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Thread: Best configuration for tables?

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    Best configuration for tables?

    This game is getting my goat! I hardly make any money off my customers, I have a HUGE restaurant full of food most recipes over 15,000 but make about 50k per night.
    I can no longer speed up recipes, can do 2 and then it switches off, hardly ever get the button to watch a video and double my takings.
    I tried a different table config from an old post but I seem to be earning LESS!
    If anyone has tips or tricks.

    My ID in RS is ktwhoopi if anyone wants to have a look.

    Thank you so much in advance!!

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    Hi KTs Korners!

    The very 1st thing you should do is STOP cooking (except for any challenges that you're working on). You have more than enough food for your guests right now. Spending money to make MORE food is probably your main problem right now.

    The guests can only "eat" so much food/hour & the number of guests/hour AFTER it hits the MAX (around 24-28 in the shop at one time... I don't remember the exact number) doesn't increase based on either counters, food, or chairs at tables.

    BUT the distance from the round trip from door to cashier to table & back to door DOES make a difference so the current T configuration you have WILL help if you stop spending coins on cooking. That way the plates you've already invested in can be sold.

    The only additional thing I would suggest concerning your table & chair configuration is to switch your cashier with your Bombay chair so that it's nearer the center of your T configuration. (Don't forget to switch the corresponding table as well).

    I forget who suggested it to me, but it eliminated the sad faces at my restaurant and allowed me to use fewer table/chairs which helped speed things up to help me earn cash. I personally, prefer to remove chairs not being used by active customers but haven't a clue if that makes a difference at all.

    The next thing to do is increase the profit/PLATE of your shop by asking for CHICKEN for GIFTS (unless you need PARTS for challenges), since CHICKEN sells for 8 coins/plate. Although YOU could COOK chicken, its probably better to wait until you've reduced the number of plates (servings) you currently have available in the shop since you've got food up to the rafters!

    I'm not sure when you should begin cooking again since I don't know how many plates get sold per day. But when you DO go back to cooking, your goal should be to keep the PROFIT/PLATE for non challenge foods as high as you can since the challenge dishes tend to be low profit/plate items.

    I hope this info helps. ��HAVE A GREAT DAY!��

    The guests don't need to have "physical" acces to the counters to get food so you can eliminate the corridors you have between them (if you want) to make room for floor decor. ��Happy decorating!��
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    The tips shared above are GREAT and an excellent game plan.

    If you'd like to look more into the details they referenced, I've cultivated a list of the most informational forum threads that have served our community well over the years. I always recommend them for any player in BS/RS looking to learn more about the math of the games, how to maximize profits or make the most of their layout.

    These threads are mostly old, but all of the information in them is still as accurate as ever. You may not find every one helpful but I'm certain that you'll find something worthwhile in the lot!

    Minimal Steps, Maximal Profits -

    Most Efficient Design (without the math)

    Comparing Most Efficient Layouts -

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    Number of Doors/Registers and Efficiency -

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    The Math of How to Maximize Profits -

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    Hope this helps and good luck with your remodel!

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    One more suggestion

    Hi KT,
    The one suggestion I would give you is to throw out any food that earns less than 4 coins per plate. At a glance I noticed you have Lobster, Fruit Salad, and Quiche, all of which are low coins per plate. It was so hard to throw away food, but my earnings each day definitely increased once I cleared out all low earners.
    It allowed me to keep doing goals without losing money.
    Good luck!

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    Thank you so much!!!!! This has really helped 😸😸😸😸

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    Thank you so much for the threads to go and look at, I appreciate your help so much!

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    Thanks for that advice 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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