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Thread: No waffle balls

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    Unhappy No waffle balls

    I?m doing the 5 day mini goal. The waffle balls are not in my basic oven. I?ve looked 3 times & cant find them. I checked other ovens with no luck. I?d like to finish the goal & get the fountain. Have waffle balls been removed?

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    They've definitely not been removed and I'm figuring you're over level 16 if you've received the goal. If you open the Basic Oven, tap the Breakfast tab, they should be on Page 3 between the Quiche and Chicken & Dumplings.
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    Thank you for trying but I’ve done as suggested, & they are not anywhere to be found. Now what?
    Oh, sorry, I’m level 99.. been playing for about 8 years.
    On page three under breakfast I have corned beef hash, lox bagel, & bagel sandwich.
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    Corned beef hash, etc are on the basic stove. Waffle balls are on the basic oven.

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    Nmishii...thank you!
    The elusive waffle balls have been found & have them cooking.

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