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Thread: Please make events persistent

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    Please make events persistent

    It's too difficult to complete these events in the time allotted when you have a job and family. I'd love it if the events stuck around longer. It's really not even worth trying any more.

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    I agree with brighnasa, people have real lives not just gaming.

    I spent my time and hard earned money on gems (over 1000), and still couldn't get the last section of celestine garden, although I did get the cat. S8 is just greedy in my opinion, they try to get everyone to buy LOTS of gems to be able to win.

    I play Dragon Story and it is the same way, to many events one after another and too expensive to win.


    By the way I have been playing both a long time L50 in Castle Story and L170 in Dragon Story.

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    I agree with y'all. I started playing castle story when the game was first introduced & was able to complete every goal in time until the last year. I have a life & try to play casually BUT now it seems takes 24 hours of game play to accomplish the goals or spend way to much $ to finish. I spend my $ on gems but I don't enjoy using them to complete goals!!! I was not able to finish the Celestine Goal (don't even care about the fairy at this point) and have an unfinished useless decoration that I really like & want to keep out. STORM-8 needs to give us more time or at least give an option to buy (at a reasonable price) when the decoration is chopped up. It would be fun if we had an option to earn the missing pieces later by collecting monster tokens or runes ANYTHING so we are not left with 3 of the 4 pieces. Now it's stash it in inventory or have an I completed deco sitting out😔

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    The back-to-back time/resource/energy intensive limited time events are what kill my love for the game. S8 should try alternating timed events with storyline. Or if they have two timed events in a row, make sure some of the timed events are feasible for the casual player.

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    I'm also very very frustrated. I've given up on spending any more money on storm8 games for the reasons mentioned above. I know that I will always almost make goal, but have no hope of getting the prize.

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