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Thread: Expansion permits

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    Expansion permits


    I expanded to all but one of the new areas. On that one I didn't give lanterns or coins. I can no longer craft expansion permits. Is this intentional?


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    Need a bit more info...

    Does the one you have left need expansion permits?
    Is it the mermaid area or the one above?

    Look at the expansion map from ShibuyaCloth and post which square you mean. Might help work out the issue.
    The new area not marked, but let's say expansion 1 is P6, expansion 2 is Q6, expansion 3 is P5 and expansion 4 is Q5.
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    I looked at the last expansion you have left and noticed that it doesn't require expansion permits, that's why the option to craft it no longer appears.
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    Thank you both for checking.


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