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Thread: SALE: Spring 2019 Sale & Spring Show Pony

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    Quote Originally Posted by xenu8 View Post
    Couple things, first I have noticed a few times during these sales it says I already own the pet when I don't. Like the Easter kitty is saying I already have it which is a lie.. Before I wanted the pink snail but it said I already had it (did not have it), now they are offering the blue snail which I already have but I could get another...!...

    Second....This "golden blossom" tree says it will drop parts for the beaver dam. I bought it thinking I could finish the beaver dam but that is a lie too. False advertising!
    This is normal game behaviour. You may not have the specific pet but once you have filled up the respective habitats needed for it, the game will not allow you to purchase more and it shows a Tick in your Market. See Judy's example below.

    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    Example if you have nine cats out that is the limit.
    Put one in the cellar and force close then when you reopen you would have a spot for a cat.
    Then you could buy.
    As for the golden blossom tree, these sale items include past event items and their captions remained from the original event - it has always been this way. The only event boosts that are active are those items from the current event. The items on sale are either decorations, pets or skins. Hope this clarifies. Sorry that you bought it under a different impression. I've sent you a pm on your purchase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otgland View Post
    I am so disappointed... I can?t purchase the new Spring show pony. Wish S8 would increase the cap!
    Quote Originally Posted by ankavale1000 View Post
    Same here. Been asking for third stable ever since that cranberry pony. Skipped cranberry and now gotta store one in order to get Spring. Who stores a show pony in cellar? I still remember the time n effort for me to get the first one, then second ... and so on. Show ponies r my greatest achievement in this game! If I run out of shelves for trophies, I buy more shelves.

    Stormie, plz offer 3rd stable.

    Also, I think u accidentally forgot to include Adora in this sale. There's still time, I'll be waiting. Thank u!
    I agree with you all. Here's the request thread for more Show Pony Stable. Do drop your request there to support this request.

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    Just got back, can't buy the spring show pony, not enough gems! Maybe next year I can possibly saving up to 2,000 gems. As for now, I am satisfied with the Carousel pony from past event. Wanted to shop more but limited farm space! To add, I hate to see pets on my cellar just because the habitat is full. A suggestion on this, please make older habitats suitable for new comers, so we don't have to store pets for iOS users and as a solution for droid players who have limited space even though they can afford more habitats (you Storm 8 not yet make more habitats available, haha).

    And one more Storm8, please stop doing/selling "cats make over" because my habitats are so full, those kitties are too cute!!

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    Not sure if you need this Rynetory2

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    Not sure if you need this Rynetory2
    Congrats on your new gorgeous Spring Show Pony!! I think this pony is the most beautiful of all show ponies so far. Thank you for the picture, very much needed for the Pets Guide where I've added.

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