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Thread: Castle Story 7/13 - Storybook event | The Crystal Realm |

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    Quote Originally Posted by maryamhjm View Post
    I only needed to tend 4x is that because of a lower level? I am a level 26 and when are you considered a high level?
    i read low level is 15-30. Your quantities needed will be less I assume, but you can still look ahead to see what's needed for future chapters. The main thing is to keep your chapter open for as long as possible and collect, collect, collect.
    Good luck.

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    Thanks meme. 5 forced closes and no luck yet. Fingers crossed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stymie52 View Post
    I had the same issue. They all eventually do come in, so hang in there.
    This has set me back enormously. I was really enjoying this event until I came across the non dropping of onyx petals. This added to the upcoming demands for future Chapters I think I am forced to opt out.

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    Even with that lucky spawn of the shrub off the purple table giving me a total of 2 plants now, I'm STILL not at 15 petals! If I'm going to have to wait two hours, the least those plants could do is guarantee a petal drop >:|

    Sp I'm stuck on yesterday. I've got sleep issues so I'm pretty much awake/asleep at random so I'm getting most refreshes of them every 2 or so hours, yay left over mono effects for me for 7 months and still going. My life is one that should make events easier since I'm able to click the stuff far more than someone with a life lol

    It seems like anyone with a normal life would struggle far worse. Maybe I'm doing the event wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by comeseecomesah View Post
    You're welcome...but I made an error...
    Chapter 10, goal 3...'Conjure a summoners orb' should be...
    10x empty orbs (from onyx pearl)
    10x onyx petals
    5x silver
    magic forge 4hrs.

    I have amended my original post and it would be good if you could delete your copy so people won't get wrong data from my silly error.

    SPIRIT WIND... Sorry but you will need to correct your post 1 to change the above requirements for chapter 10, goal 3.
    I feel so bad getting it wrong!

    I shouldn't post when fuzzy headed and lack of sleep!
    I think I fixed my post based on your new info AND I fixed my math error on Chapter 7 -10 as well... Even with your revised Chapter 10, the Onyx Crystal required is even worse than I had posted(70 versus 65).
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    20 adventures later I have grown the whole forest of pretty purple tress and haven't seen a single dahlia. Drop rate is cosmic, and so I am a day behind already. At this point I am pondering whether to cave in and buy another dahlia (really pondering, the final chapters are tough and I am not sure I will finish the event) or whether to save myself some frustration and opt out early. Decisions, decisions.

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    I've chosen to view this as a weeklong boar hunt. I will continue to limp along with the other goals, but I'm not going to let the event stress me out.

    I just collected from my dahlia and got yet another set of Scorched Wings instead of Onxy Petals. And my rewards from the adventures (that I have been faithfully sending out) have been pretty disappointing. So unless they make the drops less random - or start increasing the amount of items you get from the adventures, it's not looking promising - especially since from what I hear the Onxy Crystals are even worse! It's a shame.

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    I just collected from the onyx temple and got 2 scorched rose petals. Really! Roses reset every 10 minutes. It's hard to even take this event seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverly View Post
    I just collected from the onyx temple and got 2 scorched rose petals. Really! Roses reset every 10 minutes. It's hard to even take this event seriously.
    Agreed. I haven't done the math (probably won't lol) but from reading, I don't see much future need for those wings and yet they are dropping from everywhere. The temple, the adventure, the roses and especially the dahlias! I'm at 0/15 onyx petals for the day 5 upgrade but I've got plenty of scorched wings I may never need.

    Yesterday I thought having extra dahlias might help, but reading ahead to the need for onyx orbs or crystals or whatever they're called, makes me realize all the dahlias in the world won't really help.

    As Lorrainne said earlier, after a month or so of S8 rebuilding goodwill, it's very sad that they've so rapidly gone back to the same old, same old. Without changes of timers or drop rates, finishing this one appears impossible without spending money/gems, even for players who can play constantly.

    It's sad to see so many opting out so early, but I don't blame them. I'm sticking with it for now, but it's looking pretty hopeless.

    Although I am discouraged, I would like to shout out and give a huge thanks to those who are forging ahead and sharing with us. Y'all rock! Without your generosity in sharing ahead, these events would be absolutely impossible for many players. As always, you are much appreciated!
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    [QUOTE=comeseecomesah;1435727]All previous to this is in post #1
    Goal 4
    Make crystalized nectar x 1...potion shop...2hrs.... 10x scorched petal. 5x onyx petals. 1x scorched wing.
    Goal 5
    Upgrade temple to lvl 7..
    2x crystalized beam
    2x crystalized block
    15x onyx crystal
    2x crystalized nectar (ingredients above in goal 4).

    Goal 1.. find onyx boars x 3
    Goal 2.. visit the tavern x 2
    Goal 3..give pasta to Thurston x 7(don't forget to tap 'GIVE') (Skip is 10 gems each one)
    Goal 4..Journey to scorched mountain x 1
    Goal 5.. Upgrade temple to lvl 8...
    2x crystalized beam
    2x crystalized block
    15x onyx crystal
    2x crystalized nectar.

    Goal 1..Ask neighbours for Onyx scrolls x 20 (skip 160...decreases as collected)
    Goal 2..Visit community kingdoms x 40
    Goal 3..Forge the onyx emblem....magic forge..4 hrs (skip 45 gems) ......10x onyx crystals....5x silver....10x iron ores
    Goal 4..Upgrade temple to lvl 9....
    2x crystalized beams
    2x crystalized blocks
    2x crystalized nectar
    2x onyx emblem.

    CHAPTER 10
    Goal 1..Visit farmhouses x 5 ( it says 'get rid of boars',but just tapping farmhouses counted)
    Goal 2.. Give hearty feasts x 4 (skip 20)
    Goal 3.. Conjure a summoners orb...magic forge...4hrs...10x empty orbs. 5x silver. 10x onyx petals
    Goal 4..Upgrade temple to lvl 10...
    1x summoners orb (the one you made in goal 3)
    2x onyx emblem
    3x crystalized beam
    3x crystalized block.

    This is as correct as my notes are but human brain error does occur sometimes.

    Sorry for any bad news but at least you know and can decide to do or not!
    Personally I would not have gemmed ahead or spent any gems at all if I had known the rediculous drop rates. In fact I would not have participated.
    Hopefully Onyx pearls will drop for you! They didn't for me, so I only have 1 to collect from and it's very frustrating.

    Thank you so much! SW[/QUOTE

    First of all, thank you so much for all your hard work! After collecting from temple, adventure and the dalia this morning, all I received was one petal, a tree and crystallized wood! This has been the typical drops for me and I have done at least 6 adventures. It is my opinion that there is no way anyone will be able to complete this event with drop rates this low without spending money or gems! Now maybe I'm just unlucky but after reading some of the previous post this sounds very typical for this event. This is another event that I won't be able to complete. I purchased the first package but will not spend anymore money on this event after reading what the requirements will be! I won't be a sucker again! Good luck!

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