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Thread: "No Matches" results in a lost round

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    Cool "No Matches" results in a lost round

    Candy Blast Mania programming loop?

    Current Version: 1.2.7
    Support ID: 673UB2P
    Hardware: iPhone 5S
    iOS: 7.1.2


    Playing level 425 for several rounds
    New round begins with all the same candies
    Immediately several swaps began, each noting No Matches Found
    After a few swaps (<5), the round ended as lost
    One energy had been deducted for that round

    Attempted a new round
    The same scenario occurred for a second time
    Again, one energy had been deducted

    The third round began normally
    The play was normal
    The round ended in a loss, this time a legit one!

    I'm not concerned over recapturing two energy units. And I'm not really concerned over the stability of the programming. As a systems engineer, I'm posting this as a matter of curiosity as well as a heads-up to my kindred programmers at TeamLava in the event this isn't a known issue.

    If nothing else, this callback loop, if I can be so bold as to presume upon knowledge of your program flow, provided this binary geek with some great entertainment - well worth the two energy units! It's a nice reminder that even software can get confused once in a while. Although, as we know, from its perspective it followed its command line perfectly! :-)

    Thanks to the guys & gals over at TeamLava! I hope you all enjoy putting the 1's and 0's together as much as we enjoy the end result.

    James, the TechiePadre

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    Sorry about that! When you get the message that there are no matches, does the board actually have no matches? Is the issue a result of consecutive no matches? Can you provide us with a screen shot? Thanks!

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    If this occurs again, I'll get a screenshot. Both rounds started with the same candy type in every location on the board. There were nothing *but* matches available since the candies were all the same. As it attempted to create a new layout, nothing moved. They may have, but it wasn't perceptible since they were all the same. Weird, huh?

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    Thanks for the info! I've forwarded this information to the game team and they'll be working on a fix for this.

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    I was able to grab 2 screenshots.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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