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Thread: Castle Story: Help and Information for new players

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    Castle Story: Help and Information for new players

    Hi! Welcome to the Castle Story Forum!

    ! Click on any of the following links for more information

    * Main Game Guide Links: Main Story Goal Guide | Building Guide | Inventory Guide | Story Outline Guide | The HUB! sub-forum

    * Other Useful Game Guide Links | The Town Square & Crown Guide | The Elven Outpost | The Baron's Game Tent Guide | Monster Hunt Guide | Adventure Guide | Information Nugget #5 - Beasts | Update Guide | New Player Guide | Add Me Forum

    * Forum Rules

    * Time Zone Converter (compare where you are with United States-California-San Francisco)

    Any feedback can be made in the Hub Feedback thread.

    This thread will provide you with basic information about the game and how to navigate the forum.

    You are never alone! There are lots of very experienced and knowledgeable players who are more than happy to help you.

    *If you have a question, we have the answer!*

    Information about the game:
    1: Game Icons
    2: General Overview of the Game
    3: The Main Menu and the Market
    4: The Daily Coin Bonus
    5: Gifting - sending and receiving
    6: Messages - news feed and visitors
    7: Daily bonus - watching videos for gems and items
    8: Daily Trades
    9: Error Messages
    10: Game Settings

    Information about the forum:
    1: Navigating the forum
    2: Navigating the Hub
    3: Forum rules
    4: I don't want to post, but I need help!
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    * Game Icons *

    Game Icons:

    A day in the Glimmerwoods is 22 hours.

    Experience Points (or xp) – Experience points determine your level in the game. You game level is the blue star in the top left corner on your screen. You gain experience stars by doing everything in the game, eg, when you collect rent, complete goals, harvest crops. The higher your level, the more items and goals are unlocked. The Hub has a list of how many experience points you need to get to the next level.

    Your star fills with colour as you gather more xp until you hit the next level. There are currently 50 levels. Once you reach level 50 the star no longer fills with colour.

    Touch the Star button to access these 2 tabs on the Kingdom Overview screen:
    1. Profile:
    * Your Level and XP count
    * Social Rating (the hearts)
    * Number of neighbours
    * RP count
    * Number of crafting buildings (on board and in storage)
    * Number of royal buildings (on board and in storage)

    2. Wall
    * You wall can hold up to 100 messages
    * New messages appear at the top
    * The oldest message will 'fall off' your wall when a new one arrives
    * You can delete any wall message yourself
    * You can write your own wall message and so can anyone else in the game that visits you (they don't have to only be a neighbour)

    Royal Points (or RP) – Royal points are required to expand your kingdom. The market has specific buildings and decorations that give you additional royal points. The items must be on your board for them to count towards your total. You can upgrade buildings to increase your RP too.

    Gems – Gems are the premium currency of Castle Story. With gems you can speed up completion of various Castle Story goals, purchase special buildings and you can purchase extra energy too. You are given 20 gems when you begin the game. The gem currency indicator at the top of the screen shows you how many gems you have. You can purchase more gems as in-app purchases by clicking on ADD under the currency total. There are lots of ways to receive free gems and the list of items in under "G" in the Inventory Guide.

    Coins – Gold coins are the currency of Castle Story. With gold coins you can purchase buildings, decorations and expand your kingdom. Completing goals and collecting from buildings with a money pouch above them will give you coins as well. You are given 20,000 gold coins when you begin the game. The currency indicator at the top of the screen shows you how many coins you have.

    Energy – You can never have enough energy! One energy point is used to collect from each building, animals or crop square. The game teaches you how to prioritise and strategise (as well as patience and long-suffering!) as you must use your energy wisely to achieve your goals. Every time you complete an action it will cost you one energy point. You can purchase more energy as an in-app purchase, or you can wait until the energy restores itself. Every time you reach the next level you get a hit of your maximum energy on top of your current balance. The maximum energy the game gives you automatically is 40 points. As the game has progressed, there are now loads of ways to get additional energy; but more on that later!

    Goal Book – Your goal book will help you progress through the game. There are some goals that need to be completed before you can move on. The Story Outline Guide and the Goal Guide has information on what triggers goals.

    Free Gift
    – This icon allows you to watch videos for a daily gem or other in-game items, like flour, energy, sugar, blocks, beams etc. If you watch the videos, you may wait up to another 22 hours for the icon to reappear. This is iOS only and is a promotional feature that may not be offered to all players.

    Automatic Quick Invite function
    There is an option to have the Quick Invite function turned on or off (under settings). This is a more efficient way of adding neighbours. If the Quick Invite button is not on the screen of the person you visit, you can leave a message on their wall with your ID requesting an invite. It's located (when on screen) to the left of the Edit button.

    The toggle for Quick Invite doesn't save if you turn it on or off by dragging the white circle. If you just tap on the circle instead of dragging it, the toggle will stay on the selected option.

    Creating a Storm8 ID
    This is a unique ID and used for all of your storm8 games. If it's already used, you'll get a message that tells you this ID is taken. Choose your ID wisely as once made, it cannot be changed! This name is also your forum user name. Do not use swear words or inappropriate words as your ID.

    Naming your kingdom
    You can do this yourself once you begin the game in Social menu, or wait for the goal that asks you to name your kingdom. You can use a combination of spaces, emoji's and capitals. Once you have named your kingdom, if you want to change it, it will cost you 10 gems. You change it on the profile screen. So pick carefully! The game automatically adds a 's after your name, so be mindful of what it will look like to others.

    When inviting others to be your neighbour, you need to tell them your Storm8 ID and not your kingdom name.

    Creating a password
    You set up and change your password in Menu/Settings/FAQ. This password is also used on the forum to log in. As always, do not tell anyone else your password.

    Edit – use this button to:
    1. rearrange items in your kingdom (select the item, click and drag to a new location. Select the green tick DONE if you're finished.)
    2. store items into your inventory
    3. retrieve items from your inventory
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    * General Overview of the Game *

    1. Where do I start?
    At the beginning of course! Some basics:
    i) Castle Story is set in the Glimmerwoods; a magical land of faeries, trolls, an evil Baron, princesses and knights.
    ii) You will start with a specific level of energy and a goal book to start you on your way.
    iii) 1 energy recharges every 3 minutes.
    iv) Work on the goals in your goal book to advance levels and storyline
    v) You get a full energy recharge each time to get to the next level.
    Refer to Information Nugget #4 - Energy

    2. What are Resources?
    i) Resources are the items you get when you harvest crops, tend animals, chop trees, rocks and nature items (plants, weeds, old logs), collect from ponds/wells, defeat beasts and collect from your resource buildings.
    Refer to the Inventory Guide

    3. What are the most useful Resources?
    You will need these basic items at every stage of the game: Glimmerdust, Wood, Stone, Coal, Earth Wisps, Water, Petals, Flour, Sugar and Sap.
    i) Coal is used to craft Earth Wisps which are used to craft Wisp Lanterns which are a requirement for expanding.
    ii) Wood and Stone are used in buildings or to craft other materials for buildings.
    iii) Flour and Sugar (and more!) are needed to make the ingredients used to go adventuring.
    iv) Water is used to make most of the potions which are used for various purposes.

    Depending on where you are in the game, different resources become useful. You may be maxed on an item one minute and the next minute have none! It's all part of the fun!

    4. What are the storage Limits
    99 is the maximum for items in storage. There are exceptions to this (of course!).
    Refer to Information Nugget #1 - Inventory Overrun

    5. What are Building Limits?
    It depends on what building you want to place. Crafting buildings are limited to 2, but there are other Resource buildings/items that allow more than 1.
    Refer to the Building Guide

    6. What Crafting Buildings should I build first?
    I would recommend building them in the following order: 2 x Sparkling Mines and Sawmills, then Hatchery, Stable, Hatchery (no 2), Stable (no 2) and Deep Mine last.

    7. Can I collect items quickly / automatically?
    Yes, there are a couple of ways to collect automatically: Click all items to be collected, then
    i) click on the "Menu/Social" then close the "Social" page. Items are placed in your inventory right away! Or
    ii) Pull down the notification bar then push up your notification bar it will also automatically collect everything you had clicked. (iOS) or
    iii) Double click the home screen and then go back into your game via the thumbnail (iOS)

    8. Can I stop an action?
    Yes! Did you click on something you didn't mean to? Pressing the "Edit" button will cancel any actions you started. (note: this does not include accidentally using gems)

    9. How to get more coins?
    written by Kastlerama:
    * When you get to the point in the game where fellora plants unlock, view them as a source of income. Do not worry about exceeding inventory limits (99) as the money from them outweighs not being able to hold more plants in your inventory. Use of the fellora blossoms follows much later. I am providing you with this information because I wish I had it much earlier.
    * Strawberries are also a good income source as they grow quickly and can be used many ways without them going to waste by exceeding inventory limits.
    For more information, please visit Nugget #12 - Coins

    10. Collecting hearts - what items can be 'hearted' by visitors to my kingdom?
    written by NorthWoodsKingdom:
    When you have items on your board that are ready for collection, you will see 1 of 6 things hovering above that item:
    1) brown & purple sack
    2) yellow coin
    3) yellow arrow
    4) shovel
    5) watering can
    6) beam of light with a check mark

    The only things on your board which can get sparkled by visitors (& once hearted, will drop 2XP instead of 1XP + extra coins, where it applies) are those items on your board which show you the brown/purple sack or the yellow coin when they're ready for collection.

    All other "floaties" listed above are either over animals, crops, flowers/trees, water sources, some decorations with a timer, craft buildings or the castle & barracks -- and NONE of those can be hearted by visitors.

    ...and obviously anything without a timer at all can't get hearted either (how would you collect 'em? lol).

    Hope that helps you determine better, by looking around on your board. The only exception to this rule may be the Storage Cellar.

    11. What is the purpose of clicking on hearts on another kingdom's board?
    Clicking on buildings/items that have a hovering heart on it (be it a neighbour or a community member), increased your Social Rating. This means that it increases your visibility within the community and to certain extends shows you are an active player. The higher your social ratings, the higher changes are you are visible in the social community tab, thus people will visit you and eventually "tend" your buildings.
    For more information, please visit Information Nugget #3 - Neighbours

    12. Terminology - what does it all mean!
    We have a few specific words we use that can be interpreter in different ways. To aid in consistency, I use the following terms when writing the guides.

    * Quest - castle adventure (called the Queen or Kings Keep)
    * Event - timed storyline with limited items available only for that time. This would be anything not main story related.
    * Timed event - as above - a timed event and limited items associated with that event.
    * Goals - generic term used for all events and main storylines
    * Side Goals - can be used for both events and main storyline and is something in addition to do that could be timed and is mostly optional and not required to progress the story, but essentially makes things easier to progress the story. A little different is Supplementary Goals which run parallel to the event/story but are also essentially not required.
    * Storybook - chapter events which require you to complete 1 chapter a day before the next chapter opens. Storybook events are always time limited and is a term used right across all Storm8 games.
    * Doorbuster sales - a weekly opportunity to purchase an item unrelated to whatever event or storyline is active. These show in the Feature section of the market and have a different coloured banner around the box with a timer. You may not see or be able to purchase a doorbuster sale item if you have reached the cap on that item.

    13. Resource levels
    Written by DeeDeeBird70:
    Try to maintain a minimum of all resources, especially those that are hard to come by. For example, don’t use up gold items for the gem trade (Royal Exchange) until you have a good number in stock. I keep mine in the 80s. Have at least 20-25 expansion permits held back before expanding or making an explorer permit. I know it is tempting to grow as soon as possible but you risk getting caught short. When you can, keep crafting items to build up your stock, crops, feasts, blocks, beams, glue, etc.
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    * The Main Menu and the Market *

    Main Menu
    Click on the Menu icon in your game to reveal shortcuts to:
    News: takes you to Messages screen.
    Social: visit community members, neighbours and invite other players if you know their S8 ID.
    Overview: this is your ingame socialising section. Also known as your 'wall'. You can get to your wall also by clicking on your blue star (where your game level is, top left of your screen.)
    Settings: turn game settings and notifications on or off.
    Help/FAQ: basic game information. You also set up your password here.
    Photo: takes a screen shot and puts the photo in your device photos.

    The Market
    * This is where you buy *everything!
    * Each item will tell you the purchase price, either coin or gem.
    * The question mark turns the inventory card around to reveal a description of the item.
    * If you need any information on an item, please go to the Inventory Guide.

    Featured: this tab is used for special items in events or for sales.

    Buildings: purchase your royal, town, crafting, resource and special buildings here.

    Decorations: purchase your royal, town, roads and wall decorations here.

    Rune Market: purchase items with your bronze, silver and gold runes which you get from trading in the Elven Outpost.

    Nature: purchase all sorts of plants, animals, farm plots and other items classified as nature.

    My Inventory: another way to get to items in your storage.

    Expand: you can either click on a wooden Expand signpost in game, or if it's hard to click on, you can use this button to see where else you can expand to. Once resources are given to a square, they cannot be returned, so choose carefully.
    If you've finished expanding, you'll get this message:

    My Boosts – You need to unlock the Elven Outpost (level 30) first. You craft boosts in the Apothecary to speed up various crafting buildings and crops.

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    NOTE: VIDEO FEATURES DISABLED JUNE 2022. This means that you cannot watch videos for additional coins or to get additional cabbages in the Baron't Tent

    * The Daily Coin Bonus *

    Daily bonus - opening the game:

    Each day you enter the game in a row, a daily bonus is given. The amount grows each consecutive day to enter the game. The amount also depends on your game level. The numbers below are my Level 50 game. Once you get to a certain level, you will get the opportunity to watch a Daily Double video on this screen to double the amount of coins you can collect.

    Day 1:

    Day 2:

    Day 3:

    Day 4:

    Day 1 - Level 1 example:

    Day 1 - Level 17 example:

    Daily bonus - watching videos for cabbages:
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    * Gifting *

    * You can only send 3 neighbours a gift.
    * You can return a gift via the social screen, news feed or when you're in a neighbour's kingdom.
    * You can receive up to 20 gifts per day.

    Sending Gifts:

    Example of sending Living Wood to your 3 neighbours:

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    * Messages - News Feed and Visitors *

    In your Messages area you will see 3 things:

    1. Pending gifts - you can receive up to 20 gifts per day. The USE button is not applicable in Castle Story.

    2. Players that visit you and click on hearts (you can see what has been visited as it will sparkle).

    3. Players that have responded to a request via a goal. You can only receive back 20/21 requests per day.
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    * Daily bonus - watching videos for gems and items * (iOS only)
    Spoiler: show

    NB: The way videos are offered may change from time to time.

    From time to time you may get the opportunity to watch videos for gems and items. This feature is offered to different players at different times. So, if it disappears, it is not a bug but normal game play.

    The video icon is located on the left side of screen under your goal book.

    You will get 1 gem and then random items like flour, sugar and energy. Screens look like this:

    If the video doesn't finish, you will get a screen like this one. Sometimes you have to click on the Watch Again button a few times to get the video to connect. Make sure you wifi connection is good before starting videos.

    When you get to the last video, this message appears with your reward:

    The gifting screens have now changed, but the concept is the same.
    Examples of free gifts include*: 1 stone block or 1 wooden beam, 1 gem, 1 energy, a white sheep, 1000 coins, 1 enchanted beam or block, apple or orange or lemon trees (come as saplings), white alicorn, golden egg, golden nugget, golden apple, 1 lumin essence, 1 fancy beam or block, mithril

    * These are a few items I tracked over time in my game. There are loads of other items you can receive. You may get an item listed on the screen, or something completely different. My own personal observation is that you do not get what is on the offer screen and instead get the 'mystery' prize. I'd say I receive the 1000 coins and the 1 gem reward most consistently.
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    * Daily Trades *

    * Each day (22 hours) you can do a daily trade.
    * Be warned that these trades ask for lots of items for a very small return.
    * The trades are random each day.
    * If you do not do the trade, it will expire after 22 hours and a new trade will appear in your goal book.
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    * Error Messages *

    You can have 2 of each crafting building. This is a standard message you get when you try and buy more of a building that has a cap. The Building Guide has information about caps.

    If your wifi drops out, you will get this message. Once your connection is restored, the game will pick up where you left off. Sometimes you may go backwards a couple of clicks, so you need to check where your game is before continuing.
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