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Thread: GOAL: Let's All Go to The Movies - 2017 May 23 (POLL ADDED)

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    Quote Originally Posted by twospoons View Post
    I think we're just in the cheap seats and the stage is really far away...
    Haha you got me into a laughing fit!! Love your humour and definitely I'm with you guys in the cheap seats. roflol

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    Quote Originally Posted by wonkas123 View Post
    I don't see show tickets in the gift list. Needing 27 parts per oven it would be great if you add it. Please tell me it's not a request only part!
    I get the show tickets in the gift list...

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    The final prize is not in proportion to the rest of the goal items, the snack stand is kind of puny also. Sorry but Im not going to come up with some cute excuse for why stuff is out of proportion, it just makes a disappointing end to the goal.

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    I don't understand why that tiny thing cost 80 gems total rip off. I'm not even putting it out on display. It's so tiny. That candy thing is so tiny too.

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    I thought the Candy display was ridiculously small, but the final prize is not much bigger than the ticket booth. It really should be bigger, especially for 80 gems!

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    Dont be upset when the actors in the open theater were small just bring your binocular while watching

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    Quote Originally Posted by callmetired View Post
    It just occurred to me, maybe they're not meant to be characters...

    ...they're award statuettes, like Oscar. Thus the size disparity.
    Well as an award statue it is extremely big. I hope they can do something about the size because the goal was very promising. Way too many parts though. I know there are a lot of old players but newer players should also have a chance to do this goal. If you would have a poll like before, I would go from I strongly agree to enjoy this goal to neutral just because of the size of the final reward.

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    The snack dispenser is way to small and final prize is tooooooo!!! All items cost way to much why???

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    So disappointed in the designers dumping popcorn into a giant, cheap, wishy-washy blue SALAD BOWL.

    These salad bowls need to go!

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    - only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle." - Nikola Tesla

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    Final prize's size is good for me. The snack thing is small, but a few small things are nice for smaller restaurants.

    Not a fan of blue bowls or plates. They're only good for people who can use that shade of blue. Clear is better. Or a shallow dish, like the Big Easy Beignets come in.

    Why two movie screens? Why not two of the snack bar or throw in a Hazel or something? How many people really want 2 movie screens?

    It was a fun goal overall.

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