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Thread: COMING SOON: What Storms May Come?

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    COMING SOON: What Storms May Come?

    Hey all,

    We have an exciting update coming up soon! Who's ready to continue playing the main storyline? The mermaid content is not a timed event, you'll be able to go at your own pace. If you haven't reached this part of the story yet when it's released, don't worry, you will get to it eventually! iOS players can update to 1.9 and access the content when it's released. This update will be slowly rolled out to Android players. (There will be a separate thread once the update is released.)

    Princess Sirene, daughter of the slain Sea King, visits your land and brings with her a grave warning. Only a ruler of your skill can save her realm!

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    Yeah! I'm excited A mermaid with wings ... I can't wait lol sorry, maybe those are fins... Beautiful
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    blink.......blink...blink........drool......wipe drool....blinkblink....smiles wide.

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    Do we dare think that our wonderful, fun CS has returned? Monster hunt, expansions AND storyline!! Thank you CS. Please don't make us beg so hard ever again.

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    Words can't express how excited and happy I am. I LOVE the mermaid and hope we can add her to our queen/kingdoms!!!!

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    So absolutely completely excited! Bring on the story

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    So excited cant wait

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    This is definitely a case of good things come to those that wait ! So happy for us all . The preview looks interesting.

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    Before I get very excited, I have to ask.

    Is this across both platforms or just another iOS only update?

    Its just that I have checked the Play Store and cant see an update.

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    I like this idea, now we'll be able to use all the coral thingies we received from that one event! I'm not too keen on all the wings, too many times I've been thrown out of my neighbor's Kingdom/Queendom while visiting because of all the creatures' wings flapping. Looking forward to new ideas and creations. Thank you to the members of S8 who finally listened to their players' suggestions!!

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