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Thread: GOAL: Bee Time! - 2019 May 21 (15 Days)

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    The sticky cake is now working and it cook for 12 hours and it is on the basic oven

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    Quote Originally Posted by atrekker1 View Post
    HI?m furious I decided to use some gems and get the bonus prize, the garden cake. I ?skipped? the sticky cakes and the daisy cake. It took my gems and didn?t continue the steps. It just went back to the first step again and this time is asking for MORE gems for the same thing!,what?s going on with Storm8, the are really messing up lately and it?s costing me money!
    There are 3 parts to this goal in order to get the goal prize. You can find the info on the first page of this post, but for quick reference, you have to cook 8 sticky cakes & 8 daisy cakes then you move on to part two where you have to cook 10 of each sticky & daisy, and finally part 3 you have to cook 14 sticky cake and 12 daisy cake. Using gems to skip any part of the goal will only skip the current step, not the entire goal. Hope this makes sense.

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    Update: The first post is finished now that the Sticky Cake has been added back to our CookBooks.

    Noticed that several basic recipes have had the unlock levels altered including the Daisy Cake. Interesting but now I've got to go and update all my inventories!
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    Sticky cakes are back!! Yea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunshiny_Day View Post
    The new flooring looks like a soccer ball #imho
    That's what I thought!

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    Goal 3: Earn Your Stripes
    Serve 12 Honey Cake (30g to skip) *Triplicate Recipe Name*
    - 5 Hours
    Buy 2 Bee Hive Sign (4g to skip)
    - Wall Deco
    - $22,000 each

    I think it's 3 hours for the honey cake?

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    Missing Sticky Cakes - fixed
    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    This issue has been fixed. It's in the Basic Oven.
    Added to Post 1.

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    I wish we could have the sticky cake back permanently. I?ve been playing since 2010 and they have gotten rid of a lot of cute recipes over the years. Overall I like this goal and side goal better than the last one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    Personally, I can't believe that they've added a recipe called HONEY CAKE to this goal set. Just five days ago they added a Honey Cake to the Tea Cup Stove when we already had a recipe with that name on the Pirate Oven. This newest addition is now the THIRD Honey Cake we've got in Bakery Story.

    That there are so many issues in this goal when they've copied the decos straight from other games is mind blowing. I thought they recycled items so they would save themselves time to focus on the running of the game instead of designing but I guess that's not the case??

    C'mon s8! Take some pride in your work and step up your game!
    hmm, in restaurant story we have honey bee theme too.

    i rather S8 just have goals once a month, so that players can catch up with cooking and saving money.

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