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Thread: BAKERY STORY :: Updates List

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    Post BAKERY STORY :: Updates List

    Remarks: . Mobile View: make sure to use FULL SITE option (all the way down the Forum page), otherwise you can miss couple of chart columns.
    Week #: when tapped, leads you to official Storm8 Blog announce (if any). Make sure to change the link from "https" to "http" when in browser, otherwise S8 Blog page won't load.
    Date: when tapped, leads you to respective discussion in Storm8 Forums (if any).
    New Crate names: when tapped, leads you to respective post of Master Box Guide.
    Recipes: check CookBook for details.
    Limited Content: if any links stated - will lead you to respective discussion in Storm8 Forums.
    Android / iOS Versions: if any links stated - will lead you to official Google Play Market / iTunes page of the app (if still available in your country).
    *Mark (G) means that appliance and/or recipes in it are locked by time-sensitive Goal (impossible to unlock if not completed within prescribed period of time).
    *Mark (R) means that content had been Removed from the game.
    *Mark (L) means that content may be unavailable for Android users in case respective game version was not downloaded (check Android Versions List for details).
    *It is possible that other content related to such an update, may also be Removed, Limited or locked by Goal.
    This is unofficial list, it is "handmade", so there could be mistakes / misprints / missing info / etc. If you found any, please do not hesitate to spot it, any help will be highly appreciated! (-:
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    Post BAKERY STORY :: Updates 2018

    Recipes Decor CONTENT
    22 31-May-2018 Father's Day Cream Soda(G), Root Beer(G), Sassafrasparilla(G) (Ballpark Fountain(R)) - Flash Goals: Father's Day
    20 17-May-2018 Museum Museum Oven(G) (Blueberry Marble Cake, Chocolate Marble Cake, Mint Marble Cake), Tempering Marble(G) (Abstract Chocolate, Archetectual Chocolate, Constructed Chocolate) Melted Table, Chair & Counter; Museum Wall, Museum Marble Floor, Abstract Painting, Artistic Fountian, Museum Curator & Gallery. Relisted: Artist's Stall Goals: Let's Go To A Museum!
    19 10-May-2018 Mother's Day - - Sale: Mother's Day
    18 1-May-2018 Succulents Succulent Fountain(G) (Aloe Water, Cactus Smoothie, Pitaya Punch), Succulent Oven(G) (Succulent Cake, Succulent Cookies, Succulent Cupcakes) Bucolic Table & Chair; Terrarium Counter, Rustic Panel Wall, Rustic Planks Floor, Vertical Succulents, Succulent Bear & Display, Mother’s Succulent Garden, Flower Bed. Goals: Pretty And Prickly
    17 26-Apr-2018 Mother's Day Classic Lemon Tart(G), Mom's Blueberry Cake(G), Pineapple Upside Down Cake(G) (Motherly Oven(R)) - Flash Goals: Mother's Day
    15 12-Apr-2018 April Fools Laughter Oven(G) (Nacho Cupcakes, Faux Burger, Steak Cake), Prankster Oven(G) (Cheese Cake, Funnel Cake Fries, Toothpaste Sandwich) Spring Table & Chair; April Counter, Mustache Paper Wall, April Tiles Floor, April Fools Day Sign, The April Fool, A Wet Prank, Office Shenanigans. Relisted: Pastrees Goals: I Love To Laugh iOS Update (1.8.2 / 10-Apr-2018)
    13 27-Mar-2018 Travel Snack Cooler(G) (Frozen Cocoa Cheesecake, Matzoh Fridge Cake, Salted Caramel Pudding), Engine Block Stove(G) (Blueberry Orange Muffins, Molasses Gear Cookies, Pastel Bread) Engine Table, Sedan Seat, Coup Counter; Mountain Views Wall, Open Road Floor, Travel Map, Wolds Largest Fork, Loading the Car, Beach Destination. Relisted: Stone Spring Goals: On The Open Road. Sale: Easter
    12 22-Mar-2018 Easter Golden Bunnies(G), Marshmallow Sheep(G), Pastel Eggs(G) (Candy Hatchery(R)) Relisted: Chick Pen Flash Goals: Sweet Easter
    11 14-Mar-2018 St. Patrick's Day - Sale: St. Patrick's Day
    10 8-Mar-2018 Indian Chroma Stove(G) (Chocolate Gujiya, Coconut Gujiya, Fried Gujiya), Color Oven(G) (Malai Kulfi, Malpuas, Thandai) Chromatic Table, Prismatic Chair, Painted Counter; Pink, Teal, Purple, Blue & Yellow Festival Wall & Floor; Colorful Drummer, Festival Dance, Color Powder Display, Color Festival. Relisted: Live Graffiti Goals: Holi Festival
    8 20-Feb-2018 Space Intergalactic Stove(G) (Galactic Cupcake, Interplanetary Donuts, Milky Way Cake), Interstellar Fountain(G) (Celestial Sipper, Nebulous Star Glo, Pulsar Punch) Nova Table, Satellite Chair, Planetary Counter, Deep Space Wall; The Void Floor, Robot Server, Tele-Transportation, Hyperspace Rocket, Cosmic Astronauts. Priceless / Goal Only: Rocket On The Moon Goals: Intergalactic
    7 15-Feb-2018 Chinese New Year Bo Lay Tea(G), Guk Fa Tea(G), Shoumei Tea(G) (Dim Sum Station). Relisted: Fortune Cookies, Sticky Cake, Sweet Bean Cake (White Oven) Relisted: Dragon Dancer, Dragon Musicians Flash Goals: New Years Dim Sum
    6 10-Feb-2018 Valentine's Day - Sale: Valentine's Day
    5 1-Feb-2018 Valentine's Day Loven(G) (Chocolate Roses, Perfect Match Cookies, Time for Love Cake), Sweet Drink Mixer(G) (Berry Sweet, Heart Punch, Love Magic Bubble Tea) Connection Table, Date Chair, Heart Throb Counter, Hearts on Hearts Floor, Heart Filigree Wall; Final Rose, Dating Game Show, Dessert Date, TV Night. Relisted: Kissing Booth Goals: Tune In
    3 16-Jan-2018 Winter Winterful Oven(G) (Brownie Skillet, Candy Choco Skillet, Choco Chip Skillet), Winterful Drink Maker(G) (Cinnamon Hot Chocolate, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Winter Cacao) Snowflake Table, Chair, Counter & Floor; Snowflake Paper Wall; Skating Savvy, Frosty Family, Warming Up, Winter Bowling. Relisted: Ice Fishing Goals: Wonderfull Winter
    2 11-Jan-2018 Winter Blush Hot Cocoa(G), Icy Blue Cocoa(G), Toffee Cocoa(G) (Cocoa Maker) Relisted: Ice Sculpture Flash Goals: It's Still Cold
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    Post BAKERY STORY :: Updates 2017

    S8Blog S8Forum Recipes Decor CONTENT
    53 28-Dec-2017 Rose Gold Rose Gold Oven(G) (Rose Gold Donuts, Rose Gold Flan, Rose Gold Macarons), Rose Gold Stove(G) (Rose Gold Cupcakes, Rose Gold Slush, White Chocolate Strawberries) Marble Trend Table, Chair & Counter; Rose Gold Diamonds Wall, Shiny Rose Gold Floor; Rose Gold Fountain & Refreshments; Trendy Couple & Party. Relisted: Shimmery Partygoers Goals: Shine Bright Like a Diamond
    52 22-Dec-2017 Christmas / Winter - Sale: Selected Crates 50%
    51 12-Dec-2017 Christmas Blue Gift Stove(G) (Challah, Gelt Cookies, Rugelach), Red Gift Stove(G) (Candy Cane Cupcake, Gingerbread House, Peppermint Nougat). Relisted: Peppermint Mocha (Drink Mixer). Relisted & Removed: Gingerbread Cake, Holiday Cupcake, Yule Log (White Oven); Silver and Gold Table, Chair, Counter, & Wall; Fairy Lights Floor, Lit Trees, Girl with Sweets, Piles of Presents, White Elephant. Relisted: Snowball Fight Goals: Holly Days iOS Update (1.8.1 / 14-Dec-2017)
    50 7-Dec-2017 Christmas Grape Candy Canes (G), Apple Candy Canes (G), Root Beer Candy Canes (G). Relisted: Candy Canes (Candy Cane Maker(R)) Relisted: Candy Cane Fountain Flash Goals: Candy Canes
    48 23-Nov-2017 Autumn Fall Drink Maker(G) (Hot Buttered Cider, Mulled Cider, Vanilla & Brown Sugar Cider), Harvest Oven(G) (Japanese Maple Leaf Cookies, Sweetgum Leaf Cookies, Sycamore Leaf Cookies) Tri-Leaf Table, Duo-Leaf Chair, Autumn Counter, Falling Leaves Wall, Fallen Leaves Floor, Fall Plant, Autumn Fountain, Puppy Leaf Pile, Fall Picnic. Relisted: Fall Bread, Harvest Wagon, Autumn Tree Goals: The Falling Leaves. Sale: Black Friday
    46 7-Nov-2017 Autumn Autumn Drink Machine(G) (Maple and Meyer Lemonade, Maple Cider, Switchel), Autumn Pie Oven(G) (Maple and Acorn Pie, Maple Mixed Berry Pie, Maple Syrup Pie) Maple Table, Chair & Counter; Acorn Filigree Wall, Lost Acorn Floor; Acorn Pillars & Lamp; Autumn Scarecrow, Pretty Little Diners. Relisted: Cranberry Candles, Pumpkin Bouquets, Autumn Fireplace Goals: Maple and Acorns
    45 2-Nov-2017 Thanksgiving / Cheesecake Sweet Potato Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Cheesecake(G), Blueberry Cheesecake(G) (Bakesgiving Oven) Relisted: Bakesgiving Cornucopia Flash Goals: Changing Colors
    44 26-Oct-2017 Fall - Sale: Autumn/Fall
    43 19-Oct-2017 Halloween Spooky Cauldron(G) (Grave Slush, Skeleton Milk, Spooky Sipper), Spooky Soda Machine(G) (Glowing Soda, Muddy Soda, Pumpkin Soda). Relisted: Mummy Cupcake, Spider Brownie (White Oven) Boney Table, Chair & Counter, Haunted House Wall, Skeleton Heads Floor, Need a Hand, Senor Skull, Grave Idea, Skeletal Altar. Relisted: Black Cat Decor Goals: Spooky Scary Skeletons
    42 11-Oct-2017 Halloween - Sale: Halloween
    41 3-Oct-2017 Halloween Cackling Drink Maker(G) (Bewitching Cocktail, Boo-sy Delight, Seers Sundae), Cackling Oven(G) (Bewitching Cupcakes, Pumpcakes, Sugar Skull Cupcakes). Relisted: Pumpkin Cookies (White Oven), Candy Corn Coffee (Drink Mixer) Graveyard Table, Chair & Counter; Witchy Wall, Black Cat Floor, Ghost Statue, Candy Pumpkin, Peculiar Potions, Witchy Witch. Spooky Piano Goals: A Witches' Oven Android Update ( / 2-Oct-2017)
    40 29-Sep-2017 Halloween Type AB, Type O-(G), Plasma(G) (Coffin Drink Machine) Relisted: Coffin Shelf Flash Goals: I Vant To…
    38 15-Sep-2017 - - Sale: End of Summer
    38 12-Sep-2017 Italian / Coffee Caffe la Macchina(G) (Caffe d'Orzo, Marocchino, Shakerato), Forno di Pasticcino(G) (Panettone, Pignulata, Torta Caprese) Iron Bistro Table & Chair; Bistro Counter, Bistro Books Wall, Bistro Bricks Floor, Barista Italiano, Panetteria, Il Macchina, Bancone del Caffe. Relisted: Coffee Bean Display Goals: Thanks a Latte
    36 29-Aug-2017 School - Sale: Back To School
    35 24-Aug-2017 Summer / Urban Bubble Tea Maker(G) (Melon Bubble Tea, Milk Bubble Tea, Thai Bubble Tea), Cookie Dough Maker(G) (Brownie Dough, Choco Chip Cookie Dough, Unicorn Dough) Sidewalk Table, Chair & Counter; City Nights Wall, City Streets Floor, Urban Palm, City Bonfire, Summer Screen, Urban Date. Relisted: Breakfast Buffet Goals: Summers In The City
    33 8-Aug-2017 Music Drum Kit Oven(G) (Frozen Fruit Pops, Iced Berry Pops, Maracas Cake Pops), Guitar Oven(G) (Drum Cake, Note Cupcakes, Treble Cookies) Hi-Hat Table, Floor Tom Stool, Trunk Counter, Rock N Roll Wall, Checkered Notes Floor, Large Speaker, Rockin Artist, Half Stacks, The Headliners. Wooden Steps Goals: Our Own Music Festival. Side Goal: Rock And Roll iOS Update (1.7.8 / 4-Aug-2017)
    31 25-Jul-2017 Christmas - Sale: Surprise Wintry
    30 18-Jul-2017 Tropics Tropic Juice Maker(G) (Pineapple Juice, Mango Juice, Orange Guava Juice), Tropic Oven(G) (Mango Pudding, Tropical S'mores, Festive Guava Cake) Tropical Table & Chair; Tropic Counter, Tropic View Wall, Sandy Shores Floor, Palm Tree Display, Sunny Snowman, Yeti Waiter, Festive Kitchen Goals: Tropical Vacation
    27 28-Jun-2017 International Around The World Oven(G) (Sfogliatella, Baklawa, Berliners), United Nations Oven(G) (Tulipes, Bibingka, Jian Dui) World Table & Stool; Flag Counter, Peace Sign Wall, Hands Around World Floor, Bavarian Man, Danish Windmill, Festival Stall, Monsieur Jean-Pierre, International Loretta, Peaceful Cooking Goals: All Around The World. Sale: Summer/4th of July
    24 6-Jun-2017 Cheesecake Pie Oven(G) (Berry Sweet Pie, Peanut Butter Pie, Ube Pie), Cheesecake Chiller(G) (Peanut Butter Cheesecake, Crumbly Cookie Cheesecake, Rainbow Cheesecake) Cheesecake Table, Counter, Case & Party; Whipped Cream Chair, Floor & Clock; Cherry On Top Wall; Food Scientist, Pie or Cake?, Prep Counter, Table For Pies, Celebration Cheesecake Goals: Is Cheesecake Pie Or Cake?
    20 12-May-2017 Flowers Floral Oven(G) (Candied Rose Petals, Dandelion Bread Pudding, Violet Macarons), Floral Fountain(G) (Rose Petal Soda, Hibiscus Iced Tea, Lavender Lemonade) Daffodil Table, Tulip Chair, Flourishing Counter, Flower Trellis Wall, Petal Path Floor, Hanging Flower Pots, Flower Hedge Sculpture, Barrel Of Flowers, Flower Market Cart, Fields of Flowers Goals: Flourishing Florals
    20 8-May-2017 Spring - Sale: May
    19 1-May-2017 Mexican Caliente Oven(G) (Conchas, Puerquito Rosa, Chocolate Tres Leches) Serape Counter, Saltillo Floor; Pinata Tree, Animals, Treats Table & Party; Pile of Candy, Broken Pinata, Stick Kid, Blindfolded Kid Goals: Mi Casa Es Su Casa. Relisted: Cinco de Mayo 2013 Content
    17 18-Apr-2017 Books Vintage Mixer(G) (Chai Latte, French Press, Macchiato) Vintage Table & Window, Cozy Chair, Book Counter, Bookshelves Wall, Orange Carpet Floor, Reading Lamp, Book Nook Goals: Book Club
    16 11-Apr-2017 Easter - Sale: Easter
    14 30-Mar-2017 Roman / Spring Floral Stove(G) (Jelly Shortbread Cookies, Lemon Curd Tart, Almond Tuiles), Roman Hearth(G) (Pompeii Bread, Roman Nut Tart, Honeycomb Cake) Nero's & Floral Pattern Table, Caesars & Flourishing Chair, Caesars & Spring Petals Counter, Martius & Floral Wallpaper, Straw & Spring Floor, Hanging Ivy, Roman Vases, Spring Cornucopia, Bacchus Fountain, Maypole Dancing Goals: When In Rome
    13 24-Mar-2017 French - Crate: French Bakery Crate
    12 14-Mar-2017 St. Patrick's Day - Sale: St. Patrick's
    9 22-Feb-2017 Essentials - Crate: Bakery Essentials 2
    8 15-Feb-2017 Woodland Woodland Oven(G) (Leaf Cookies, Sweet Saplings, Woodland Cake) Woodland Counter, Table & Chair, Vintage Wood Wall, Flowery Grass Floor, Tree Stump Planter, Woodland Frame, Woodland Drink Cart, Woodland Dessert Display, Woodland Deer Family Goals: Woodland Adventure
    7 8-Feb-2017 Tea Tea Cup Stove 5gems (Porcelain Cake, Tea Cookie, Tea Cup Cake) White Wooden Counter, Whitewashed Table, Tea Cup Chair, Light Blue Wall, Dark Hardwood Floor, Tea Cup Clock, Tea Cup Cabinet, Winter Tea Party, Tea Cup Tree, Cozy Couch
    6 1-Feb-2017 Victorian Victorian Oven(G) (Meringue and Preserves, Sweet Cream Rolls, Treacle Hearts), Victorian Stove(G) (Currant Cake, Ginger Root Tea, Milk Pudding) Victorian Counter, Table & Chair, Victorian Passion Wall, Victorian Parquet Floor, Victorian Fireplace, Victorian Lovers, Victorian Sitting Room, Victorian Dancers Goals: Victorian Romance. Sale: Valentine's Day
    5 25-Jan-2017 Equestrian Equestrian Oven(G) (Caramel Apple Cider, Horse Cakepops, Horseshoe Cookies) Equestrian Counter, Saddle Stool, Water Trough Table, Horse Wall, Blue Hexagon Floor, Horseshoe Bottle Rack, Horse Party Display, Equestrian Display, Equestrian Hazel, Horse in Garden Goals: Equestrian Gift
    4 18-Jan-2017 1920's(L) - Crate(L): 1920's New Version (Android): Valentine's Day ( / 20-Jan-2017)
    3 11-Jan-2017 Scottish Tartan Mixer(G) (Cranachan, Scottish Toffee, Scottish Tablet), Tartan Oven(G) (Cream Buns, Scottish Pancakes, Scottish Shortbread) Dark Green Counter, Tartan Table & Stool, Tartan Wall, White Wooden Floor, Scottish Flag Wallpiece, Tartan Basket, Tartan Cabinet, Scottish Picnic Goals: Scottish Picnic
    2 4-Jan-2017 Turquoise Southwest Oven 6gems (Apple Pie Taquitos, Churro Cheesecake Bars, Dreamcatcher Cookies) Turquoise Counter, Table & Chair, Cream Wall, Red Hexagon Floor, Turquoise Door, Pottery Cabinet, Turquoise Candy Display, Turquoise Cacti Planter, Southwest Couch
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    Post BAKERY STORY :: Updates 2016

    S8Blog S8Forum Recipes Decor CONTENT
    53 28-Dec-2016 Pansy - Crate: Pansy
    52 21-Dec-2016 Swiss Swiss Oven 9gems (Swiss Cake Roll, Swiss Magenbrot, Swiss Snowflake Bread) Swiss Counter, Table & Chair, Swiss Chalet Wall & Floor, Swiss Cuckoo Clock, Swiss Chocolate Display, Swiss Fireplace, Swiss Loretta, Swiss Alpine Sheep
    51 14-Dec-2016 Christmas/New Year Holiday Drink Mixer(G) (Cranberry Hot Chocolate, Cranberry Punch, Reindeer Cranberry Fizz), Holiday Oven(G) (Cranberry Cake, Cranberry Fudge, Cranberry Tarts) Cranberry Party Counter, Table & Chair, Cranberry Wall, Natural Wood Floor, Cranberry Lantern, Holiday Partygoer, Cranberry Yule Tree, Reindeer Centerpiece Goals: Christmas
    50 7-Dec-2016 Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Oven (Popcorn Snowballs, Shimmery Cake Pops, Snowman Cupcakes) Stainless Steel Counter, Shimmery Silver Table & Chair, White Arabesque Wall, Silver Mosaic Floor, Navy Blue Door, Silver Dessert Cart, Party Hazel, Shimmery Bouquets, Shimmery Partygoers Goals: Winter's Ball. Sale: Christmas/Winter New Feature (Android): Promotional Videos
    49 30-Nov-2016 Roller Roller Malt Maker(G) (Chocolate Malt, Strawberry Malt, Vanilla Malt), Roller Oven(G) (Cranberry Cobbler, Roller Cookies, Roller Derby Pie) Roller Counter & Chair, Rockin' Table, Roller Wall & Floor, Rockin' Guitar, Roller Booth, Rockin' Juke Box, Rockin' Dancefloor, Drive-In Goals: Retro Retrofit
    48 23-Nov-2016 Hawaii Hawaiian Oven 5gems (Island Macaroons, Pina Colada Cupcake, Upsidedown Cake) Hula Counter, Tropic Table & Chair, Hawaiian Vacation Wall, Hawaiian Floor, Surf Hanger, Beach Day, Surf's Up!, Tiki, Surf Partition Sale: Black Friday New Expansion: 33x35, 34x36, 35x37, 36x38, 37x39
    47 16-Nov-2016 Thanksgiving - Crate: Turkey
    46 9-Nov-2016 Wonderland Alice's Oven(G) (Cheshire Cookie, Cup of Tea Cakes, Unbirthday Cake), Tea Party Prepper(G) (Eat Me Cookie, Meringue Toadstools, Painted Rose Pops) Checkered Counter, Card Table & Chair, Tall Hedge Wall, Garden Checker Floor, Queen of Hearts, White Heart Topiary, Toadstool, Cheshire Cat Tree Goals: Alice in Tealand
    45 2-Nov-2016 Slumberland Fluffy Oven (Pillow Cake, Sleepy Cookies, Slumber Grahams) Fluffy Counter, Nighty Table, Slumber Chair, Slumberland Wall, Quilted Floor, Drowzy Door, Slumber Party, Pillow City, Slumber Aunt, Little Fort
    44 26-Oct-2016 Essentials - Crate: Bakery Essentials 1
    43 19-Oct-2016 Yougurt Yogurt Chiller 5gems price / 12gems mastery (Berry Blue, Berry Purple, Berry Red) Yogurt Table, Chair, Lounge & Dispenser; Topping Dispenser, Frozen Yogurt Door
    42 12-Oct-2016 Halloween Cursed Oven(G) (Hallowedding Cake, Specter Berries, Web of Pies), Cursed Stove(G) (Boo Brownies, Hoot Cakes, Which Witch) Cursed Counter; Hallowedding Table, Chair, Wall & Aisle Floor; Spell Plaque, Lit Pumpkin; Halloween Candelabra & Altar Goals: Woeful Wedding New Expansion: 28x30, 29x31, 30x32, 31x33, 32x34
    41 5-Oct-2016 Baby Blue Blue Bun Oven (Blue Velvet Cake, Boyish Pops, Reveal Cake) Boy's Room Wall, Boy's Footprints Floor, Baby Blue Door, Animal Paintings, Boy's Balloon, Blue Stork Relisted: Halloween 2013 Goals. Sale: Halloween
    40 28-Sep-2016 Pink Lemonade - Crate: Pink Lemonade Crate
    39 21-Sep-2016 Dragons(L) - Black Dragon Table & Chair; Dragon Counter, Wall, Floor, Light, Head, Baby, Fountain, Display & Clock New Version (Android): Donuts & Dragons ( / 21-Sep-2016)
    38 14-Sep-2016 Quaint Quaint Cooker(G) (Mini Cakes, Mini Macaroons, Mini Pies), Quaint Stove(G) (Mini Cheesecake, Mini Doughnuts, Mini Lemon Tarts) Quaint Counter, Table, Chair, Wall, Wood Floor, Chalkboard Sign, Chandelier, Divider, & Cake Display Goals: The Good Old Goodies
    37 7-Sep-2016 Stained Glass - Stained Counter & Table, Stained Glass Chair, Wall, Floor, Sign, Lamp, Planter, Divider, Display & Cabinet Sale: Autumn/Fall
    36 31-Aug-2016 Polka-Dot - Crate: Polka-Dot Crate
    35 24-Aug-2016 Dark Berry Chocolate Raspberry (Dark Berry Brownie, Dark Berry Cake, Dark Berry Cupcake) Dark Berry Counter, Table, Chair, Wall & Floor, Raspberry Decor
    34 17-Aug-2016 Arcade - Crate: Arcade Crate LTO: Boarwalk Box 50%
    33 10-Aug-2016 Sunny Bright Prep Table(G) (Solar Cake, Sun Meringue, Super Sundae), Sun Oven(G) (Solar Cookies, Sun Pie, Warm Sun Pops) Bright Counter & Chair; Light Floor; Sunny Table, Wall, Ribbons & Lamp; Dawn Couch, Sun Fountain Goals: Here We Glow!. LTO: Drink Hub
    32 3-Aug-2016 Grapefruit Grapefruit Cooker (Grapefruit Pie, Grapefruit Smoothie, Grapefruit Sorbet) Grapefruit Counter, Table, Chair, Wall, Floor & Painting
    31 27-Jul-2016 Black'n'White - Black and White Counter, Table, Wall & Floor; Stripe Chair, Curtains & Planter; Black Lamp & Mirror; Bakery Board LTO: Snow Cone Machine
    30 20-Jul-2016 Princess Princess Oven (Cupcake Castle, Pretty Pops, Water Princes Waffers) Royal Throne, Pink Diamond Floor, Crown Curtains, Shoe Showcase, Royal Horse, Glass Carriage, Silver Castle LTO: Donut Box 50%
    29 13-Jul-2016 Beach Beach Baker(G) (Boatnana Split, Chocolate Crabsants, Conchnnoli), Candy Cooker(G) (Bubble Gum, Sweetish Fish, Vanilla Wavefers) Caramel Counter, Toffee Table, Mint Chocolate Chair, Sweet View Wall, Pecan Sandy Beach Floor, Taffey Towel, Yumberella, Pastrees Goals: Dessert-ed Island!. LTO: Book Club Meeting
    28 6-Jul-2016 Flowers/Petals Petal Oven (Flower Cake, Flower Cupcake, Tulip Tarts) Flower Floor, Light, Screen & Fountain; Four Flowers, Folding Flower, White Planter LTO: Summer Beach Box 50%
    27 29-Jun-2016 Space Starship Stove (Marzipan Martians, Planetary Parfait, Space Jamwiches) Moon Floor, Space Poster, Confection Cadet, Astronaut Suit, Ship Controls, Planet Painting, Alien Ship LTO: Lemonade Stand
    26 22-Jun-2016 Cats(L) - Crate(L): Cat LTO: American Gift Crate 50% New Version (Android): Cats Cafe ( / 1-Jul-2016)
    25 15-Jun-2016 Rose Gold - Rose Gold Stripes Wall; Rose Gold Counter, Table, Chair, Floor, Light Fixture, Painting, Sofa, Divider & Planter LTO: Sparkling Fountain
    24 8-Jun-2016 Beach Deep Sea Oven(G) (Cream Puffer Fish, Grape Berrier Reef, Sea Sponge Cake), Tidal Prep Grill(G) (Black Pearl Tea, Salt Water Taffy, Sand Dollar Cookies) Deep Sea Counter, Table & Chair, Mermaid Scale Wall, Ocean Floor, Wood Shell Art, Coral Divider, Mermaids on a Rock, Manatee Goals: Oceans of Fun. LTO: Candy Box 50%
    23 1-Jun-2016 San Francisco - SF Counter, Table & Chair; SF Foggy City Wall, SF Sparkle Sidewalk Floor; Sourdough Display, Golden Gate Bridge LTO: Record Store Counter
    22 25-May-2016 Zodiac Celestial Oven(G) (Crabby Cupcakes, Gemini Gelato, Taurus Tarts), Starry Stove(G) (Aquaricake, Aries Puffs, Pisces Biscuits) Constelation Counter, Zodiac Table, Dipper Chair, Starry Sky Wall, Stars Below Floor, Star Globe, Astrological Clock, Constellation Calendar Goals: Lucky Stars. LTO: Birthday Box 50%
    21 18-May-2016 Strawberry - Starwberry Wall, Berry Leaf Floor, Spring Berry, Strawberry Statue, Berry Carriers, Juice Bar, Fruity Couch, Silly Strawberry, Fruity Lounge LTO: Desser Castle. Value Pack (iOS): Ice Queen Throne
    20 11-May-2016 Mint - Minty Counter, Fresh Table & Floor, Cool Chair, Mint Manor Wall, Mounted Mint, Minty Mutt, May Mint Flowers, Fresh Air Balloons, Mint Couch LTO: Musical Gift Box 50%
    19 4-May-2016 Obsidian/Onyx - Obsidian Counter, Onyx Table & Stool, Dark Wall, Deep Dark Floor, Onyx Display, Obsidian , Statuette, Void Vanity, Obsidian Fountain, Onyx Direwolf LTO: Trail Treats
    18 27-Apr-2016 Diamonds - Diamond Chair, Wall, Floor, Fountain, Floor Lamp, Vase, Cube, Display, Flowers & Ivy LTO: Spring Gift 50%
    17 20-Apr-2016 Art Deco - Deco Counter, Table, Chair, Wall, Floor, Wall Lamp, Fireplace, Record Player, Divider & Plane LTO: Lotus Fountain
    16 13-Apr-2016 New York Big City Baker(G) (Brooklyn Bagels, Downtown Doughnut, Lexington Lox), City Cooker(G) (Manhattan Macarons, Rainbow Bagel, Skyline Cake) Commuter Counter, 9 to 5 Table, City Seat, Slick Brick Wall, City Sidewalk Floor, Never Lost, Taxi Cab, Liberty Lamp, Sleepless City Goals: Kitchen that Never Sleeps. LTO: Picnic Basket 50%. Value Pack (iOS): Hard at Work
    15 6-Apr-2016 Morocco - Moroccan Counter, Table, Chair, Wall, Floor; Moroccan Pillows, Seating, Fountain & Divider; Gleaming Lanterns LTO: Royal Sugar Party. Value Pack (iOS): Ice Cream Station
    14 30-Mar-2016 Spring Picnic - Crate: Spring Picnic LTO: Spring Basket 50%
    13 23-Mar-2016 Wedding - Crate: Blossom Wedding
    12 16-Mar-2016 Tea Spring Kettle (Rose Tea, Spring Petal Tea, Spring Tea) Tea Time Table, Teacup Chair, Spring Cups, Tea Time, Spring Apron, Spring Curio LTO: Easter Egg Surprise 50%. Value Pack (iOS): Tea Party
    11 9-Mar-2016 Garden Garden Cottage Oven(G) (Flower Pot Pop, Flowery Cake Pop, Petal Cake Pop), Garden Grove Stove(G) (Petal Cake, Spring Branches Cake, Spring Cake) Cottage Counter, Spring Petal Table, Garden Rocker Chair, Tulip Fields Wall, Garden Stones Floor, Garden Shelves, Baker's Gnome, Tulip Garden, Garden Baker Goals: Spring Garden. LTO: Irish Band
    10 2-Mar-2016 Honey Honeycomb Oven (Buzz Pops, Buzzing Cookies, Hive Cakes) Busy Bees Wall, Honey Comb Floor, Time Flies, Sweet Bees Cake, Bee Farmer, Bee Buddy LTO: Basic Baker's Crate 50%. Value Pack (iOS): Glady Fountain
    9 24-Feb-2016 Sweethearts - Crate: Sweetheart Crate LTO: Secret Garden
    8 17-Feb-2016 Pink City Too Pink Oven (Pink Cookies, Pink Cupcakes, Pink Layer Cake) Pink City Table, Chair, Neon, Robot & Couple LTO: Gardener's Box 50%. Value Pack (iOS): Emerald Affair
    7 10-Feb-2016 Valentine's Day Heart Baker's Oven(G) (Love At First Bite, Romantic Cake, Romantic Rose Cake), My Cupcake Oven(G) (Heart Baker Cupcake, Loves Me, Loves Me Not) Loves Me Counter, Table & Chair; Heartbreaker Wall, Romantic Walk Floor, Rosy Window, Heart Baker's Apron, Sample of Love, Heart Baker Goals: Valentine's Day. LTO: Fairy Grotto
    6 3-Feb-2016 Amethyst Amethyst Oven (Amethyst Forever, Amethyst Petals, Amethyst Promise) Amethyst Petals Table & Chair, Fancy Amethyst Wall; Amethyst Counter, Floor, Heart, Cake Display, Lounge, Ladder & Pair
    5 27-Jan-2016 Chinese New Year Lunar Oven (Almond Biscuit, Banana Roll, Lunar Cake) Dragon Table & Chair; Neon Dragon; Lunar Dragon, Pup & Parade Sale: Valentine's Day
    4 20-Jan-2016 Wedding - Crate: Snowy Wedding
    3 13-Jan-2016 Healthy Healthy Oven(G) (Happy Bark, Hearty Muffins, Trail Mix), Resolute Drinks(G) (Carrot Shake, Morning Shake, Sinles Sweet) Juicy Table & Chair, Fruits and Vegs Wall, Gold Star Floor, Fruity Neon, Healthy Baker, Juice Sampler, New Bike, Yoga Class Goals: Organic Greens
    2 6-Jan-2016 Greek Mediterroven (Easter Bread, Greek Donuts, Mosaiko) Goddess Wall, Laurel Flower Floor, Cypress Tree; Greek Pup, Flowers & Stand
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    Post BAKERY STORY :: Updates 2015

    S8Blog S8Forum Recipes Decor CONTENT
    53 30-Dec-2015 New Year - Crate: Party Crate
    52 23-Dec-2015 Winter - Crate: Snow 'n Ice Crate
    51 16-Dec-2015 Christmas/Winter Vocal Range (Caroling Cake Pops, Fa-la-la-la Fudge, Mistletoe Muffins) Ice Table & Chair; Igloo, Frozen Fountain, Jingle Bell Wreath, Snowflake Sculpture
    50 9-Dec-2015 Christmas Snowman Fountain(G) (Candy Cappuccino, Gingerbread Latte, Holly Hot Cocoa), Snowman Stove(G) (Reindeer Pops, Snowman Sandies, Winter Tree Truffles) Ice Counter, Santa Coat Table, Santa Hat Chair, Candy Cane Wall, Snow Snowflake Floor, Holly and the Ivy, Pinecone Pedestal, Stack of Gifts, Titan Tannenbaum Goals: Christmas
    49 2-Dec-2015 Christmas North Polar Oven (Candy Cane Cookies, Polar Bear pops, Santa Strawberries) Gift Wrap Wall & Floor, Reindeer Wreath, Nutcracker King, Elf Dolls, Gift Box Bear
    48 25-Nov-2015 Autumn - Crate: Autumn Crate Sale: Black Friday
    47 18-Nov-2015 Thanksgiving Mayflower Maker (Mayflower Mousse, Pilgrim Pastries, Plymouth Rocky Road) Pilgrim Lantern, Plymouth Rock, Mayflower Model
    46 11-Nov-2015 Thanksgiving Cornucopi-Oven(G) (Turkey Cake Pops, Turkey Tarts, Turkey Truffles), Hay Bale Fountain(G) (Autumn Americano, Harvest Hot Cocoa, Thankful Tea) Thankful Counter, Table, Stool & Floor; Welcome Wall, Thankful Turkey, Welcome Wagon, Founder's Feast Goals: Thanksgiving
    45 4-Nov-2015 Corn/Pumpkins Pumpkin Producer (Pumpkin Shake, Pumpkin Sorbet, Pumpkin Spice Latte) Hay Bale Table, Pumpkin Chair, Simple Scarecrow, Corn Maze Maize, Haystack
    44 28-Oct-2015 Halloween Headstone Oven (Ghost Cookies, Ghost Cupcakes, Ghost Pops) Grave Table, Ghost Chair, Spider Window, Ghostly Dancers, Ghostly Diners, White Pumpkins
    43 21-Oct-2015 Halloween - Crate: Spooky Garden
    42 14-Oct-2015 Halloween Hallo-Oven(G) (Creepy Pops, Cupcake Ghouls, Sweet Pumpkins), Octob-Oven(G) (Candy Brownies, Candy Pie, Candy Torte) Candy Counter & Stool, Jack-o-Table, Haunted House Wall, Bat Floor, Giant Spider, Candy Dish, Costume Pup, Costume Boogie, Creepy Contest Goals: Halloween
    41 7-Oct-2015 Halloween Candy Cauldron (Candy Bark, Candy Treats, Gourmet Apples) Candy Carpet floor; Candy Wall, Counter, Wreath, Jars & Couple
    40 30-Sep-2015 Fall - Crate: Fall Crate
    39 23-Sep-2015 Apples(L) Cider Press (Pear Cider, Pumpkin Cider, Sweet Cider) Wooden Apple Table & Chair, Wall Apples; Apple Basket, Sticks & Grove Sale: Autumn/Fall New Version (Android): Orchard Fest ( / 23-Sep-2015)
    38 16-Sep-2015 Harvest Moon Festival Moon Festival Fountain(G) (Jade Tea, Moon Flower Tea, Yunnan Coffee), Moon Festival Oven(G) (Jade Pastry, Moon Cake, Pineapple Tart) Festival Counter, Table & Chair, Glowing City Wall, Lantern Floor, Moon Lantern, Festival Arch, Chinese Dragon, Festival Bakers Goals: Harvest Moon Festival
    37 9-Sep-2015 Sapphire - Crate: Sapphire Crate
    36 2-Sep-2015 Chinese Dim Sum Station (Baozi, Char Siu Pastries, Egg Tart) Golden Clouds Wall, Gold Coil Floor, Happiness Medallion, Jade Pillar, Dim Sum Cart, Koi Pond
    35 26-Aug-2015 Sugar/Spice Sweet N Spice (Cinna Cookies, Ginger Cookies, Saffron Cookies) Sugar Blue Table, Sugar Pink Chair, Spice Rack, Spice Shop Display, Sugar Jars, Spice Cart
    34 19-Aug-2015 Gladiolus - Crate: Gladiolus Crate New Feature (iOS): Gem Dispenser
    33 12-Aug-2015 Street Art Artsy Icebox(G) (Grasshopper Pie, Painted Glass, Pineapple Dream), Summer Icebox(G) (Berry Mousse Pie, Coconut Parfait, Cool Lemon Pie) Spray Paint Counter, Graffiti Table, Street Art Chair, Paint Drips Wall, Paint Puddle Floor, Pallet Mural, Mural Cake, Spray Paint Box, Artist's Stall, Live Graffiti Goals: Summer Street Art (listed in update thread)
    32 5-Aug-2015 Italian(L) Nona Oven (Anise Cookies, Pizzelles, Tri-color Cookies) Italian Flag Floor, Italian Cookies Wall, Cookie Wreath, Cookie Tray, Italian Bakery, Caesar LTO: Candy Box New Version (Android): Sugar & Spice ( / 6-Aug-2015)
    31 29-Jul-2015 Summer - Crate: Summer Crate Value Pack (iOS): Mighty Oven & Mixer
    30 22-Jul-2015 Colonial Colonian Oven 5gems price / 12gems mastery (Corn Muffins, Molasses Bites, Pound Cake) Colonial Table, Lounge & Wall, Thirteen Stars Floor, Candlesticks, Colony Treats, Colonial Waltz, Colonial March
    29 15-Jul-2015 Ice Cream - Crate: Ice Cream Crate Value Pack (iOS): Book Store, Book Club Meeting New Expansion: 26x28, 27x29
    28 8-Jul-2015 Wild West Pioneer Oven (Blueberry Bars, Choco Rounds, Apple Puffs) Rustic Table & Chair, Gray Arrows Wall, Pioneer Blue Floor, Horseshoes, Covered Wagon, Trail Treats, Pioneer Camp
    27 1-Jul-2015 4th of July Banner Oven(G) (Caramel Pie, French Silk Pie, Peach Pie), Rocket Oven(G) (Banana Pie, Lemon Chess Pie, Peanut Pie) Rocket Counter, Banner Table, July Chair, Fireworks Wall, Lattice Pie Floor, Patriot Pallet, Pie Table Display, Popcorn Bucket, July Candles, Judge's Table, Pie Bakers Goals: 4th of July. Value Pack (iOS): Hard At Work, Lazy Sunday
    26 24-Jun-2015 Pearls - Crate: Pearl Crate iOS Update
    25 17-Jun-2015 Rainbow(L) Rainbow Oven (Rainbow Cake, Sprinkle Berries, Rainbow Dops) Candy Clouds Wall, Neon Sprinkles Floor, Rainbow Pops, Rainbow City, Rainbow Roses, Rainbow Hazel, Rainbow Roses, Neon Zebra, Mega Rainbow LTO: Fruit Fountain New Version (Android): Double Rainbow ( / 17-Jun-2015)
    24 10-Jun-2015 Balloons Puff Oven(G) (Mocha Puff, Strawberry Puff, Vanilla Puff), Whip Fountain(G) (Cream Whip, Sky Whip, Sky Whip) Balloon Table, Cloud Puff Chair, Balloon Festival Wall, Cloud Floor, Balloon Lantern, Balloon Lamp, Ballooning Pup, Balloon Picnic, Bakery Balloon Goals: Balloon Festival
    23 3-Jun-2015 German Medieval Bavarian Stove 5gems (Apple Pancake, Cream Horns, Pretzels) Cuckoo Clock, Lodge Counter, Pretzel Twist Table, Black Forest Chair, Tuscany Wall, Tuscan Clay Floor, Pretzel Bakers, Folk Dancers, Fraulein, Deutsch Castle, German Shepherd LTO: Tea Party; Baseball Appliances & Decor
    22 27-May-2015 Emerald - Crate: Emerald Crate LTO: Peridot Fountain
    21 20-May-2015 Yoga(L) Green Juice, Red Juice (Drink Mixer); Yoga Stove (Acai Truffles, Oats Bran Muffins) Namastable, Floor Pillow, Ohm, Gong, Zen Candles, Ganesha, Mat Wall, Singing Bowis LTO: Duck Fountain New Version (Android): Yoga Cafe ( / 21-May-2015)
    20 13-May-2015 Tex-Mex Texas Fryer(G) (Bacon Donuts, Coconut Donuts, Strawberry Donuts), Texas Oven(G) (Cinnamon Tacos, Funky Tacos, Wildberry Tacos) Airstream Counter, Wagonwheel Table, Hip Stool, Windmills Wall, Bluebonnets Floor, Birthday Banner, Moving Day Hazel, Hazel's Boxes, Movers, Hazel's Bike, Hidden Cake, Surprise Party Goals: Million Sweets to Taste in Texas
    19 6-May-2015 Argentina Alfajores, Arroz Con Leche, Cuernitos, Medialuna (White Oven) Blue and White Wall, Argentine Sun Floor, Gaucho Lasso, Gaucho Pup, Tango Dancers, Contador de Pan, Facturas Case, Argentine Lovers Content Removal: Baseball
    18 29-Apr-2015 Poetry(L) Crow Pie, Quillcakes (White Oven) Quill and Scroll Table, Inkpot Stool, Gothic Bookshelf Wall, Nib Floor, Magnetic Poetry, Poet's Corner, A Movable Feast, Raven's Cage, Typewriter Trunks Bundle (iOS): Cinco de Mayo 2013 Content New Version (Android): Poet's Cafe ( / 1-May-2015)
    17 22-Apr-2015 Ballet - Crate: Ballet Crate
    16 15-Apr-2015 Music - Jive Clock, Framed Albums, Juke Box, Album Crate Decor, Record Store Counter Display, Stack Browsers, High Fidelity Display, Listening Party Relisted: Cinco de Mayo 2013 Content
    15 8-Apr-2015 Spring(L) Daisy Cake (White Oven), Iced Chamomile Tea (Drink Mixer) Daisy Table, White Lattice Stool, Spring Hills Wall, Hanging Mason Jars, Daisy Trellis, Blossom Topiary, Daisy Daisy Display, Blooming Display New Expansion: 25x27. New Version (Android): Spring ( / 8-Apr-2015)
    14 1-Apr-2015 Baseball Ballpark Fountain(R) (Caramel Shake, Cream Soda Float, Rally Cap Fizz), Grandslam Oven(R) (Baseball Cakes, Cream Dogs, Grand Slam Cake) Batter Ups Counter, Ballpark Table, Dugout Chair, Pinstripe Wall, Astro Grass Floor, Baseball Banner, Memorabilia, Slugger Hazel, Stadium Fans Goals: Home Run. LTO: Spring Basket & Gem Expansions -25%; Egg Hunt
    13 25-Mar-2015 Sakura - Blossom Groves Wall, Blossom Counter, Table, Chair, Basin & Beauties, Sakura Treat Stand Sale: Easter. Bundle (iOS): Easter
    12 18-Mar-2015 Patisserie(L) Fruit Cake, Pie Cake (White Oven) Bistro Table & Chair, Macaron Wall, Patisserie Sign & Display, Patisserie Decor, Circular Treat, Yummy Sweets Content Removal: Christmas/Winter New Version (Android): Pastry Shop ( / 18-Mar-2015)
    11 11-Mar-2015 Turkish Turkish Delights (White Oven), Apple Tea (Drink Mixer) Turkish Taible, Chair & Wall, Limestone Floor, Turkish Rug, Theodosius, Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Whirling Dervish
    10 4-Mar-2015 Commercial Commercial Oven(G) (Epi, Jalapeno Cheddar, Sourdough Boule), Steam Oven(G) (Caribbean Nimbus, Cheese Scones, Steamed Lemon Pudding) Bread Counter, Brick Wallpaper, Black and White Floor, Fresh Bread, Triple Decker, Commercial Mixer & Refrigirator, Proofer Box, Sample Station, Prep Bakers Goals: Breadfully Yours. Content Removal: Christmas/Winter
    9 25-Feb-2015 Japanese(L) Dango, Mochi Ice Cream, Wagashi (White Oven) Ai Table & Chair, Tatami Wall & Floor, Nippon Scroll, Hinamatsuri, Nippon Pasrty Shop, Kotatsu, Tea Ceremony, Tori Gate, Nippon Sweets, Golden Temple Sale: St. Patrick's Day New Version (Android): Tokyo Sweets ( / 24-Feb-2015)
    8 18-Feb-2015 Flan Basic Flan, Berry Flan, Chocolate Flan (White Oven) Faln Table, Stool, & Wall, Flanta, Flantasy Party Bundle (iOS): Cafe
    7 11-Feb-2015 Urban Cronut (White Oven) Urban Display, Cake, Spatula, Divider, Chocolate, Installation, Keeps & Lights LTO: Urban Display (iOS Bundle only)
    6 4-Feb-2015 Valentine's Day Choco-Love Stove(G) (Choco-Coffee Cup, Choco-Sundae Bowl, Choco-tini Glass), Fondue Fountain(G) (Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Strawberry, Cocoa Marshmallow) Sweetheart Counter, Table, Chair & Wall, Sweet Pea Floor, Valentine's Mitts, Sprinkle Rack, Sweetheart Display, Valentine's Display Goals: Valentine's Day New Feature (iOS): Bundles
    5 28-Jan-2015 Ice - Ice Cube Counter, Frost Table & Chair, Ice Bricks Wall, Powdered Snow Floor, Frost Door & Window, Large Crystal Formation; Ice Fishing, Burr-ista, Sculpture & Fireplace Sale: Valentine's Day
    4 21-Jan-2015 Ice - Crate(R): Iced Crate LTO: 2x Coins&XP Espresso Machine
    3 14-Jan-2015 Winter Winter Frost Fountain(G) (Caramel Cocoa, Red Velvet Cocoa, White Hot Chocolate), Winter Frost Oven(G) (Winter Branch Cake, Winter Frost Cake, Winter Holly Cake) Winter Branch Counter, Frosted Branch Table, Winter Frost Chair, Winter Branches Wall, Winter Swirl Floor, Snowy Branch Lantern, Cake Prep Station, Tiered Winter Cake, Master Cake Decorator Goals: Winter Frost. Content Removal: Autumn/Fall
    2 7-Jan-2015 Lodge - Lodge Counter, Table, Chair, Couch, Door, Trunk & Fireplace; Rustic Wood Wall, Rustic Bookshelf, Wood Bear Statue Content Removal: Autumn/Fall
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    Post BAKERY STORY :: Updates 2014

    S8Blog S8Forum Recipes Decor CONTENT
    53 31-Dec-2014 Steampunk - Steampunk Counter, Table, Stool, Wall Clock, Case, Clock & Fountain
    52 24-Dec-2014 New Year - Crate(R): Countdown Crate
    51 17-Dec-2014 Christmas(L) - Pink Gift Counter, Christmas Table & Chair, Candy Table & Chair, Green Ribbon & Cane Wall, Ribbon & Candy Heart Floor, Christmas Door & Wreath, Wreath Garland, Winter Proposal, Candy Cane Fountain, Bench & Fence, Fireplace Stockings, Present Cake Display, Romantic Skate, Santa Cake Display Sale: Christmas. LTO: Holiday Bear, Santa's Chimney, Bag of Gifts, Brick Display Case, Holiday Carolers, Snowman Workshop New Version (Android): Christmas ( / 17-Dec-2014)
    50 10-Dec-2014 Christmas Santa's Shop Fountain(G) (Chocolate Eggnog, Gingerbread Eggnog, Hazelnut Eggnog), Santa's Shop Oven(G) (Christmas Cake, North Pole Cupcakes, Santa Hat Brownies) Santa's Shop Counter, Table & Chair, Winter Workshop Wall, Santa's Shop Floor, Poinsettia Garland, Christmas Treats, Little Helper, Santa's Workshop Goals: Christmas
    49 3-Dec-2014 Snow - Snowball Table & Chair, Ice Bricks Wall, Snowy Stone Floor, Snowy Door, Snowman Wreath, Tree & Cake, Fun Sledding LTO: Snowman Baker
    48 26-Nov-2014 Citrine Citrine Juice, Citrine Tea (Drink Mixer), Citrine Cake, Citrine Cupcakes (White Oven) Citrine Counter, Table, Stool, Floor, Wall & Fountain Sale: Black Friday
    47 19-Nov-2014 Fall - Pinecone Counter, Harvest Table & Chair, Gobblestone Floor, Fall Carriage & Arch, Harvest Display & Fountain, Pilgrim Vase
    46 12-Nov-2014 Fall(L) Fall Fountain(G) (Apple Fizz, Cranberry Fizz, Pumpkin Spice Fizz), Fall Oven(G) (Candy Cornucopia, Pilgrim Pops, Turkey Cupcake) Fall Counter, Table & Chair, Fall Trees Wall, Fall Leaves Floor, Autumn Window, Fall Cupcake Display, Fall Tree, Fall Baker Goals: Thanksgiving New Version (Android): Thanksgiving ( / 12-Nov-2014)
    45 5-Nov-2014 Thanksgiving - Crate: Parade Crate
    44 29-Oct-2014 Halloween - Crypt Counter, Spooky Tree Table, Cobweb Chair, Witch Crossing Wall, Candy Corn Floor, Black Rose Wreath, Pumpkin Garland, Headless Horseman, Spooky Tree Shelf, Witch Cat, Expired Display, Pumpkin Stack, Haunted Ball LTO Halloween: Boardwalk Dining, Frankenstein Table, Haunted House, Cute Vampire Baker, Mummy Baker, Halloween Wreath, Full Moon Clock, Haunted Lantern, Twisted Cupcake Tree, Flying Bat Wall, Jack O'Lantern Floor, Jack'O'Counter, Pumpkin Patch Counter
    43 22-Oct-2014 Zen - Shoji Counter, Table, Chair, Wall & Scone, Bamboo Floor, Paper Lantern, Zen Garden, Shoji Display Case, Maple Bonsai Tree LTO: Breakfast Buffet, Book Club Meeting
    42 15-Oct-2014 Space - Shuttle Counter, Moon Chair, Starry Wall & Floor, Crater Pond, Astro Aunt, Earth Fountain, Sun Fire Pit, Venus Fly Trap LTO: Romantic Picnic
    41 8-Oct-2014 Halloween Parfait Potion Stand(G) (Candy Corn Parfait, Haunted Parfait, Pumpkin Parfait), Pumpkin Stove(G) (Cauldron Cakes, Ghost Berries, Pumpkin Cake Pops) Witch's Web Counter & Table, Witch's Chair, Pumpkin Patch Wall, Haunted Square Floor, Bat Garland, Pumpkin Divider, Cupcake Gravestone, Jack-O-Lantern Patch, Harvest Wagon, Fall Bread Goals: Halloween
    40 1-Oct-2014 Polka-Dot - Dotted Counter & Cake Display, Polka Dot Table, Chair, Wall, Floor & Curtains; Cow Statue, Arts and Crafts, Potted Boot Plant, Match the Color LTO: Truffle Maker
    39 24-Sep-2014 Coffee - Crate: Coffee Crate
    38 17-Sep-2014 Honey(L) Honey Mixer (Honey Smoothie, Honey Tea) Honey Counter, Table, Chair, Floor & Shelf; Honey Chain Wall, Honeycomb Lamp, Hive Clock, Busy Bees, A Drop of Honey New Version (Android): Honey ( / 17-Sep-2014)
    37 10-Sep-2014 Coffee Coffee Machine(G) (Chocolate Art Coffee, Foam Art Coffee, Spice Art Coffee), Frappe Fountain(G) (Caramel Frappe, Mocha Frappe, Strawberry Frappe) Espresso Counter, Cafe Cup Chair, Coffee Smoke Table & Wall, Coffee Stone Floor, Coffee Swirl Door, Espresso Bar, Helpful Hazel, Coffee Shop Goals: Coffee Shop
    36 3-Sep-2014 Apples Apple Cupcake, Caramel Apples (White Oven) Caramel Counter; Apple Table, Chair & Clock; Caramel Apple Wall & Floor; Grabbing for Apples
    35 27-Aug-2014 Fantasy Medieval - Medieval Counter & Chair, Shield Table, Castle Wall, Floor & Window, Jester Greeter, Slumbering Dragon
    34 20-Aug-2014 Basic Baker - Crate: Basic Baker's Crate
    33 13-Aug-2014 Italian Gelato Cart(G) (Chocolate Gelato, Green Tea Gelato, Honey Gelato), Pastry Cart(G) (Bombolini, Cannoli Cups, Tiramisu) Sweet Cart Counter, Yellow Bistro Table & Chair, Gelato Shop Wall, Yellow Marble Floor, Cannoli Sign, Gelato Menu, Bar & Machine Goals: Gelato & Pastry
    32 6-Aug-2014 Peridot Peridot Cupcakes (White Oven) Peridot Counter, Table, Chair, Floor, Mirror, Cake, Fountain & Flowers
    31 30-Jul-2014 Birthday - Crate: Birthday Box
    30 23-Jul-2014 Old Brick Fudge Station(G) (Chocolate Fudge, Glazed Pecan Fudge, Maple Fudge), Old Brick Oven(G) (Banana Pudding, Bread Pudding, Chocolate Pudding) Old Brick Counter, Charming Marble Table, Charming Iron Chair, Aged Brick Wall, Cobblestone St. Floor, River St. Window, Antique St. Sign, Antique St. Lamp, Horse Drawn Carriage Goals: Summer Romance
    29 16-Jul-2014 Farmer's Market(L) - Farmer's Table, Chair, Saleswoman & Bread Stand; Fresh Bread New Version (Android): Farmer's Market ( / 16-Jul-2014)
    28 9-Jul-2014 Mosaic - Mosaic Moon Counter, Mosaic Sun Table & Chair; Mosaic Night Wall, Mosaic Star Flor; Mosaic Clock, Fountain & Vase
    27 2-Jul-2014 Magician Magic Trick Cupcakes (White Oven) Magic Trunk Counter, Magician's Table, Magic Hat Chair, Tat Trick Wall, Illusionary Floor, Magic Show Sign, Magician's Performance (Magical Act), Magical Sweets
    26 25-Jun-2014 Bowling - Bowling Counter, Table & Chair; Strike Zone Wall & Floor; Bowling Pin Clock, Strike Zone Cake & Cookies, Bowling Trophies
    25 18-Jun-2014 Camping - Crate: Camping Crate
    24 11-Jun-2014 Arabian Palace Stove(G) (Kunafeh Pastry, Lumet il Adi Puffs, Ma'amoul Cookies), Sultan Fountain (Lime Sherbet, Orange Sherbet, Strawberry Sherbet) Palace Counter & Pillow, Arabian Night Table, Arabian Night Wall, Magic Carpet Floor, Arabian Moon, Magic Lamp Cake, Belly Dancers, Sultan's Dinner Goals: Arabian Nights
    23 4-Jun-2014 Soccer(L) Soccer Cake Pops (White Oven) Goalie Counter, Soccer Ball Table & Stool, Soccer Cup Cookies Trophy, Winning Goal Cake, Soccer Ball Clock, Table Tournament New Version (Android): Soccer World ( / 5-Jun-2014)
    22 28-May-2014 Planes - Propeller Table, Bomber Chair & Counter, Learn to Fly, Airplane Planter, Airplane Statue, Coin Operated Plane, Early Flight
    21 21-May-2014 Hawaii - Hula Table & Chair, Sunset Wall, Lei Floor, Tiki Sconce, Luau, Donut Tiki, Tropical Cookies
    20 14-May-2014 Garden - Crate: Gardener's Box
    19 7-May-2014 Garden Garden Fountain (Blackberry Lemonade, Limeade, Pink Lemonade), Garden Oven(G) (Dirt Cups, Garden Cupcake, Snail Snack) Floral Counter, Petal Table & Stool, Firefly Field Wall, Glowing Grass Floor, Glowing Garland, Garden Lantern, Garden Glow Tree, Garden Glow Goals: Garden Glow Party New Feature (iOS): Block User
    18 30-Apr-2014 White Wicker(L) - White Wicker Counter, Table, Chair & Loveseat; Woven Wall, Basket Weave Floor, Wicker Wall Sconce, Wall Flower Basket, Large & Small Basket Displays New Version (Android): Mother's Day ( / 1-May-2014)
    17 23-Apr-2014 Books - Book Table & Stool, Bookcase Counter & Wall, Wall Bookshelf, Book Club Meeting, Side Table, Table Bookcase LTO: Book Store
    16 16-Apr-2014 Easter - Egg Hunt Counter; Easter Egg Chair, Table & Wall; Painted Egg Floor, Egg Wall Plates, Chicken Pen, Easter Baskets
    15 9-Apr-2014 Easter - Crate(R): Easter Egg Surprise
    14 2-Apr-2014 Princess Fairy Tale Oven(G) (Enchanted Candy Apples, Magic Fruit Wands, Spellbound Cake Pops), Royal Oven(G) (Ball Gown Cupcakes, Rock Candy Pendant, Royal Palace Cake) Tiara Counter, Chandelier Table, Princess Throne Chair, Grand Ballroom Wall, Ballroom Marble Floor, Palace Window, Majesty's Mirror, Ballroom Dancers, Princess Carriage Goals: Ballroom
    13 26-Mar-2014 Popcorn - Kernel Counter; Popcorn Table, Stool, Wall, Floor & Cart; Fresh Popcorn Sign, Kettle Corn Stand
    12 19-Mar-2014 Waffles - Waffle Counter, Table, Chair, Floor, Mirror, Baker & Station; Beigian Waffle Clock, Waffle Love Wall
    11 12-Mar-2014 St. Patrick's Day - Crate(R): Pot O'Gold
    10 5-Mar-2014 St. Patrick's Day(L) Dublin Dessert Oven (Irish Apple Tart, Irish Mince Pie, Soda Bread), Emerald Isle Oven (Boxty, Chicken Curry Pasty, Shepherd's Pie) Blarney Counter, Rainbow Table, Pot O' Gold Stool, Irish Cottage Wall, Shamrock Floor, Sham Clock, Slainte Sign, Shamrock Bouquet, Irish Harp Player. Gold Coin Counter, Table & Chair; Leprechaun Coins, Cake & Party, Lucky Clock Goals: St. Patrick's Day New Version (Android): St. Patrick's Day ( / 6-Mar-2014)
    9 26-Feb-2014 Ice Cream - Neapolitan Counter, Single Scoop Table, Waffle Cone Chair & Wall, Neon Ice Cream, Waffle Cone Sconce & Bench, Ice Cream Parlor, Strawberry Milkshake Decor
    8 19-Feb-2014 Hockey - Hockey Rink Counter, Hockey Puck Table, Hockey Stick Chair, Hockey trophy, Face-Off
    7 12-Feb-2014 Amethyst & Winter Sports - Amethyst; Amethyst Chaises, Fountain, Cookies, Flowers & Cake. Crate(R): Winter Sports
    6 5-Feb-2014 Porcelain(L) & Patisserie French Cookie Oven(G) (Lemon Madeleines, Palmier Cookies, Sable Cookies), Patisserie Oven(G) (Chocolate Souffle, Creme Brulee, Profiterole) City of Love Counter, Parisian Picnic Table & Chair, Patisserie Wall, Parisian Cobblestone Floor, Neon Amour, Parisian Street Lamp, Patisserie Display, Eiffel Flowers. Porcelain Counter, Table, Chair, Floor, Plates & Tea Set; Teapot Fountain, Tea Time Display Goals: Parisian Love New Version (Android): Springtime ( / 5-Feb-2014)
    5 29-Jan-2014 Valentine's Day & Winter - Candy Heart Counter, Heartcake Table, Heart Stool, Ice Fishing & Cupcake, Winter Fireplace, Sled Penguins, Heart Mirror
    4 22-Jan-2014 Valentine's Day - Crate(R): Love Basket
    3 15-Jan-2014 Roses - Pink Rose Counter, Red Rose Table & Chair, Pink Rose Wall, Rose Petal Floor, Glass Rose , Winter Kitten, Winter Puppy
    2 8-Jan-2014 Wedding Winter Cider Maker(G) (Mulled Cider, Raspberry Spice Cider, Vanilla Cream Cider), Winter Wedding Oven(G) (White Fudge Pretzels, Winter Macaroons, Winter Wedding Cake) Winter Wedding Counter, Table, Chair & Wall; Live Light, Weding Petal Path Floor; Winter Bouquet, Love Ice Sculpture, Winter Wedding, Snowflake Clock, Ice Couch, Snowflake Fountain Goals: Winter Wedding. Content Removal: Christmas/Winter
    1 1-Jan-2014 Winter - Icicle Counter, Table & Chair; Snowflake Mirror & Cookies; Snow Couch
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    Post BAKERY STORY :: Updates 2013

    S8Blog S8Forum Recipes Decor CONTENT
    52 25-Dec-2013 Christmas - Holiday Fireplace, Firewood, Holiday Bear. Crate(R): Santa's Gift Bag
    51 18-Dec-2013 Christmas(L) - Holiday Counter; Snowman Table, Wall & Floor; Snowball Fight, Holiday Cupcakes, Gingerbread Stool & Sconce New Version (Android): Christmas ( / 19-Dec-2013)
    50 11-Dec-2013 Christmas Yuletide Candy Maker(R) (Gift-Wrapped Fudge, Peppermint Bark, Yuletide Truffle), Yuletide Oven(R) (Reindeer Cupcakes, Snowman Cake Pops, Xmas Tree Brownies) Gift Wrapped Counter, Xmas Lights Wall, Floor & Table; Ornament Stool; Icicle, Candy Cane & Noel Lights; Light-Up Tree, Magic of Christmas Goals: Christmas
    49 4-Dec-2013 Christmas - Garland Counter, Light Table, Wreath Chair, Ornament Wall, Candy Cane Floor & Clock, Holiday Carolers, Peppermint Couch Sale: Cyber Monday
    48 27-Nov-2013 Autumn - Pie Counter, Table & Stool, Pinecone Floor, Fall Garland & Clock, Scarecrow Couch, Rustic Bench, Barrel of Apples, Turkey Cupcakes Sale: Black Friday
    47 20-Nov-2013 Autumn - Autumn Table & Stool, Autumn Wreath, Harvest Wagon, Autumn Tree, Fall Craft Table, Pie Sale Table, Apple Cider Table, Fall Bread New Feature: Login
    46 13-Nov-2013 Thanksgiving - Crate(R): Fall Surprise
    45 6-Nov-2013 Thanksgiving(L) Bakesgiving Oven(G) (Cranberry Cheescake, Pumpkin Cheescake, Yam Cheescake), Harvest Candy Maker(G) (Apple Spice Truffle, Pecan Pralines, Sweet Corn Brittle) Harvest Counter, Fall Leaves Table & Chair, Tail Feather Table & Chair, Rustic Fall Wall, Autumn Acorn Floor, Framed Fall Leaf, Candy Corn Wall, Pumpkin Bouquet, Give Thanks Sign, Cranberry Candles, Bakesgiving Cornucopia Goals: Thanksgiving New Version (Android): Thanksgiving ( / 6-Nov-2013)
    44 30-Oct-2013 Halloween - Skull Counter , Skeleton Table & Chair, Halloween Wreath, Spooky Candles, Trick or Treat, Witches Broom Bucket, Candy Cauldron, Experiment, Bobbing for Apples, Haunted House LTO: Halloween Chest
    43 23-Oct-2013 Halloween - Twisted Tree Table, Cemetery Chair & Counter, Flying Bat Wall, Jack O' Lantern Floor, Wall Torch, Cookie Prep Station, Cupcake Tombstone, Pumpkin Display, Witch Supplies, Cemetery Archway
    42 16-Oct-2013 Halloween - Crate(R): Bucket of Treats
    41 9-Oct-2013 Halloween - Pumpkin Patch Counter, Haunted Table & Lantern, Spooky Chair & Clock, Spooky Tree Wall, Spiral Floor
    40 2-Oct-2013 Halloween Haunted Drink Machine(R) (Slime Slushie, Gummy Worm Punch, Midnight Milkshake), Spectral Oven(R) (Jack'O'Cupcake, Spectral Cupcake, Monstrous Cupcake) Jack O Counter, Mummy Head Table, Rising Hand Chair, Dead of Night Wall, Moonlit Floor, Full Moon Clock, Twisted Cupcake Tree, Natasha's Cauldron, Ghostly Gathering Goals: Halloween
    39 25-Sep-2013 S'mores/Donuts - S'more Table, Marshmallow Stool, Silver Pocket Watch, Donut Pup, Hot Cocoa Fountain, Donut Joy Wall, Cupcake Ballon
    38 18-Sep-2013 Sugar Fairy - Crate: Sugar Fairy's Gift
    37 11-Sep-2013 Movie & Fall Treats(L) Gourmet Soda Machine(G) (Blueberry Soda, Honey Lime Soda, Watermelon Soda), Movie Night Oven(G) (Chocolate Raisins, Cinnamon Pretzel, Frosted Cake Pops) Clapper Counter, Film Reel Table, Movie Theater Seet, Theater Curtains Wall, Red Carpet Floor, Movie Poster, Movie Screen, Movie Stars, Red Rope Stanchion. Chocolate Strawberry Wall, Cookie Floor, Strawberry Lamp , Teapot Loveseat, Jelly Bean Jar Counter Goals: Movie Night New Version (Android): Fall Treats ( / 11-Sep-2013)
    36 4-Sep-2013 Labor Day - Girder Counter, Hard Hat Table, Traffic Cone Chair, Striped Stars Wall, Labor Day Floor, Wall Rocket, USA Donuts, USA Dalmatian
    35 28-Aug-2013 Boardwalk - Crate: Boardwalk Box
    34 21-Aug-2013 Boardwalk - Beach Siding Wall, White Boardwalk Floor, Side Show Sign, Boardwalk Dining, Beach Artist & Pinup
    33 14-Aug-2013 Boardwalk - Adirondack Counter, Table & Chair; Cupcake Sign, Awning Window, Panorama
    32 7-Aug-2013 Boardwalk Frozen Banana Stand(G) (Coconut Banana, Frosted Banana, Sprinkled Banana), Frosty Freezer(G) (Balboa Bar, Cookie Sandwich, Frozen Lemonade) Boardwalk Counter, Umbrella Table, Taffy Stool, Boardwalk Sunset Wall, Boardwalk Floor, Pier Railing, Boardwalk Sign, Surrey, Carousel Goals: Boardwalk
    31 31-Jul-2013 Pirates - Jolly Roger Table, Chair & Wall; Nautical Helm, Pirate Hat, Pirate Mosaic Floor
    30 24-Jul-2013 Pirates & Summer Picnic(L) - Basket Counter, Summer Table & Chair; Picnic Blanket Wall, Sun Quilt Floor; Bakery, Summer & Berry Picnic. Barrel Counter, Table & Chair, Tortuga Stucco Wall, Caribbean Floor, Cupcakes Tell No Lies LTO: Pirate's Party New Version (Android): Summer Picnic ( / 25-Jul-2013)
    29 17-Jul-2013 Pirates Treasure Oven (Beach Parfait, Pirate Peach Pie, Sugar Sand Tarts) Swashbuckler Counter, Ship Wheel Table & Chair, Masonic Wall, Pirate Planks Floor, Treasure Map
    28 10-Jul-2013 Pirates - Crate: Pirate Chest
    27 3-Jul-2013 Pirates Pirate Oven(G) (Honey Cake, Hard Tack, Meat Pie) Sunken Treasure Counter, Tortoise Shell Table, Ship Barrel Chair, Pirate Ship , Ocean Sky & Woodboard Wall, Ocean Blue Floor, Parrot, Pirate Ship Bow, Pirate Ship Stern, Ship Wall Divider, Treasure Island Goals: Ship Ahoy!
    26 26-Jun-2013 4th of July - Uncle Sam Counter, Table & Chair, Star Spangled Wall, Circle Stars Floor, Celebration Flag, Wanted Sign, American Flowers
    25 19-Jun-2013 Tea & 4th of July(L) - Americana Counter, Table & Chair; Independence Print, Wreath & Floor; Rockets wall, Patriot Puppy, 4th of Cheesecake, Liberty Lady. Pink Sash Counter, Table & Chair; Doily Counter, Table & Chair; Tea Cups Wall; Tea, Tea Stencils & Tea Leaves Floor; Team Time Painting, Tea Clock, Turquoise Tea Painting, Tea Bath, Classical Tea. Crate: Tea Treasure New Version (Android): 4th of July ( / 18-Jun-2013)
    24 12-Jun-2013 British - Union Jack Counter, Table, Wall & Floor; Union Shield Chair, English Bulldog
    23 5-Jun-2013 Tea Tea Time Kettle(G) (Darjeeling Tee, Irish Breakfast Tea, Lavendar Tea), Tea Time Oven(G) (Date Drop Scone, English Trifle, Finger Sandwiches) Teacup Table, Sugar Cube Chair, Tea Room Counter & Wall, Tea Plate Display, Teapot Lamp, Victoria Couch, Royal Booth Goals: Royal Tea
    22 29-May-2013 Summer Picnic - Picnic Counter, Table, Chair & Painting
    21 22-May-2013 Pastels - Pastel Wall & Floor LTO: Pastel Lounge
    20 15-May-2013 Pastels - Crate(R): Pastel Package
    19 8-May-2013 Spring - Spring Counter, Table, Chair & Penzai; Pink Herringbone Floor, Pink Zig Zag Wall
    18 1-May-2013 Mexican & Mother's Day(L) Motherly Oven(R) (Baked Alaska, Coconut Layer Cake, S&W Eclairs). Puebla Drink Maker(R) (Agua Fresca, Chocolate Mexicano, Horchata), Puebla Oven(R) (Marranitos, Pan Dulce, Tres Leches Cake) Puebla Counter, Table & Chair; Casita Wall, Papel Picado, Pinata, Mariachi Band. Mother's Day Dinner, Takeout Tulips; Flower Counter, Table & Chair Goals: Cinco de Mayo New Version (Android): Mother's Day ( / 1-May-2013)
    17 24-Apr-2013 Mother's Day - Crate(R): Mother's Surprise
    16 17-Apr-2013 Spring - Craft Counter, Blossom Luggage, Green Roses
    15 10-Apr-2013 Spring - Bubbly Table & Chair, Golden Counter, Irish Spring Wall
    14 3-Apr-2013 SweetCo SweetCo Station (Caramel Supremo, Fulffalanche, King Sweet, Lil Devil) SweetCo Table, Chair, Swirl Wall, Sprinkles Floor, Frosting Waterfall & Cupcake Tree; Chocolate Water Slide Regular Goals: SweetCo
    13 27-Mar-2013 Music - Amp Counter, Tulip Table, Flying V Chair, Sound Wall, Bass Floor LTO: Artsy Piano
    12 20-Mar-2013 Music - LP Table & Wall, Rock Chair, Guitar Floor, Juke Box Counter. Crate(R): Musical Gift
    11 13-Mar-2013 Music - Rock N Roll Counter, Music Stand Table and Chair, Piano Wall, Phonograph Floor, Hanging Notes
    10 6-Mar-2013 Music & St. Patrick's Day(L) Jazz Oven(R) (Bananas Foster, Beignets, Pain Perdu), Musical Drink Machine(R) (Chicory Coffee, Disco Mocha, Music Frappe). Lucky Oven(L) (Clover Cookies, Marshmallow Pops, Pot Of Gold Cupcakes) Brass Counter, Bass Drum Table, Drum Throne, Music Notes Wall, Piano Keys Floor, Hanging Tenor Sax, Treble Clock, Standing Bassist, Trumpet Player, Jazz Drummer, Crystal Piano. St. Patty Puppy, Clover Counter, Table, Chair, Wall & Floor Goals: Jazz It Up! New Version (Android): St. Patrick's Day ( / 6-Mar-2013)
    9 27-Feb-2013 Pancakes Pancake Griddle (Banana Pancakes, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Red Velvet Pancakes) Breakfast Counter; Pancake Table, Chair, Wall & Painting; Maple Floor LTO: Pancake Sculpture
    8 20-Feb-2013 President's Day Clay Oven (Corn Bread, Western Biscuits, Western Bread) Constitution Counter, Table & Chair; Buck Counter, Table & Chair; Stars Wall, Stripes Floor, Liberty Bell Cake, White Fence, End Table. Crate: American Gift
    7 13-Feb-2013 Valentine's Day - Valentine Counter, Pink Carpet Floor, Rose Bush Divider, Rose Lamp LTO: Valentine Display, Kissing Booth, Heart Planter, Puppy Love, Lovely Cake
    6 6-Feb-2013 Valentine's Day(L) - Rose Table & Chair; Rosy Wall LTO: Romantic Picnic, Love Games New Version (Android): Valentine's Day ( / 6-Feb-2013)
    5 1-Feb-2013 Valentine's Day Rose Oven(R) (Pink Rose Cupcakes, Red Rose Cake, Rose Cookies) Rose Counter, Valentine Table & Chair, Golden Heart Wall, Love Heart Floor, Red Ribbon, Cupid Corner Booth, Glassed Love, Valentine Shelf, Rose Cake Goals: Valentine's Day
    4 23-Jan-2013 Roman - Roman Counter, Table, Stool, Wall, Floor & Bakery Stand; Sconce Stack
    3 16-Jan-2013 Winter - Crate(R): Winter Gift
    2 9-Jan-2013 Winter - Snowy Table & Chair, Ice Crystal Counter, Winter Night Wall, Snow Floor, Snowed Fence Content Removal: Christmas/Winter. LTO: Winter Display
    1 3-Jan-2013 Winter Winter Oven(G) (Frost Cookies, Winter Cake, Winter Cupcake) Snowy Counter, Ice Crystal Table & Chair, White Owl Painting, Ice Penguin, Penguins Cake Goals: Winter
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    Post BAKERY STORY :: Updates 2012

    S8Blog S8Forum Recipes Decor CONTENT
    53 27-Dec-2012 Christmas Santa's Oven(R) (Claus Cupcake, Holiday Cookies, Reindeer Cake) Gift Wrap Table & Chair, Mrs. Santa Claus
    52 20-Dec-2012 Christmas - Frozen Counter, Sleigh Table & Chair, North Pole Wall, Santa Hat Floor. Crate(R): Holiday Present (aka Christmas Present) Sale: Old Xmas Items. LTO: Big Apple Statue, Statue of Liberty, NYC Cake, Barista Counter, Surfboard Display, Sandcastle, Beach Hut, Gumball Castle, Gumdrop Pass, Dessert Castle, Trevi Fountain, Art Stand, Gelato Stand
    51 11-Dec-2012 Christmas(L) Peppermint Mocha(R) (Drink Mixer); Brawny Muffin(R), Cherry Muffin(R), Heart Toast(R), Holiday Waffles(R), Instant Pudding(R), PB Chocolate Cake(R), Well-Done Toast(R) (White Oven); Winter Wonder Oven(R) (Snow Brownies, Snow Cookies, Snowflake Cake) Ornament Counters, Holiday Table & Chair, Holiday Lights Wall, Rudolph Floor, Reindeers (Dasher, Dancer & Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph), Santa's Grotto, Reindeer Mail Box, Elf Bake Shop, Holiday Choir Goals: Christmas New Version (Android): Christmas ( / 14-Dec-2012)
    50 6-Dec-2012 Christmas - Snow Globe Counters, Table & Stool, Santa's Clock
    49 29-Nov-2012 Fall Autumn Cake (White Oven) Glassed Leaf Counter, Vintage Fall Table & Chair; Autumn Wall, Leaf Carpet Floor, Fall Sweet Display, Autumn Fireplace
    48 22-Nov-2012 Fall - Crate(R): Red Autumn Sale: Black Friday
    47 15-Nov-2012 Thanksgiving(L) Turkey Oven(R) (Apple Dumplings, Mincy Pear Cobbler, Whoopie Pies) Thanksgiving Table, Thanksgiving Chair, Turkey Wall Lamp, Turkey Honeycomb, Gobble Divider, Thanksgiving Feast, Pilgrim Counter, Autumn Counter Goals: Thanksgiving New Version (Android): Thanksgiving ( / 16-Nov-2012)
    46 8-Nov-2012 Fall Autumn Oven (Orange, Yellow & Red Leaf Cookies) Pumpkin Counter, Leaf Table & Chair, Red Fall Wall, Fall Frames & Wreath, Leaf Floor & Lantern, Autumn Lamp LTO: Leaf Couch
    45 1-Nov-2012 Fall Autumn Cookies (White Oven) Autumn Gold Counter, Fall Leaf Table & Chair, Autumn Leaf Wall, Foliage Floor, Fall Wreath, Leaf Lantern LTO: Autumn Foliage
    44 25-Oct-2012 Halloween - Sale: Old Hallo Items (Spooky Table, Web Chair, Spider Web, Eerie Cake, Seance Table). LTO: Monster Kitchen
    43 18-Oct-2012 Halloween - Sale: Old Hallo Items (Spooky Wall, Pumpkin Table & Stool, Black Roses, Specimen Counter, Coffin Couch)
    42 11-Oct-2012 Halloween(L) - Crate: Cauldron New Version (Android): Halloween ( / 12-Oct-2012)
    41 4-Oct-2012 Halloween - Web Floor, Spider Web Counter Sale: Old Hallo Items (Ms. Spider Chef, Coffin Shelf, Witch's Cake, Mummy Cake)
    40 27-Sep-2012 Halloween Mummy Cupcake(R), Spider Brownie(R) (White Oven), Coffin Drink Machine(R) (Type A, Type B, Type O), Witches Cauldron(R) (Witch Shoes Cookies, Cauldron Cupcakes, Witch Hat Cookies) Coffin & Black Magic Counters, Vampire Table & Chair; Mummy Counter, Table, Chair, Wall, Floor, Wreath & Baker; Cute Vampire Baker, Potion Shelf, Frankenstein Table; Spider Table, Chair & Plant; Witches Table & Chair; Black Cat Decor, Spooky Punch; Bat & Web Wall; Bat Floor Goals: Halloween Halloween Edition (iOS)
    39 20-Sep-2012 Italian - Tuscan Counter, Table, Stool & Planter; Tuscany Wall, Ivy, Gelato Stand. Crate: Lil Italy Box Android Update v1.5.5.2 (Bug Fixes)
    38 13-Sep-2012 Italian Italian Oven (Focaccia Bread, Garlic Bread, Pane di Pasta) Patio Counter, Table & Chair; Beige Brick Floor, Rustic Wall, Italian Apron, Cafe Divider LTO: Italy Cake
    37 6-Sep-2012 Italian - Lil Italy Table, Chair & Counter; White Brick Floor, Barrel Flowers, Italian Pastry & Gelato Display Prices Increase 2x
    36 30-Aug-2012 Candy Castella (White Oven), Fruit Juicer (Cranberry, Apple & Orange Juice) Candy Couch, Candy Princess, Orange Tree LTO: Candy Dispenser Android Update v1.5.5.1 (Beginners' Goals)
    35 23-Aug-2012 Candy Red Berry Delight (White Oven) Crate(R): Candy Box LTO: Lollipop Center
    34 16-Aug-2012 Candy Blueberry Chiffon, Sweet Potato Pie (White Oven) Ice Cream Counter, Stained Glass Table, Rainbow Chair, Storefront Wall, Ceramic Floor, Antique Sign, Candy Barrel
    33 9-Aug-2012 Candy Candy Oven (Candy Cake, Candy Cookies, Candy Corn Muffin) Gumdrop Counter, Table & Chair, Sweets Wall, Candy Floor, Gummy Bear
    32 2-Aug-2012 Candy Sesame Tapioca Bread (White Oven) White Marble Counter, Black Licorice Table & Chair, Abstract Candy Wall, Diamond Wood Floor, Cupcake Painting, Cloud Candy Stand LTO: Sweet Tooth Cake
    31 26-Jul-2012 World Games - Discus Cookie Display, Hammer Throw Statue, Javelin Stand, Panda Gymnast, Tiger Gymnast, Pool Cake
    30 19-Jul-2012 World Games Gymnastics Cake(R), Pool Pie(R), Podium Cake (White Oven). Healthy Sweets Machine(R) (Mango Lime Ice Cream, Orange Banana Ice Cream, POM and Berry Ice Cream), World Games Oven(R) (Bronze Cookies, Gold Cookies, Silver Cookies) Athletics Counter, Table & Chair, Gymnastics Counter, Trampoline Table & Stool, Pool Counter, Water Table & Chair, Stop Watch, Ring, Track and Field Wall, Rhythmic & Pool Wall, Track, Pool & Mosaic Floor, Golden Statue, Gym Playground, Horizontal Cake, Hurdle Divider, Pole Vault Couch, High Jump Shelf, Tall Torch, Water Polo Hippo, Kids Sync, Team Duck, Rings Fountain, Poseidon Fountain, Sync Swimming, Shot Put Cart, Hula Hoop Statue Goals: World Games World Games Edition (iOS)
    29 12-Jul-2012 Beach Seashell Cupcakes (White Oven) Dolphin Fountain, Mermaid Sofa, Seashell Wreath LTO: Coral Reef Display
    28 5-Jul-2012 Beach Starfish Biscuits (White Oven) Aquarium Counter, Ice Cream Wall, Crab Greeter LTO: Ice Cream Sofa
    27 28-Jun-2012 Beach Shaved Ice Maker (Blue Raspberry Ice, Rainbow Ice, Strawberry Ice) Seashell Table, Clamshell Chair
    26 21-Jun-2012 Beach Watermelon Cake (White Oven) Beach Table & Chair, Watermelon Counter, Wood Floor, Popsicle Art. Crate: Summer Beach Box
    25 14-Jun-2012 Beach Frozen Drink Machine (Ocean Blast, Pineapple Paradise, Strawberry Splash) Beach Counter, Pineapple Table & Chair, Ocean Wall, Beach Floor, Hanging Starfish, Starfish Divider, Penguin Lifeguard LTO: Summer Beach Cake
    24 7-Jun-2012 Hawaii Beach Cupcakes, Coconut Cream Pie (White Oven) Tiki Counter, Table & Chair; Jellyfish Lamp, Potted Palm Tree, Hawaiian Greeter LTO: Turtle Vacationer
    23 31-May-2012 New York Subway Cupcakes (White Oven), Espresso Machine (Brooklyn Espresso, Empire Espresso, Liberty Espresso) Orange Wooden Counter, Diamond Print Table & Chair, Subway Wall, Hexagon Floor, Broadway Billboard, Drink Display, Coffee Mug Shelf LTO: Barista Counter
    22 24-May-2012 New York NY Bagels (White Oven), Big Apple Oven (Empire State Cookies, Liberty Cookies, Taxi Cookies) Light Wooden Counter, Executive Table & Chair, Exposed Brick Wall, Patterned Floor, Classic Black Lamp. Crate: Big City Box
    21 17-May-2012 New York Black & White Cookies (White Oven). Classic Bread Oven (French Bread, Hot Cross Buns, L'amour Special, Stone Ground Miche) Granite Counter, Taxi Table & Stool, Digital Register, Painted Wood Floor, Coffee Sign, Subway Art, Classic Metal Lamp, Metal Tile Divider. Helpful Loretta, Helpful Jean Pierre LTO: Worn Coffee Table Regular Goals: Classic Bread
    20 10-May-2012 Coffee & Mother's Day Lemon Muffin (White Oven) Elegant Counter, Table & Chair. Coffee Sign, Diamond print, Mother's Day Flowers, Flower Balloons LTO: Coffee Bean Display
    19 3-May-2012 Spring Black Forest Cake (White Oven) Flowering Window, Hummingbird Feeder, Tree Bookshelf, Wind Chimes, Lemon Tree, Beehive
    18 26-Apr-2012 Spring Berry Rhubarb Pie (White Oven) Forest Counter, Table & Chair, White Stone Floor, Leaf Clock, Vertical Garden, Cherry Tree, Terrarium, Tulips, Umbrella Stand LTO: Garden Cake Regular Goals: Beginner's. iOS Update v1.5.1 (Bug Fixes)
    17 19-Apr-2012 Spring - Daisy Floor, Swirled Sun, Whirled Cloud. Crate: Spring Gift LTO: Stone Spring
    16 12-Apr-2012 Spring Treat Dispenser (Chocolate Soy Shake, Fruity Yogurt Parfait, Leafy Smoothie) Brick Counter, Budding Table & Chair, Sun Clock, Log Divider LTO: Vegetable Garden
    15 5-Apr-2012 Easter Candy Hatchery(R) (Marshmallow Chicks, Chocolate Eggs, Chocolate Bunnies, Sheepish Cupcakes) Painted Egg Wall, Bunny Nest, Egg Timer, Basket of Eggs LTO: Water Garden
    14 29-Mar-2012 Fairy Tale 3 Bears Oven (Just Right Cookies, Too Cold Cookies, Too Hot Cookies) Stained Glass, Cat in Boots, Unicorn Statue, Noble Knight LTO: Fairy Kitchen
    13 22-Mar-2012 Fairy Tale - Magic Mirror, Mermaid Statue. Crate: Fairy Tale Box LTO: Bremen Musicians
    12 15-Mar-2012 St. Patrick's Day Emerald Oven(R) (Rainbow Cupcakes, Blarney Stone Bars, Shamrock Cookies) Pot O'Gold Counter, Irish Welcome Sign, Window Display, Irish Waitress, Lucky Display, Irish Dancers, Irish Band, Rainbow Arch Content Removal: Valentine's Day. LTO: Leprechaun Hideout
    11 8-Mar-2012 St. Patrick's Day - Shamrock Wall, Counter, Table & Chair; Celtic Knot Floor, Celtic Spoon, Blarney Stone, Rainbow Divider, Leprechaun Greeter, Irish Setter LTO: Green Cupcake Display
    10 1-Mar-2012 Fairy Tale - Fairy Table & Chair, Meadow Floor, Enchanted Forest Wall, Stone Divider, Mini Dragon Baker, Fairytale Wedding Cake LTO: Pegasus Statue New Expansion: 18x21, 19x22, 20x23, 21x24, 22x25, 23x26
    9 23-Feb-2012 Snow - Snowflake Wall, Ski Slopes. Crate(R): Snow Box LTO: Ski Rack Game Release for Kindle
    8 16-Feb-2012 Log Cabin Cocoa Maker (White Hot Cocoa) Log Table, Chair, Couch & Wall; Hardwood Floor, Bear Log Clock LTO: Cabin Fireplace
    7 9-Feb-2012 Valentine's Day - Valentine Menu, Silhouettes, Valentine Cards, Heart Garland, Puppy Love, Rose Column, Heart Divider LTO: Lovely Cake
    6 2-Feb-2012 Valentine's Day Candy Canes(R) (Candy Cane Maker), Heart Coffee (Drink Mixer), Coco Cream Muffins (White Oven) Kissing Booth LTO: Romantic Swing
    5 26-Jan-2012 Valentine's Day Love Muffins(G), Molten Lava Cake(G) Fancy Hearts Wall, Heart Floor, Jar of Hearts Goals: Valentine's Day. LTO: Romantic Picnic Valentine's Day Edition (iOS)
    4 20-Jan-2012 Valentine's Day Fruit Chocolate Dip(R) (Chocolate Pineapple, Chocolate Strawberries), Truffle Maker(R) (Dark Dusted Truffles, White Truffles) Chocolate Bar Counter, Chocolate Box Table, Truffle Chair, Love Ballons, Heart Planter, Forget Me Nots, Swan Fountain. Crate(R): Valentine Chest Content Removal: Christmas/Winter
    3 13-Jan-2012 Chinese New Year Sticky Cake(R), Sweet Bean Cake(R), Peking Dust(R) (White Oven); Dehydrator(R) (Candied Lotus Root), Sugar Coater(R) (Almond Sugar Cookies) Marble Floor, Prosperity Window, Dragon Musicians, Dragon Dancer, Baby Panda, Jade Statue, Mahjong Table, Mini Dragon Statue LTO: Lotus Fountain
    2 6-Jan-2012 Chinese New Year Fortune Cookies(R), Egg Tarts(R) (White Oven), White Spiced Coffee(R) (Drink Mixer) Antique Display & Counter, Coin Floor, Chinese Tea Set, Pagoda Cake, Fortune Tree, Fireworks Display, New Year Scroll, Lantern, Lucky Fountain, Yummy Snacks LTO: Jade Vase
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    Post BAKERY STORY :: Updates 2010-2011

    S8Blog S8Forum Recipes Decor CONTENT
    53 30-Dec-2011 New Year - Yellow & Pink Starry Wall, Yellow & Blue Stars Floor, Sparkling Cider & Sparkling Pink Floor, Time Table & Stool Goals: New Year. LTO: Sparkling Cider Fountain
    52 23-Dec-2011 Christmas - Gift Wrap Wallpaper, Mistletoe, Wreath, Holiday Tree LTO: Polar Bear
    51 16-Dec-2011 Christmas Chocolate Cherry Trifle, Red Velvet Cookies, Gingerbread Cake(G), Holiday Cupcake(G), Mince Pie(G), Yule Log(G) (White Oven), Cranberry Cider(G) (Drink Mixer); Marzipan Oven(R) (Marzipan), Candy Cane Maker(R) (Candy Cane Cake); Fireplace Oven(R) (same menu as White Oven) Gingerbread Wall & Floor, Pink and White Lights, Color Lights, Partridge in a Pear Tree, 2 Turtle Doves, 3 French Hens, 4 Calling Birds, 5 Golden Rings, Holiday Kitten Goals: Christmas Christmas Edition (iOS)
    50 9-Dec-2011 Christmas - Candy Cane Table & Chair, Pink & Green Snowflake Floor, Christmas Menu, Santa Bird, Gingerbread Clock, Reindeer Penguin, Mistletoe Arch, Pile of Gifts, Holiday Display, Waitress, Dog & Balloon; Lighted Pillar, North Pole Sign, Holly & Snowflake Dividers. Crate(R): Holiday Gift (aka Gingerbread Box) LTO: Giant Candy Cane
    49 2-Dec-2011 Christmas - Gingerbread Counter, Chair & Table; Nutcracker LTO: Giant Ornaments
    48 25-Nov-2011 Tea Jasmine Tea (Drink Mixer) Plate Wall Decor, Gift Basket. Crate(R): Cake and Tea Box
    47 18-Nov-2011 Thanksgiving Pecan Pie, Key Lime Pie (White Oven) Chef Alex, Teapot Still Life LTO: Pastry Art
    46 11-Nov-2011 Dainty Eclairs (White Oven) Dainty Counter, Strawberry Cake Wall LTO: Toy Poodle
    45 4-Nov-2011 Dainty Jam Cookies (White Oven) Dainty Table & Chair LTO: Pastry Couch
    44 28-Oct-2011 Halloween Candy Corn Macaroons(R) (White Oven) Spider Web, Spooky Table, Web Chair
    43 21-Oct-2011 Halloween Pumpkin Ice Cream(R) (Ice Cream Machine) Pumpkin Stool & Table LTO: Spooky Mirror Halloween Edition (iOS)
    42 14-Oct-2011 Halloween Gravestone Brownies(R) (White Oven) Spooky Wallpaper, Coffin Couch. Crate(R): Halloween Chest
    41 7-Oct-2011 Halloween Candy Corn Coffee(R) (Drink Mixer), Pumpkin Cookies(R) (White Oven) Spooky Window, Netherworld Gate
    40 30-Sep-2011 Donuts Peanut Butter Cookies (White Oven) Donut Robot, Best Friends, Penguin Statue New Feature: Collectibles
    39 23-Sep-2011 Donuts Donut Surprise (Deep Fryer), Blueberry Scone (White Oven) Crate: Picnic Basket LTO: Sundae Sofa
    38 16-Sep-2011 Donuts Deep Fryer (Chocolate Donut, Creme Donut, Donut Holes, Glazed Donut, Jelly Donut, Sprinkle Donut) Donut Decor New Feature: Bages
    37 9-Sep-2011 Donuts Oolong Green Tea (Drink Mixer) Donut Wallpaper, Coffee Carousel LTO: Ice Cream Bar
    36 2-Sep-2011 Donuts Donut Frosty (Drink Mixer) Donut Table & Chair LTO: Donut Arcade
    35 26-Aug-2011 Donuts Sweet Tea (Drink Mixer) Bread Shelf. Crate: Donut Box Content Removal: Holiday/Seasonal
    34 19-Aug-2011 Summer Cherry Pie (White Oven), Lemonade (Drink Mixer) Gumball Machine
    33 12-Aug-2011 Ice Cream Chocolate Scoop (Ice Cream Maker), Blueberry Buckle (White Oven), Watermelon Juice (Drink Mixer)
    32 5-Aug-2011 Cookies Biscotti, Madeline Cookies (White Oven)
    31 29-Jul-2011 Ice Cream Ice Cream Maker released for Android Crate: Madeline Tin New Feature: Gem reward for Mastery
    30 22-Jul-2011 Coffee - Coffee Poster LTO: Herb Garden Android Update
    29 15-Jul-2011 Summer Matcha (Drink Mixer) Hanging Strawberries
    28 8-Jul-2011 Bread - Two Wall Decorations, Bread Bag LTO: Breakfast Buffet
    27 1-Jul-2011 4th of July Celebration Cupcake, Apple Pie, Celebration Trifle (White Oven); Ice Cream Maker (Banana Split, Green Tea Scoop, Spumoni, Strawberry Scoop, Vanilla Scoop) 4th of July Decor. Crate: Candy Jar
    26 24-Jun-2011 Apples & Chocolate Candy Apples (White Oven), Chocolate Milkshake (Drink Mixer) Chocolate Fountain
    25 17-Jun-2011 Cupcakes Tapioca Pudding (White Oven), White Peach Tea (Drink Mixer) Cupcake Table & Chair
    24 10-Jun-2011 Candy Angel Food Cake (White Oven), Strawberry Smoothie (Drink Mixer) Pink Trashcan, Candy Wallpaper
    23 3-Jun-2011 Fruits Kiwi Cheesecake (White Oven). Easy Oven Cherry Wallpaper, Fruit Painting. Crate: Fruit Basket
    22 27-May-2011 Citrus Orange Blossom Tea (Drink Mixer), Strawberry Coffee Cake (White Oven) Citrus Table & Chair
    21 20-May-2011 Coffee Frosty Coffee (Drink Mixer)
    20 13-May-2011 Italian Cannoli (White Oven)
    16 15-Apr-2011 Spring - Sunflower Table, Meadow Wallpaper, Vine Pictures, Windowsill Pie. Crate(R): Spring Basket
    6 4-Feb-2011 Valentine's Day Love Potion (Drink Mixer), Valentine Cupcake, Valentine Cookies (White Oven) Valentine Ballons, Be Mine Sculpture. Crate(R): Valentine's Box Valentine's Day Edition (iOS)
    52 24-Dec-2010 Game Release for Android. Current Basic Version ( / 02-Oct-2017)
    51 17-Dec-2010 Christmas Fruitcake, Vanilla Cupcake, Cinnamon Rolls (White Oven) Holly Table & Chair, Daily Menu, Magazine Rack, Flour Sacks New Feature: Push Notifications
    49 3-Dec-2010 Christmas Mighty Oven & Drink Mixer (from Crate) Crate(R): Holday Box (aka Holday Gift Box)
    46 12-Nov-2010 Game Release for iOS
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    Wow, this is amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together!

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