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Thread: GOAL: Flourishing Florals - 2017 May 12 (POLL ADDED)

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    My thoughts (I voted neutral):

    -Absolutely beautiful content The items were all so pretty!
    -The flower hedge sculpture - a new plant for our bakeries! I liked that this item tied in with the theme, but was unique. And it was unlocked from the start!
    -The final goal prize was for coins! Thank you!

    -It was very pink It would have been nice to see more flowers of different colors as well
    -The barrel of flowers prize was brought over from RS, but it fit the theme very well and was very subtle, so I’m fairly indifferent to this point
    -I still feel the content is expensive (the wallpaper and flooring especially), but this goal was profitable! I hope the wallpaper and flooring prices can be reduced for the next update/goal

    -Sparkles on the cart. The unnecessary sparkles are getting tired and overrated. It’s a lovely item, but neither flowers nor wood sparkle.
    -How soon this goal set started after the last one (Cinco de Mayo goals). We literally had four days between the end of the last goal and the start of this one. I would have liked more of a break in between, or even a regular update (which it seems we don’t get anymore)

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    I strongly disagreed for one reason only: I couldn't finish!

    I did get the final prize in my main account--barely--but had to spend a couple of gems to skip the last required drink in round 2 so I could start the 3rd drink. But the other accounts, where I usually expect not to finish entirely, I had to spend about 10 gems to get the cart on one, and the other one I had to just give up on getting any prizes. They were such pretty prizes, I really wanted them everywhere! But between the ridiculous number of parts, and not being able to play during the workday, I really lost out this time.

    Please if each oven is going to need so many parts, at least make one of them a basic we can stock up on--knobs, screws, nozzles, oven elements, etc. Since we had such a long time with only oven elements, that's mostly what I have now, and even if I accepted every random gift from 20 people everyday until the next goal, given the number of gift possibilities, who's to say I'd have more than a handful of whichever random parts are used then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3squares View Post
    Thank you! You rock.

    Profitability is much improved. I would like to see future goals with profits going up!

    As to this goal - I do like the flower cart and barrels. Should unlock the final prize today. Didn't like the appliances or wallpaper or counters - too busy and colors too... IDK, violent?... pink?... for my taste. The appliances in particular stand out like a fly in rice pudding in my shop. And I didn't feel like redecorating my entire restaurant to suit the color scheme of these appliances. But the recipes themselves are pretty.
    The only other things I have to add are: I did make it through, but had to purchase and build additional appliances in order to do it. So, my profit is abysmally low. I have yet to display the final prize in this goal. I just don't like it.

    In recent months, the pace of this game has doubled. I still prefer the format of one goal per month, with other updates in between. Either I'm constantly having to check my game, or miss out on content. I may just take a break because I'm spending too much time playing games.

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    The items were honestly so great this time, except for the flooring and wallpaper which didn't match.

    Too many parts
    We should have more profits in recipes
    Everything in general was too expensive
    Sparkles, please, no sparkles

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    Quote Originally Posted by seesters View Post
    I thought I was going to finish! When did this one end??
    Sorry that you missed out completing your goals. Unfortunately it just ended today.

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    Too many parts, not enough time. If i cant finish the goals or am stressed out doing them then there is no reason to play this game at all.

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    I've never had any troubles building ovens because I've been playing for almost 6 years but I do think this one requires too many parts, especially when oven element isn't on the list anymore.

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    Enjoyed the challenge in building oven and receiving items as a part of the goal and loved the new items released. No complaints here.

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