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    Hey folks. I meant to post this sooner but I dnt no what thread to put it in then I forgot I hadn't done it but anyway.
    I just wanted to say a big thank you to my gem givers on my second account! (Honour) thanks to you guys I have just bought a second nest! With your daily gifts alone as I dnt buy any gems for that account. So I'm super greatful to all 3 of you! I'm not sure if you are all members of the forum or if you just read through or not at all but at least iv said thanks!
    I'm super excited! You guys have previously allowed me to buy special habitats but I held on this time and got my nest!

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    you are welcome
    DS : Dragons de Pern (level 200) 826/882 dragons (168 still in storage)
    (sorry but i no longer accept or add neighbors for DS)
    FFS : Pern forest (level 200) 496/524 animals (120 still in storage)
    (stopping FFS on 2017/12/31, so don?t try to add me)
    FS2 : Campagne (level 73)

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    We do not send gems but you know I'm excited about this. Congratulations!

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