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Thread: Halloween sale for 2019?

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    Halloween sale for 2019?

    Does anyone know if we will have a Halloween sale this year? If yes, does anyone know when it will be. Bought gems and I am itching to spend them on some nice decor and crates, would love a gem dispenser but I doubt that would happen.

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    We need some new crates.

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    No I not sure. But I do some research/ if that what you would call it. And it look like it can range anywhere from the beginning of the month, towards somewhere near the end of the month.

    Back in 2016 it was on the 6 October.

    2017: 11 October.

    2018: 21 October.

    I hope soon though. As it nearing Halloween.

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    Unless s8 decides to advertise a sale with pop ups leading up to it, there is no way to know if/when a sale will happen. In years past, they've always offered a sale for Halloween so I'm hopeful but that doesn't mean it's going to be timely!

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    I just noticed one that started now when I went on. A huge Halloween ad came up.
    It seems to have things from other holidays I noticed. Christmas, Valentines Day stuff included. Some of the tables & chairs seem to be from other holidays. The Snowman is one of them.

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    We have a sale

    Closing this thread; please continue sale-related discussion in the sale thread here:
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