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  • Sound garden

    20 35.09%
  • Regular tapes

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  • Player piano

    21 36.84%
  • Dancing chicken

    24 42.11%
  • Piper's music club

    10 17.54%
  • Spotlights

    9 15.79%
  • Platinum tape

    8 14.04%
  • Record player

    23 40.35%
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    15 26.32%
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Thread: Rock n Roll World Event - 2018 Jan 19 (POLL ADDED)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fairyreserve View Post
    One of the things I like about you is that you're really good at setting expectations by doing all this math for us. And for people like me, personally, cuz I'm math-challenged, which is why I'm a writer and not an accountant, it makes a big difference in helping me know what I'm doing! So, thank you!
    Awww thank you.
    Then I think I played on the weekend likely 40 of 48 hours

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanajunroses View Post
    Still no button to unlock, have made five tapes or more....have enough to upgrade several times...
    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    You have to have a tape making in one of the first two slots to see the UNLOCK button
    Here is a screenshot
    Attachment 41704
    This confused me, too. I didn't understand that the "unlock" button was the same as all the other buildings when you want to open up more slots. So, make a tape -- any tape -- and click "unlock" wherever it appears. Then wait to get your prize, and do it again till you're out of materials for the upgrade.

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    My suggestion, once you've unlocked all but the last slot, is to switch from doing Platinum tapes and working on only regular tapes. If it takes as much time for you as it does for me to collect upgrade parts, you have time to make all the Soundproof Beams. In the meantime, collecting 40 Sheet Music every 2 hours isn't too bad. I only hope that I still have enough time (7 days, 3 hours as I write this) to collect enough sheets to get to the end: I'm at 623 right now, so another 200+ (5 regular tapes) to the 4th prize, and then another 725(?), equating to another 18+ tapes. So there SHOULD be enough time (2 hours per tape, so possibly no more than 2 days), since I can queue things up (and actually get things done while asleep for a change). Still have a lot of Soundproof Beams to craft, but 18 will go a long way to finalizing the upgrade.

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    Hi, my prizes are not showing up in my storage , what can I do please ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by little_veggie View Post
    Hi, my prizes are not showing up in my storage , what can I do please ?
    Restart your device and check cellar again. Please let me know in the Bugs & Issues forum if they are still missing.

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    Thank you , all good now x

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    The piano doesn't do anything... And how do we get the yellow flower-player thing? It's cute and I want it
    (android player)

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    Android players Goal 2:
    Win the Second World Event Prize
    Collect 125 sheet music
    Reward: 5 Regular Tapes

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9E7ACB2B-8C1C-4DB5-8CE7-89E50D686F87.jpg 
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    Anyone further ahead than this, I am struggling to get the microphones �� to upgrade to the 5th slot, but got loads of the others lol x

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    What's frustrating about this game is that when there is a quest the necessary parts to continue through it never show up and you don't end up getting much out of it. I don't understand the point of it all. In restaurant story it's up to you to complete your goals in a timely manner and you get your prize. With farm story it's the luck of the draw and that makes it almost pointless and a waste of time. I've tried a couple of these quest and have yet to complete one due to the parts not dropping.

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