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Thread: BS & RS Goal Request Issues

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    BS & RS Goal Request Issues

    Has anyone else experienced this? I dont think my neighbors are getting my "help" request for parts on the same day. I want receive help for my request till the next day. It shows my neighbors asked for help 2 or 3 hours ago when i been on the game and havent seen that request till later on. i have alot of neighbors it shouldn't take days to build an oven/stove,drink machine.

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    This may be for several reasons, the most likely being lingering requests in the queue.

    One way to avoid having too much lingering in the queue is to only ask for exactly 20 requests each day; this will help to limit the number of unfilled requests. It might not avoid the situation entirely, though, since there is no way to ensure that all 20 requests are filled and any unfilled request will go to the queue.

    I'm not saying there is no bug in the system; but over the years, I've seen this exact issue posted hundreds of times and there has never been an official response acknowledging it as a bug. To me, that indicates that it's not an actual bug, just the system being way more complicated than it appears at first glance.

    If you feel that your game has a genuine bug and this response doesn't apply to you then you can submit a support ticket with the team.


    If you're interested to know a bit more on how the request system works, I'll explain what I've learned over the years below.

    If you feel like the above answered your question, please feel free to ignore the following:

    The way it works is that we send out a request, the neighbor receives the request, the neighbor accepts the request then we receive the part in our game. While it seems obvious and simple, there is no telling how long passes between each of those steps (especially when time zones are considered) and things can be more complicated than they seem in each step of the process.

    It can seem from our end that there is a delay or disconnect between when one player is actually seeing the request and when another player is filling the request. There are several reasons for this and there's very little way for us to know which is which at any given time. I'll share the few that I'm aware of and seem to be the most common.

    When you're seeing that your neighbor asked for help, that is true and your neighbor requested a part from you at the game's reset. However, if that neighbor's other friends are quicker to respond, they could receive all of their daily requests before you even log into your game for the day. If that were to happen, then you will still see that your neighbor has asked for help as the game sent you the notification as soon as they did but you may never see the actual part request itself because the neighbor in question has reached their limit for that day.

    Another thing to consider is the queue itself - the daily requests will roll over and can linger in the queue for up to a week. (There have been reports of requests lingering for longer, but I recall older posts where the team said they're meant to expire after seven days.)

    Anyway, when requests roll over, it would work like this: I send out 40 requests for parts, I get 20 fills but the remaining 20 that I've sent out don't just go away. Instead, they go to the queue where they will wait and automatically be sent out at the next daily reset. This will continue until all the requests have been answered, a week goes by or I send a new request. Over the years, I have also seen others report that sometimes the requests can linger in the queue even after a new request is sent. However, there's no way for us to verify if this is true or if it just looks that way to us on our end of things.

    By that I mean, even though I'm sending out a new request which cancels the previous day's, the game might've been faster and has already sent out those old requests as soon as the game reset. For this example, let's say I asked all my neighbors for Screws on Monday and when the game reset on Tuesday, I sent out a new request for Fuses. As the day goes on, I see that even though I sent out over 20 requests, I've only received 18 Screws. This could be because the old requests lingering in the system got sent out first and some of those were answered before I had a chance to cancel it with the new request. It can be hard to tell and keep track of so it might just look like an error from my end but in reality, it's the queue system working as intended.

    Something to keep in mind with the requests rolling over: when the game sends out those old requests at reset, it also sends out notifications to all the neighbors who were sent the request. When the old requests are cancelled, the game has already sent the notifications so they will remain in neighbors' News Feeds. Since the notifications are general and don't list the exact part requested, we can never know when it's one of these phantom notifications or when it's an active one.

    I think those are the main points, but if you have any further questions or want clarification, please feel free to ask more and I can try to explain better!

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    Thank you so much this helps me understand everything so much better because I have over 100 neighbors and i assume i would get oven etc built in no time. i thought it was only a limit a fay to send gifts not for the request thou.

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