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Thread: Global Tourney?

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    Thumbs up Global Tourney?

    After winning round 10 of the current tournament, I got a pop up that said:
    The Global Tourney!
    Wow, the Fire Team got off to a hot start!
    Rewards: 14 GOLD (??) 3 stars
    Am I the only one? I'd love to believe it's a new perk!!! Wouldn't that be great?
    I've not gotten to 10 on my other game yet. I tried to add a screenshot but kept getting error messages, sorry!
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    The quest that you saw was a quest for placing a decoration banner. It's not a new quest.

    It sounds like you're experiencing a connection issue. Can you try restarting your connection?

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    Thanks Elsa! I'm always reconnecting...coming and going switching between wifi and data. I frequently get random "What an Audience" pop ups and another one, for trickster, perhaps? Can't remember. This was the first time I've seen that one tho. It only happens with one of my games tho. We have 6 total in our house.
    Have to say I was kinda hoping it was a return to gold bonuses in the tourney...oh well!

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