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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    Question Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

    Hey all,

    This thread (and poll) is to gather feedback regarding the 15-day goal timers - do you think the timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

    Unlike the goal-related feedback polls, this poll is staying open indefinitely, and respondents only get one (still anonymous) vote each. Please feel free to vote above and share your comments here. Your feedback is greatly appreciated
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    I vote, purely self-interestedly, for remain the same. I feel badly for newer players who can't finish, and certainly those who can't play because they've lost access because of hurricanes. But if the only updates we're going to get are goals, then I don't want them to come less frequently.

    Obviously, my huge assumption is that s8 wouldn't make the duration longer but keep the same frequency. If they were okay with that, and just have the next goal start while the current goal has a few days left, I'd vote for that. But I believe there would be a lot of complaints.

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    Thanks for the chance to give feedback. In past years, we would have reasonable goals that could be accomplished in 1-2 weeks which was nice. Occasionally, we would have a smaller mid month goal but it was random- sometimes we had them and sometimes not.

    Recently, the goals seem extremely excessive in the quantities needed to be cooked.
    Most players are not "full time Restaurant Game players". Many players have real jobs, need to work overtime, have family and children responsibilities, are students with exams and many are people with illnesses or health issues. Yes, there are probably extreme players who devote every minute to this game, but I don't think it is the majority.

    Sometimes, mostly recently, I think you feel it is necessary to keep us busy cooking non-stop until the next goal- but I doubt that is a real need for most. I actually enjoy choosing the foods I cook and when I cook them- so please do not feel you need to keep us busy- most of us are busy enough😄

    My real timing concern today deals with these extra foods to cook for an extra, not required prize. I can't believe 40 servings of candy corn cupcakes??! Is that a typo? Don't get me wrong, they are my favorite Halloween food--BUT that is 40 batches at 4 hours each= 160 cooking hours for 1 food. That is like 1 oven working 4 workweeks nonstop!! (4x40 hrs/week) I think that is too much for me!! Plus, I started to cook them early and none of those are reflected in my inventory!! Ditto with the 3 dishes that expire 10-19- I started to cook them right away and none of my dishes counted until I reached that milestone in the game. So, I had to cook more candy corn pizzas, etc which did not make me real happy. The inventory counters are not working properly which is causing us to cook more- maybe keep them locked until we get can actual credit.

    Timing wise,
    1) Definitely keep the major monthly goal (a definite week each month, like years ago, would be nice).
    2) Reduce the number of dishes required for the extra prize to be more realistic.
    3) Get the inventory counters fixed - they started to act up with the Moon goal thus summer

    Those would be major improvements.

    I love the fun decor you have this year and am happy to have a Halloween goal. Thanks for all of your efforts!! They are appreciated!! 👻🎃joolie🎃👻

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    I think we should keep th goals at 14-15 days BUT the side goals take much to much time. We should be given an additional 14 days to complete them. That makes 14 days for the new goal and 28 for the side goals. Some of us start them sooner then others they still take alot of time for all of us,

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    Depends on the goal. If you need say 15, to 20 parts to build and only cook say 10 -20 dishes. No problem. When you need 40 parts, gotta cook 45-55 dishes and have side goals! Nah, too much to do, too little time. Too many of the new players don't finish and then stop playing.

    It's no fun if you don't win.

    So the poll doesn't cover this nuance so I didn't vote.
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    They need to be longer, or have less parts and quantity needed to be complete. Working plus life makes it so last goal I got in 9 hours before it expired....

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    Longer for sure. I've been playing nearly 24/7 for 3+ yrs., 1st time posting in forum. I was very frustrated over the summer or whenever I want to leave town for the weekend because just 1 or 2 days away from the game meant I was not able to complete goals. Further, if you really want to evolve the game to a new level, it should be more dynamic and able to give players a challenge more suited to their level. For example giving lower level players more time and players working on mastering that didn't join until years after it started. Also, I'm not a rat, I won't pay or click away just to get a reward, I have other duties in life. If you want me to buy gems then please put a confirm button on all functions. I won't buy them so long as they are being stolen from me, that's the bottom line. Thanks for this much needed poll.

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    Yes. Longer for sure.
    I read the similar thread on bakery story asking the same question and what people said. Can anybody tell me how people are capable of finishing goals in 1 week after the 15 days counter started with only 2 ovens? Not without using gems, right? I can't imagine how and I tried myself.
    I only finished one goal in time with barely 1 hr left, sometimes even losing sleep to get the recipes done. Goals keep expiring on me and locking away items and recipes for good. Can't put the game away for a day or two without that happening. How's that any fun?
    Not for me, i'm sorry.
    Need more time for that. Longer. For sure.
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    Yeah, longer for sure if you gotta cook over 200 dishes for a side goal! That's nuts.

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    I don't see why it can't be done in 2 weeks! I'm on my second stove second recipe and I've been so busy with Canadian Thanksgiving...I can see longer for the side goal, especially if you have to cook more recipes now.
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