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Thread: High Jump Contest & Shop goal question

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    Question High Jump Contest & Shop goal question

    I used to have several shop goals (Halloween ones and others). Now all of a sudden I have one "Ribbit!" Can't find anything that has to do about Thanksgiving! Not on Shop goals or at the market.

    I would like to try to earn the High Jump contest in the Collections box (want to get that tree frog), but I can't find that tiger cat anywhere. And to buy some of the animals it costs WAY TOO MANY GEMS. And getting back to the last shop goal "Ribbit!"...I can't crossbreed to get a bullfrog because I can't get the frog!



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    I can't even figure out what to crossbreed to get the bullfrog.

    And are there gem animals required? If so, I'll skip it altogether.

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