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Thread: I bought the unlimited energy pack & my game froze!

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    I bought the unlimited energy pack & my game froze!

    As the title says, I bought the unlimited energy pack for the Celestine quest and as I was collecting, my game froze. I have never experienced this before and had to force close the game, then open it again. When I closed it, I had 13 minutes left and when I reopened, all I had was a little over 5 minutes left. And the things I'd collected from before the game froze weren't collected from when I reopened the game!

    Is it possible to get my minutes back? I feel robbed and cheated and upset!

    Update: I just went back to my game after writing this to find that 90% of the things I collected from with my remaining 5 minutes didn't even go through! All of the rocks, yellow acers, mushrooms, ponds, horses. None of it!

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    Oh no! Please write to support and request some assistance.

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    I just contacted them. Thanks, SW.

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