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Thread: STORYBOOK: Wildflowers - 2018 Apr 13

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    You can see it here in the Creatures Guide.

    Breeding charts are in Page 1 of Creatures Guide.

    Here is the discussion thread for Cactus Coney. Link of Cactus Coney is in Post 1.
    Thank you very much.

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    So happy i can finish this story! Hornflower is beautyyyyful! And i love when they rerelease an animal as a extra goal , i was umable to get drizzly bear last time, but now i can. woohoo

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    Quote Originally Posted by G4OU812 View Post
    Oh, jeez. Have all the animals required to breed minus the Cactus Coney but not enough food. Always something ends up being a hurdle/barrier. Will try to get as far as I can.
    You're not alone, I thought it was just me I tried twice for the catus Coney first try 13 hours, second try 20 hours so I skipped it not knowing you had to breed again so another skip then the mining bells......four bombs and nothing thankfully I had plenty of bombs, hoping to make it to the end without going broke! Good Luck!

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    Help my phlox fox disappeared. I got him to level 5 and when I went back to raise him to level 10 he was gone

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    Huh don’t event know how many times autocomplete if i can not refresh after one move at the end of chapter 9 did not reward me fawn Flowers (

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