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Thread: Other events

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    Cruise, Lani, cruise, Lani. And repeat.

    I'm so bored with this game due to the repetiveness.

    Seems that there are enough people playing that allows them to continually recycle content.

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    I agree! Nothing is new, like the devs can't be bothered. I used to love this game. Need to find a new one I guess...

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    I just finished mastering the only recipe for the festival oven. 600 times I made this recipe that takes 24 hours each with the expectation that once mastered I would get additional recipes. Nope. Nothing. The oven cost 1600 and yields one gem most of the time. What a waste of time. I would think they could do better with this much dedication from so many players.

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    It feels like years since we've gotten an update. I've been at level 60 for several years and have over 100 million coins. The hot dog stand has been saying something new is coming soon for years and I think the fishing boat is a little more recent, but has been saying the same thing for a while. I loved this game but there isn't much to work for now. Cruises are cool, but too often the reward is a recipe that needs turbinado sugar which is always running out. Can we please please get updates? If not can you please tell us storm8 is no longer updating?
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