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Thread: Bakery Story: ADD ME / Apr-June 2023

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    Bakery Story: ADD ME / Apr-June 2023

    Hello Bakers!

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your Storm8 ID here. Only one post per ID please. If you posted previously in this thread, and no longer want neighbors, you may edit your own post.

    Feel free to include any additional info (i.e. if you only want certain gifts, want people to tip you daily, etc) if you like.

    Information for new players:
    Check out Welcome to Bakery Story to get started. Happy Baking!
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    Looking for neighbors, just started playing again and all of my previous neighbors have stopped playing. I log in multiple times daily.
    Id: bbgrant007

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    May 2017
    Please add sweet891
    I play daily and the goals

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    Mar 2011
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    ID: kimmy42. I am Level 99 and looking for Level 99 players only. Daily gifting, Goal player, parts only please. Thx. No tipping, sorry.

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    Somewhere in England
    Sorry, not adding neighbors for a while. All requests will be rejected. Thank you.

    I only add from other people's id's I am very specific about who I choose

    Alt account: rainbwoaheclipse

    Look at page 5, 3rd or 4th reply
    Last edited by 763862; 06-10-23 at 10:03 AM.

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    Nov 2017
    Hi all ! Looking for active main goal players who tip and fill requests daily. Not a tipper, not bothered about stars. I gift goal parts then basic parts between goals, looking for the same

    Bakery story ID: rawan_taleb
    2nd bakery ID: givemygemsback

    Here?s my restaurant if you?re an active main goal player there too

    Restaurant story ID: rawantaleb7

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    ID: bluecool321
    I check my bakery multiple times a day. Looking for neighbors to gift parts and accept requests daily. I will do the same. Tipping preferred but not required, have a good day ☺️

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    Add me Ssarita. Daily player and goals. No tipping. I also play RS
    Last edited by Ssarita; 04-19-23 at 09:41 PM.

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    Apr 2023
    Hello, looking for neighbors to help with goals.
    I tip when I get the chance. Wall first.
    I mass gift and accept requests daily. 🌸
    If you stay 0 stars consistently, I will delete. 🫠
    ID: vicabi
    Last edited by vicabi; 06-03-23 at 02:38 PM.

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    Oct 2014
    2 accounts -
    Beachinhawaii (lvl 99)
    Iridescentunicorn (lvl 61)
    I gift daily and accept requests quickly as I check the game multiple times a day
    I don?t tip every single person in my neighbor list however i love making friends on here! Tipping is appreciated and those who write on my wall, i always make sure to tip and write a message back. Thanks and hope to see you soon at my shop

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