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To be fair, also monthly moneys from players, I have spend over 100 moneys this month,, and yet that was not because of the gem dispenser. I know, probably not the best way to spend it. And I think I add fuel to there madness. And make them think it ok.

I do hope S8 see and learn from there mistake and improve themselves to become better company.

As I would be upset to see there downfall, because I see so much potential and growth with S8. They have yet to achieve.

I will continue to support, as long as there is improvement and fairness amongst players.

Which lately, there has not been fairness - as obvious by this thread.
I used to buy gems until I bought 6 gem dispensers when they were on sale a few year ago. I haven’t bought any on bakery story since. I do play castle story as well and I supported storm8 by buying gems on there. I’ve spent a lot over the years. No more though. I love castle story but I will never spend another penny with storm8 due to this. The way they have treat their customers is absolutely disgusting. This wouldn’t be allowed in any other type of business. They should hang their heads in shame!