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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    Jun 2017
    my ID/ jjosilyn
    add me!! I used to be on level 60 but I lost my account!! I give tips and gifts daily!!

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    Hi! My Storm8 ID is Minimego.
    I am looking for active daily neighbors that level 60 or above who respond to request, and gift parts only daily. I do gift parts daily and respond to requests. Food gifter or non active neighbor will be remove. I tip when I have time.
    Please add me if you play the same! Thank you very much!

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    Hi, I'm a player who gifts & accepts requests daily. I just don't have time to tip. If you're looking for a good neighbour feel free to add me. ID: stephking79

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    Hello, please add me hazyplayer

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    add me please! started a new game

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    Apr 2013
    Help please can not build anything had to use my last 10 gems for one new oven been asking for parts since it began and got nothing!!!! Rainsbakery45

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    Dec 2016
    Hello please add me. No tips necessary. I gift and answer parts request. Thanks.

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    Jan 2014
    Add all 3 of my bakeries.... SWEETPEA6645. PARIS66. MS6645
    I play BS and RS and have 3 active accts, SWEETPEA6645....PARIS66 and MS6645 feel free to add me but I remove ppl that don't answer requests and are inactive players.

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    Add me my id is DylanGaz

    I am a daily player, I respond to material requests, and I tip back.

    I also play Restaurant Story.

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    Add me please camilleravenmist ty

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