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  1. "What happened to her avatar?"
  2. lost my gems due to boutique refresh
  3. GM need help in winter madness goal bug
  4. please update gift feature
  5. Ok I get it there is a pet shop
  6. Boutique Party Pt. 2 Goal Bug,
  7. New idea about send gift
  8. Weekly Update Is Here! Oh, wait... no it's just the popup and nothing new.
  9. Awww... I only got part of the weekly update again, or was that teaser for next week?
  10. Reduction of item numbers
  11. prices changed!!!
  12. Fashion Story Valentine stuff..???
  13. Star rating drops from 4 to 2 literally over night
  14. Half the stock?
  15. too many bugs
  16. why have my customers leaving with broken hearts !!??
  17. Game is faster on old device, and slower on new device!
  18. All stock is sold out within minutes
  19. Change of new iphone 4s
  20. No Valentine Updates
  21. inapprote words
  22. Lip couch request problem
  23. Coins missing first thing in the morning
  24. Can not open original fashion story now for 2 months !!!
  25. How do I bring my store to a new/different phone?
  26. Complements on recent updates
  27. my entire stock disappeared!
  28. Fashion Story: Valentine's Day is $4.99 in itunes app store?
  29. Valentine's Day Version Upgrade costs $4.99
  30. Limited Time items
  31. Just annoyed!
  32. Bug: heart tights
  33. Typo: fashion story valentines
  34. Downloading V.D. edition od F.S.
  35. Bug fixed! Hooray! makeup counter
  36. Future updates
  37. Help! My cloths are gone !!!
  38. Fashion story:frozen inventory!
  39. Unable to purchase gems
  40. Is the request system working for parts??
  41. Vanishing accessorie
  43. Why did you take it away ??? Given it back!!!!
  44. No goals yet ?
  45. Neighbors' order screens appear when you tap "use gift" while at their shop.
  46. Thank you!
  47. Clothes disappears within minutes on Motorola Droid--HELP!
  48. Goals gone
  49. Fashion story on Android tablet
  50. Boutique name
  51. Fashion Story for Kindle
  52. Fashion Story for Android
  53. Can't get clothing that is ready out of closet and onto rack.
  54. Broken Catalogue - Like its invisible
  55. Can view/modify other user's catalogs
  56. Android Fashion Not Syncing
  57. Hey TeamLava! My astro Turf doesn't work !!!
  58. All clothes invisable? Anyone else?
  59. Changing rooms vanished
  60. Loading error & Gems used
  61. When in Editing Mode...
  62. Gems deducted without surprise (Fashion Story)
  63. dont get money onmy account
  64. Sending and receiving odd unavailable gifts I.e. BFFs, get well cards, appetizers, et
  65. Can't buy gems
  66. Pending Gifts
  67. Bug?
  68. constant shut downs
  69. Can I get my coins back, please?
  70. Boutique Party Pt. 2
  71. Notification bug
  72. My Neighbor Rating keeps going down
  73. Suddenly, notifications not working!!
  74. Can't Delete Message [Wall]
  75. catalog
  76. Why am I not getting the offer the the Valentine's Day couch?
  77. More than 10 000 coins missing
  78. i need help
  79. Vanity table hottie!
  80. Lost overnight progress
  81. christmas catalogs
  82. my money dont load in my account
  83. Boring!!
  84. special goals
  85. Tired of the same gifts!!!
  86. Moving items from one table to another
  87. Suggested design feature
  88. Closed to restock and half of items sold out within an hour.
  89. Yay! Thanks for listening, TL!
  90. Bugs i can not buy the astro turf carpet
  91. I cannot find two chairs and shoe measurer that I had bought for my shop!
  92. Lady In Red & White Swan- Permanent?
  93. Boutique party goal pt 2
  94. Why am I still getting pop ups!
  95. Someone help please!
  96. Timer symbol on make-up counter
  97. Make up counter not allowing me to place items
  98. Lady In Red catalogue went back to zero!
  99. No goals.
  100. Boutique refreshed out of no where, clothing orders cancelled?
  101. Coin issue. Please read !!)(!!
  102. Catalogue Problem
  103. 25,000 coins and 24 gems (REPOST FOR FASHION)
  104. game becomes unresponsive when choosing orders
  105. Once again...
  106. Gift amounts
  107. Oh No! Not another Fashion Story glitch!
  108. Missing gems
  109. Game not letting me proceed with Boutique Party Part 2
  110. Changing Iphone do I have to start from zero??
  111. Cannot access my clothes to purchase or put on racks
  112. can't purchase gems on kindle fashion story
  113. Avatar Black sport shorts!!!
  114. moving up levels but not receiving new clothes
  115. Cannot make purchase
  116. My Money is saying "Bye-Bye" before I even get it added to my previous balance!
  117. My Coins are all going away again !!! PLEASE HELP!!!
  118. Can you please add more cosmetics?
  119. no money credited
  120. Clothes I Would Like to See In New Update
  121. Can't Expand
  122. Ice-El tower?
  123. more goals and more theme versions!
  124. gems
  125. Suggestion for more confirmations when spending gems
  126. Boutique name
  127. progress bars gone
  128. TeamLava: ARE YOU LISTENING?
  129. two stores
  130. Is this normal??
  131. LOST COINS AGAIN!!!! 2,232 Coins lost this time. PLEASE FIX THE GLITCH IN YOUR PRORAM
  132. How do you turn things like dressing rooms and mirrors?
  133. Disappearing clothes
  134. Seasonal Limited Edition Catalogs
  135. Cannot display "Sapphire Clutches" HELP!!
  136. Purchasing gems
  137. Problem downloading new update
  138. Lost 10 gems!!
  139. El grande fashion story!
  140. Make up counter having bug again!
  141. No Fairy Display
  142. Keeping customers happy.
  143. Lost 5 Gems
  144. Would have liked longer for the clothing items.
  145. Fashion story problems with putting clothes on racks
  146. Losing money, happiness FS is unplayable for me
  147. making money
  148. Android vs. ipod
  149. is there a new version of fashion?
  150. Dressing Room Question
  151. Gifts
  152. I wish you could still see the items on the displays when in design mode.
  153. No gems
  154. Clock in bubble
  155. Where is all my stock?
  156. Supposedly can not buy gems?
  157. Game Account transfer
  158. Stuck in Design mode and tool bar on bottom missing
  159. Current Bugs and Issues for Fashion Story
  160. Not Getting XPs On Catalog
  161. Constantly getting kicked off!
  162. Accidental gem purchases
  163. No update, just limited edition pop up
  164. link game on ipad, iphone
  165. Why cannot harvest my order?
  166. Gifts Fashion Story
  167. Help!
  168. Stunner Shades Cause Game to Crash
  169. Lost gems
  170. Stuck with Tuesday updates now?
  171. Why
  172. Missing coins & not getting anything I earn at all
  173. Makeup counter glitch
  174. Fashion Story Item Suggestion Feedback
  175. New gifts
  176. Force close
  177. ID Changing
  178. Missing Gems Help
  179. Delete neighbor??fashion story
  180. Get Rid of SLOTS GAME pop up!!!
  181. :(I haven't gotten the weekly update yet and its been 2/3 days after it came out!
  182. Fashion story original: the ONLY app that can't handle ALL emoji's!!
  183. Didn't receive purchased gems
  184. Pop-Up / Graphics for Experience, Coins, Etc.
  185. Flying coins and stars
  186. Shoppers are leaving the dressing rooms unhappy
  187. "GEM"INY CRICKET! Where has my REAL money gon????!!!!!
  188. Goals disappeared - Fashion Story
  189. Slots...why the difference
  190. Items selling too fast
  191. Clearing data
  192. Slots pop up inappropriate
  193. new phone
  194. More Selections for Free Gifts
  195. Option for more floors
  196. coins & stars FASHION STORY
  197. Select All button for gifting
  198. reaching goals
  199. wall and tiles
  200. missing money
  201. problem safeguard
  202. thousands of coins lost
  203. Lost everything
  204. Fashion story freeze...
  205. Clothes Expired After They Were Put On Racks
  206. I have 88 Goals this morning!!!
  207. Anyone else selling less clothing/making less money?
  208. Fashion story
  209. Can updates days change?
  210. Catalog Items Do Not Display Correctly
  211. All my gems are gone!
  212. STILL no 30 percent sale!
  213. Lots of broken hearts
  214. 5 gems missing while visting someone else's store??
  215. Some of the updates not all...talk bubble???
  216. Shelves for shoes display.
  217. New update won't open!!!!!
  218. Box items for sale in catalogue
  219. Box items
  220. Omg! Thankyou so much teamlava I love you!!!
  221. Box items for closet-When will I get it?
  222. Suggestion for all TeamLava games
  223. I can't claim my clothes that are ready.
  224. fashion store
  225. Fashion story- cannot recover purchase items
  226. New Mirrors
  227. Thumbs Up Bug
  228. Buying Flooring Charges me Double Coins?
  229. lost everything
  230. No notifications
  231. Duplicated Goals to be completed? No way.
  232. Fashion Story Not Opening-Ongoing for months now
  233. App Crash in Android phone
  234. Expanding the Shop with Coins Not Gems
  235. Check out this group!
  236. Cant login my game with Storm ID
  237. help
  238. new gift
  239. profile picture
  240. No notifications in latest version
  241. problems with my wall...
  242. please help and fix back
  243. Bugs Goal Love Is In The Air pt.10 Fashion Story
  244. Shoes gone
  245. force closing
  246. Help I can't get in fashion story!!!
  247. new Kindle, aarrggggh!
  248. Items for floor to small
  249. Next Weeks Update idea!!!
  250. Dressing room questions