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Thread: Bakery Story Game Guide

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    Bakery Story Game Guide

    Welcome to Bakery Story

    Warmest welcome to Bakery Story! We are delighted to have you joining our community.

    Come and join in our chats and discussions with fellow players. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Enjoy yourself and happy baking!

    Here are some useful threads:

    Have an issue or a bug in your game?
    Post in Bakery Story | Bugs & Issues forum.

    New to the Forum?
    If you are new to the Storm8 forum and like to know what are the dos and don'ts on the forum, please read the Forum Rules & Policies to find out more.

    Storm8 Support:
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    Getting Started

    There are several important aspects to running a successful bakery: Cooking Food, Serving Food, Keeping Customers Happy, and Customizing your bakery.

    Cooking Food
    Cooking Food is super easy and super fun!
    Step 1: find an empty oven and tap on it twice to open the cookbook.
    Step 2: find the dish you would like to cook and tap on it to select it.
    Step 3: prepare your dish by tapping on it to prepare or add the dish's various ingredients - once you have finished this step you will need to wait for your dish to finish cooking to continue.
    Step 4: once your dish finishes cooking, tap on it again to add the final touches.
    Step 5: tap on your dish a final time to move it to an available serving counter where it can be served to your guests.

    Serving Food
    Once your food is on a serving counter (as explained in the final step of Cooking Food), it will be served to customers automatically as they find empty seats in your bakery. If you don't have any available serving tables then you need to either a) buy more from the store, b) remove food from existing serving tables by tapping on it and choosing remove, or c) wait for your customers to eat all of the food off of one serving table.
    Please note that identical food types will INITIALLY take up two serving counters, but if your serving counters are becoming full then your chef will combine your identical dishes to make room for new food.

    Keeping Customers Happy
    You can keep your customers happy by having empty seats for them to sit in and prepared food for them to eat. If there is no room for a customer to sit, then they will eventually become frustrated and leave the bakery. If there is no food for them to eat, then they will eventually become frustrated and leave the bakery. Make sure to have plenty of food and plenty of seats and tables waiting for potential customers - remember that happy customers will attract even more customers and that's just what you want!

    Customizing Your Bakery
    You can customize your bakery in any way that you like - it can be strictly functional with only tables, chairs, ovens, and serving counters, it can be purely decorative with no functional items, or it can be anywhere in between. To find items to place in your bakery, open the store by tapping on the hammer in the lower right corner of the main screen.
    Once the store is open you can browse the various categories and choose items in each to purchase and place in your store. To purchase an item you can either tap on it and tap again at the location you'd like to place it or drag it to where you want to place it and tap again to confirm.
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    Collectibles Guide

    Currently, the Collectible feature is only available on iOS devices, but this guide can still be helpful for Android players to prepare you for this feature. Check below the jump for more details!

    What is a Collectible?
    Collectibles are items that you collect for performing various actions in the game. There is a random chance for a collectible to drop while performing certain actions.

    Where can I view my Collectibles?
    When you receive a Collectible, it is stored until you have all of the required Collectibles to redeem the reward. You can view your current Collectibles and other information by viewing your collection from the Main Menu > Collectibles sub-menu.

    What is a Collection?
    There are a number of Collections available for each game. Each Collection will require you to collect 4 specific Collectibles in order to redeem the reward. Each Collectible has a different drop-rate, which means some Collectibles are harder to obtain than others.

    How do Mastery Levels work?
    Each time you redeem a reward, you are mastering the Collection. If you keep redeeming the rewards, you will eventually gain a Mastery Level and receive different bonuses! Each Collection has 4 Mastery Levels.

    What Collections are in Bakery Story?
    There are 5 different Collections for Bakery Story and each one has a different reward. We?ll going to give you some tips on how to find the different Collectibles for each Collection!

    Collection: Floral Bouquet

    Collectibles: Rose, Orchid, Lily, Tulip

    Reward: Flower Trophy

    Tip: Randomly drops when purchasing Wall Decorations or Wallpaper.

    Collection: Cooking Tools

    Collectibles: Ladle, Spatula, Rolling Pin, Measuring Cup

    Reward: Golden Utensils

    Tip: Randomly drops when purchasing any of the following items: Tables, Chairs, Decorations, Appliances, and Counters.

    Collection: Chef Implements

    Collectibles: Chef Hat, Apron, Oven Mitt, Chef Jacket

    Reward: 30,000 Coins & 750 XP

    Tip: Randomly drops while cooking ANY recipe in Bakery Story.

    Collection: Baking Goodness

    Collectibles: Whisk, Tong, Baking Sheet, Knife

    Reward: Bread Basket

    Tip: Randomly drops while cooking/mixing ANY Pie, Bread, or Tea recipes.

    Collection: Yummy Ingredients

    Collectibles: Flour, Egg, Sugar, Butter

    Reward: 20,000 Coins & 1,000 XP

    Tip: Randomly drops while cooking/mixing ANY Cake, Cookie, Coffee, Specialty, or Donut recipes.

    Reference thread: Collectibles
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    Expansion Requirements

    ..Expansion Requirements for
    Coin Expansion
    Requirements for
    Gem Expansion
    7 x 9 (initial size)
    8 x 10 $20'000, 1 neighbor, level 4 20 gems, level 4
    9 x 12 $40'000, 1 neighbor, level 6 20 gems, level 5
    10 x 13 $20'000, 2 neighbors, level 7 -"-
    11 x 14 $400'000, 2 neighbors, level 8 -"-
    12 x 15 $1'000'000, 8 neighbors, level 9 -"-
    13 x 16 $2'000'000, 11 neighbors, level 10 40 gems, level 5
    14 x 17 $4'000'000, 16 neighbors, level 15 -"-
    15 x 18 $6'000'000, 21 neighbors, level 20 -"-
    16 x 19 $8'000'000, .26 neighbors,. level 30 -"-
    17 x 20 $10'000'000, 31 neighbors, level 40 -"-
    18 x 21 $12'000'000, 36 neighbors, level 45 80 gems, level 5
    19 x 22 $14'000'000, 36 neighbors, level 50 -"-
    20 x 23 $20'000'000, 41 neighbors, level 55 -"-
    21 x 24 $30'000'000, 46 neighbors, level 60 -"-
    22 x 25 $40'000'000, 51 neighbors, level 65 -"-
    24 x 26 $60'000'000, 51 neighbors, level 75 -"-
    25 x 27 $17'500'000, 56 neighbors, level 80 -"-
    26 x 28 $20'000'000, 56 neighbors, level 80 -"-
    27 x 29 $22'500'000, 61 neighbors, level 80 -"-
    28 x 30 $25'000'000, 61 neighbors, level 80 100 gems, level 5
    29 x 31 $25'000'000, 61 neighbors, level 80 -"-
    30 x 32 $27'500'000, 61 neighbors, level 80 -"-
    31 x 33 $27'500'000, 61 neighbors, level 80 -"-
    32 x 34 $30'000'000, 61 neighbors, level 80 -"-
    33 x 35 $30'000'000, 61 neighbors, level 80 150 gems, level 5
    34 x 36 $30'000'000, 61 neighbors, level 80 -"-
    35 x 37 $32'500'000, 61 neighbors, level 80 -"-
    36 x 38 $32'500'000, 61 neighbors, level 80 -"-
    37 x 39 ....$35'000'000, 61 neighbors, level 80.... -"-
    Discussion thread:

    Levels To Get New Appliance Slots

    ..Level Slots
    Start 2
    Level 5 3
    Level 10 4
    Level 14 5
    Level 19 6
    Level 23 7
    Level 28 8
    Level 32 9
    Level 37 10
    Level 41 11
    Level 46 12
    Level 50 13
    Level 55 14
    Level 59 15
    Level 64 16
    Level 68 17
    Level 73 18
    Discussion thread:
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    Threads To Post Your Bakery Pictures

    Show off Your Bakery - Thread 1 (closed: to continue in Thread 2)

    Show off your Bakery - Thread 2

    Show off your Valentine Bakery 2016
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