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Thread: My Gems Are Gone! OPEN ASAP!!!!

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    My Gems Are Gone! OPEN ASAP!!!!

    I'm am very upset! I had 32 gems and I have 8! Somehow the prize box tabs keep popping up everything I come from visiting a neighbor! This is messed up. I got a $25 Google play card yesterday and I was waiting for the 30% off gem sale for I can expand 2 times and I was going to buy a $10 google play card for me to expand but since I don't have 32 gems now I can't do it! That's not fair because I work hard earning the 32 gems. I want everything back how it was. Please. I want to cry! This is not fair. PLEASE HELP ME!

    Now I can't expand 3 times! I only can expand 2 times: (
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    Oh no, I am sorry this happened and unfortunately the forum cant assist on this. For loss of gems, please contact Support: support form.

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