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Thread: Taurus Four Day Tournament

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    Taurus Four Day Tournament

    I already have this one, so I don't think I will be battling. Good luck everyone!

    Here is Chippychan's Recommended Fighters list. Please note that this chart does not include the newer elements, or the changes to what had previously been single element animals (example, Barn Owl - Autumn, Caturn - Cosmic... They added fire). Here is the link for the complete chart: I hope you find this helpful.

    Quote Originally Posted by chippychan View Post
    Recommended Fighters (Part 2)
    (sorted by element-type of opponent)

    Recommended Fighters to Use *

    * The following are recommended to help choose the ideal fighter based on tested strengths/weaknesses, as well as highest rarity. The theory behind choosing an ideal fighter is that an animal of higher rarity may have better odds of landing a 'Critical' against an opponent when using an attack that normally registers a 'Strong' hit. It is also theorized that a high-level fighter may have better odds. It's not a guarantee to win with one of these fighters, but it may increase your odds. Note that ANY animal of ANY level or rarity has a chance of landing a winning 'Critical' using ANY element (even 'Weak' ones).

    If you get a result that is different then what is listed here please post about it so we can discuss it.

    Opponent?s Element
    Recommended Fighter *
    Elements to Use/Avoid
    Nature-Fire {Gemstone} with {fire or water}. Crystal Unicorn. Wild Wondercat. Spring. Saintly Bernard. Or {fire, water, gemstone or halloween} together, or with {anything but nature, dark or christmas}

    Earth-Fire {Gemstone} with {earth or water}. Crystal Unicorn. Water-Earth. Saintly Bernard. Or {service, water or earth} with {nature}

    Water-Fire Matripony. Saintly Bernard. Or any combination of the following elements: {earth, electric, water, valentine, or service}

    Dark-Fire Treasure. Wild Wondercat. Rocking Horse. Treent. Caturn. Saintly Bernard. Or any combination of the following elements: {fire, earth, water, cosmic, or service}

    Electric-Fire Melodeer. Saintly Bernard. Or {earth, music, service or skull} with {fire, water, or electric}.

    Gemstone-Fire Treasure. Treent. Egyptian. Saintly Bernard. Deadwing. Or {water or skull} with {anything but nature}

    Christmas-Fire Lionhart. {Earth or halloween} alone, or with {anything but nature}

    Valentine-Fire {Earth, electric or christmas} alone, or with {anything but dark or nature}

    Music-Fire Water-Earth. Or {water or earth} alone, or with {anything but nature, dark, or electric}

    Service-Fire Melodeer. Saintly Bernard. Water-Earth. Or {earth, water, music or service}

    Skull-Fire Valentine. Saintly Bernard. Water-Earth. Or {earth, water, valentine or service} alone, or with {fire or dark}

    Halloween-Fire Spring. Water-Earth. Or {earth or water} alone, or with {anything but nature or dark}

    Earth-Nature Emerald Dragon. Crystal Unicorn. Spring. Or {nature, gemstone or halloween} with {fire, water, dark or xmas}

    Water-Nature Citrine Peregrin. Crystal Unicorn. Matripony. Spring. Autumn. Or {electric, gemstone, christmas, or valentine} with {anything but earth}

    Dark-Nature Treent. Caturn. Spring. Saintly Bernard. Halloween. Or {fire, cosmic, service or halloween} with {anything but earth}

    Electric-Nature Ruby Razorback. Crystal Unicorn. Shamrock. Spring. Melodeer. Autumn. Deadwing. Or {fire, gemstone, music, skull or halloween} with {anything but water or valentine}

    Gemstone-Nature {Gemstone} with {fire or dark}. Crystal Unicorn. Swan Prince. Trick-or-Treent. Treent. Spring. Deadwing. Or {gemstone, fire or dark} alone, or with {water or electric}

    Christmas-Nature {Gemstone} with {fire or dark}. Crystal Unicorn. Swan Prince. Or {fire, dark, gemstone or halloween} with {anything but earth or water}.

    Skull-Nature Saintly Bernard. {Fire, service or halloween} alone, or with {anything but electric}

    Halloween-Nature Shamrock. Spring. Wild Wondercat. Or {fire, water or halloween} alone, or with {anything but nature, earth or christmas}.

    Water-Earth Emerald Dragon. Crystal Unicorn. Matripony. Ice Cream. Autumn. Or {nature, christmas, or valentine} with {anything but fire}

    Dark-Earth Treasure. Treent. Saintly Bernard. Or {nature or service} with {anything but electric, xmas or skull}

    Electric-Earth {Gemstone} with {nature or earth}. Crystal Unicorn. Shamrock. Autumn. Nature-Earth. Or {nature or earth} with {dark}

    Gemstone-Earth {Gemstone} with {dark}. Crystal Unicorn. Treasure. Trick-or-Treent. Treent. Egyptian. Or {dark} with {nature or water}

    Valentine-Earth Emerald Dragon. Crystal Unicorn. Or {gem or nature} with {anything but fire or water}

    Cosmic-Earth {Gemstone} with {nature or earth}. Crystal Unicorn. Saintly Bernard. Nature-Earth. Or {nature or earth} with {water}

    Music-Earth {Gemstone} with {nature or water}. Crystal Unicorn. Water-Nature. Or {nature, water or gemstone} with {anything but fire or electric}

    Service-Earth {Gemstone} with {nature}. Crystal Unicorn. Treasure. Melodeer. Or {nature, gem, christmas or music} with anything but {fire, dark, electric or skull}

    Halloween-Earth (not tested yet)

    Dark-Water Treasure. Valentine. Caturn. Saintly Bernard. Autumn. Or {electric, cosmic, or service} with {anything but gemstone}

    Electric-Water Shamrock. Autumn. Electric-Earth. Or {earth, electric, christmas or skull} with {nature or dark}

    Gemstone-Water Treasure. Matripony. Saintly Bernard. Deadwing. Electric-Dark. Or {dark, electric or skull} alone, or with {water}

    Cosmic-Water Matripony. Saintly Bernard. Earth-Electric. Or {earth, electric or valentine} with {anything but fire, water, dark, or halloween}

    Electric-Dark Treasure. Rocking Horse. Treent. Shamrock. Caturn. Melodeer. Saintly Bernard. Deadwing. Or any combination of the following elements: {fire, earth, cosmic, music, service, skull}

    Gemstone-Dark Treasure. Swan Prince. Trick-or-Treent. Treent. Caturn. Egyptian. Dark-Fire. Or {dark or fire} with {anything but nature, earth or gemstone}

    Living Wood-Dark Swan Prince. Treasure. Treent. Trick-or-Treent. Caturn. Saintly Bernard. Or {fire, dark, cosmic or service} with anything but {water}

    Gemstone-Electric Treasure. Trick-or-Treent. Treent. Shamrock. Melodeer. Egyptian. Skull. Or {dark or music} with {fire, earth or electric}

    Hatching time: 12 hours
    Evolution time: 17 hours
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    Thank you Storm 8.

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    good luck to everyone
    already got it but will fight for the food
    DS : Dragons de Pern (level 200) 826/882 dragons (168 still in storage)
    (sorry but i no longer accept or add neighbors for DS)
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    (stopping FFS on 2017/12/31, so don?t try to add me)
    FS2 : Campagne (level 73)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Callyvitale19 View Post
    Thank you Storm 8.
    YEs, thank you Storm8 for making Taurus available in a tournement. I am overjoyed as
    this animal is the one I complete the zodiac. I thought I would have to wait another year for the opportunity.
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    My results are listed below (only Level 15 fighters will be used):

    1. Taurus (Zodiac/N) - Cerberus win by Dark (C)
    2. Aquarius (Zodiac/Lightning) - Arabian Horse win by Earth (ssC)
    3. Pisces (Zodiac/W) - Rapunzel win by Dark (sC)
    4. Aries (Zodiac/Fire) - Drizzly Bear win by Water (sC)
    5. Gemini (Zodiac/Lightning) - Cheshire Cat loss once by Earth and win by Dark (sC)
    6. Cancer (Zodiac/W) - Onyx Direwolf win by Dark (sC)
    7. Leo (Zodiac/Fire) - Bipartibison win by Water (C)
    8. Virgo (Zodiac/N) - Grand Unicorn win by Gemstone (ssC)
    9. Libra (Zodiac/Lightning) - Enchantress win by Dark (sC)
    10. Peridot Phoenix (Gemstone/N) - Rocking Horse win by Fire (sC)
    11. Scorpio (Zodiac/Water) - Peruvian Llama win by Dark (sC)
    12. Sagittarius (Zodiac/F) - Airy Otter win by Magic (just lucky; Magic is neutral to Zodiacs and weak to Fire)
    13. Capricorn (Zodiac/F) - Brave Eagle loss twice by Dark; Zapra loss once by Dark; Opal Octopus win by Gemstone (ssC)
    14. Dragonfly (L/D) - Amethyst Pony win by BS (ssC)
    15. Jolly Fish (W/E) - Opal Octopus win by Gemstone (sC)
    16. Onyx Direwolf (Gemstone/D) - Gretel win by Fire (sC)
    17. Dragon Roll (W/N) - Bispartibison win by Fire (lucky one as Fire is neutral to Dragon)
    18. Hug Pug (Valentine/F) - Beauty win by Lightning (sC)
    19. Festive Firefly (N/F) - Opal Octopus loss once and win by Rainbow (ssC)
    20. Little Lamb (Spring/Fire) - Dumbledog win by Water (Cs)
    21. Spring Equifox (E/N) - Onyx Direwolf win by Gemstone (ssC)
    22. Caturn (Cosmic/F) - Rocking Horse win by Earth (sC)
    23. Ophiuchus (Zodiac/Gemstone) - Cerberus win by Dark (ssC)
    24. Taurus (Zodiac/N) - Grand Unicorn win by Gemstone (sC)
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    Thank you storm8. I recently just submitted a request about Taurus being skipped because it's 1 of the 2 I need to complete the zodiacs. Hope I win it. Good Luck everyone✨

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    I didn't get this one last time and I probably won't this time either as I haven't won a tournament in ages. But I still try. Here's hoping to break the long dry streak!

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    Glad they decided to bring Taurus back. Hopefully I can win this tourney. It's my sign so really want this. Same as all the other Zodiacs. Good luck for all who's trying for.
    I'm only playing FFS.
    My forest name = Dragon Pool.

    Crystal Unicorn @03-2017
    2nd; Sapphire Sphinx @05-17
    3th; Garnet Griffin @08-17
    4th; Pearl Peryton @10-17
    5th; Emerald Dragon @05-18
    6th; Spinel Ravenstag @06-18
    7th; Ruby Razorback @09-18
    8th; Jasper Dragon @03-19
    9th; Obsidian Cyclops @03-19
    10th; Sapphire Cthulhu @06-19
    11th; Valkyrie @08-19
    12th; Topaz Tiger @10-19
    13th; Granite Golem @12-19
    14th; Onyx Direwolf @01-20
    15th; Peridot Phoenix @02-20

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    It's got every zodiac in it to battle lol glad to get Taurus!

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    Does anyone know what is strong against ZODIAC?

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