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Thread: Suggestions For Dragon Changes In Dragon Story

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    Quote Originally Posted by katali119 View Post (sorry, just posted same link on the other thread by mistake!)
    Nothing is ever completely idiotproof. If a few people need to learn the hard way what the rest of us figured out, so be it, I don't care. Don't cover those deficits by stealing from those of us who made good faith investments. Do your jobs and deal with them piecemeal if you are so inclined, but don't make it our problem.
    What happens to all of these dragons that we sell? Do they go to good homes or is there something more sinister afoot?

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    The change of the Pyramid Dragon is really crossing a line and breaks a level of trust with s8. The only reason I'm not incensed enough to quit the game is I hadn't (yet) fed it up to 15, just 10. But if I was one of the many who took it up to 15, I'd be livid. Best way to describe how unacceptable that action was is to use a real-world example: you really, really want this HD's big, sharp, with a lot of features. You're told if you work hard and do XYZ you'll get it, or if you spend $### you'll receive it. So you fulfill your end of the transaction, completing whatever you need to do to get the TV and you receive the TV in exchange. You go home, open the box, "Yay it's the TV I worked towards (or bought)!" You set it up and turn it on, it works just fine, so there's no reason to call support or return it, you got what you wanted. You use it every day and it works exactly as it's supposed to. Then, one random day, the maker of the TV sends a signal to the TV that makes it no longer HD...just standard definition. No explanation, no offer to compensate you for the difference between what you originally worked towards or bought vs what you now have, and no ability to return or exchange. Just an attitude of "suck it up, we'll do what we want." Would this be acceptable? No, actually, it would likely lead to a huge public outcry, a massive PR problem for the company, and likely even successful lawsuits on multiple grounds. While I'm in no way advocating for that here, I think the analogy illustrates just how unacceptable this action was by really crossed a line that will make me and many players think twice now before working hard or spending gold/money to acquire a dragon because there is now a chance that s8 will change that dragon AFTER the transaction.

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    Closing thread, since the posts have now gone off topic.
    This thread was for suggesting Dragon changes.
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