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Thread: Moderator Urgent Help Please

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    Moderator Urgent Help Please

    The 11/24 Kitchen master goal I think is impossible to finish. I know Storm8 is closed until Monday, but if you could please see that they are aware at that time. Hopefully this can be fixed Monday. The 25 soda recipes that take 2 days is a huge issue for most players. Most of us have oven slots being used for 14 day goals and do not even have 25 oven slots to begin with. Please 1/2 that required recipe to 12 otherwise most of us will not be able to complete this goal. Thanks so much!

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    There is no way to finish this in the 5-day time-frame given for the goal, especially with still working on the Main Goal.

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    Mod Pixie has escalated this to the team for urgent action.

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    Update: it appears this issue has been resolved, with the Lemon Lime Soda requirement in Part 3 significantly lowered.
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