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Thread: No new goals in 2 days.

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    No new goals in 2 days.

    The only goals that I am getting are the advertisements for other games.

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    Which level are you at?

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    After completing the few beginner goals, the only goals we get for Restaurant Story at this time are available for a limited time. The last goal was a 5 Day Goal that required level 19 and up while the current goal is a 15 Day Goal that requires level 12 and up.

    You can find the link to the RS Speculation Calendar of when a goal should be released in my signature so you'll know when to expect a new one. And the day a goal is released, there will be a dedicated thread in the RS Discussion Forum that will list all the goal steps and the level requirements so you'll know if it's a goal you should receive or if you're not at a high enough level.

    Hope this helps.

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