machine
    Strawberry Tiramisu Mediterranean Stove
    Strawberry Water Water Infuser
    Subway Cupcakes Basic Oven
    Succulent Cake Succulent Oven
    Succulent Cookies Succulent Oven
    Succulent Cupcakes Succulent Oven
    Sugar Bear Frozen Gift Oven
    Sugar Bounty Tricky Butler
    Sugar Cookie Cup Cocoa Maker
    Sugar Cookies Basic Oven
    Sugar Crystals Rocky Oven
    Sugar Paws Petal Oven
    Sugar Sand Tarts Treasure Oven
    Sugar Skull Cake Pops Headstone Oven
    Sugar Skull Cupcakes Cackling Oven
    Sugarfly Cupcake Shimmering Stove
    Sugarmint Cookie Tinsel Oven
    Sugarshoe Barnyard Oven
    Sugarstar Cookies Shoreline Oven
    Sugary Cinnamon Delight Harvest Fair Stove
    Sugary Seashells Shoreline Stove
    Sugary Shout Cake Headstone Oven
    Summer Berry Pie Spangled Stove
    Summer Stack Patriotic Stove
    Summer Whip Whip Fountain
    Sun Meringue Bright Prep Table
    Sun Pie Sun Oven
    Sunberry Pie Sunset Seeding Station
    Sunny Lemon Rings Sunrise Potting Platform
    Sunrise Smoothie New Dawn Dispenser
    Sunshine Cake New Dawn Oven
    Super Sundae Bright Prep Table
    Surfing Cake Beach Oven
    Swedish Princess Cake Loretta's Oven
    Swedish Tier Cake Loretta's Oven
    Sweet Bean Cake Basic Oven
    Sweet Cider Cider Press
    Sweet Corn Arepas Arepa Oven
    Sweet Corn Brittle Harvest Candy Maker
    Sweet Cream Rolls Victorian Oven
    Sweet Potato Cake Autumn Turquoise Oven
    Sweet Potato Cheesecake Bakesgiving Oven
    Sweet Potato Perfection Thankful Stove
    Sweet Potato Pie Basic Oven
    Sweet Pumpkins Hallo-Oven
    Sweet Rasins Witchy Treats
    Sweet Saplings Woodland Oven
    Sweet Scarecrow Cupcakes Autumn Oven
    Sweet Surrender Cassette Deck
    Sweet Tea Basic Drink Mixer
    Sweetgum Leaf Cookies Harvest Oven
    Sweetheart Arrangement Arrangement Station
    Sweetish Fish Candy Cooker
    Swirlcane Cookie Packaged Stove
    Swiss Cake Roll Swiss Oven
    Swiss Magenbrot Swiss Oven
    Swiss Snowflake Bread Swiss Oven
    Switchel Autumn Drink Machine
    Sycamore Leaf Cookies Harvest Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Taho Shore Wood Oven
    Taiyaki Ice Cream Ice Box
    Take My Bread Away Hi-Fi Player
    Tamales Dulces Calaveras Oven
    Tanghulu Grapes Grapefruit Cooker
    Tapioca Pudding Basic Oven
    Tasty Ducklings Duckling Stove
    Tattoo Cookies Cherry Oven
    Taurus Tarts Celestial Oven
    Taxi Cookies Big Apple Oven
    Tea Biscuits Pampered Oven
    Tea Cakes Kettle Oven
    Tea Cookie Tea Cup Stove
    Tea Cookies Kettle Oven
    Tea Cup Cake Tea Cup Stove
    Tea Sandwiches Kettle Oven
    Teacher's Snack Bussing Oven
    Teapot Cake Loretta's Oven
    Teddy Cake Teddy Oven
    Teeth Cookies Witches Cauldron
    Terrific Tiramisu Bakesgiving Oven
    Terrifying Truffles Creature Cauldron
    Thai Bubble Tea Bubble Tea Maker
    Thandai Color Oven
    Thankful Tea Hay Bale Fountain
    The 7 10 Split Kingpin Treat Machine
    The Climb Rollercoaster Soda Fountain
    The Drop Rollercoaster Soda Fountain
    Thing Cookies Witches Cauldron
    Three Leaf Brownie Clover Oven
    Thyme After Thyme Hi-Fi Player
    Tiger Cake 3 Bears Oven
    Tiger Tarts Orchid Oven
    Time for Love Cake Loven
    Tiny Caramel Tart Micro Door Oven
    Tiramisu Pastry Cart
    Tiramisu Pudding Tinsel Cooler
    Toaster Pastry Toaster Oven
    Toffee Cocoa Cocoa Maker
    Toffee Pudding Elegant Oven
    Toffee Walnuts Candy Oven
    Tomato Basil Twist Clay Oven
    Tomato Mozzarella Squares Pioneer Oven
    Too Cold 3 Bears Oven
    Too Hot 3 Bears Oven
    Toothpaste Sandwich Prankster Oven
    Topsy Layer Cake Loretta's Oven
    Torta Caprese Forno di Pasticcino
    Total Eclipse of the Tart Cassette Deck
    Trail Mix Healthy Oven
    Treacle Hearts Victorian Oven
    Treble Cookies Guitar Oven
    Tres Leches Cake Puebla Oven
    Tri Frosted Cupcake Inspired Oven
    Tri-Color Cookies Nona Oven
    Tripod Treats Disposable Stove
    Tropical Ambrosia Ambrosia Chiller
    Tropical Pavlova World Games Oven
    Tropical S'mores Tropic Oven
    Tulip Poppers Sunset Seeding Station
    Tulip Tarts Petal Oven
    Tulipes United Nations Oven
    Turkey Bagel Sandwich Schmear Stove
    Turkey Cake Pops Cornucopi-Oven
    Turkey Cupcake Fall Oven
    Turkey Tarts Cornucopi-Oven
    Turkey Top Pie Mayflower Maker
    Turkey Truffles Cornucopi-Oven
    Turkish Delights Basic Oven
    Turning Leaf Tea Northeastern Dispencer
    Turning Treats Northeastern Oven
    Turnip Cake Lunar Oven
    Turon Shore Wood Oven
    Turquoise Tier Cake Loretta's Oven
    Turquoise Turkey Cake Autumn Turquoise Stove
    Turquoise Turkey Cupcakes Autumn Turquoise Stove
    TV Dinner Kitschy Oven
    Twisty Pop Topsy Oven
    Type A Coffin Drink Machine
    Type AB Coffin Drink Machine
    Type B Coffin Drink Machine
    Type O Coffin Drink Machine
    Type O- Coffin Drink Machine
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Ube Cheesecake Big Apple Oven
    Ube Pie Pie Oven
    Ube Swirl Wave Crash Oven
    Ugly Sweaters Santa's Oven
    Unbirthday Cake Alice's Oven
    Uncinetti Sweet N Spice
    Unicake Pastel Oven
    Unicookies Wonderous Oven
    Unicorn Cake Loretta's Oven
    Unicorn Cookie Fantasy Stove
    Unicorn Donut Deep Fryer
    Unicorn Hot Cocoa Pillow Stove
    Unicorn Dough Cookie Dough Maker
    Upsidedown Cake Hawaiian Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Valentine Cookies Basic Oven
    Valentine Cupcake Basic Oven
    Valentine's Crescent Romantic Stove
    Valentine's Topper Too Pink Oven
    Vampire Wedding Cake Witches Cauldron
    Vanilla & Brown Sugar Cider Fall Drink Maker
    Vanilla Cream Cider Winter Cider Maker
    Vanilla Cupcake Basic Oven
    Vanilla Malt Roller Malt Maker
    Vanilla Mug Cake Blue Bun Oven
    Vanilla Puff Puff Oven
    Vanilla Rolled Ice Cream Anti-Griddle
    Vanilla Scoop Ice Cream Maker
    Vanilla Wavefers Candy Cooker
    Vegan Blueberry Bars Terracotta Pot Oven
    Vegan Mango Pudding Terracotta Pot Oven
    Vegan Rose Mousse Terracotta Pot Oven
    Vegan Tier Cake Plant Based Stove
    Venus Dessert Trap Turvey Stove
    Victoria Sponge Cake Phone Box Stove
    Vintage Blueberry Cake Nona Oven
    Vintage Cherry Cake Nona Oven
    Vintage Lemon Cake Nona Oven
    Vintage Soda Bow Fountain
    Violet Cider Floral Cider Machine
    Violet Macarons Floral Oven
    Voodoo Treats Spooky Stove
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Wagashi Basic Oven
    Warm Sun Pops Sun Oven
    Water Princess Waffers Princess Oven
    Watermelon Cake Basic Oven
    Watermelon Cookies Melon Oven
    Watermelon Juice Basic Drink Mixer
    Watermelon Paleta Paleta Chiller
    Watermelon Seltzer Fruit Juicer
    Watermelon Soda Gourmet Soda Machine
    Web of Pies Cursed Oven
    Webbed Cake Pumpkistove
    Well Water Nursery Rhyme Oven
    Well-Done Toast Basic Oven
    Western Biscuits Clay Oven
    Western Bread Clay Oven
    Which Witch Cursed Stove
    White Bread and Butter Nursery Rhyme Oven
    White Cherry Cream Tinsel Cooler
    White Cherry Tart Tinsel Oven
    White Chocolate Strawberries Rose Gold Stove
    White Fudge Pretzels Winter Wedding Oven
    White Grape Oolong Spring Kettle
    White Hot Chocolate Winter Frost Fountain
    White Hot Cocoa Cocoa Maker
    White Lemon Truffles Silver Studded Stove
    White Peach Mooncake Dim Sum Station
    White Peach Tea Basic Drink Mixer
    White Raspberry Mousse Bakesgiving Oven
    White Spiced Coffee Basic Drink Mixer
    White Truffles Truffle Maker
    Whoopie Pies Turkey Oven
    Wicked Apple Castle Oven
    Wicked Cupcake Ominous Oven
    Wildberry Tacos Texas Oven
    Winter Branch Cake Winter Frost Oven
    Winter Cacao Winterful Drink Maker
    Winter Cake Winter Oven
    Winter Cookies Chilly Oven
    Winter Cupcake Winter Oven
    Winter Frost Cake Winter Frost Oven
    Winter Holly Cake Winter Frost Oven
    Winter Macaroons Winter Wedding Oven
    Winter Tree Truffles Snowman Stove
    Winter Wedding Cake Winter Wedding Oven
    Wisteria Cake Wisteria Stove
    Witch Cookie Witchy Oven
    Witch Hat Cookies Witches Cauldron
    Witch Leg Cake Gothic Home Oven
    Witch Shake Coffin Drink Machine
    Witch Shoes Cookies Witches Cauldron
    Witches Brew Witches Cauldron
    Witchy Pudding Witches Cauldron
    Witchy Wedding Cake Witches Cauldron
    Wolf Bun 3 Bears Oven
    Wonder Wreaths Green Shop Stove
    Wonderbite Truffles Frozen Gift Oven
    Wonderflake Cake Grapefruit Cooker
    Wonderful Wafers Patriotic Stove
    Woodland Cake Woodland Oven
    Woodland Cakes Autumn Elegance Oven
    Wouldn't it be Rice Hi-Fi Player
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Xmas Tree Brownies Yuletide Oven
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Yam Cheesecake Bakesgiving Oven
    Yellow Leaf Cookies Autumn Oven
    You Kneaded Me Cassette Deck
    Yoyo de Fresa World Games Oven
    Yule Log Basic Oven
    Yuletide Truffle Yuletide Candy Maker
    Yunnan Coffee Moon Festival Fountain
    Spoiler: show
    Recipe: Appliance:
    Zero G Rollercoaster Soda Fountain
    Zesty Autumn Bread Red Bird Oven
    Zesty Lime Mousse Grapefruit Cooker
    Zopf Bread Machine
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    BS CookBook Guide: Basic Oven Recipes

    2023 update - now that the Basic Oven is getting new recipes, I've divided the chart into two parts.
    First Part = the basic/standard recipes that we've had on the basic ovens (2010-2015)
    Second Part = newly added goal recipes (2023+)

    * Recipes that were available at the game's initial release (2010 Nov. 12) have no dedicated threads to link

    * All coin items (including recipes) had their prices doubled on 2012 Sep. 16 - updated costs are shown in the list but some images are older and as such, have the original prices shown.

    * Some recipes have had their level requirements lowered over the years, so info from original release threads may be different than info in charts

    * 2021 Dec. 18 - team relisted limited edition recipes/appliances to be available on all devices.
    • Recipes such as Love Muffins or Podium Cake remain locked to players that did not complete the original goals.
    • Returning items that are considered holiday content will eventually be cycled out.

    General Info:
    * Basic Oven is an umbrella term used to reference all of the appliances that all have the same menu despite their differing cost and appearances.
    These appliances include:
    Blue Oven
    Fireplace Oven (parts required) (Android Christmas Edt.)
    Green Oven
    Orange Oven
    Pink Oven
    Purple Oven
    White Oven
    Yellow Oven
    * Also included in the term Basic Oven are Specialty versions of the appliance
    These appliances include:
    Easy Oven (parts required)
    Forever Oven
    Magic Oven (Note: Only available during limited time sales)
    Mighty Oven (Note: Also available as a possible 1st prize in the Holiday Gift Mystery Box)
    Sonic Oven
    * These Specialty versions of the appliance offer the same recipes but they also offer extra functions to make baking quicker/easier.
    Extra Functions include:
    Easy Oven = One touch recipe preparation
    Forever Oven = Food never spoils
    Magic Oven = Reduces cooking time by 20%, one touch recipe preparation and food never spoils
    Mighty Oven = Reduces cooking time by 20% and food never spoils
    Sonic Oven = Reduces cooking time by 20%

    Basic Oven Images:
    Spoiler: show

    Fireplace Oven Requirements:

    Specialty Basic Oven Images & Info:
    Spoiler: show

    Easy Oven Requirements:


    Lv Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv Released
    19 Alfajores 1 475 -$1,200 $1,900 26 $4 $700 2015 May 06
    17 Angel Food Cake 2 875 -$2,180 $3,500 34 $4 $1,320 2011 Jun. 10
    15 Apple Cupcake 6 1,550 -$3,540 $6,200 122 $4 $2,660 2014 Sep. 03
    37 Apple Pie 12 2,625 -$5,240 $10,500 149 $4 $5,260 2011 Jul. 01
    19 Arroz Con Leche 4 1,000 -$2,420 $4,000 59 $4 $1,580 2015 May 06
    33 Autumn Cake 18 3,725 -$6,600 $14,900 175 $4 $8,300 2012 Nov. 29
    31 Autumn Cookies 4 1,525 -$3,680 $6,100 57 $4 $2,420 2012 Nov. 01
    10 Banana Bread 16 1,025 -$3,780 $8,200 110 $8 $4,420 2010 Nov. 12
    10 Basic Flan 8 2,175 -$4,720 $8,700 81 $4 $3,980 2015 Feb. 18
    50 Beach Cupcake 4 1,600 -$3,840 $6,400 85 $4 $2,560 2012 Jun. 07
    10 Berry Flan 4 1,425 -$3,440 $5,700 54 $4 $2,260 2015 Feb. 18
    36 Berry Rhubarb Pie 10 2,700 -$5,660 $10,800 109 $4 $5,140 2012 Apr. 26
    31 Biscotti 4 1,375 -$3,320 $5,500 64 $4 $2,180 2011 Aug. 05
    44 Black & White Cookies 9 2,325 -$4,940 $9,300 132 $4 $4,360 2012 May 17
    12 Black Forest Cake 18 3,875 -$6,880 $15,500 245 $4 $8,620 2012 May 03
    - Blackberry Cobbler Unreleased 2020 Jun. 04
    13 Blueberry Buckle 22 3,600 -$5,960 $14,400 303 $4 $8,440 2011 Aug. 12
    19 Blueberry Chiffon 10 2,500 -$5,220 $10,000 141 $4 $4,780 2012 Aug. 16
    4 Blueberry Muffins 15min 130 -$110 $390 7 $3 $280 2010 Nov. 12
    20 Blueberry Scone 8 1,725 -$3,780 $6,900 79 $4 $3,120 2011 Sep. 23
    10 Brawny Muffin (A) 4 975 -$2,360 $3,900 39 $4 $1,540 2012 Dec. 11
    *Android Christmas Edt*
    1 Brownies 1min 110 -$30 $110 4 $1 $80 2010 Nov. 12
    15 Candy Apples 2 800 -$2,040 $3,200 33 $4 $1,160 2011 Jun. 24
    ? Candy Corn Macaroons 22 4,500 -$7,460 $18,000 281 $4 $10,540 2011 Oct. 28
    30 Cannoli 12 2,350 -$4,720 $9,400 138 $4 $4,680 2011 May 13
    45 Caramel Apples 2 800 -$2,040 $3,200 81 $4 $1,160 2014 Sep. 03
    5 Carrot Cake 12 850 -$1,720 $3,400 98 $4 $1,680 2010 Nov. 12
    40 Castella 11 3,125 -$6,380 $12,500 118 $4 $6,120 2012 Aug. 30
    10 Celebration Cupcake 6 1,000 -$2,300 $4,000 59 $4 $1,700 2011 Jul. 01
    22 Celebration Trifle 1 550 -$1,400 $2,200 25 $4 $800 2011 Jul. 01
    14 Cherry Muffin (A) 12 1,500 -$2,980 $6,000 123 $4 $3,020 2012 Dec. 11
    *Android Christmas Edt*
    49 Cherry Pie 2 1,450 -$3,680 $5,800 48 $4 $2,120 2011 Aug. 19
    4 Chocolate Cake 1 350 -$380 $700 15 $2 $320 2010 Nov. 12
    5 Chocolate Cherry Trifle 8 2,125 -$4,620 $8,500 89 $4 $3,880 2011 Dec. 16
    3 Chocolate Cookies 5min 140 -$40 $140 5 $1 $100 2010 Nov. 12
    10 Chocolate Flan 10 2,250 -$4,700 $9,000 106 $4 $4,300 2015 Feb. 18
    5 Chocolate Tart 22 1,500 -$2,480 $6,000 99 $4 $3,520 2010 Nov. 12
    16 Cinnamon Rolls 12 830 -$4,140 $8,300 97 $10 $4,160 2010 Dec. 17
    13 Citrine Cake 4 1,275 -$3,040 $5,100 105 $4 $2,060 2014 Nov. 26
    15 Citrine Cupcakes 2 850 -$2,160 $3,400 83 $4 $1,240 2014 Nov. 26
    5 Coco Cream Muffins 6 1,175 -$2,680 $4,700 84 $4 $2,020 2012 Feb. 02
    *was Chocolate Cream Muffins*
    52 Coconut Cream Pie 8 2,650 -$5,800 $10,600 116 $4 $4,800 2012 Jun. 07
    5 Croissant 2 525 -$1,180 $2,100 29 $4 $920 2010 Nov. 12
    8 Cronut 9 1,675 -$1,790 $6,700 119 $4 $4,910 2015 Feb. 11
    12 Crow Pie (A) 6 1,350 -$3,060 $5,400 72 $4 $2,340 2015 Apr. 29
    *Android Poet's Cafe Edt*
    19 Cuernitos 3 850 -$2,100 $3,400 53 $4 $1,300 2015 May 06
    12 Daisy Cake (A) 6 1,200 -$2,740 $4,800 72 $4 $2,060 2015 Apr. 08
    *Android Spring Edt*
    11 Dango (A) 8 1,050 -$2,300 $4,200 104 $4 $1,900 2015 Feb. 25
    *Android Tokyo Sweets Edt*
    32 Eclairs 6 2,025 -$4,600 $8,100 70 $4 $3,500 2011 Nov. 11
    16 Egg Tarts 22 4,225 -$7,000 $16,900 122 $4 $9,900 2012 Jan. 06
    22 Fortune Cookies 12 3,450 -$6,920 $13,800 73 $4 $6,880 2012 Jan. 06
    15 Fruit Cake (A) 2 450 -$1,120 $1,800 61 $4 $680 2015 Mar. 18
    *Android Pastry Shop Edt*
    6 Fruit Tart 6 650 -$1,500 $2,600 67 $4 $1,100 2010 Nov. 12
    25 Fruitcake 1 575 -$1,500 $2,300 26 $4 $800 2010 Dec. 17
    ? Gingerbread Cake 4 1,250 -$2,980 $5,000 85 $4 $2,020 2011 Dec. 16
    14 Gingerbread Cookies 6 750 -$3,420 $6,000 50 $8 $2,580 2010 Nov. 12
    ? Gravestone Brownies 8 2,475 -$5,380 $9,900 83 $4 $4,520 2011 Oct. 14
    6 Gymnastic Cake 19 2,025 -$3,540 $8,100 106 $4 $4,560 2012 Jul. 19
    9 Heart Toast (A) 3 575 -$1,400 $2,300 48 $4 $900 2012 Dec. 11
    *Android Christmas Edt*
    7 Holiday Cupcake 10 1,750 -$3,660 $7,000 85 $4 $3,340 2011 Dec. 16
    ? Holiday Donut 22 1,875 -$3,120 $7,500 130 $4 $4,380 2010 Nov. 12
    8 Holiday Waffles (A) 2 525 -$1,320 $2,100 40 $4 $780 2012 Dec. 11
    *Android Christmas Edt*
    5 Instant Pudding (A) 5min 88 -$200 $352 5 $4 $152 2012 Dec. 11
    *Android Christmas Edt*
    25 Jam Cookies A 2 1,050 -$2,640 $4,200 38 $4 $1,560 2011 Nov. 04
    25 Key Lime Pie 6 2,275 -$5,220 $9,100 50 $4 $3,880 2011 Nov. 18
    35 Kiwi Cheesecake 4 1,225 -$2,940 $4,900 80 $4 $1,960 2011 Jun. 03
    28 Lemon Meringue Pie 16 3,425 -$6,320 $13,700 138 $4 $7,380 2010 Nov. 12
    14 Lemon Muffin 5 900 -$2,080 $3,600 69 $4 $1,520 2012 May 10
    ? Love Muffins 8 1,925 -$4,220 $7,700 84 $4 $3,480 2012 Jan. 26
    *Goal Recipe - 2012 V-Day*
    16 Madeleine Cookies 6 1,275 -$2,920 $5,100 64 $4 $2,180 2011 Aug. 05
    42 Magic Trick Cupcakes 5 1,850 -$4,320 $7,400 140 $4 $3,080 2014 Jul. 02
    9 Marshmallow Chicks 6 1,175 -$2,700 $4,700 76 $4 $2,000 2019 Apr. 16
    *from Candy Hatchery appliance*
    19 Medialuna 6 1,300 -$2,960 $5,200 72 $4 $2,240 2015 May 06
    ? Mince Pie 1 650 -$1,660 $2,600 20 $4 $940 2011 Dec. 16
    *Goal Recipe - 2011 Xmas*
    11 Mochi Ice Cream (A) 4 850 -$2,040 $3,400 66 $4 $1,360 2015 Feb. 25
    *Android Tokyo Sweets Edt*
    ? Molten Lava Cake 22 4,725 -$7,820 $18,900 128 $4 $11,080 2012 Jan. 26
    *Goal Recipe - 2012 V-Day*
    ? Mummy Cupcake 9 1,950 -$4,180 $7,800 94 $4 $3,620 2012 Sep. 27
    32 NY Bagel 10 2,050 -$4,260 $8,200 130 $4 $3,940 2012 May 24
    6 PB Chocolate Cake (A) 30min 175 -$460 $700 13 $4 $240 2012 Dec. 11
    *Android Christmas Edt*
    4 Peach Cobbler 3 300 -$740 $1,200 27 $4 $460 2010 Nov. 12
    4 Peanut Butter Cookies 8 1,725 -$3,780 $6,900 79 $4 $3,120 2011 Sep. 30
    15 Pecan Pie 4 1,075 -$2,560 $4,300 47 $4 $1,740 2011 Nov. 18
    26 Peking Dust 4 1,275 -$3,040 $5,100 60 $4 $2,060 2012 Jan. 13
    15 Peridot Cupcakes 12 2,825 -$5,640 $11,300 158 $4 $5,660 2014 Aug. 06
    15 Pie Cake (A) 4 650 -$1,580 $2,600 77 $4 $1,020 2015 Mar. 18
    *Android Pastry Shop Edt*
    5 Podium Cake 14 1,500 -$2,880 $6,000 89 $4 $3,120 2012 Jul. 19
    *Goal Recipe - 2012 World Games*
    6 Pool Pie 12 1,200 -$2,400 $4,800 89 $4 $2,400 2012 Jul. 19
    *Relisted 2021 Jul. 15*
    ? Pumpkin Cookies 6 1,900 -$4,320 $7,600 80 $4 $3,280 2011 Oct. 07
    7 Pumpkin Pie 46 1,750 -$5,340 $14,000 250 $8 $8,660 2010 Nov. 12
    12 Quillcakes (A) 3 875 -$2,160 $3,500 54 $4 $1,340 2015 Apr. 29
    *Android Poet's Cafe Edt*
    12 Raspberry Macarons 1 400 -$1,040 $1,600 22 $4 $560 2010 Nov. 12
    13 Red Berry Delight 8 1,900 -$4,160 $7,600 99 $4 $3,440 2012 Aug. 23
    12 Red Velvet Cake 22 1,225 -$6,100 $14,700 158 $12 $8,600 2010 Nov. 12
    5 Red Velvet Cookies 3 1,775 -$4,360 $7,100 42 $4 $2,740 2011 Dec. 16
    49 Seashell Cupcakes 18 4,150 -$7,380 $16,600 224 $4 $9,220 2012 Jul. 12
    23 Sesame Tapioca Bread 4 1,075 -$2,580 $4,300 64 $4 $1,720 2012 Aug. 02
    14 Soccer Cake Pops (A) 3 925 -$2,280 $3,700 39 $4 $1,420 2014 Jun. 04
    ? Spider Brownie 13 2,800 -$5,480 $11,200 138 $4 $5,720 2012 Sep. 27
    54 Starfish Biscuits 13 3,800 -$7,440 $15,200 146 $4 $7,760 2012 Jul. 05
    8 Sticky Cake 12 1,125 -$2,240 $4,500 113 $4 $2,260 2012 Jan. 13
    8 Strawberry Cake 4 575 -$1,400 $2,300 57 $4 $900 2010 Nov. 12
    11 Strawberry Cheesecake 8 1,275 -$2,800 $5,100 70 $4 $2,300 2010 Nov. 12
    45 Strawberry Coffee Cake 6 2,150 -$4,900 $8,600 89 $4 $3,700 2011 May 27
    - Strawberry Rhubarb Pudding Unreleased 2020 Aug. 13
    45 Subway Cupcakes 6 1,775 -$4,080 $7,100 106 $4 $3,020 2012 May 31
    9 Sugar Cookies 22 1,270 -$5,240 $12,700 110 $10 $7,460 2010 Nov. 12
    19 Sweet Bean Cake 8 1,675 -$3,680 $6,700 78 $4 $3,020 2012 Jan. 13
    32 Sweet Potato Pie 20 4,400 -$7,540 $17,600 171 $4 $10,060 2012 Aug. 16
    20 Tapioca Pudding 3 1,350 -$3,300 $5,400 35 $4 $2,100 2011 Jun. 17
    13 Turkish Delights 4 625 -$1,520 $2,500 72 $4 $980 2015 Mar. 11
    13 Valentine Cookies 22 1,525 -$5,040 $12,200 146 $8 $7,160 2011 Feb. 04
    ? Valentine Cupcake 4 575 -$1,320 $2,300 40 $4 $980 2011 Feb. 04
    12 Vanilla Cupcake 4 1,175 -$2,800 $4,700 57 $4 $1,900 2010 Dec. 17
    11 Wagashi (A) 2 550 -$1,400 $2,200 57 $4 $800 2015 Feb. 25
    *Android Tokyo Sweets Edt*
    55 Watermelon Cake 12 3,450 -$6,900 $13,800 163 $4 $6,900 2012 Jun. 21
    12 Well-Done Toast (A) 8 1,475 -$3,240 $5,900 64 $4 $2,660 2012 Dec. 11
    *Android Christmas Edt*
    7 Yule Log 6 1,000 -$2,300 $4,000 59 $4 $1,700 2011 Dec. 16
    CookBook Menu - Basic Recipes:
    Spoiler: show

    Counter Displays - Basic Recipes:
    Spoiler: show

    * Basic Oven listed in Limited Time Goal 1 2023 May 24
    * Orange Eclair released in goal but recipe unlocked
    * Goal recipes released under CAKE category, moved to BREAD category 2023 Jul. 13

    * Basic Oven listed in Limited Time Goal 2 2023 Jul. 12
    * Cube Croissant released in goal but recipe unlocked
    * Goal recipes released under CAKE category, later moved to BREAD category

    * Heart Buns recipe listed as Basic Oven recipe in error 2024 Feb. 07, later released on Dim Sum Station


    Lv Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv Released
    12 Lavender Eclair 8 750 -$1,620 $3,000 128 $4 $1,380 2023 May 24
    12 Matcha Eclair 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820 2023 May 24
    12 Orange Eclair 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460 2023 May 24
    12 Chocolate Cube Croissant 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820 2023 Jul. 12
    12 Cube Croissant 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460 2023 Jul. 12
    12 Fruit Cube Croissant 8 750 -$1,620 $3,000 128 $4 $1,380 2023 Jul. 12
    CookBook Menu - New Goal Recipes:
    Spoiler: show

    Counter Displays - New Goal Recipes:
    Spoiler: show

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    BS CookBook Guide: Basic Drink Mixer Recipes

    2024 update - now that the Basic Drink Mixer is getting new recipes, I've divided the chart into two parts.
    First Part = the basic/standard recipes that we've had on the basic mixers (2010-2015)
    Second Part = newly added goal recipes (2024+)

    * All coin items (including recipes) had their prices doubled on 2012 Sep. 16 - updated costs are shown in the list but some images are older and as such, have the original prices shown

    * 2021 Dec. 18 - team relisted limited edition recipes/appliances to be available on all devices.
    • Recipes such as Cranberry Cider remain locked to players that did not complete the original goals.
    • Returning items that are considered holiday content will eventually be cycled out.

    General Info:
    * Basic Drink Mixer is an umbrella term used to reference all of the appliances that have the same menu despite their differing cost and appearances
    These appliances include:
    Blue Mixer
    Drink Mixer
    Green Mixer
    Pink Mixer

    * Also included in the term Basic Drink Mixer are Specialty versions of the appliance
    These appliances include:
    Forever Mixer
    Magic Drink Machine (Note: Only available during limited time sales)
    Mighty Mixer (Note: Only available during sales or as a possible 1st prize in the Holiday Gift Mystery Box)
    Sonic Mixer

    * Specialty versions of the appliance offer the same recipes but they also offer extra functions to make mixing quicker/easier
    Extra Functions include:
    Forever Mixer = Drinks never spoil
    Magic Drink Machine = Reduces mixing time by 20%, one touch recipe preparation and drinks never spoil
    Mighty Mixer = Reduces mixing time by 20% and drinks never spoil
    Sonic Mixer = Reduces mixing time by 20%

    Basic Drink Mixer Images:
    Spoiler: show

    Specialty Basic Drink Mixer Images:
    Spoiler: show

    Info Pop Ups for Specialty Basic Drink Mixers:
    Spoiler: show

    Lv Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv Released
    13 Apple Tea 2 425 -$1,080 $1,700 57 $4 $620 2015 Mar. 11
    ? Candy Corn Coffee 3 1,650 -$4,040 $6,660 40 $4 $2,560 2011 Oct. 07
    15 Cappuccino 12 730 -$3,640 $7,300 105 $10 $3,660 2010 Nov. 12
    13 Chai Tea 3 500 -$1,560 $2,500 55 $5 $940 2010 Nov. 12
    6 Chamomile Tea 1 275 -$740 $1,100 20 $4 $360 2010 Nov. 12
    12 Chocolate Milkshake 8 1,350 -$2,920 $5,400 71 $4 $2,480 2011 Jun. 24
    49 Citrine Juice 2 875 -$2,180 $3,500 82 $4 $1,320 2014 Nov. 26
    49 Citrine Tea 4 1,275 -$3,060 $5,100 60 $4 $2,040 2014 Nov. 26
    1 Coffee 5min 110 -$30 $110 6 $1 $80 2010 Nov. 12
    ? Cranberry Cider 1 125 -$300 $500 19 $4 $200 2011 Dec. 16
    *Goal Recipe - 2011 Xmas*
    22 Donut Frosty 4 1,175 -$2,800 $4,700 57 $4 $1,900 2011 Sep. 02
    18 Earl Grey Tea 22 1,510 -$6,240 $15,100 148 $10 $8,860 2010 Nov. 12
    5 Egg Nog 8 580 -$1,580 $2,900 77 $5 $1,320 2010 Nov. 12
    4 Espresso 4 450 -$250 $900 51 $2 $650 2010 Nov. 12
    13 Frosty Coffee 8 2,275 -$4,960 $9,100 131 $4 $4,140 2011 May 20
    12 Green Juice 2 525 -$1,320 $2,100 44 $4 $780 2015 May 20
    *Android Yoga Cafe Edt*
    5 Heart Coffee 4 725 -$1,760 $2,900 62 $4 $1,140 2012 Feb. 02
    20 Hot Apple Cider 16 1,440 -$6,660 $14,400 100 $10 $7,740 2010 Nov. 12
    5 Hot Chocolate 16 825 -$750 $3,300 76 $4 $2,550 2010 Nov. 12
    17 Iced Chamomile Tea 3 800 -$1,940 $3,200 53 $4 $1,260 2015 Apr. 08
    *Android Spring Edt*
    25 Jasmine Tea 1 825 -$2,120 $3,300 84 $4 $1,180 2011 Nov. 25
    3 Latte 22 730 -$3,020 $7,300 101 $10 $4,280 2010 Nov. 12
    21 Lemonade 6 1,450 -$3,340 $5,800 68 $4 $2,460 2011 Aug. 19
    11 Love Potion 22 1,120 -$4,640 $11,200 142 $10 $6,560 2011 Feb. 04
    19 Matcha 1 625 -$1,620 $2,500 19 $4 $880 2011 Jul. 15
    9 Mocha 30min 300 -$800 $1,200 10 $4 $400 2010 Nov. 12
    17 Oolong Green Tea 8 1,450 -$3,160 $5,800 84 $4 $2,640 2011 Sep. 09
    40 Orange Blossom Tea 6 2,025 -$4,620 $8,100 84 $4 $3,480 2011 May 27
    ? Peppermint Mocha 1 250 -$660 $1,000 25 $4 $340 2012 Dec. 11
    12 Red Juice 5 900 -$2,100 $3,600 61 $4 $1,500 2015 May 20
    *Android Yoga Cafe Edt*
    7 Sparkling Cider 6 850 -$1,940 $3,400 57 $4 $1,460 2010 Nov. 12
    30 Strawberry Smoothie 2 1,150 -$2,880 $4,600 40 $4 $1,720 2011 Jun. 10
    33 Sweet Tea 30min 375 -$1,000 $1,500 20 $4 $500 2011 Aug. 26
    27 Watermelon Juice 4 1,300 -$3,100 $5,200 61 $4 $2,100 2011 Aug. 12
    35 White Peach Tea 1 675 -$1,760 $2,700 29 $4 $940 2011 Jun. 17
    ? White Spiced Coffee 6 1,200 -$2,740 $4,800 62 $4 $2,060 2012 Jan. 06
    CookBook Menu:
    Spoiler: show

    Counter Displays:
    Spoiler: show

    * Basic Drink Mixer listed in Limited Time Goal 1 2024 Mar. 13
    * Sparkling Clover Drink released in goal but recipe unlocked
    * Goal recipes released under COFFEE category


    Lv Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv Released
    12 Shamrock Matcha Drink 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820 2024 Mar. 13
    12 Sparkling Clover Drink 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460 2024 Mar. 13
    12 St Patty's Rainbow Shake 8 750 -$1,620 $3,000 128 $4 $1,380 2024 Mar. 13
    CookBook Menu - New Goal Recipes:
    Spoiler: show
    Counter Displays - New Goal Recipes:
    Spoiler: show
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    BS CookBook Guide: Appliances #, A-An

    3 Bears Oven
    Price: $50,000
    Parts: 10 Blue Motor + 10 Pink Fuse
    Release Date: 2012 Mar. 29
    2019 Aug. 29
    2022 Mar. 31
    2022 Aug. 31
    2023 Sep. 27
    2024 Apr. 04
    Release Type: Market Purchase (Lv.10+)
    Limited Time Goal 1 - 5 Days (Lv. 15+)
    Limited Time Goal 2 - 5 Days (Lv. 49+)
    Limited Time Goal 3 - 5 Days (Lv. 33+)
    Limited Time Goal 4 - 5 Days (Lv. 49+)
    Limited Time Goal 5 - 5 Days (Lv. 11+)
    Notes: *Dyed Egg Macaron released in goal but unlocked
    *Monkey Bread released in goal but unlocked
    *Mini Chocolate Cake released in goal but unlocked
    *Biscuits and Jam released in goal but unlocked
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Just Right 12 2,700 - $5,380 $10,800 121 $4 $5,420
    Too Cold 6 1,250 -$2,840 $5,000 78 $4 $2,160
    Too Hot 22 2,150 -$3,540 $8,600 175 $4 $5,060
    Magnolia Muffin 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820
    Secret Shake 8 750 -$1,620 $3,000 128 $4 $1,380
    Wolf Bun 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460
    Bear Shaped Macarons 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820
    Dyed Egg Macarons 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460
    Macaron Tray 8 750 -$1,620 $3,000 128 $4 $1,380
    Bear Claw 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820
    Monkey Bread 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460
    Tiger Cake 8 750 -$1,620 $3,000 128 $4 $1,380
    Mini Chocolate Cake 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460
    Mini Colorful Cake 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820
    Mini Strawberry Shortcake 8 750 -$1,620 $3,000 128 $4 $1,380
    Apricot Jam Cookies 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820
    Biscuits and Jam 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460
    Jam Layer Cake 8 750 -$1,620 $3,000 128 $4 $1,380
    CookBook Menu:
    Spoiler: show

    Counter Displays:
    Spoiler: show

    After Xmas Sale Oven
    Price: $35,000
    Parts: 28 Open Present 1 + 12 OpeN Present 2
    Release Date: 2023 Dec. 26
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 14 Days (Lv. 12+)
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Leftover Cran-sauce Muffin 2 475 -$1,220 $1,900 48 $4 $680
    Leftover Gingerbread Cinna-Roll 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820
    Leftover Turkey Crescent Ring 5 650 -$1,540 $2,600 83 $4 $1,060
    CookBook Menu:
    Spoiler: show
    Counter Displays:
    Spoiler: show

    After Xmas Sale Stove
    Price: $39,000
    Parts: 40 Open Present 3 + 32 Open Present 4
    Release Date: 2023 Dec. 26
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 14 Days (Lv. 12+)
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Leftover Candy Cane Coffee 2 475 -$1,220 $1,800 48 $4 $680
    Leftover Eggnog Pancake 7 725 -$1,600 $2,900 112 $4 $1,300
    Leftover Stuffing Waffles 10 775 -$1,640 $3,100 163 $4 $1,460
    CookBook Menu:
    Spoiler: show
    Counter Displays:
    Spoiler: show

    Alice's Oven
    Price: $30,000
    Parts: 8 Oven Element + 8 Bolt of Diamond
    Release Date: 2016 Nov. 09
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 30 Days (Lv.12+)
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Cheshire Cookie 1 300 -$760 $1,200 22 $4 $440
    Cup of Tea Cakes 2 350 -$860 $1,400 76 $4 $540
    Unbirthday Cake 4 400 -$1,020 $1,600 121 $4 $580
    CookBook Menu:
    Spoiler: show
    Counter Displays:
    Spoiler: show

    Ambrosia Chiller
    Price: $35,000
    Parts: 28 Lampshade + 12 Toile Plate
    Release Date: 2022 Aug. 23
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 14 Days (Lv.12+)
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Berry Ambrosia 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $680
    Citrus Ambrosia 5 650 -$1,540 $2,600 83 $4 $1,060
    Tropical Ambrosia 2 475 -$1,220 $1,900 48 $4 $680
    CookBook Menu:
    Spoiler: show
    Counter Displays:
    Spoiler: show

    American Oven
    Price: $39,000
    Parts: 40 American Flag + 32 American Dollar
    Release Date: 2023 Jun. 27
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 14 Days (Lv. 12+)
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    America Themed Cake 10 775 -$1,640 $3,100 163 $4 $1,460
    Boston Cream Pie 2 475 -$1,220 $1,900 48 $4 $680
    Strawberry Baked Alaska 7 725 -$1,600 $2,900 112 $4 $1,300
    CookBook Menu:
    Spoiler: show
    Counter Displays:
    Spoiler: show

    Amethyst Oven
    Price: $30,000
    Parts: 8 Oven Element + 8 Amethyst Knob
    Release Date: 2016 Feb. 03
    2022 Jan. 20
    2022 Jul. 27
    Release Type: Market Purchase (Lv.12+)
    Limited Time Goal 1 - 5 Days (Lv. 17+)
    Limited Time Goal 2 - 5 Days (Lv. 45+)
    Notes: *Rainbonnoli released in goal but unlocked
    *Raindrop Cake released in goal but unlocked
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Amethyst Forever 8 950 -$2,080 $3,800 100 $4 $1,720
    Amethyst Petals 4 625 -$1,480 $2,500 71 $4 $1,020
    Amethyst Promise 2 400 -$1,040 $1,600 56 $4 $560
    Chromadomes 8 750 -$1,620 $3,000 128 $4 $1,380
    Cool Cakes 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820
    Rainbonnoli 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460
    Cherry Blossom Raindrop 8 750 -$1,620 $3,000 128 $4 $1,380
    Raindrop Cake 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460
    Strawberry Raindrop 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820
    CookBook Menu:
    Spoiler: show

    Counter Displays:
    Spoiler: show

    Price: $41,000
    Parts: 8 Metal Sheet + 8 Spring + 12 Frozen Element
    Release Date: 2018 Jul. 10
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 15 Days (Lv.12+)
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Cream Cookie Rolled Ice Cream 6 700 -$1,580 $3,500 97 $5 $1,920
    Overloaded Rolled Ice Cream 10 775 -$1,640 $3,875 163 $5 $2,235
    Vanilla Rolled Ice Cream 2 475 -$1,220 $2,375 48 $5 $1,155
    CookBook Menu:
    Spoiler: show
    Counter Displays:
    Spoiler: show

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    BS CookBook Guide: Appliances Ar-Au

    Arepa Oven
    Price: $35,000
    Parts: 28 Mortar and Pestle + 12 Arepa Press
    Release Date: 2022 Apr. 05
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 14 Days (Lv.12+)
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Arepas Con Queso 2 475 -$1,220 $1,9000 48 $4 $680
    Arepas Dulces 5 650 -$1,540 $2,600 83 $4 $1,060
    Sweet Corn Arepas 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820
    CookBook Menu:
    Spoiler: show
    Counter Displays:
    Spoiler: show

    Around the World Oven
    Price: $37,000
    Parts: 6 Oven Light + 6 Coin + 10 Plane Tickets
    Release Date: 2017 Jan. 28
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 15 Days (Lv.12+)
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Baklawa 2 525 -$1,320 $2,625 44 $5 $1,305
    Berliners 4 775 -$1,880 $3,875 55 $5 $1,995
    Sfogliatella 1 350 -$940 $1,750 24 $5 $810
    CookBook Menu:
    Spoiler: show
    Counter Displays:
    Spoiler: show

    Arrangement Station
    Price: $39,000
    Parts: 40 Purple Heart + 32 Yellow Heart
    Release Date: 2024 Feb. 06
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 14 Days (Lv. 12+)
    Note: *Appliance uses 2x1 squares when placed
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Affectionate Arrangement 2 475 -$1,220 $1,900 48 $4 $680
    Romantic Arrangement 7 725 -$1,600 $2,900 112 $4 $1,300
    Sweetheart Arrangement 10 775 -$1,640 $3,100 775 $4 $1,460
    CookBook Menu:
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    Counter Displays:
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    Artisan Bread Oven
    Price: $35,000
    Parts: 28 Bread Flour + 12 Mixing Whisk
    Release Date: 2019 Jan. 17
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 15 Days (Lv.12+)
    Echo Artisan Bread Oven
    Price: 25 Gems
    Parts: n/a, comes fully built
    Release Date: 2024 Jan. 26
    Release Type: Limited Time Sale - 7 Days
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Brioche 4 625 -$1,480 $3,125 71 $5 $1,645
    Chapati 5 650 -$1,540 $3,250 83 $5 $1,710
    Focaccia 3 550 -$1,380 $2,750 59 $5 $1,370
    CookBook Menu:
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    Counter Displays:
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    Artsy Icebox
    Price: $22,000
    Parts: 8 Cooling Coil + 8 Freezer Shelf
    Release Date: 2015 Aug. 12
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 30 Days (Lv.12+)
    Echo Artsy Icebox
    Price: 25 Gems
    Parts: n/a, comes fully built
    Release Date: 2023 Jul. 07
    Release Type: Limited Time Sale - 7 Days
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Grasshopper Pie 2 550 -$1,400 $2,200 42 $4 $800
    Painted Glass 8 1,275 -$2,780 $5,100 75 $4 $2,320
    Pineapple Dream 4 825 -$1,960 $3,300 53 $4 $1,340
    CookBook Menu:
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    Counter Displays:
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    Autumn Drink Machine
    Price: $35,000
    Parts: 6 Gear + 6 Pumpkin Pump + 10 Maple Planks
    Release Date: 2017 Nov. 07
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 15 Days (Lv.12+)
    Echo Autumn Drink Machine
    Price: 25 Gems
    Parts: n/a, comes fully built
    Release Date: 2022 Nov. 11
    Release Type: Limited Time Sale - 7 Days
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Maple and Meyer Lemonade 4 625 -$1,480 $2,500 71 $4 $1,020
    Maple Cider 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460
    Switchel 7 725 -$1,600 $2,900 112 $4 $1,300
    CookBook Menu:
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    Counter Displays:
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    Autumn Elegance Oven
    Price: $39,000
    Parts: 40 Autumn Knob + 32 Autumn Oven Glove
    Release Date: 2022 Nov. 01
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 14 Days (Lv. 12+)
    Note: *Woodland Cakes display altered 2022 Nov. 17
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Autumn Layer Cake 7 725 -$1,600 $2,9000 112 $4 $1,300
    Mini Pumpkin Pies 2 475 -$1,220 $1,900 48 $4 $680
    Woodland Cakes 10 775 -$1,640 $3,100 163 $4 $1,460
    CookBook Menu:
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    Counter Displays:
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    Original Woodland Cakes display:
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    Autumn Leaf Cider Machine
    Price: $35,000
    Parts: 28 Diamond Leaf + 12 Golden Spoon
    Release Date: 2022 Nov. 01
    Release Type: Limited Time Goal - 14 Days (Lv. 12+)
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Iced Cider 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820
    Mason Jar Cider 2 475 -$1,220 $1,900 48 $4 $680
    Pumpkin Cider Mug 5 650 -$1,540 $2,600 83 $4 $1,060
    CookBook Menu:
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    Counter Displays:
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    Autumn Oven
    Price: $32,000
    Parts: 10 Red Leaf Gear + 10 Cookie Pan
    Release Date: 2012 Nov. 08
    2022 Sep. 28
    2022 Nov. 02
    2023 Nov. 15
    Release Type: Market Purchase (Lv.32+)
    Limited Time Goal 1 - 5 Days (Lv. 42+)
    Limited Time Goal 2 - 5 Days (Lv. 32+)
    Limited Time Goal 3 - 5 Days (Lv. 36+)
    Notes: *Blueberry Lavender Pie released in goal but unlocked
    *Leaf Cupcake released in goal but unlocked
    *Appliance removed from market (2023 Spring Sale)
    *Cranberry Flummery released in goal but unlocked
    Recipe Hrs Pts/Srv Cost Income XP Inc/Pt Pft/Srv
    Orange Leaf Cookies 7 2,250 -$5,040 $9,000 77 $4 $3,960
    Red Leaf Cookies 9 2,450 -$5,220 $9,800 100 $4 $4,580
    Yellow Leaf Cookies 5 2,025 -$4,720 $8,100 57 $4 $3,380
    Blueberry Lavender Pie 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460
    Rhubarb Galette 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820
    Rose Apple Pie 8 750 -$1,620 $3,000 128 $4 $1,380
    Autumn Flowers Cupcakes 8 750 -$1,620 $3,000 128 $4 $1,380
    Leaf Cupcake 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460
    Sweet Scarecrow Cupcakes 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820
    Cranberry Bundt 8 750 -$1,620 $3,000 128 $4 $1,380
    Cranberry Flummery 1 350 -$940 $1,400 24 $4 $460
    Cranberry Frangipane 3 550 -$1,380 $2,200 59 $4 $820
    CookBook Menu:
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    Counter Displays:
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