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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Add me BellaSunShyne. Been playing since 2013 but need new and active neighbors. Please add. I also play Restaraunt Story, Fashion Story and Metropolis

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    Parts only, tipping not necessary, and I respond to parts requests daily. My id is veradietz

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    Add me! id: lizblair7

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    lack of neighbours, add my id @ paulinemania

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    Hi add me please, brightflare84

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    ID: Citrie

    I'm a part giver looking for other part givers. No tipping necessary and no golden knob players, please

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    Has now cleaned out old unactive neighbors from the neighborhood and needs some new ones.

    You must:
    Play every day.
    Reply to requests.
    And send gifts when there are new goals.

    Welcome to the neighborhood!

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    I have played every day for years now. Every day. Please add me to share parts: ALIENONACID

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    I like active neighbors who accept requests daily and send parts only daily especially when there are goals. Preferably lvl 90 and above

    Add: PrettyPastriesbyB2 I gift daily with goals.
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