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Thread: Bakery Story: Master Box Guide

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    Bakery Story: Master Box Guide

    ...Bakery Story Master Box Guide ...
    Frequently Asked Questions

    List of Boxes
    1. 1920's
    2. 50’s Diner Box
    3. American Gift
    4. Amusement Crate (removed)
    5. Apple Harvest Crate (removed)
    6. Arcade Crate
    7. Autumn Crate
    8. Autumn Gift Box (removed)
    9. Bakery Essentials 1
    10. Bakery Essentials 2
    11. Baking Love Crate (removed)
    12. Baking Show Crate
    13. Ballet Crate
    14. Basic Baker's Crate
    15. Beach Resort Box
    16. Big City Box
    17. Birthday Box
    18. Blossom Wedding
    19. Boardwalk Box
    20. Brunch Day Crate (removed)
    21. Bucket of Treats (removed)
    22. Bunny Crate (removed)
    23. Bonfire Crate
    24. Cake and Tea Box (removed)
    25. Camping Crate
    26. Candy Box (removed)
    27. Candy Jar
    28. Cat
    29. Cauldron
    30. Carnival Box
    31. Christmas Present 2012 (removed)
    32. Chimney Crate (removed)
    33. Classic Kitchen Crate
    34. Classy Crate (removed)
    35. Coffee Crate
    36. Cooldown Crate (removed)
    37. Cornucopia Crate
    38. Countdown Crate (removed)
    39. Critter Crate (removed)
    40. Date Night Crate (removed)
    41. Delivery Bag
    42. Donut Box
    43. Easter Chest (removed)
    44. Easter Egg Surprise (removed)
    45. Eclair Crate
    46. Emerald Crate
    47. Fairy Tale Box
    48. Fairy Tale Crate (removed)
    49. Fall Crate
    50. Fall Surprise (removed)
    51. Fashion Box
    52. Florist Crate (removed)
    53. French Bakery Crate
    54. Fruit Basket
    55. Gardener's Box
    56. Gardener’s Chest
    57. Gingerbread Box 2011 (removed)
    58. Gladiolus Crate
    59. Glass Crate
    60. Gobble Crate (removed)
    61. Gothic Crate (removed)
    62. Halloween Chest (removed)
    63. Halloween Chest II (removed)
    64. Halloween Decoration Box (removed)
    65. Holiday Gift Box 2010 (removed)
    66. Holiday Gift II (removed)
    67. Holiday Party Crate
    68. Hansik Box
    69. Horn of Plenty
    70. Ice Cream Crate
    71. Iced Crate (removed)
    72. Island Crate
    73. Leaf Crate (removed)
    74. Lil Italy Box
    75. Love Basket (removed)
    76. Lovely Dovey Crate (removed)
    77. Lucky Crate (removed)
    78. Lucky Leprechauns Crate (removed)
    79. Luxury Crate (removed)
    80. Macaron Box (removed)
    81. Madeleine Tin
    82. Magic Bouquet
    83. May Basket
    84. Mermaid Crate
    85. Mother's Surprise (removed)
    86. Musical Gift (removed)
    87. Mysterious Egg Crate (removed)
    88. Ornament Crate
    89. Pansy
    90. Parade Crate
    91. Party Crate
    92. Pastel Package (removed)
    93. Patriotic Crate (removed)
    94. Pearl Crate
    95. Picnic Basket
    96. Pie Crate (removed)
    97. Pink Lemonade Crate
    98. Pirate Chest
    99. Polka-Dot Crate
    100. Pot O Gold (removed)
    101. Premium Holiday Chest
    102. Rainy Day Box
    103. Red Autumn (removed)
    104. Retro Kitchen Crate
    105. River Crate (removed)
    106. Santa's Gift Bag (removed)
    107. Sapphire Crate
    108. Sea Critter Crate (removed)
    109. Shamrock Crate (removed)
    110. Ski Slope Crate (removed)
    111. Snow Box (removed)
    112. Snowy Wedding Crate
    113. Snow 'n Ice Crate
    114. Spooky Garden
    115. Spooky Scene Crate (removed)
    116. Specter Crate (removed)
    117. Spectrum Special Crate (removed)
    118. Spring Basket (removed)
    119. Spring Gift
    120. Spring Picnic
    121. Sugar Fairy's Gift
    122. Sugarfrost Crate (removed)
    123. Summer Beach Box
    124. Summer Crate
    125. Sundae Crate (removed)
    126. Sweetheart Crate
    127. Sweet Scoop Crate
    128. Sweet Summer Crate (removed)
    129. Tea Treasure
    130. Theme Park Box
    131. Ticking Crate (removed)
    132. Turkey
    133. Underwater Crate
    134. Valentine's Box (removed)
    135. Valentine's Chest (removed)
    136. Valentine Chest II (removed)
    137. Vegas Crate
    138. Wild Flower Crate (removed)
    139. Winter Animals
    140. Winter Gift (removed)
    141. Winter Sports Box (removed)
    142. Woodsy Crate (removed)
    143. Writer’s Crate

    First List - big thanks to Mogwai4111!
    Second List - big thanks to Phthon!
    Third List - big thanks to Kooky Panda!

    Big thanks to AnnirasSweets for helping update the guides for the crates released in 2020 and beyond!
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    Introduction - What Is A Box?

    Opening a box gives you the chance to obtain items you can't find anywhere else! Each box contains a set of unique items based around a certain theme.

    When a new mystery box is released, there will be a goal for this box where you can see a list of the items, under your Goal List. You need to be of Level 12 in order to get this goal. Do note that you are not required to complete this goal, it's purpose is to inform players of what items they can find in this mystery box.

    Step By Step
    Spoiler: show
    Step 1: Finding A Box
    Boxes are located in the last tab of the Design menu along with expansions. They cost 24 gems to open, and new boxes are temporarily placed at the front of the menu. You can scroll through the tab to find which box you want to open. Some boxes are no longer available and have been marked as 'removed' in Post 1 in the List of Boxes.

    Step 2: Opening a Box
    Opening a box, by selecting the crate, will award you with a prize which you can use to decorate your restaurant. Box prizes fall into four different rankings: Common (4th Place); Uncommon (3rd Place); Rare (2nd Place); and Exceptional (1st Place). The higher the ranking, the rarer (and usually bigger) the prize!

    Step 3: Receiving a Prize
    Box prizes will automatically be placed in your inventory, under the category in which they fall. Most box prizes are floor decorations, but you may also win a wall decoration or appliance depending on which box you open.

    Step 4: Displaying Your Prize
    Once in your inventory, these items can be placed in your restaurant just like any other market decoration. Voila!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Buying A Box Get Me All The Box Prizes?
    No; each box purchase will yield only one prize.

    Can I Receive Duplicate Prizes From A Box?
    Yes, it is possible to receive duplicate prizes from a box. There is no guarantee that multiple purchases will result in different prizes.

    Where Do I Find The Prizes That I've Won?
    When you receive a box prize, it will automatically be placed in the appropriate category in the design menu. Boxes usually award floor decorations, but some may also award a wall decoration or appliance.

    Do Boxes Ever Go On Sale?
    Occasionally, boxes may be discounted as part of a sale or a special promotion. In these instances, they will cost less than 24 gems to open, but the other rules outlined above still apply.

    Are Box Prizes Ever Offered On Their Own?
    Sometimes, box prizes will be made available for purchase outside the box, as part of a sale or as a special promotion. Additionally, there are a few items available in the market that double as box prizes (for example, the Holiday Tree).

    Do Removed Boxes Ever Come Back On The Market?
    As with the above two situations, removed boxes may also reappear in the market at times as part of a sale or special promotion. In past years, removed boxes have been brought back for holiday specials.
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    Common (4th Prize, 54%)
    Art Deco Wall Lamp (wall)
    1920s Feather Display
    1920s Lamp

    Uncommon (3rd Prize, 35%)
    Flapper Hazel
    Lounging Greyhound

    Rare (2nd Prize, 10%)
    Art Deco Couch
    1920s Sweets Display

    Exceptional (1st Prize, 1%)
    Art Deco Fireside Tea

    Discussion thread:
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    American Gift

    Common (4th Prize, 54%)
    Mini Empire State
    American Bike
    Washington Bobble
    Lincoln Bobble

    Uncommon (3rd Prize, 35%)
    USA Sofa
    Washington Monument

    Rare (2nd Prize, 10%)
    Liberty Cake
    Mt Rushmore Cake

    Exceptional (1st Prize, 1%)
    San Francisco

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    Arcade Crate

    Common (4th Prize, 54%)
    Arcade Machine
    Controller Desk

    Uncommon (3rd Prize, 35%)
    Arcade Counter
    Game Couch

    Rare (2nd Prize, 10%)
    Young Gamer
    Pixel Lounge

    Exceptional (1st Prize, 1%)
    Dance Arcade

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    Autumn Crate

    Common (4th prize, 54%)
    White Pumpkin
    Autumn Basket
    Autumn Cornucopia
    Autumn Bouquet

    Uncommon (3rd prize, 35%)
    Pumpkin Leaf
    Pumpkin Owl

    Rare (2nd prize, 10%)
    Pilgrim Dogs
    Pilgrim Cats

    Exceptional (1st prize, 1%)
    Playful Leaves

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    Bakery Essentials 1

    Common (4th Prize, 54%)
    Men's Room
    Lady's Room
    Trash Can

    Uncommon (3rd Prize, 35%)
    Smoke Detector
    Coat Stand

    Rare (2nd Prize, 10%)
    Condiment Station
    Toaster Oven

    Exceptional (1st Prize, 1%)
    Cooking Equipment

    Spoiler: show

    Discussion thread:
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    Bakery Essentials 2 Work in progress...

    Common (4th Prize, 54%)
    Fire Extinguisher
    Recycling Can

    Uncommon (3rd Prize, 35%)
    Cold Drinks
    Supplies 1
    Doggy Bakery

    Rare (2nd Prize, 10%)
    Coffee Dispensers
    Doggy Bakery

    Exceptional (1st Prize, 1%)
    Work Station

    Spoiler: show

    Discussion thread:
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    Ballet Crate

    Common (4th prize, 54%)
    Slipper Sign
    Ballet Cubbies
    Ballet Cake

    Uncommon (3rd prize, 35%)
    Dress Mannequin

    Rare (2nd prize, 10%)
    Barre Ballerinas

    Exceptional (1st prize, 1%)
    Opening Night

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    Basic Baker's Crate

    Common (4th prize, 54%)
    Tiered Mixing Bowls
    Pile of Cookies
    Cake Boxes
    Cake Fridge

    Uncommon (3rd prize, 35%)
    Rolling Table
    Pie Rack

    Rare (2nd prize, 10%)
    Modern Cake Display
    Cake Delivery

    Exceptional (1st prize, 1%)
    Baker's Square

    Discussion thread:
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