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Thread: What Prizes would you like to see for future events?

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    more decorations please~

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    Daily Level 60 player here!👩🏼*🍳 🥖🥩🦞🍷🍾
    From Honolulu, HI!🌴☀️🌊👙🐟🍍🌺

    Prize suggestions:
    1st Choice - New ANIMATED ANIMAL DECORATION prizes please!!🐶🦊🐼🐹🐨🐷🐙🐛🦋🦄
    2nd Choice - New ANIMATED/FLASHY/LIGHTED DECORATION prizes!!✨🔥💫🌈🔥⚡️

    I missed out on several of the past animated decorations.☹️
    Please bring back the ALICE IN WONDERLAND and NEW ORLEANS/MARDI GRAS? themes!!🙏🏼

    I would also like to see old and/or new decorations every time a new cruise kicks off!
    I noticed sometimes there aren?t any decorations to purchase on the first tab...
    Also purchased with earned 💰coins as opposed to 💎gems please!

    Thank you!!😊

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    Wallpaper and tiles

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