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Thread: Castle Story 2020: Doorbuster sales | Limited time offers | Sales information

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zirilka View Post
    who doesn't lol
    I want one too - this I thought was about the sweetheart shack. Diff thingie. Help clarify! : )
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    I splurged on gems because i like the kissy booth, i also used some of the leftover gems to buy snowballs so i would have enough to get the icy kitsuncorn in my tent (very yay)

    Just used a bunch more of the gems to get the royal flamingo. I sure do hope it helps, but i like the look of the flamingos.

    Thank you s8

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtBeebo View Post
    Please let me know if you have any difficulty, but I’ve confirmed looking at my own game and in the code where she’s setup; so I’m confident that this is the case. If I’m mistaken please let us know and we’ll fix this up for you!
    Thanks! I got a quiver from my first collection so all is well I've been after that Faerie for a while now but was wary about her drops.

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    Glad to see that the Cupid Faerie is useful for players purchasing her now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtBeebo View Post
    If you don?t have a Sweetheart Shack you won?t be able to benefit from those drops from her, but she does drop a variety of petals if you need those, and she?s a beautiful piece to have in the realm. The same goes for the Cupid?s Statue and Harp, they?ll benefit players who have the shack that still need items, but otherwise just make for nice decos. Hope this helps!
    What does the animals crafted in Sweetheart Shack drop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tealbird81 View Post
    What does the animals crafted in Sweetheart Shack drop?
    The unicorn drops 40 energy a week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ham2905 View Post
    The unicorn drops 40 energy a week.
    Thanks for info. I love the forum. I played for years and never was able to finish. Now I check forums first. :

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    This guy is on sale. Anyone know if he’s a guaranteed energy dropped?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes. I usually get 2 energy but does drop a bit more once in awhile.
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    Cupid Troll - (Card)
    Storable: Yes
    Info: This cherubic troll is enamored with you! Kiss him for energy and other items!
    Type: Decoration
    Class: Animals
    Source: Event
    Crafted in: Trade Wagon
    Size: 1x1
    Requirements: 350 gems // 480 Shell Token // 480 Widow Token
    Sell: item cannot be sold!
    Drops: Coins (250), Energy (?), Troll Essence, Troll Horn, Glimmerdust, Bones
    Events: Valentine Sale - February 2018, Valentine Sale - February 2019, Beast Master - May 2019, Beast Master - October 2019
    Production: 15 minutes
    Prod. Speed-up: 1 gems
    Collection: 1320 minutes // 22 hours
    Coll. Speed-up: 88 gems
    Cap: 3
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