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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Add me DianesBakeryy I tip daily and gift daily. I am a returning player, had to start over.

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    Hi! Add auriona69, I play every day, reply to all requests and send gifts and goal parts daily. Looking for more active neighbours who are active on goals too :-)

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    Add me please, ID: BunnyWalph. I gift and give tips daily! add me <3

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    Add me iamcupcakekenya

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    Add me alentejo Gift daily. I don't give tip.

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    I play bakery and Im looking for more 3/4 star players who tip daily and do goals if thats you please send me a friend request id bordercollielover4

    Please only send me a friend request for the game if you are a 3-4 star player 0-2 star players will not be accepted thanks for understanding

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    Add me sprinklessweettreats and marianasbakery1o1 I need neighbors who are on several times a day to answer goal requests. I?m a 3-4 star player, silent, play all goals. I delete non goal players, food gifters and anyone with a 0-1 rating.

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    Looking for goal playing neighbors. I tip and gift silently daily and answer all requests daily. My id is DAYliciousDesigns

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    I deleted all of my neighbors please add me I play every day I gift every day I tip every day I also play Restaurant story and bakery story and fashion story my I?d is Marii73

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    hii mi ID is vquviqui
    please add me <3
    my bakery name is 222angelcake

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