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Thread: Increase gifts and Select all feature for gifting

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    Increase gifts and Select all feature for gifting

    Please add a select all button to send gifts & request parts. I have over 100 neighbors and its rather annoying to have to select each neighbor individually.

    why cant you increase gifts??? We can only have 20 a day. Why so cheap? The goals itself require us to build multiple ovens just to finish a goal on time. We should be able to receive more gifts and materials requested. I missed a recent goal from cheesecake cutter because to build just one oven you needed 20 parts. THATS RIDICULOUS! Ontop of that have to serve 30 plates?? How! Smh. Just not fair. Def takes the fun out of the game with all your limitations.
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    I agree with the 'Select All' button; players have been asking for years so don't hold your breath!

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    Get rid of gift limit please

    PLEASE LET US RECIEVE GIFTS FROM EVERY NEIGHBOR! There have been a lot of great goals lately, but sometimes it takes days to build ovens because of the limited number of gifts we can recieve. Especially now that we have been getting the side goals to.

    Someone told me to add more neighbors so I can send more requests. I limit my neighbor count to 50 because I want to be able to tip and post on each neighbors wall everyday. With a family and full time job that is all I have time for.

    Getting rid of the gift limit would make the goals more fun and less frustrating.🍰

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    Truth, the select all in the neighbors section would be great!

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