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Thread: Here Comes the Sunflower event issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimiBabyBakery View Post
    I?m having the same problem. I?ve done at least 20 adventures to get the sunflower steed. I?m also out of nuggets & started using my gems. Faeries are also almost impossible even by using the gems to buy sunflower. This challenge is very very expensive & still stuck by not being able to acquire the sunflower steed. ��
    Stop! Honestly, the adventure should only be used as a bonus to try and get the drop from Ivy. If the special prize drops then great but I would not use resources you have to buy unless you're happy to. The item will be offered for gems in the future so if you really want those drops then wait.
    Hardly any players get the adventure prize drop. It's random and going on more adventures does not increase your chance at the drop.

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    I finished the goal to get the sunflower knight. Then I moved a few buildings to make room for him, but he had disappeared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 58rainbow View Post
    I reached the 1000 bouquets, got Princess Florenza, placed her on my board and closed the game.
    When I opened it afterwards, Princess Florenza was disappeared. Looked in my inventory, gone?
    Please give me Princess Florenza back
    This morning, Princess Florenza was in my inventory. Thanks S8 support.

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