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Thread: Neighbours for GOALS who accept requests and gift parts

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    New Resident
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    Feb 2014
    ID : lunedete

    Hi, add me plz

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    Hello forum members. You can add me if you need help. I answer all requests.


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    ID: Monica561 only adding active members who gift what I request ,help me build ovens, answer material request and tip( if you can’t tip but gift that’s ok) nonactive members will be deleted.
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    Add me ciampavittoria

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    Add me Gamermom050715. I tip and gifted ty.

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    Please add Michell101

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    Hi everyone,

    My id is cakelover1224. I am looking for neighbors who are respond to material requests, gift relevant parts ESPECIALLY during goals. I am a 4 star player but tipping is not important to me.

    I decline all food, please do not send food. If there is no goal I ask for basic parts and send basic parts. I will remoive all inactive neighbors.

    Thanks and I look forward to being neighbors!!!

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    Add please jeena227

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    Baumlaufer addet mich pls <33 Gifte alles was ihr braucht direkt

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    Rhino Keeper 6SweetSt's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    😄Would like neighbors to help with goals. Id is: 6SweetSt

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