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    202 34.24%
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    345 58.47%
  • Agree

    40 6.78%
  • Neutral

    106 17.97%
  • Disagree

    350 59.32%
  • I didn't participate

    8 1.36%
  • I didn't craft an Onyx Boar

    37 6.27%
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    481 81.53%
  • I started on day 1

    314 53.22%
  • I started on day 2-3

    169 28.64%
  • I waited till autostart

    52 8.81%
  • I spent gems/money on this event and completed it

    167 28.31%
  • I spent gems/money on this event and DIDN'T complete it

    231 39.15%
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Thread: Castle Story 7/13 - Storybook event | The Crystal Realm |

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelKors1 View Post
    With only 2 days left the free scorched dahlia not going to be much help now. Its the time that has been lost also. Should be giving a 2 day extension.
    I'm with you. I have spent good money on the pack with the dahlias and used all my spare gems trying to keep up. NEED AN EXTENSION.

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    It should have not been timed ... With the lack of drops ..

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    Thank you S8 for the dahlia and also for increasing the drops on the onyx pearl. I received multiple drops of crystals from them and before I was only getting one. Good luck to everyone and enjoy.
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    Thanks for the gift and listening S8!
    I feel my luck has drastically changed today! I got three pearls from adventures! And I've also noticed that the onyx crystals have been dropping in two's a few times today! It's honestly what's needed at this point, more drops per collection 
    I'm where I'm supposed to be( day wise) in this event, but only because I've spent alot of gems... If I didn't I would probably be on day 4. And also for those who forged ahead and let us all know what was coming up!! Thanks so much for all that info!!! Greatly appreciated EVERY SINGLE EVENT!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queenzod View Post
    Lol, ya thanks. Too little too late. 😂
    My thoughts exactly. Thanks, but I still won't make it.

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    Yes, thank you S8 for the dahlia. However, I'm not in need of the petals. Maybe, this quest could have been the 21 day quest, instead of 10.

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    The free scorched dahlia will help a lot of people upgrade their Onyx Temple to at least Level 5, which is the lowest level that looks pretty enough to consider keeping around after the event ends. So I'm thankful to S8 for the realm beautification benefits of the free dahlia. This event has also made it really easy to craft pet Onyx Boars, so I'm satisfied with the event even though I have no chance of getting the dragon. And thanks to the recent expansion, people can choose to spend time on the Coral Castle instead of on this event, so I don't think it's fair to complain about the entire Castle Story game just because S8 made some mistakes on programming this event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkbfnfgw View Post
    Maybe instead of giving us another flower, change the timer on it? Just a thought...
    For the remaining, the Onyx pearl timer has to be reduced on 2 h to fall 2 - 4 cristal and so everyone will finish the event...
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    I still only get glimmer bulbs from the onyx temple 😡😡😡😡

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