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Thread: New Events?

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    I've been on the farm 680 days and have enjoyed it. Met some great neighbors as well. I love the game even though I've been a bit upset about nothing to spend my silver cow bells on. But notice the lack of events lately. Since I'm on a limited income, I can only spend a bit here and there when I can.

    I like the fact that this is a decent, cute, instructive game - learning asset management! Even have had my grandkids help me out from time to time with harvesting.

    S8 - please keep this going!

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    I haven't been playing much as of late for various reasons. For starters, it seemed as though nobody ever bothered to listen to feedback from events. Most of the events I participated in were next to impossible to complete. The last few I tried were real doozies. I gave up shortly after I started.

    To me, the game just isnt interesting anymore. The events require too much dedication, decorations went from being payable by coins to payable by gems, I am tired of getting silver cowbells that I can't use for anything.

    Maybe if TL wants to save this game they need to stop making it a game that requires money or a huge amount of time to enjoy. You catch more flies with honey than "you know what"

    Sorry, but I couldn't care less if this game got canned. It's become progressively worse even after numerous people have voiced their concerns here on the boards.

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    I love this game. I look forward to events and I really hope it continues to get support.

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    Why cancel this game when the original bakery and restaurant story keeps going on? Those games are a lot older and boring.

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    I've played a couple of S8 games but FM2 is the only game that I've stuck to for almost 2 years. I do buy gems too . Please keep FM2 going as FM2's community members are helpful , supportive and amiable. The game kept me going during my downtimes. It would be sad to have the game removed and do give us an attainable community event soon! Thanks

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    Really? This game going to delete? Sad... my first s8 game wonder why it getting boring and quiet without any event n leaderboard x to say goodbye to my cute cats

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    Please continue to support FS2!!! It is my favorite game & I try to play daily. I purchase gems & special offers. Through FS2 I have been able to make neighbors worldwide who have become real friends. I miss the events where we are able to help each other. Please continue to support this lovely game!!!

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    Is there confirmation that FS2 is ending or just speculation that it is?

    I have been playing for several years and have enjoyed the game overall. The events of the past year or so have been frustrating because of their design. We have become less able to support each other because of the way the events are structured, and that has reduced my interest as has the resulting difficulty in finishing an event. I still like my critters and would like to continue having events, although the break has been nice after so many back to back. I think there would be more interest and support if we could work together again like we used to, and the events would require work but have attainable goals.

    Please continue with the game. I hate to think of my poor little critters--especially the corgis--going away.

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    Is there any news , lots of people have posted support but I can't see a response from storm anywhere ? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyFencer View Post
    Is there confirmation that FS2 is ending or just speculation that it is?
    Purely speculations. I must say I'm very touched to see the Community coming together and support the game we all love! I hope Storm8 team will give us an event very soon.

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