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Thread: BAKERY STORY 2 :: Planning & Strategies to EARN COINS

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    BAKERY STORY 2 :: Planning & Strategies to EARN COINS

    The quantity of plates you can sell per day is limited to max 24'000.
    So try to avoid this number to include 1 to 4 coins income per plate:
    Understood that 1'000 plates x8coins per hour will give you much more than 1'000 plates x1coin.
    If you have 1 to 4 coins dishes on your counters, use Quick Serves to clean the counter instantly OR sell the whole counter with food. It is up to you to calculate whether it would be appropriate to delete lower cost food or to keep it.
    It is not necessary to do all the things in order provided by leveling up.
    Sometimes there is a sense to do "last things first".
    The most common example is "To open Exotic Bazaar (level 22) or to collect coins for Cake Maker (level 23)".
    Cake Maker provides 8coins food. So it will help you to generate larger "capital" at this stage, than the Bazaar.
    To help your planning, we put all expenses waiting for your progress, into Levelling-Up Guide. You can always check there and decide how you would like to move through.
    If you're not in the position to buy Gems for real money, save them and use wisely.
    If you want to make good progress, do not spend Gems for decor, for usual cooking appliances, and tap carefully to avoid gem traps.
    Buying Mixer will help you to move through the Monthly Goals easier, since they require hellion of home-mixed ingredients.
    Buying Blender and Melting Pot will help you to double the output of longer made ingredients involved into higher coins dishes production.
    So it's up to you to decide which one you want to have first.
    If you have enough gems and bought Designer Mixer, Blender and Pot, spend your Gems for Appliances giving max coins dishes.
    At this stage of game development, we do not have key elements locked by Expansions.
    So do the Expansion only if you see that you really need more space.
    Check what you can do in space matter without expanding. Use optimal quantity of sits (see "Efficient Layout" below), store all decorations, use free space only for Functional Elements (see Elements of the Game).
    You can participate being Level 7 or higher.
    Take a habit to make 1 to 4 coins dishes only for To-Go Orders, Secret Specials and Goals.
    You cannot avoid it, since you absolutely need it for your progress in game.
    Remember that if you cannot complete To-Go Order, you can always press the Replace button and get new one in 10 minutes. Unlike Secret Specials, for which there is no such a feature.
    Remember that each To-Go Order takes only 15 to 35% of what you served, and the rest is going to your counter. And that Secret Specials don't take any food, they require you only to serve it, which means everything is going to your counters.
    One feature helping me to decrease lower cost food production & sales, is to Sync the Deliveries.
    Even if I have one order ready, I wait for other two - and deliver them in one go.
    This can help you to get next orders in one time, so if two of them need same lower coins dish, you can bake it only once, cover the orders, and get less plates onto your counters.
    Don't forget that Quick Serves is a great help to deliver To-Go Orders faster.
    You can participate being Level 12 or higher and having Home & Fancy Ovens, Stove, Barista Machine, Mixer, and Dry Goods opened. Some of them require you to be minimum Level 14 and have Secret Baker's Club opened.
    Try to get there as fast as you can.
    Even higher level players not always have time and/or patience to complete the Goals.
    Do not focus on final reward. It's not always worth it. "Not to win but to take part".
    (Except events giving you possibility to win as the reward the highest coin dishes like in Spring Oven)
    The main point of Goals is that they provide limited recipes with highest coins yelds like 6/8/10 per plate. So, during Goals, the money raising is much-much faster.
    You can participate being Level 14 or higher.
    Try to deliver as much Specials as you can, because Secret Club gives you an access to 10coin dishes which is extremely helpful especially at lower levels.
    If you have a possibility, try to Sync the Deliveries of To-Go Orders and Secret Specials.
    This can help to decrease the output of lower coins dishes.
    Don't forget that Quick Serves can be a great help in this matter.
    You can participate starting from Level 15 (for cupcakes), Level 16 (for "surprise" goal line) and from Level 17 (for fruits).
    Do not miss this opportunity to produce 10 to 20 coins food, it's a great help for lower levels to generate enough coins for unlocking expensive items started from Level 22, as well as a good and easy way to increase your income at higher levels.
    To make your Bakery working like Swiss watch, you need to stock ingredients in enough quantity.
    Aim at increasing your Pantry capacity first, and then choose which Store's stock you would like to raise.
    Don't be afraid to delete Expansion parts. Use an excess of Thank You Notes in Furniture Supplies.
    Place the Cash Register (Cooper's Host Table) right next to your door OR Put him in the place inaccessible for your visitors.
    Do not put anything on the way "Door - (Register) - Sits", and do not put sits too far from exit: your little customers must enter fast, do what they came for, and leave you Bakery clearing a space for next visitors.
    Customers are entering your Bakery at rate 16/17 per 1 minute (with about 3.5 seconds interval).
    It takes 1m15s for each of them to eat. *
    It means, in perfect case you can have max 22 customers eating in one go in your bakery, But!
    Some seconds they need to get to the sit.
    With efficient layout, it would be enough for you to have 24 sits max
    Quote Originally Posted by Meowmeowbeans View Post
    It's normal for customers to sit longer in higher level Bakeries. As you level up in-game and add new recipes and decorations to your Bakery, your customers may want to sit and eat longer and enjoy the ambience of your space.
    Here are the samples of smallest layout based on shortest way from the Door to the Sits:
    Spoiler: show
    A) 11x7 squares (Cooper's Host Table in this case have to be locked from Customers' access)

    B) 11x9 squares (Cooper's Host Table is accessible)
    Until our developers didn't make in-game community for us, the only way to get gifts (Quick Serves for now) is to connect the game to Facebook.
    Use Quick Serves to fill To-Go Orders faster, crank out custard and caramel immediately, and clear counters that hold high return plates that you don't make often.
    Special Thanks to CammoAmmo, infinitelove19, laineysmom, LHbaker8 and LonePudding for ideas and tips stated here.
    Any additional information and corrections of what is stated above will be highly appreciated!
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    BS2: Major Investments / for LEVELS 22 to 45

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    BS2: Major Investments / for LEVELS 1 to 21

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    Great post, VanaCatu! Lots of good tips there.

    The idea I had RE "Efficient Layout" :
    I put a counter right in front of Cooper's Host Stand, so the customers cannot walk up to it. (doesn't have to be a counter, for a while I had the coffee cart there)

    What happens then is that the customers step in, reach out and collect their food and then continue to their seats. That way they don't have to spend time turning toward his stand or walking to/from it, they just grab and go. It doesn't seem to delay new customers coming in; they seem to come at the same rate. So you don't get more customers, just that the ones you get can move in and out as quickly as possible.

    As a bonus, then you can put Cooper anywhere, because the customers follow the same pattern of "grab and go" whether he's close to the door or far away among the appliances.

    I just did a count of customers, and they seem to come in at an average of 15 per minute. Sometimes they come at a steady pace, other times they stop and start. The most I saw come in without a pause is 25. So at about 15/minute, that would be 900/hour and 21,600 per day.

    I don't know what drives the rate of customers - if it's always around 15/minute, or if it depends on level, # of seats, # of plates available. For reference, I'm at level 30, with 30 seats, and there's always at least a couple that are empty. I do have Liam taking up permanent residence in one, though, because I have quite enough thank you notes already LOL!
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    Quote Originally Posted by VanaCatu View Post
    I believe it's time for this thread.
    Haha, me too!

    Great thread Vana!
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    Great thread!!

    Thanks @LHbaker8, I didn't realize you could put something in front of Cooper. I think this will be really helpful for those who are tight on space.

    Some quick tips that I can think of off the top of my head:

    1. Like previously posted, only make high return recipes. Like @CammoAmmo, when I need to make a lower coin plate for a goal or a to-go order, I make sure that I put it on the cheapest counter (25 coins) and then sell the counter (you get 13 coins back) immediately after it's served. In my honest opinion, it's not worth it to use gems or oven mitts to clear the low return plates.

    2. If you're going to pay for gems, the best investment are appliances, but not all appliances are created equal.. Like Vana mentioned, the mixer and blender are bottlenecks, so if you have gems, I would buy those first. Next, I would buy a second cake maker, since it creates the highest return dishes. I would not buy an extra fancy oven or basic oven. I bought both in the beginning, and now they just take up space in my bakery since (as of now) you can't store appliances.

    3. Don't be afraid to delete thank you notes and expansion supplies. I only expand when I need to.. and I truly have not seen any difference in earning from the last expansion. I have 42 tables and I'm experiencing the same customer flow as LHbaker8 described. My bakery is never maxed out. Since, I don't plan on expanding any time remotely soon, I delete maps and bricks all the time. I have also deleted thank you notes in the past to help free up storage space when my thank you note to other materials (storage jars, shelves, coupons, etc.) gets out of hand.

    4. A few of us have signed up on FB for neighbors. If you search bakery story 2 neighbors on FB, you'll find the group. It's nice to have all of the extra oven mitts each day. I use oven mitts to fill orders quickly, crank out custard and caramel immediately, and clear counters that hold high return plates that I don't make often (ie. rocky road pie, raspberry gallette, etc.).

    5. Figure out a strategy that will allow you to enjoy the game.. I know others only make plates with 5 or 6 coin returns, but I like leveling up and gaining XP, so I also make "easy" recipes like scones and and coconut vanilla lattes, since I always have those ingredients on hand and they give me a lot of extra XP.

    Hope this helps!

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    I was just thinking about this this morning! Good thing you did it first because if I made a thread it would definetely not be as detailed and wonderful as this one.

    I think everyone has covered pretty much every tip possible, the only one I have to offer is that quickserves are best used to quickly finish to-go orders. Like Vana said, you want to maximize to-go order efficiency by getting the orders finished as quickly as possible, so you want to get them all at once, cook the food, and deliver in maybe 30 mins max. This is impossible without quickserves, but if you use them you will be able to maximize to-go order efficiency and get parts much faster. Without quickserves, you may be waiting up to 7 hours (4 hours + 3 to cook) just to get the next batch of orders.

    FB friends are a resource that are extremely useful. Make a secondary account with no personal info and join FB groups like "Bakery Story Neighbors." Instead of one quick serve per day from a to-go order, you can get enough to easily serve all your to go order recipes and more. Don't waste such a good resource!

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    we have such a proverb here, cd sound like "live and learn hundred years - doesn't matter: anyhow u'll die being a fool".

    playing 3 months, reading almost everything in the forum - but still so many news! lol ))))

    - i totally forgot about facebook (btw still need to do it myself).
    - and i forgot about cooper's host table. btw, not only putting smth in front of him gives this effect: you can just put him in the place where your customes cannot reach him.
    - and i didn't even know that we now can sell the counters with food!

    thank you guys! i have amended the main post respectively.

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    Coins per day?

    Hello all. Can folks please share the estimated average coins per day they are reaching, along with what level they are on and if they are following the strategies outlined here :

    I keep reading that once you master higher value plates, the coins roll in quicker, but I am making only 5 coin or higher plates, using quick serves to get rid of lower value orders, and deleting (selling) 1 coin countertops-- and I am not earning very many coins. I am on level 33, about halfway between 33-34 on experience points, and I still haven't unlocked the apple pie or even the melting pot (from level 31) . I unlocked the apple cider Monday, which used all of my coins. Now it's Thursday, I've competed some of the goals with a $17-20k reward, I do To-go orders at least twice a day, and making a few 10 coin gourmet items, and yet I have only 300000 coins. I think it will take me 2 more weeks to get the melting pot, then another 3 weeks to unlock the pie. But I'm on level 33 now, so they're expecting me to unlock dark chocolate, the fryer, and donuts on this level. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong in terms of earning coins. I would think if you followed the game goals and didn't buy too much decor, etc, you would earn coins inproportion to the level you are on. That's just not the case for me.

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