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Thread: Castle Story 7/13 - Storybook event | The Crystal Realm |

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    I'm level 50 and started on the first day. Things were going great until we needed those blasted petals from the dahlia. That put me way behind. I just started chapter 9 with 7 hours left in the event. Very discouraging. I spent gems on the event too. I've gotten extra dahlia, roses, and pearls from the non-stop adventures, but it seems like too little to late. Sigh. At least I got the boar. Now I'm waiting for scroll requests (160 gems to skip, really?!?) I have all of the nectar, beams, blocks, hearty feasts waiting. Not sure what to do. It always seems like I just fall short in these events. The exception being the Celestine fairy, wedding chapel, and st. Patrick fairy. Will the onyx temple still drop glimmer bulb and other useful items after the event even if it's not level 10? I have a ton of partially finished buildings in storage because they only drop a few coins. I too wish there was a market where we could sell extra items like they have in Farm Story. It would be so helpful. Good luck everyone.

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    I?ve been playing this game for over 5 years and have never had lucky with quests. I rarely complete them unless I spend money to do so. I was excited about this one because I was on track to finish until I got stuck on Chapter 7 for 3 days!!!! I got the Scorched Dahlia gift too late to be of use because I?d already purchased one, and then I got 4 more from Adventures along with a ridiculous amount of trees. I did get 1 Onyx Pearl from adventuring and another one came with the Value Pack I bought, but I still had to purchase Onyx Crystals because my Onyx?s dropped 0-2 crystals. I wasted gems speeding them up because sometimes I got no crystals. A useful gift would have been 1 or 2 Onyx Pearls and a few crystals so people could actually get caught up and finished on time. Overall I?m just disappointed with this quest and needed to vent.

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    I've just finished the final upgrade and put my eighth and final boar in to craft. I'm over the moon about getting a dragon to match my poor spring dragon so it's no longer the odd dragon out.

    However after all the time and effort put in, the fact that the temple yields so little in its drops is a real kick in the teeth. I have animals with better drops that take up less space so why would I want this building?

    Finally, I wish that this event had been more equal and fair to all players. It's terrible to come to the forum and see that barely anyone was enjoying this event; even we players who were on track and had the great fortune and luck to get good drops.

    Come on S8, we know you can do better than this as was shown with the last few events and updates before this disaster.

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    SW, what happens when we post in bugs, submit two trouble tickets and no response from S8. I've been locked out on goal 3, chapter six since Wednesday. We need some place to vent frustration. My wife was locked out on goal 3, chapter 7, and it took S8 1 1/2 days to fix. She has spent about $20 on hers to finish trying to catch up, and she still won't make it. S8 wonders why they have to lay off employees. When you upset players like they have been doing, it's no wonder. People stop playing, stop spending money because the get frustrated. If they don't make it right, this will be our last with this game. We have been playing 3 games each since the beginning, and now down to 1 each.

    Please forward to someone at S8 who cares?

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    It is unfair for people started in the first 1-2 days, as the possibility of dropping items is quite different. Why not give players some extension? Or give a compensation gift? like the dragon? So sad... so disappointed...[cry cry cry]
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    What is the purpose of playing game? To have fun and relax from the cruel world.

    Why I play a game to make me more stressful, to feel incompleteness, and frustration?

    Come on S8, you are successful if you want us to quit. I am done.

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    I really can't believe I finally finished....never again, I'm exhausted for lack of sleep. Yes, I did use gems once I got to Chapter 8. I was waiting on onyx crystals to upgrade to Level 7, it was the night S8 gave us the gift. At that point of my game, the dahlias were not needed. I had already made the required numbers for Crystalized beams & blocks; I made the necessary pasta platters & hearty feasts. I had everything but the onyx crystals. I kept sending out adventures, always receiving more trees and rose bushes. THEN, finally, an onyx pearl dropped. So, I ended up using 30 gems in Chapter 8 and then 10 gems in Chapter 10.....I should had known this quest was going to be screwed was initially titled 7/12 Crystal Realm. (I posted, it's #29). Anyway, if I hadn't stayed up and played the game almost all day. I'd be where the majority of the players are at. It really should be extended for another week. There wasn't a day/and/or night that, I didn't have glitches. This is the only game I play that never opens up without me trying numerous times to get in the game. And, visiting neighbors' kingdom is hit or miss, if they have a lot of flapping creatures, it throws me out of the game. I hope they extent the game. Now, that adventures occasionally drop items players may need. Good Luck...I'm getting a long summer nap!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninichow View Post
    It is unfair for people started in the first 1-2 days, as the possibility of dropping items is quite different. Why not give players some extension? Or give a compensation gift? like the dragon? So sad... so disappointed...[cry cry cry]
    It's not like they have to spend money to give all the players a dragon.
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    remaining parts of post deleted as i had only really written the post as a response to the post that you have changed & the rest just sounded unlike me on it's own.

    is there a way to delete the post entirely SW?

    If so & its not to much work pretty please, or else i'll have a fiddle later to work it out xxx
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    Forgive me if this has been asked, but how in the world am I going to collect 15 Onyx Crystals in time to finish Chapter 7 when I only have one Onyx Pearl that has a 4 hour collection time? Am I missing another way to get the crystals? Right now, I only have 6 crystals and will be able to check the pearl one more time before I go to bed.
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