I would like to start of by saying nightclub story has always been one of my favourite time killing game. It makes me creative and imaginative and just keeps me from getting bored. I have been playing this game for years.

My issue here is that every time, whenever I change to a new phone I cannot seem to find a way to get back my old club. So each time I recreate a new storm8 ID and have to start creating my club from scratch. It's so upsetting to see my old clubs created for nothing. But it is still worth it creating a new club again.

So my question is, can I log into my old storm8 ID account? Because I cannot seem to find the log in button. I only see sign up. So each time I just signed up a new ID thus creating, if I'm not wrong, 3 clubs in total. Hahaha. I do not recall the IDs anymore now but I am sticking to this JessieJazzymessy.

I am going to get a new phone soon in few months time and I hope I have a solution to this problem of mine 😣. I want to expand this current club "Jazzy Juicy" of mine and also to keep playing this game as long as I want.