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Thread: ~ How to use the Hub to find information and ask questions ~

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    ~ How to use the Hub to find information and ask questions ~

    Welcome to the Castle Story Hub!

    Congratulations on finding your way to us! The Hub is where you'll find lots of brilliant Game Guides and links for Castle Story.

    Have feedback?
    click here for the Feedback thread!

    Game Guides

    Part A: Main Game Guides
    The following Game Guide threads can all be found in Castle Story | The Hub

    Castle Story: Main Story Goal Guide - all goals have been rewritten and include all hints, tips, pictures and dialogue.

    Castle Story: Story Outline Guide - a list of all (main story) goals with links to discussion threads and the Goal Guide.

    Castle Story: Inventory Guide - an alphabetical (A-Z) guide of all the items that can be dropped by buildings, nature or adventures.
    Post #28 .............. List of Decorations available in the Market
    Post #29 .............. List of Plant Items available in the Market
    Post #30 .............. List of Animals available in the Market (including how long it takes them to grow up)
    Post #31 .............. List of other Nature items available in the Market
    Post #32 .............. List of Adventure Drops - in special box crates (Adventure Guide)
    Post #33 .............. List of Special Items dropped in Limited Time Events

    Castle Story: Building Guide - a guide to what materials are needed to build and upgrade each building. Drops, Income and Royal Points also listed.
    Post #2 ............... List of Royal Buildings
    Post #3 ............... List of Town buildings
    Post #4 ............... List of Crafting buildings
    Post #5 ............... List of Resource buildings
    Post #10 ............... List of Character buildings
    Post #11 ............... Gem costs of Buildings

    Castle Story: Adventure Guide - a list of what's needed for an Adventure and what you might find in a special Box or Crate (the box or crate floats above the castle upon collection)
    Permanent Adventures
    Post 2 | Search the Ancient Vaults
    Post 3 | Hunt Roaming Bandits
    Post 4 | Explore Dark Caves
    Post 5 | Feral Lands Adventure
    Post 6 | Traverse the Desert Sands
    Post 7 | Envoy to the Plume Hive
    Post 8 | Envoy to the Fur Burrow
    Post 9 | Dispel the Love Magic
    Post 11 | Go Fishin'
    Post 12 | Dive into the Abyss
    Post 13 | Toadstool Forest

    Other Adventures from main storyline goals
    Post 10
    * Into the Glimmergate | Glimmergate Part 2
    * Deep Sea Adventure | The Blythewood Sapling Part 2
    * To Glimmer Beach | A Boar-ing problem
    * Go North to Blythewood | Fickle Faeries
    * Search the Plume Hive | Search and Rescue, Part 2
    * Search the Glimmerwood | Search and Rescue Part 3
    * Spar with Gemma and Maurice | The Academy
    * Destroy the Spellbook | 2 separate adventures in The Academy
    * Search for Idris | The Academy
    * Practice spells with Adrienne | The Council
    * Destroy the Tome of Shadows | 2 separate adventures in The Academy

    Monster Hunts | Gold Troll tokens | Trade Wagon | Mythic Research Centre (MRC) - in this thread you will find everything you need to know about Monster Hunts. There is a listing of all of the animals you can craft in the MRC, info on tokens, statues, Lorelei's fountain, trade wagon token crafts and lots more!

    The Elven Outpost | Runes | Boosts | How it works - this thread has information on all of the goals associated with the Elven Outpost and how to trade items.

    Ivy's Magic Nursery Guide - information about the baby animals you can craft in the Nursery.

    The Town Square - information about Crowns, Kingdom Citizens, a list of which events have released crowns and more.

    Castle Story: Fortune Tent Guide - this is a listing of all known fortunes in the one place.

    Update Guide - list of all goals in the order they were released. This thread has info from 2012 onward.

    The Baron's Game Tent Guide - instructions about how to use the Tent, accumulate rotten cabbages and a list of the grand prizes!

    Castle Story: Help and Information for new players - information for brand new players of information about the game and how to navigate the forum.

    Weekend / Weekday Warrior (unlimited energy) - information about this game feature including goals and tips to make the most of your 2x 10 minutes of unlimited energy.

    Part B: Content Listing in this thread
    These Game Guides threads are available below.

    Post 2: - Information Nuggets
    Post 3: - Transferring my game to a new device | playing on multiple devices
    Post 4: - I need more neighbours!
    Post 5: - Q&A TIME! Castle Story 101 - Help and Information for new players
    Post 6: - Other Helpful Threads
    Post 7: - Fun stuff!
    Post 8: - Information about threads
    Post 9: - Information about the forum
    Post 10: - Troubleshooting wifi!
    Post 11: - Information on how Community Events work
    Post 12: - XP Level Guide current thread (only 50 levels currently)

    Q: Where are all of the goal threads referred to in the Story Guide? A: They all live in a subforum called Castle Story | Game Guides which is available above the Discussions forum.

    Android users: please note that on Android phones the subforum sits at the top of discussions ALWAYS in an unexpanded view. You need to expand the sub forum view first and then you'll see the Hub and Game Guides.

    The Hub went live on 6 December, 2014
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    Transferring your game to a new device | playing on multiple devices | Reinstalling your game

    Instructions and pictures of the main thread in this link (but easier to follow here!)

    Restaurant Story no longer has a login feature. Text updated.

    If you play on android or IOS you can transfer your storm ID and games over to your new device.

    Decision Point: you get a new device.... do you want a second game or do you just want to transfer your original game to the new device?

    If you want a brand new game and your original game, you can log in and out of both games using the Account Settings feature in games that have it, like Bakery, RS2 etc. Create a new ID and password first on the new game on that device.

    If you only want your original game, don't download CS on your new device yet, follow instructions below.

    Transferring your game yourself is easy if you know your password (same one as you use to login to the forum). Please follow these instructions:

    OPTION 1:
    1) download a game with a login feature, (eg Bakery Story). DO NOT DOWNLOAD CASTLE YET.
    2) if using Bakery... play for a minute until you see the Storm8 blue symbol on the top right hand side. CLICK ON IT.
    3. click Account Settings
    4. click on Log in to Another Account
    5. enter your Storm8 ID and password
    6. it will give you a list of ALL of your Storm8 games and ask you whether you want to transfer them all..... CLICK PROCEED!
    7. All your games under that Storm ID will now be recognized on your new device. You just need to download the Apps again.

    OPTION 2:
    1) download a game with a login feature, (eg Bakery Story).
    2) In the lower left corner you'll see "Main". Click on that and then click on "Social"
    3) Go to the "Invite Friends" tab. You'll see your Storm ID and then "account settings". Click on "account settings"
    4) You'll have the option of "Log in to Another Account". You click on that and just type in your Storm ID and password.
    5) All your games under that Storm ID will now be recognized on your new device. You just need to download the Apps again.

    Help Me transfer!! Don't create a new thread. Just post in this thread and tell us what's going on.

    If you are trading, selling or giving away your old device, I would advise contacting Support and ask them to remove your storm ID and games from that device.

    If you have issues transferring yourself, you can contact Support and they can transfer your games.

    Reinstalling your game.
    Delete and reinstall the game - Press down on the app icon until it jiggles. You can then tap the 'X' in the upper left corner to delete the app from your device. Now go to the App Store (purchased apps/apps not on this device) to reinstall Castle Story. Similar for Android.

    Don't be scared about reinstalling..... It's safe and only takes a couple of minutes. It's not like transferring your game as you have to do above; it's much simpler.

    Why reinstall? Well, it fixes nasty glitches and display issues. It also makes sure you've the latest version of the game. If you need help, please ask!
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    Castle Story Add Me thread - I need more neighbours!

    Looking for active or more neighbours??

    Note: [2022] The separate Add Me forum has been disabled.

    Players can now add their ID to Add Me threads now located in the top area (as sticky thread) of the Discussion forum. The 2023 one is located here:
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    5: Q&A TIME! Castle Story: Help and Information for new players

    New thread in the Hub with loads of helpful information. Click here.
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    6: Other Helpful Threads

    Help Me! - if you can't find the right thread to post your question, then use this one. It's for any game question.

    What to buy with gems - this thread has some good posts about what you might buy with gems.

    How to force close your game - instructions for both IOS and Android
    Force closing means that you double click the home button and swipe up and off the screen the thumbnail pic of the app. This clears the cache (memory) and improves the performance of your device. You should do this regularly.

    How to force close you game on an Android device:
    OPTION 1
    Press the back button (lower right corner) to get the "Do you want to quit" screen or press the lower left corner to see all the running programs and press the X in upper right corner of the Castle Story window to force close. If you click the castle story app and get the loading screen you should be good. (thanks rleethalme)

    OPTION 2
    * Open the Settings app.
    * Choose Apps.
    * On some Samsung phones, touch the General tab atop the Settings app screen, and then choose the Application Manager item.
    * Touch the Running tab to view only active or running apps, or you can swipe the screen to the left until the Running tab appears.
    * Choose the app that's causing you distress. For example, a program might not stop or might say that it's busy or has another issue.
    * Touch the Stop or Force Stop button.
    * The program stops

    Instructions on how to post a picture
    * Note: All photos need to be cropped first so it will load without error. It's related to the forum layout.
    * Note: Please crop your photo to remove the top part of your kingdom which shows your RP, coin and gem count. This information is private and must not be disclosed on the public forum as it may lead to potential security issues with your account.

    How to take a picture on an android tablet - written by Solientus
    *When your game is open, press the power button and volume down button at the exact same time - to take the picture/ss. You'll hear a little *bloop* noise.
    *Then, I'm assuming you don't have it on your main screen, so go into Apps (circle icon with 6 white squares in it) to find your photos icon (colourful pinwheel icon called Photos). I just ended up dragging my photos icon out of there onto my main screen to find it easier.
    *In Photos, there are 3 horizontal bars on the top left. Mine shows my (gmail account) -> Go to "Device Folders". That's where your pics should be!

    Using the Insert Image icon to insert a photo

    Step 1
    Click on the Insert Image icon

    Step 2
    On the From Computer tab click on Choose File. When you click on Choose File, this will take you to your camera roll or where you store your photos on your device.

    Step 3
    [Tip: Crop your picture first as some device photos are too big and you will get an error message.]
    Select the photo you want to insert (you can only select 1 photo at a time). When you do this you will come back to the Insert screen and the name of the file will now show next to the Choose File box.

    Step 4
    Click on the Upload File(s) words. When you do this you will come back to the Quick Reply box and you will see that in the Reply box there is now a code called [ATTACH=CONFIG]number[/ATTACH]

    You can now select the Post Quick Reply button.

    If you want to see your picture before you post it, you can use the a/A button (in the green box) to toggle between the Attach codes and the photo. You simply click on the toggle button again to take it back to the words. So when I click on the toggle button my picture of the Gingerbread person now looks like this:

    To make your photo bigger you need to have the toggle on so your picture is visible (as above). This is much easier to do on a computer. Double click on your photo and you will get a new screen called Image Settings. The Medium setting is quite a good size and looks better on all devices than the Large or Full Size setting. You can repeat the instructions to see what the different sizes look like by editing your post. Once you're happy with the photo, click on the OK button.

    Info from S8 about opportunities to try out our other games:
    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    While we may provide you with opportunities to try out our other games, we do not have Quests/Goals that reward Points, Gems, Coins or Experience for downloading or playing our other games.

    There are other Goals that do have rewards. Please note that we may occasionally make changes to the game to balance the economy, which helps the long term health of the game (some of our games are over 5 years strong~!).

    How to download from purchase history

    How to see your in-App purchases:
    (there are 2 ways)

    1. On your IOS device, go to the Report a problem site.
    Log in with your Apple ID, tap Apps, and you can view the last 90 days of App & In-App purchases.

    2. To see all your purchases, go to ITunes on your desktop or laptop.
    On the task bar, click Account > View My Account, log in > Scroll down to Purchase History, click See All. This also displays everything including actual Apps but you can see where you spent money within those Apps as well. Click previous to go back further.
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    7: Fun stuff!

    Share your 'Woohoo' moments with us!

    Unofficial goals Need a challenge? These goals set by ShibuyaCloth are not for the faint-hearted!

    [OCD special edition] How to keep your alicorn flapping their wings at the same time

    Show off your Kingdom!

    Some Fun Threads to make you smile!
    Lessons I've learned from Castle Story - some posts to make you smile!

    I like CS because.... - some more posts to make you smile!

    Castle Story Anonymous - share your addiction with those who truly understand!

    The beautiful beginning of Castle Story

    Sharing your "Doh!! moments"

    Which resources keep you on the edge in CS?

    Tricks to playing this game I wish they had told me in the beginning...

    When do updates usually come out?

    Thursday's 12 noon Pacific time. Time zone converter:
    Time Zone Converter: compare where you are with United States-California-San Francisco
    You can set this forum to your time or Pacific Time in the settings at the right top of this forum, go to General settings, scroll to Date & Time Options
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    8: Information about threads

    What is a sticky thread? Sticky threads are the threads that stay at the top of the page. New threads are created by Community Managers whenever there is a new update.
    You will also find the games latest updates, Polls and Suggestion and the Help Me thread.

    How can I go back to reading posts from where I was up to last time? When you go into a thread, on the grey line under the name of the thread is blue italic text that says "View First Unread". Clicking this will take you to the first new post in that thread that was made since you were last there.

    How do I search for an existing thread? Use the search function on the main page; or go into the Weekly Updates List to find your topic; or go to the Sub-Forum grey box above the listing of all Discussion threads called Castle Story|Game Guide.

    How do I create a new thread? If you still can't find what you're looking for there is a blue button at the top of the page that says "Post New Thread". If it's about a general game question, please use the Help Me thread.

    Do not create duplicate threads. Before creating a new thread, check here first: List of goals - weekly release

    Do not create threads requesting neighbours. Use the Add Me thread to post your ID.

    9: Information about the forum

    a) Castle Story Main Page (click on heading)

    * If you have a game question, go to the Discussion forum

    * If you have a problem in your game, go to the Bugs & Issues forum -also post here when your game is stuck, or you have a question about your device.
    The Community Managers monitor and respond in this thread. They may ask you to email TeamLava support for help or ask you to provide more information about your issue.

    * If you have a suggestion about a new game feature or just want to provide some feedback, go to the Suggestions & Feedback forum.

    * If you are making a new forum game that's just for fun, and not really related to Storm8, go to the Off-Topic forum.

    * S8 Support: Click here to contact S8 Support

    b) A Guide for New Members (from TeamLava) (click on heading)

    These are the headings you will find in this thread about the TeamLava forums. Please make sure you read this if you are new.

    I. Registration/Logging In
    II. Rules & Policies
    III. Reporting Bugs
    ---A. Where Should I Post?
    ---B. Before You Start a Thread...
    ---C. Leaving Feedback
    IV. Updates
    ---A. The Community Manager Thread
    ---B. Events!
    V. Find New Neighbors
    VI. Discussions
    VII. Off-Topic
    VIII. Start Posting!

    c) Forum Rules & Policies (click on heading)

    27 Feb, 2015. A thread MUST stay on topic. It is very difficult to help those players with genuine questions when there are off topic comments and posts. Please note that Kooky and I will remove ALL posts made off topic in a thread. This is in line with the forum rules and policies outlined in the link above.

    The post below has information about keeping to the rules of posting.
    Quote Originally Posted by kooky panda View Post
    Hey guys, some posts have been removed. Please be careful calling another members names. Also please keep the thread on topic.

    If you disagree with a post, please do not discuss on the thread. As per the forum rules

    Addendum to Disputes With Others:
    If you object to any content posted by another user, and/or would like to report another user of violations of the forum rules, please do one of the following:

    • Send a Private Message to a Storm8 Community Manager [S8 Employee]
    • Send a Private Message to a (volunteer) Player Moderator
    • Post in the Forum Disputes section (S8 employees only see this forum)

    Please note that this is an exhaustive list; do not report other players through any other means, especially by responding to that user in-thread (the exception being for Player Mods and S8 Community Managers only). Please note that responding to other players in thread about forum violations will be treated with the same severity as a forum violation; please report other users through the proper channels only.
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    10: Troubleshooting wifi!
    Common issues with devices:
    CS requires a lot of memory to run. To reduce crashing and free up space, try the following:
    1. force close* out any other apps in the background; (you need to see the loading screen again)
    2. delete any old apps you no longer need;
    3. Make sure your internet connection is secure. You could turn wifi on/off on your modem and your device.
    If all else fails, delete and re-install the app. All game progress is stored on Storm8 servers.

    ✳️ Force close: double click home screen, swipe up and off the screen the thumbnail pics. This clears device memory.

    Post from Bugs thread 22 April 2015.
    Quote Originally Posted by PikaSquirrel View Post
    If you are still running iOS 5.1.1 and can update to a higher OS, we recommend you do this to help with the issue. As you expand and add more items to your board, more resources are required to run the game. Unfortunately, older devices may not be able to handle the amount of resources the game requires. If you are unable to update your device, we recommend you store a few items in your game. If you are unable to open the game to store items, please contact S8 Support: Click here to contact S8 Support so a support agent can assist you with this. Thank you!
    Unless the games are in scheduled maintenance, the problems opening any of the games are a device issue, not a Storm8 issue. Elsa has written some posts below to explain more about this.

    Quote Originally Posted by PikaSquirrel View Post
    Is everyone experiencing this issue using wifi to try to connect to the game(s)? Is anyone using data and experiencing this issue as well?

    We're currently investigating this. If you are experiencing this and have access to a computer where the wifi issue is occurring, please follow these steps:

    For WINDOWS:
    1. Open the Command Prompt. You can do this by clicking start->run-> type in "cmd".

    2. Highlight and copy the line below:
    tracert -w 300

    3. Right click on your Command Prompt window bar. Go to edit-> paste (hit enter) wait for it to finish, it may take some time.

    4. Submit a Support form: S8 Support: Click here for form link to S8 Support

    5. Send a forum PM to PikaSquirrel with the ticket number.

    For MAC:
    1. Click on Go > Applications > Utilities > Terminal
    This will create a shell window.

    2. Copy the line of text below in to the shell window (paste) hit enter (It may take sometime to finish that command.)
    traceroute -w 300

    3. Submit a Support form: S8 Support: Click here for form link to S8 Support

    5. Send a forum PM to PikaSquirrel with the ticket number.
    Posts from [S8]Elsa about difficulty opening S8 games. Posted January 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    If you're able to connect on your data network (or any other network), then your games are functioning properly. We occasionally receive reports from players who can't access our games during certain hours on their home network. We don't block internet connections and confirmed with our tech department that the connection is timing out on the ISP end. If you still have issues with this, you may need to reach out to your ISP for assistance.
    ... This post from Elsa has a bit more info ....
    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    Unfortunately, the connection issues aren't from our servers. Players with this issue typically report that they're able to access the game on another network. If they're having these issues during specific hours or only at home, it's likely that it's related to an ISP issue. While they may be able to connect to other services online, specifically our channels may be targeted by the issue.

    When our tech team checked it out based on information we requested from players, the timeout happens on the ISP side when the game tries to connect.

    Unfortunately, they may need to reach out to their ISP regarding why they're unable to reach our servers.
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    11: How Events Work

    Timed Events are an added bonus to the game and are optional. Participation in Events are not required to advance in the game. They can also be very hard for players due to being resource heavy and time intensive.

    Examples of previous events:
    1. Midsummer Pyre Festival August 2014 (Expired)
    2. Halloween October 2014 (Expired)
    3. Happy Glimmer Year! December 2015 (Expired)

    What happens when an event finishes?
    * Special adventures, crafts, trades will disappear from the related list when the final upgrade has been achieved or the event expires.
    * Any unfinished buildings/items can only be completed with gems at the conclusion of an event.
    - You can upgrade anytime using gems.
    - How many gems you need to use depends on how far you got in the event.
    - Only a fully upgraded building/item will have drops outlined in the Building and/or Inventory Guide.
    - I've included the cost of each special item in gems in most threads so you can work out exactly how many gems it would take you to complete a building/item. If a thread doesn't have that information then the Main Goal Guide may have photos.
    * Any item earned will remain in your kingdom or inventory.

    Community events have two parts to them.
    1. Individual prizes - you earn for yourself. You have to work to get these yourself.
    2. Community prizes - everyone who joins in the event contributes to the count of items to gain the community prizes.

    Events will introduce a new Item - eg, Kingdom citizen, Animal, Building, Craft or Decoration/s
    Any of the above or a combination of these may be the reward when the related event is completed.

    Crafting: During a Timed Event crafting specific items may be required and/or a special craft may become available during the event.
    Building: a new building may require basic materials only or the addition of a new craft or item received through an Adventure, Craft or Trade.
    Royal Exchange: Trades - a Special trade maybe available during the event. It may require the use of a new craft to acquire a specific item for a quest.
    Special Adventure: a Special adventure may become available during the event. It may require the use of a new craft to acquire a specific item for a quest.

    Levels 15-17 seems to be the most common level for Timed Events and do not take into account the multiple story goals available at that level.
    This list does not include any items from goals that are possibly in progress, eg, players that may or may not have unlocked the Magic Garden or the Tablet of Tabernum.

    Upon reaching Level 15 most new players have the following basics:
    Old Thomas & Ivy walking around the kingdom.
    Ivy's Hut
    Adventures: Search the Ancient Vault, Hunt the Roaming Bandits
    Farm Plots: 35
    Kitchen: Basic crafts - Flour, Sugar, Bread, Grits, Breaded Fish, Noodles, Pasta, Hearty Stew, Simple Feast, Hearty Feast
    Magic Forge: Basic crafts - Longsword
    Potion Shop: Basic crafts - Simple Glue, Super Glue, Enchanter's Essence,
    Dyes - Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow
    Workshop: Basic crafts - Earth Wisp, Wisp Lantern, Wood Beam, Fancy Beam, Royal Beam, Stone Block, Fancy Block, Royal Block

    this post was written for the Petting Zoo storybook event, February 2016. It makes some really good points, so I've taken an extract of the original post here for other players.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anaboe View Post
    ..... Extract
    Advice for the next time:
    * let more experienced players start first, wait a few days before starting
    * make a step-by-step plan on what to plant, harvest, buy, upgrade when
    * make an inventory list in Excel or something like that, to keep track on what you will need along the way and plan how to get it
    * don't bother with the main-story line during these events
    * save your energy only for the things you need
    * try to have at least 10 of everything (I myself have at least 80 of everything, incl. sweet feasts) in your inventory, basics like carrots, flour, fish, should be at least 80
    * try to do as many adventures in the castle as you can: usually they give 1 or 2 gems, plus the much wanted gem-animals and plants
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    XP Level Guide
    Nugget #7 link

    Speculative levels if we went over level 50 (posted just for fun!)

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