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Thread: What Prizes would you like to see for future events?

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    Talking What Prizes would you like to see for future events?

    What Prizes would you like to see for future events?

    Hey Everyone,

    The Restaurant Story 2 team is wondering what kind of prizes that you want to see in-game for future events.

    Do you want to see more Decorations, Styles (wall, tiles, tables, chairs, etc), Stamps, Spices, Recipes, etc? Please post what type of prizes that you like and any new suggestions that you have. They are not limited to the above categories and we welcome all your suggestions. Are there specific past prizes that you like to see brought back? Please post as well.

    Please do include in your own post if you see other members' suggestions that you like. If you have a wishlist, here's your chance to post it!

    The Restaurant Story 2 team can't guarantee that all of your requests will be fulfilled, but this will definitely help them to gauge what the community is looking for. Thank you and they appreciate your feedback and suggestions!

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    Old prize: Chocolate Pyramind Cake from the cruise.

    New prizes: Just more recipes.

    I feel like we see so much decor for a game that is meant for mostly cooking dishes and progressing higher and higher.

    Higher counter limit. If not that then have where you can move food that's already on counter into a new appliance that could be a refrigerator to keep food from selling or throwing away.

    Possible soda machine?
    Instead of serving water, the customers can want soda instead and you can also master it after 500 times or so.

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    Would love more wall, floor, chairs, counter and table styles. Love the above idea for a soda fountain. Open a new area of the restaurant and gem sales (as I only purchase gems when offered a sale).
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    I also like the idea of a soda fountain.

    I like new recipes as prizes. Maybe some new mastery sets with a recipe as a prize. Those are nice as long term goals to work towards. It gives you a reason to master certain recipes, like a dessert group of apple pie, cheesecake and vanilla milkshakes give you a new dessert recipe. Or chicken and broccoli, cobb salad and chicken noodle soup mastery gives you a new chicken recipe.

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    Valentine Oven, old Easter event, first gem cruise (think the Hawaiian one), and the Egyptian Cruise.

    More cooking prizes such as new recipes and cooking stations.

    I'd love more themed items as well. We're pretty lacking in elegant themed items. I'd love to see paintings, elegant walls, new windows, new statues, and food decorations. I really like the food table decorations we got. Love if we got more of them.

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    I would love to see the valentine oven brought back as I've just missed that one.

    As for prizes and events I've enjoyed events like the campfire event although that one was a little too tough to finish but I enjoyed the idea and recipes we got to keep as a result.

    Personally I'm not all that huge on decorations but have 1 wish in that department and that is for there to be choices to have different decor of the front door. We can customize so much except our door!

    I like more gold stamps as prizes and also recipes. As for the gem recipes of cruises I wish more different ingredients were used. The recipes are very demanding on things like sugar and cream. I realize that it needs to be ingredients most people will have unlocked but just introduce a few more. Since my first cruise I've finished every cruise and have a ton of gem recipes. I simply cannot keep up with the sugar demands and the items in the seasonal pantry are stacking up faster then I can cook recipes and yes I have and use both celebration stoves and jubilee ovens.

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    I like most of the ideas that I have seen so far, maybe extend the limit on special stoves, and open a couple of new stores

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    #1 more counter space
    #2 new stores/locations opened

    As for prizes:
    I prefer decor to recipes. *New* decor. I have doubles of lots of stuff at this point. Or at least decor from more than 2 yrs ago. I've gotten many doubles, but the Egyptian cruise hasn't run since I started playing in 2015...

    We used to be able to win new appliances. That being said, the appliances are only cool when there are things you can cook on them. I have several stored that only have one or two recipes and aren't worth taking up the space on my floor with. Especially without more counter space.

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    Styles as cruise prizes occasionally. More chances for precious gold stamps as the prize for quest lines. The additional recipes to cook during cruise or that quest line that lets you get a recipe for progress on the cruise. Longer term non-stamp quest lines like there used to be.

    I'll also second the ideas of: Opening new areas of the game. More mastery sets. New appliances / theme appliance quests.

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    It would be nice to see the themed quests we used to get in between some cruises. I cannot remember the specific names of the quests but we received specific appliances for them like the cowboy campfire quest, the Mother's Day quest, the Japanese cart, the taco cart, the barbecue stove.

    It would be nice if those quests could come back with recipes that would stay after the quest so we will have new recipes on new appliances to work on rather than some of the appliances becoming a decoration afterwards. Like the cruises we could earn new recipes as prizes as we make our way through the quest but on the different appliances.

    Example of this is Japanese cart, the camp fire stove and the taco cart. We have so many gem recipes and that's great but we only have two stoves to use for that and as we master the other recipes it's nice to have other appliances to cook new recipes on.

    I remember each quest offering specific decor as well. It would be nice to see some of the decor come back around but not as a gem buy only.

    I agree with others in maybe running the very early cruises/events again with the prizes that were offered. I've been playing for awhile but missed out on the Egyptian cruise and the Valentine's Day stove.

    I've been hopeful for the different areas of the game such as the hotdog cart and the fishing boat to become apart of the game.

    Can you please please bring back the Halloween and Christmas theme downloads? These downloads ran with specific quests and cruises with the matching decor and prizes. It would be great to have a chance at the prizes and decor as sometimes it is hard to finish the quests so someone likely missed out on some prizes. Loved those!
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